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Midori Sour recipe

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Midori sour

posted by Sonja @ 03:45AM, 4/29/06

I don’t drink and this drink was very pleasant but not alcoholly.

Midori Sour

posted by Karen @ 05:38PM, 5/04/06

I have had many drinks and this is my favorite by far! I don’t like the alcohol taste and this drink does a great job getting rid of it.

Lovin it

posted by Nick @ 06:27PM, 5/19/06

First drank it in mexico, introduced to me by a firefighter… I’m a guy and i like this drink 🙂

The best

posted by Jenny-O @ 01:28PM, 5/26/06

This is one of the few that gets you going without feeling the liquor.

My Fav!

posted by Heather @ 10:31AM, 6/16/06

I LOVE this drink! I had it for the first time in the Bahamas and after that I drank nothing but these the rest of the time. Can’t taste too much alcohol, but trust me, it will allow you to have a good time!!

THE best

posted by aanon @ 02:12AM, 6/23/06

I’m not an alcoholic, but this drink is really good in the morning.

One of a kind

posted by anna navarro @ 09:47PM, 6/28/06

I love love love this drink!


posted by Leigh @ 10:37AM, 7/14/06

My husband first got me to try it because he thought I’d like it. He was right! I’m hooked!


posted by bobby @ 06:21PM, 7/19/06

This drink is like great sex.


posted by neville @ 02:53AM, 7/22/06

I am an alcoholic, and this drink is really good in the morning


posted by Sandee @ 12:08PM, 7/25/06

This drink is the best, I don’t drink that much but when I do this is what I drink!! I have everyone at my office drinking Midori Sours — they like the color!

One of the best drinks out there!

posted by Shunnie @ 12:19PM, 7/27/06

I can drink this drink like water. I am only a casual drinker, and when a friend recommended this drink, I couldn’t stop drinking them. VERY GOOD!


posted by Annie @ 04:22PM, 7/27/06

Midori Sours are the BEST!!! No mixed drink can top them!


posted by Christina — Indio, California @ 01:53PM, 8/01/06

I love this drink. It’s refreshing, and delicious. My favorite way is with lots of ice, a cherry, wedge of lime, and most important salt on the rim of the glass! Try it.


posted by Tasha @ 11:42AM, 8/04/06

I LOVE this drink! It tastes so good, u don’t even realize there’s alcohol in it. Love it!

Midori sour rocks!!!

posted by Midori Sour lover! @ 08:52PM, 8/04/06

This is a great drink. I have a hard time getting in the party mood and I hate the taste of alcohol but once my friend introduced me to MR MIDORI SOUR I can enjoy myself all night long!!!!

Darn good

posted by Dave @ 05:16PM, 8/06/06

Awesome drink — looks girly but it’s totally for everyone!!


posted by ashley @ 01:55PM, 8/07/06

I love love love this drink. Light on the alcohol taste. Kinda tastes like a pixie stick.


posted by Dawn @ 01:31PM, 8/30/06

My friend introduced me to this drink recently and man, it is awesome..like a Watermelon Jolly Rancher..you could just suck it like its nothing..not alcohol tasting at all..if they do it right! 🙂


posted by HT @ 01:42PM, 9/03/06

I hate the taste of alcohol but this is really good.

Gets the job done!!!

posted by drinker @ 05:36PM, 9/03/06

I like to drink!!! Give 4 or 5 of these to a girl and you can have your way with her. 🙂

Smooth and Easy

posted by Ellie B @ 03:20PM, 9/10/06

I was introduced to this drink at my sons wedding by a niece and fell in love with this smooth drink. Enjoyed this drink 5 times throughout the evening, will have my sons make it at Christmas this year.

One of the best

posted by ashley @ 08:49PM, 9/10/06

This was the «real» drink that started off the nite for my 21st birthday. At first it was like wow, then it was really good… I like this, it is a keeper 🙂

My new fav drink

posted by kristin @ 04:07PM, 9/24/06

This drink I would have to say is the best! I had it for the first time at a wedding and it was soo good I ended up drinking that for the rest of the night…i’ve never tasted anything better.

