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Sexual meditation | Mystical Sex

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is a form of mindfulness meditation in which the focus of mindfulness is on the clitoris. The technique was developed by Nicole Daedone (pictured above), a former professor of Semantics and Gender Communication. The term is somewhat misleading because the primary aim of OM is not to achieve orgasm but (as with any form of mindfulness meditation) to immerse one’s entire self in the feelings and sensations of the present moment. Thus OM is essentially a spiritual practice, in the tradition of Tantra and Yoga, rather than an overtly sexual one.

OM is practised in pairs by a receiver, who lies on her back on the floor, and a stroker, who kneels at her side and gently strokes her clitoris for 15 minutes. Both receiver and stroker focus their entire consciousness on the stroking sensation. According to its practitioners, of which there are over 10,000 worldwide, the OM technique encourages connection, vitality and wellness in both participants.

Experience Rapture Through Sexual Meditation

Feel ecstatic joy and a sensation of being transported into a timeless realm of blissful pleasure…

Feel ecstatic joy and a sensation of being transported into a timeless realm of blissful pleasure…

Have you ever experienced “rapture” during an intense sexual session? At times during our lovemaking adventures we can certainly feel ecstatic joy and a sensation of being transported into a timeless realm of blissful pleasure. Of course every sexual encounter is not always an extraordinary cosmic journey. However when attentively focused (even during a 5-minute quickie), you can still experience an amazing feeling of being raptured out of this world!

Have you ever experienced “rapture” during an intense sexual session? At times during our lovemaking adventures we can certainly feel ecstatic joy and a sensation of being transported into a timeless realm of blissful pleasure. Of course every sexual encounter is not always an extraordinary cosmic journey. However when attentively focused (even during a 5-minute quickie), you can still experience an amazing feeling of being raptured out of this world!

The key is to be fully present in the moment. That is a term I’ve used often, so let’s explore what that really means. To be present is to have complete focus and give your full attention to whatever you are doing in that exact moment. Let go of any thoughts, concerns, judgments, or any distracting mind chatter. Just allow yourself to simply feel and experience the intensely wonderful physical sensations – without thinking about what to do next.

Sex is the most natural instinctive act that we can possible do, so there is no right or wrong way to do it. As long as it feels good, whether you’re with a partner or enjoying solo play, anything goes. There is nothing bad about feeling good, as long as all parties involved are respected, honored, and appreciated for their active participation in this sacred act. The more we touch, feel, caress and interact with our partner, the more they respond and reciprocate affection – building the energy of tremendous transformation.

It is when we totally surrender to the flow of sexual movement, completely thought-less, being an open channel of conscious awareness, that we can be raptured into another realm of blissful ecstasy. In that moment, nothing else exists. The entire universe is within each breath and euphoric sensation. Your co-creation of energy in motion evolves into a momentary center point for transcendence into an etheric cosmic realm.

This is the ultimate form of meditation. Your whole existence is condensed in the here and now. There is no past or future – only this very moment. Time ceases for YOU and there is more universal energy concentrated within your bodies to power the entire planet. A new heavenly reality manifests, as you become egoless – letting go of physical form and transcending into pure positive energy.

Your inherent impulses overcome you with uncontrollable compulsion to express fervent passion with your entire body and vocal affirmation. The ego is lost. The faces, facades, society and civilization are all lost. You are a part of nature, as trees, animals and stars are. You are in a greater than the cosmos, just floating – being taken by the current of transcendental oneness with all that is. This essentially is tantra and the cosmic connection to eternal bliss.

This experiential mind/body/soul sensation is not necessarily caused from intercourse or even orgasm. Sex is just a situation in which it happens naturally. Once you know how to feel these elements within you, it is possible to experience this same tantric feeling through meditation – independent from sex. Meditation is essentially the experience of sex without sex. But that is another article.

