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e-Services Portal is the front door to Directorate General of Immigration and Passports for online service for Pakistani citizens around the world. You can use e-Services Portal to:

  • Apply for renewal of your Machine Readable Passport, if your passport has expired OR its validity is less than 7 months.

If you are visiting this website for the first time and are intending to apply for a machine readable passport, you may spend a few minutes reading this advisory.

Requirements for Renewal of Passport

Before applying please have the following ready:

NOTE: Kindly contact customer service (Contact Us) if you encounter any problems completing your application.

Online Application

You are now ready to apply online.

Now, you have to:

  • Click on the Get Started button.
  • Register your account :
    • In case you are within Pakistan, an SMS and email code will be sent to you for registration.
    • In case you are abroad all required codes will be sent via email only.

NOTE: Users already registered in Pak-identity system can log in from their registered Pak-identity “Username” and “Password”

    • Create an application for Renewal of your machine readable passport and provide details for your application.
    • Provide your address for machine readable passport delivery.
    • Pay Fee through a Credit Card/Debit Card.

NOTE: DGI&P has a NO REFUND POLICY against any application initiated/submitted for issuance of Machine readable passport. Applicant is requested to thoroughly review information and guidelines provided in the website

  • Provide the required personal details.

NOTE: Currently the home delivery option is only available for limited number of countries.

  • Provide your present and permanent addresses.
  • Upload your photograph.
  • Upload the supporting documents required by the application.
  • Download the form, capture the 4 fingerprints asked by the system.
  • Set the scanner at 600 DPI, JPEG/JPG and Grayscale. Scan and upload the form.
  • Review the information you provided, sign the declaration and then submit the application.

How long will the Online Application Process take?

The following table shows the approximate time taken to complete an online application, assuming that you fulfill all the prerequisites.

Estimated Completion Time

Sr #ActivitiesRenewal
1.Register user2 min
2.Select application category1 min
3.Give passport delivery details1 min
4.Pay fee2 min
5.Provide personal information1 min
6.Provide Address details2 min
7.Upload photograph1 min
8.Upload supporting documents1 min
9.Print, scan and upload fingerprint form5 min
10.Review and Submit application0.5 min

Total estimated time 

16.5 min

Fee Details | Online-Passport

The following table outlines the cost involved in applying for renewal of your machine readable passport online:

Fees for Renewal of Passport

Fee for 05 YEARS Validity
CategoryFeeService ChargesTotal(excl. taxes)
Normal (36-Pages)Rs.3,000/-Rs.2500

( + Applicable taxes)

Urgent (36-Pages)Rs.5,000/-Rs.7,500/-
Normal (72-Pages)Rs.5,500/-Rs.8,000/-
Urgent (72-Pages)Rs.9,000/-Rs.11,500/-
Normal (100-Pages)Rs.6,000/-Rs.8,500/-
Urgent (100-Pages)Rs.12,000/-Rs.14,500/-
Fee for 10 YEARS Validity
CategoryFeeService ChargesTotal(excl. taxes)
Normal (36-Pages)Rs.5,400/-Rs.2500

( + Applicable taxes)

Urgent (36-Pages)Rs.9,000/-Rs.11,500/-
Normal (72-Pages)Rs.9,900/-Rs.12,400/-
Urgent (72-Pages)Rs.16,200/-Rs.18,700/-
Normal (100-Pages)Rs.10,800/-Rs.13,300/-
Urgent (100-Pages)Rs.21,600/-Rs.24,100/-


NOTE: The above fees are exclusive of delivery charges. The table below shows delivery charges.


Delivery LocationDelivery Charges
AbroadSubject to Country of Delivery
Passport Office (including Foreign missions)Free of Cost

FAQ | Online-Passport

How will I know if I have completed a section of the application?

A check-mark will appear on the section-tab that has been completed.


Where can I review the information I provided? 

You can review the information as the last step (before application submission) or you can go back to a previous section at any point whilst completing the application. This can be done by clicking the ‘BACK’ button at the end of each section.

Once all sections are complete you will be able to review all of the information you have given. However, once you ‘Submit’ your application you will not be able to make any further changes.


I need help with filling out my application. Where do I go? 

The e-Services Portal application displays helpful information next to each information field. You will also find guidance at the complete walk through of the application and in the guides available on the website.


What will happen if I ‘Submit my Application’ before all the information has been provided? 

e-Services Portal application will automatically check for completeness of your application. If it is incomplete, the system will not let you submit your application and direct you to provide the missing information.


How do I save my application?

The System saves the information section before moving to the next section. Alternatively, you can also save it manually by clicking the ‘SAVE’ or “ SAVE and EXIT”  button at the bottom of the screen.


