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patents-wipoSelf-piercing rivet and self-piercing riveting method and self-piercing riveted jointpatents-wipoThe invention relates to a self-piercing engraved rivet with a rivet head (14), which forms a widening (20) of a head-like, in particular frustoconical, form, and a shank (15), which adjoins the rivet head (14) and has at least one shank groove (16), wherein, to produce a riveted joint between at least two components lying one against the other, the shank (15) pierces the components to form a pierced hole and a groove is subsequently engraved around the end of the shank in the component there, whereby material of the component there penetrates into the at least one shank groove (16) by undergoing plastic deformation, the self-piercing engraved rivet being produced by using at least one pressing operation of the cold-forming technique.patents-wipoA self-piercing rivet setting apparatus (9) comprises a punch (14) and a die (18) for driving a self-piercing rivet into a plurality of workpieces including a receiving-side workpiece adjacent to the die.patents-wipoThe joining device (1) comprises: a die that receives a resin member and a leg section (12) of the self-piercing rivet; a die support member (25) comprising an insulating body, for supporting the die; a high-frequency electromagnetic induction coil (26) arranged inside the die support member; a pre-clamp (33) comprising an insulating body, for fixing the resin member on the die; a high-frequency electromagnetic induction coil (36) wound around the pre-clamp; and the punch (31) comprising an insulating body, for punching the self-piercing rivet.patents-wipoAt least one self-piercing rivet tool for securing the at least one upper body member of the vehicle to the underbody member of the vehicle to form and maintain the predetermined geometry of the unitary vehicle body with self-piercing rivets.patents-wipoThe first cavity is adapted to allow the leg of the self-piercing to be driven into the workpieces in a straight direction when the self-piercing rivet is pressed by the punch (14).patents-wipoA self-piercing self-sealing valve port allows piggybacking disposable delivery systems for straight on-off delivery or variable dilution.patents-wipoSelf- piercing closure with a self-closing valvepatents-wipoA self-piercing closure (10) for a container (50) of the type having a laminar closing member (60), the closure comprising a closure body (20,30) and having piercing means (80) for piercing a closing member in use, the closure further comprising a self- closing valve (70) for dispensing flowable media from a container following piercing of the closing member in use.tmClassSelf-piercing metal fasteners for sheet material applicationspatents-wipoThe present invention relates to a method of connecting two or more members, at least one of which comprises a resin member, such that the two or more members can be securely connected via a rivet without a matrix resin splitting even when a bonding method using a self-pierce rivet is applied in this connection method.patents-wipoThe invention relates to a connection comprising at least two components (10, 20) having the following features: a first component and a second component, of which at least the second component comprises reinforced plastic, a self-piercing connection element (30) having a head and a shaft, the head thereof being supported on the first component and the shaft thereof running completely through the first and the second component, and a disc-shaped counter bearing (40) to which the shaft is fastened such that the at least two components are fastened between the head and the counter bearing.patents-wipoThe invention relates to a self-piercing rivet (1) comprising a spike (2) able to pierce a workpiece that is to be riveted, a head (3) able to accept an external force in order to allow piercing, and a body (4) extending from the spike (2) to the head (3).cordisIn addition, today’s tip dress systems cannot be used in the high-volume production of aluminium assemblies, preventing the use of RSW and requiring high-cost technologies such as self-pierced riveting.patents-wipoThe capsule for preparing a drink, such as coffee, comprises a hollow element (1) designed to contain a serving, such as ground coffee, said hollow element (1) comprising a side wall (2), a top face (3), and a lower face (4) having a release membrane; said capsule also comprises at least one self-piercing relief (5) on said side wall (2) and/or said top face (3).patents-wipoA fastener such as a self piercing rivet (1) is inserted into sheet material (19) without full penetration such that the deformed end of the rivet remains encapsulated by an upset annulus of the sheet material (19).patents-wipoFraming station having self piercing rivetspatents-wipoSelf-piercing pin and method of installationpatents-wipoA free end (29) of the second leg (28) has a sharp tip that is insertable in a self-piercing manner through the hollow member.patents-wipoThe combined thickness of the members (1, 1) is reduced at a region (3) within which a self-pierce rivet (4) is to be introduced without creating a hole which extends through all the members (1, 1).patents-wipoIn a process for driving in a self-boring, self-piercing, thread-shaping or thread-cutting screw (1), an axial percussion effect (6) is added to the rotary drive (7) during the hole boring step.patents-wipoSelf-piercing rivetingpatents-wipoSelf-piercing engraved rivetpatents-wipoDESIGN SOFTWARE: SELF−PIERCING RIVET ANALYSIS (F.E.A.)patents-wipoA joining device whereby damage to a resin member is unlikely to occur when joining a plurality of resin members by using a self-piercing rivet.