It is important to practice this form of sexual meditation with your partner, connecting heart-to-heart on a soul level. There is always something magical to discover within one another, as the soul is infinite and there is no end to exploring this deep level of intimate connection. With soft eye contact, positive intention and being present in the moment, you can experience the divine sensation of rapture – a fantastic escape that is in essence… a state of mind.

Sensual Sexual Meditation | Divine Feminine Awakening

Sensual/Sexual Meditation Practice

One only reaches a state of meditation for brief periods, if at all, as the mind will want you to notice that you aren’t thinking and then alas, now you are thinking again! But practice makes perfect. Meditation is an inner seeing and sex is enhanced by intimacy (in-to-me-see). Tantric sex includes meditating with the beloved knowing that the act of sex brings you closer to the God or divine in one another. On the other hand, casual sex is simply a meditation on the genitals, with orgasm as the goal, aka “Fast-food Sex.”

I recommend beginning with a solo practice, whether you are in a relationship or not. Once you have created luscious habit of self loving sensual/sexual meditation, you’ll have much more juice to bring to your relationship!

How do you make time for sexual meditation and/or pleasure? Put it on your calendar, your iPhone, your computer with regular alerts! Create a daily 5-10 minute practice during the week and a 1/2 hour practice on the weekend.

Set the stage: create or weave a special cocoon with your vivid imagination. If at all possible, a candle-lit bath or ‘pleasure nest’ just for YOU with your favorite music, scent, lighting, fabrics, mirrors, art. Look at yourself in a mirror while you relax and SEE the transformation of the busy you into the pleasure

goddess that you are. Anoint yourself with oil… massage your own breasts (not just your nipples) but give yourself a sensual breast massage just for the pure “health” of it. Massage your inner thighs and especially any area (belly?) that you think is too fat, or too flat, or too something. If you don’t love yourself, who will? YOU are your own most intimate partner. Practice loving yourself and your self will love you better!!

Bringing Sensual/Sexual Meditation to a Partnership

During sex, meditate on your partner (what! look at them? Yes!) Eyes-open enhances intimacy. Let your eyes say what your words want to say (slower darling or take me, beloved or you’re mine, sweetheart or I adore you, honey. Your eyes are powerful tools to enhance sexual pleasure. Capture your mind and make it work for you!

If eyes are closed during sex, meditate on your own breath. Meditate on the scent of your partner. If his or her eyes are closed, open yours! Surprise them by being present even if they seem to be in their own world, the world of pleasure! Use your inner vision to follow your breath… up the spine and down again.

Or, use your internal vision to feel your breath coming into your nostrils… and out again… in an endless wave of coming in and going out. Like the lapping of the sea upon the shore, it relaxes the brain from all its busyness and turmoil.

Feminine Libido Enhancer

While sitting at your desk or meditating on your mat, spend 5-10 minutes meditating on internal muscle exercises as outlined below. These are not kegels, but secrets from the ancient Eastern practices of Tantra and Taoism. Ask your brain to follow your breath and the parts of your body that you are feeling. Take a break from working while at your desk even if your eyes are open… you can use internal gazing or no focus with eyes open.

This practice brings more blood flow to your sexual center, arousing your life force, and distributing it upward with breath toward your brain. It also prepares your sexual organs inside and out to engorge, wake up, and feel their aliveness

1. INHALE deeply and hold breath.

2. While holding, SQUEEZE your internal muscles … tighter… tighter… tighter.

3. EXHALE and relax these muscles completely … until you feel a pool of energy beneath you.

REPEAT 2 more times… squeezing as you hold the breath… relaxing as you exhale.