I completed my application but haven’t received any confirmation from department. Did the department get my application?

A confirmation email upon successful submission of your application is automatically sent to your provided email address. The email might end up in your Junk Mail folder.


Can Applicant under the age of 15 years get a machine readable passport with validity up to 10 years?

No, the applicants under the age of 15 years are only eligible to get a machine readable passport with a validity period up to 5 years.

How to Renew a Passport Online in New York

(Photo: )

Renewing a passport is the same no matter where you live, as it’s done through the U.S. Department of State, a federal agency. New Yorkers with an expired or about-to-expire passport can often complete the renewal process by mail. You may do so unless your current passport is lost, damaged or destroyed; if you are currently under the age of 16 or were younger than 16 when your last passport was issued; if you can’t provide documentation of a name change; or if your expired passport is more than 15 years old. Otherwise, you must renew your passport in person, and in some circumstances may need to go through the original application process. This would be done at a local New York passport acceptance facility.

By Mail

Visit the U.S. Department of State website’s page for Passport Forms. Download and complete Form DS-82 Application for U.S. Passport by Mail. It can be filled out online, but then must be printed out upon completion. Sign and date the form after you print it.

Obtain a passport photo. The photo must conform to the U.S. Department of State guidelines, which are spelled out in detail on the website’s Passport Photos page. A proper photo can typically be obtained at a New York post office or at many drugstores.

Gather the additional documents necessary to renew your passport. You must send your current passport with your renewal application along with the required fee. The fee varies depending on whether you want expedited service and which type of passport document you request. Current fees are posted on the U.S. Department of State website’s Passport Fees page.

Mail in your completed form DS-82, the required fee and supporting documents. New York state residents should send everything to the National Passport Processing Center at P.O. Box 640155, Irving, TX 75064-0155.


Navigate to the U.S Department of State website and complete Form DS-11 Application for U.S. Passport. It’s available for download from the Passport Forms page. Fill and print it out, but don’t sign it, as this must be done in the presence of a passport agent.

Obtain a passport photo that conform to the U.S. Department of State guidelines as outlined on the agency website’s Passport Photos page. Most New York post offices, as well as many drugstores, offer passport photo services.

Gather the additional documents needed for the renewal application. You must provide evidence of U.S. citizenship, an authorized identification card and a copy of that identification card, along with the required fee. The fee varies depending on whether you want expedited service and which type of passport document you request. Information about acceptable document forms is available in detail on the U.S. Department of State website’s page Applying for a Passport in Person. Current fees can be obtained on the site’s Passport Fees page.

Schedule an appointment at the New York passport agency at the Greater New York Federal Building at 376 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014-3621. Or, visit any area passport acceptance facility. Find the nearest options by entering either your zip code or your city and state on the U.S. Department of State website’s Passport Acceptance Facility Search Page. Bring the completed Form DS-11, your passport photo, all supporting documentation and the required fee to your appointment.

  • Fees can be paid by check or money order only. If you need your passport in a hurry, you may pay for expedited service or may make an appointment with the regional passport agency if you need one in less than two weeks for international travel.

  • Allow sufficient time for processing. Processing times vary; however, typical processing times run four to six weeks.

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CKGS USA — Passport | Passport Application Guide

Step1: You will get a NEW APPLICATION REFERENCE NUMBER from the Government Online NRI passport application form which will now be the number to be used on the CKGS website to continue the process.

Step2: As you have already filled the Government Online PASSPORT application form, please log on to our website On the home page of the CKGS website, click on the box which states ‘Already filled in Government Online NRI form‘ and continue the process.

Step 3: You will come to this page to fill in the New Application Reference Number (not the temporary tracking ID) received from the government site along with your Passport Number and your Date of Birth, to start the passport process.

Step 1: Our system will check all the details on the form and if all the details are found to be correct, the application proceeds to the next step.

Step 2: There are chances that you may have made mistakes while filling the form. If yes, then the system shows an error and the entire process of application will have to be followed again. It is very important that you apply on the CKGS website and follow the process as defined.

Do not go directly to the Government of India website to fill the online application. You must go via the links on the CKGS website provided below. You will be guided to the Government of India website to fill your online form/s at the appropriate step via the CKGS website.

For USA applicants, the CKGS website has been customized so that the supplementary documents, forms and letters requirements are as per the instructions of the Embassy of India in USA. Simply fill in the widget and it will guide you through the entire application process.

The rules on the CKGS website will identify your passport category, type, fees and help avoid errors. Further to assist you, many forms and letters that have repetitive information will get auto populated and you only have to fill in the missing fields.

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