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62 Play Piercing Ideas for Self-Expression and Spiritual Pleasures

Probably the oddest and most ritualistic type of piercing, play piercing is here to present depth and spirituality through needle play. It might be difficult to understand why certain people enjoy needle play without the satisfaction of actually wearing a piercing after they’re done. However, this experience is not about wearing jewelry, but about reaching a certain point when pain becomes pleasure. A sort of acupuncture, play piercing is most used for spiritual or sexual purposes.

The visual effect of the following play piercing ideas will be both shocking and downright beautiful. They are temporary embellishments or sexual enhancers known to generate the production of endorphins. People create different patterns on their bodies or their partner’s body. Experts advise you to avoid the eyes area by all means.

When it comes to recommended body areas that are also erogenous, the buttocks, breasts, abdomen, back, thighs, and genitals are on the list. However, if you’ve never tried play piercing before, you should learn more about safety measures and needle insertion before you begin. Here are 65 play piercing ideas to satisfy your curiosity or find inspiration!

1. Insert new wings

Take 27g needles and some feathers to transform your back in a work of art and feel how’s like to have wings.

2. Play piercing on face

Although the eyes area should be generally avoided when playing with needles, experienced players cannot be stopped. The yellow needles are thin with a 20 gauge.

3. Cool pattern on chest

Area where your skin is thicker require large gauge hypodermic needles. You can differentiate them by color. For example, the purple ones are thinner than the gray ones.

4. Heavily pierced cheeks

Girls usually pierce their cheeks to resemble dimples, but when it comes to play piercings, things are a lot different.

5. Creating a pattern

Although this woman has rings through her skin, she will not keep them. Needle play is often about creating something beautiful, but not permanent.

6. A circle of needles

Thighs offer enough room to create various patterns, so they are excellent locations for play piercings.

7. Needles across the neck

When you want precise patterns, you will have to use a surgical skin marker.

8. Scarification and needle play

Play piercings are a form of body modification as well. The holes heal and the bruises too, but when you practice it often, you’ll get marks.

9. Pleasure from purple hubs

If the needles you choose are too fine, they will bend. So, for chest skin, opt for needles with purple hubs because they have a 24 gauge.

10. In a vertical line

The neck is a very erogenous area especially among women. This girl didn’t use hypodermic needles, but some other type of piercing needles.

11. Two rows of feathers

Man’s fascination for flying reflects in play piercing as well. You’ll see more than one example of needle play and the attachment of feathers.

12. Different colored needles

The color of the needle’s hub depends on its gauge. That’s why they have various colors, because they can be differentiated easily. This is a plus when creating patterns like the one above.

13. Rows of spirals

As you can notice, some needles are shorter than others. This is an advantage for those who play with needles because the creation of patterns becomes more flexible.

14. Needling lips together

Play piercing may offer you sensations that you can’t otherwise experience.

15. Transforming your face

Needle play is a way of creating looks that aren’t conventional and not committing to them.

16. Safety pins for fashion

This person looks interested in fashion and the safety pins from his face are part of a special outfit.

17. Corset with safety pins

Safety pins aren’t recommended for needle play, but if you use them right, you can add string and create a corset.

18. Corset with needles

This is how the needle-ribbon combination looks like. Which one do you like better?

19. Sticking needles in a voodoo doll

This person has a sense of humor! He got a tattoo of a voodoo doll and then he played with needles like he was a practitioner. The messages written on the doll are all negative, so I guess he’s trying to make them go away.

20. Needle play on tattoos

When it comes to needle play and tattoos, one has to be very careful not to ruin the tattoos.

21. A skull’s face

Play piercing is a sort of art too. This is because it stimulates one’s imagination. Visually appealing patterns are a plus!

22. Thin ribbon and needles

Going for the conventional corset piercings is uncomfortable. Instead, you can use thin ribbon and needles to enjoy a temporary one.

23. A pretty flower

In case you were wondering, the long, yellow needles are called cannulas. They are a lot thicker and longer than the hypodermic needles.

24. A special necklace

Some people wear necklaces, other get a necklace design tattooed around their necks and others use needles to create one.