4. Now inhale deeply, hold breath while pulsing the muscles (squeeze-relax-squeeze-relax-squeeze-relax).

5. EXHALE slowly while relaxing your muscles. When all the breath is out, begin your next sequence.

6. INHALE slowly and  pulse (squeeze-relax-squeeze-relax-squeeze-relax)

7. EXHALE deeply while relaxing all tension in the muscles

REPEAT 2 more times and let go of all technique

8. MEDITATE on the energy you have cultivated that you are now “sitting on!”

While meditating on the energy, a woman might repeat to herself:

I am a goddess of pleasure

All acts of love are my rituals

I live in a perpetual state of orgasmic bliss

This is my birthright

Meditating your way to Bigger Orgasmic Pleasure
during Clitoral Orgasm

Meditate on breathing into and from your aroused clitoris. Use your inner imagery to imagine it growing taller than Empire State Building! If with a partner, imagine it growing through the upper palate of your partner’s mouth and into his brain (now you are penetrating his brain into a heightened state of consciousness!).

Rather than tightening your legs and shortening your breath, relax your pelvis, deepen your breathing while sounding Ahhhhhh on the exhale. LOUDER… LOUDER (into a pillow if need be, but LOUDER!)

State clearly… I’M COMING!! After exhaling fully, take in another deep breath, sipping your pleasure as if through a straw right up into your brain. See it lighting up like Fifth Avenue at Christmas.

Let me know how you like these techniques by commenting below.

Sex Meditation – The 4 Principles for a Fulfilling Connection

Most of us like the idea of having amazingly fulfilling sex. It is one of the great joys of human existence that we are capable of deep levels of sexual connection and passion. Combining sex and meditation is a key here.

However, in our hurried hectic western lives, and with all the societal issues that currently surround sex, we don’t always have the head space or the heart space to really wallow and enjoy how these experiential delights can consciously channel our energy positively.

We want to be able to enjoy that connection with the Divine, so — in a bid to help us really relish and bathe in the beauty of our carnal happenings — here are some simple tried-and-tested reminders.

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Prepping for Sex Meditation

Discovering the possibility of reaching that higher state during sexual encounters is part of the fun. Once you know it might be an option, sex meditation comes within your personal frame of reference.

Now, if you have the time and inclination, a few minutes meditation before lovemaking might help you along the way. You might do this on your own or with your lover (or lovers) as part of foreplay. It all depends on the circumstances and setting.

Obviously, it might not be wise to leave the bedroom half-way through heated tactile enjoyment to go into a deep trance-like state in the living room, while your hot, naked lover is waiting for you on the satin sheets!

Timing is everything, so figure out what suits you — and him or her or indeed, them. You may be able to find a few minutes sometime before lovemaking, even if it is hours before. Even if you don’t end up having sex, some peaceful exhalation time is great for the soul.

Taking time to just breathe and relax, and to gently acknowledge the awesome divine connection that we all have, can work wonders. Sitting comfortably with your eyes closed, while just following the path of air in and out of your body, can consciously reminds us of our connection to life, and how blessed we really are. The more we practise the awareness of the present breath, the easier it becomes to remain connected.

After all, as we are all uniquely divine, sex is merely a route to a destination we are already part of.

Awareness About Wandering Thoughts

We all know what it is like when your mind starts to wander off on a tangent during lovemaking. Thoughts flood in from all directions and take root at the most inconvenient times. “Will this make me late for work?”, “Has the washing machine cycle finished?”, “I could really do with a cup of tea!”, “Why is my neighbour’s dog barking so loudly? Maybe they are being burgled!”, “Will the boss give me that promotion?”, “Did my mother get the flowers I sent her?”.

For most of us, until we learn to practise otherwise, the mind rhetoric is endless and just part of being human. To experience our divine energy during sex, we need to be present – make it a sex meditation. Paying attention fully to current physical sensations is a simple way to appreciate the now.

For example, feeling the immediate tactile sensation of the grass under your butt, or the Egyptian cotton sheets against your naked skin, or the smell of your lover’s neck, or the unique taste of your lover’s lips, or the sound of his or her breathing.

These are all things that require no effort to be aware of, and they will keep you grounded to the current moment, so your mind can have a well-needed rest, particularly if there has been no time (or inclination) to meditate beforehand.