25. Heart on abs

Self-Piercing — InfoBarrel




Some people think that piercing themselves, or getting their friends/family to do it is a good thing to do, because it saves both money and a trip to a piercing studio.  However, there are reasons why only a professional should be allowed to pierce people, which are discussed below.


The Trauma

A piercing involves a wound being made in your body, and a piece of metal placed in it so the hole can heal.  This is something that causes pain, although the amount varies on the person and the piercing, and if done wrong can cause permanent damage to your body.  Professional piercers are trained to perform piercings, using the right equipment, and know the best ways of piercing, with the least chance of infection or hitting a nerve.


The Piercing

If you are having a pair of piercings that need to be in alignment, self-piercing will make this very difficult.  You are unable to see both ears at once, so checking the placement will be guess-work.

A professional will mark with a pen where you want your piercings, and will check they are in the right place, and ask you to check if they placement is right for you.


The Equipment

Common materials used for self-piercing are sewing needles and safety pins.  Even if they are new they are not sterile, and they require the needle to be pushed through the skin, taken out and the jewellery put in, while piercing needles are hollow so the jewellery can slide in as the needle is pulled out.

The equipment used by a professional is sterile, needles and other things are used only once to minimise the risk of infection from previous customers, and they use the most appropriate equipment for the piercings, such as the gauge of the piercing.


The Jewellery

Even new jewellery is not sterile, unless stated on the packet.  A lot of people self-pierce on impulse and will use the first thing they find, which is often an old earring that they may wipe with some disinfectant.  This does not mean it is clean, especially clean enough for a new piercing.

Professional piercers will use jewellery that is sterile, and that hasn’t been used before (or rather, they should, if they don’t, walk out).  They will also use the jewellery that is the most appropriate for a particular piercing.  If there is more than one option, they will ask you to decide which one you prefer, although in some cases they price will be slightly more for a bar rather than a ring, for example.  The jewellery professionals use will also be made of materials such as titanium, to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction and irritation to the piercing.


The Location

Self-piercing is often undertaken in an environment that is lived in, such as a bedroom or bathroom.  Even if they have been recently cleaned, they will not be sterile.  Bacteria can be picked up and transferred to the piercing, even if the piercer is wearing gloves.

A professional studio will be designed specifically for piercing, and all the equipment will be cleaned regularly, and used only once.  Gloves will be worn when touching the jewellery, so the opportunity for bacteria to be transferred is minimal.



A professional piercer will give you proper aftercare instructions, and will possibly recommend something to clean them with.  When a piercing is not done by a professional, it is more important than ever to keep it clean, and the temptation may be to clean it more than it needs.  Twice a day at the most is sensible, any more than that and you will clean the new cells that are forming, which will prolong the healing time.

Body Piercing Kits, Sterile Body Jewelry, Home Piercing, Self-piercing kits

Buyer Beware of body piercing kits being sold on ebay, amazon, etsy other online sellers  (see photo) that feature un-sterilized body jewelry. A piercing is an open wound and putting jewelry in that is not sterile can lead to infection, injury or even death.  Only Hottie Body offers 100% guaranteed sterile kits that include sterilized body jewelry that run through a medical-grade in a color-changing sterile pouch (see photo) for your safety.  Aren’t you worth it?

The vast majority of ‘piercing kits’ sold online are not sterile.  If the body jewelry included is not in a sterile color-changing pouch with sterilization dates on it — it is not sterile and should never be used in an initial piercing. You might save a buck or two buying these dirty kits but doing so is rolling the dice with your life.  We know what we are doing and perform body piercings every day and we care about your safety!


Unsafe Kits on Ebay/Amazon                        Our Sterile Jewelry (Included)


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At Hottie Body we are professional body piercers and we know what it takes to do a safe and easy body piercing because we pierce every day at our Southern California location.  We are expert at body piercing and even teach body piercing to the master body piercers of tomorrow.  Not only do we offer body piercing kits with matching (correct) body jewelry, lazer sharp needles and pre-sterilized body jewelry so you can safely pierce with confidence but we also include aftercare instruction and how-to pierce links for you so that your piercing goes safely and heals quickly! We supply tattoo shops and master body piercers the world over and have been for 7 years! 


 That’s why we are the #1 name in body piercing kits worldwide and guarantee our sterile jewelry is safe to use, no matter what kind of piercing you are doing.  We are REAL BODY PIERCERS and have led the industry since 2009 by offering SAFE and STERILE Body Piercing Kits to YOU!

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