Being Conscious of Sexual Energy and Where We Send It

Intentionally directing your sexual energy without actual physical contact can remind us that we are more than just our bodies.

As you breathe deeply, imagine yourself filled with beautiful sexual light. Of course, in reality, you are, so this is only a reminder. Keep consciously breathing deeply: breath is life, and it is what gives us the awareness to be connected to the universe and to our divine selves.

Speaking from experience, many an orgasm has been stifled, stopped or shortened because I have stopped breathing deeply — or held my breath. Breathe deeply and consciously and with intention throughout lovemaking, and just see what happens.

[gfycat data_id=”IllustriousEnergeticFlea” data_autoplay=true data_controls=false data_title=false]

I usually suggest letting the mind relax during sex, but sometimes it is all about direction and focus. It is great fun using your mind to send sexual energy to different parts of your lover’s body, or indeed your own body.

I can honestly say continuous sex meditation practise is the key here, and physical proximity isn’t that important. Just as it is possible to send someone love or good luck without actually holding hands with them, we can send sexual energy with just a clearly directed thought.

Be careful with this one though… you don’t want to be sending your partner into streams of ecstasy while they are on a solo shopping trip in the supermarket! Then again, maybe you do…

A great exercise for creating more awareness around your own and your partner’s sexual energy is Yoni Massage.

Leaving Judgement Behind

Sex, in whatever form we are experiencing it — and as long as it is between consenting adults — is a blessing. Just for now, focus on the breathing, while dropping all the judgements, concerns, and worries.

If the judgements arrive — and they probably will — acknowledge them and let them go. They are just temporary thoughts. You and your awareness are here for the duration. Your thoughts are not.

Finally, don’t try too hard. You can ask, and you might get. That divine connection is like life, a gift of grace. It will happen when it happens.

Sometimes, these blessings have caught me by surprise; other times, for one reason or another, personal or circumstantial, it just ain’t happening. Even if it doesn’t happen, I can still have a beautiful sexual experience. Like a blue-sky, warm-breeze, sunshiny day, no matter what the weather forecast may have said, it happens when it happens — and you will certainly know when it does!

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Connecting Love, Energy and Spirit by Bruce Frantzis

Since the first waves of Eastern philosophy traveled across the sea, Westerners have been intrigued by ancient traditions such as tantra, yoga, tai chi, and martial arts. Yet although some aspects of Taoist sexual practices have appeared in print, until now there has been no comprehensive book on Taoist sexual meditation.

The Water method of Taoist sexual meditation, as wa

Since the first waves of Eastern philosophy traveled across the sea, Westerners have been intrigued by ancient traditions such as tantra, yoga, tai chi, and martial arts. Yet although some aspects of Taoist sexual practices have appeared in print, until now there has been no comprehensive book on Taoist sexual meditation.

The Water method of Taoist sexual meditation, as was taught by Lao Tse, author of the Tao de Ching, shows us how to use dissolving meditation to relax and let go. This foundation practice ultimately gets us out of our head and into our body and the universe. Sex expands into the world of spirit, enabling us to resolve and clear energetic, emotional, and karmic blockages. With sexual meditation it is possible to access more than four times the energy of solo meditative practices. This abundance of energy can then be directed to healing and to conscious evolution.

You will learn how to work with chi (energy) during sex, gain an understanding of Taoist ethics and morality, and realize the highest spiritual potential of sex as meditation. Find out how to increase sensitivity, activate your yin and yang meridians, and overcome cultural conditioning. Understand how the Chinese theory of the Five Elements can give insight into your own sexual nature and determine sexual compatibility with potential partners.

An accelerated path for internal development, sexual meditation has rarely been shared outside Eastern monasteries. Encouraged by his teachers to bring these authentic practices to the West, Frantzis presents Taoist Sexual Meditation as a profound spiritual path that can heal and calm the turbulence of mind, allowing it to open to the infinite potential of the Tao.

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