The best

posted by Liz @ 08:54PM, 9/26/06

I never had it before, once I try it so far, this is my drink. I love this drink. It rocks!

My favorite so far

posted by cynthia @ 09:04PM, 9/27/06

One night I went to drink with my friends. I had ordered a cadillac margarita and it was horrible. My sister in law had a Midori sour and it was off the hook.

A liquid jolly rancher

posted by ejaculator @ 09:25PM, 10/03/06

Love it.

SO good!

posted by Christie @ 11:49AM, 10/08/06

I first had this at a wedding and drank them the rest of the night….not a fan of the alcohol taste so this drink is great at getting rid of that. 🙂 Drink up!

All time fav

posted by j @ 10:48AM, 10/24/06

I have been drinking this drink now for about 10 years, even though midori is not very popular, whenever i recommend it to people they become hooked! My all time favourite.


posted by D @ 02:07AM, 11/03/06

I’ve had this drink once. I was in Italy (am American). I liked it, and the color is nice, but Italians aren’t the greatest at making mixed drinks. The friend that recommended the drink to me suggested I try it in the US. It will probably be much better.


posted by saltliqour @ 05:48PM, 11/08/06

This is a really good drink. Can’t taste alcohol and it tastes like yummy melons.


posted by Spanky @ 11:43PM, 11/11/06

Just bought a bottle today and combined it with the sour mix — it was awesome…try it without the soda, too.

Love it

posted by sonja @ 12:10AM, 11/26/06

I don’t drink but will drink this any time.

Sweet Like Candy

posted by chrissy @ 10:44PM, 12/08/06

I’m not really into the hard core drinks, i like one thats sweet and gets u going, and this one is sweet like candy.

Awesome drink dude

posted by melissa @ 04:01PM, 12/15/06

Not much of a drinker but this drink is so awesome!

Picker upper

posted by mike @ 03:19PM, 12/16/06

Strong enough for a man but made for a woman…

The best drink ever

posted by Verna Cuthbertson @ 01:17AM, 12/17/06

OMG first one I ever had was at a Club after I was making fun of my friend for drinking frufru drinks. It was his turn to get a round for the group and he got me one. LOVE IT!


posted by esme @ 04:54PM, 12/22/06

Loving the midori’s!!! I dont use the same stuff though…i use

two parts sweet & sour

one part midori

tequila to taste…

(the later the night the stronger they get >.
add ice and enjoy wo0o

That’s how i first tasted them and me like.

Very very good

posted by Winston_Smith @ 10:26PM, 12/25/06

I love this drink, taste is so good — I love melon. And you can drink them all night without getting wasted. I prefer to add a bit more Midori to mine around 1 1/2 oz or so.

Pretty sweet, and tasty

posted by Amanda @ 07:05PM, 1/02/07

Very pretty drink, and it’s yummy.

My very own drink!!!

posted by MiDORi @ 03:12AM, 1/06/07

Not only does this drink ROCKS!! But it also has the same name as ME!!!! Yep yep! 😉 I LOVE IT!


posted by midoriholic @ 06:09PM, 1/19/07

This is the BEST DRINK EVER! It doesn’t taste like alcohol at all. If you like midori sour also try sex on the beach.

Wedding time

posted by laur @ 09:00PM, 3/01/07

Omg i had this at my cousins wedding for the first time…damn!! I was pounding these alll night!!

My fav drink !!

posted by shalala @ 10:57AM, 3/02/07

This is kinda ‘girlie’ but it always tastes good !!! Oh i miss it !!


posted by Meekie @ 11:27PM, 3/06/07

This drink is amazing….I had it for the 1st time at a bar in CT with my friend Gina and we got wasted after like 10 of them…its smooth but then it catches up on you later, but its so worth it.


posted by Justine @ 11:18AM, 3/20/07

THIS DRINK IS SSSOOO GOOOOODDDD. I can drink it foreveer like it`s water.

Must be good

posted by bronx @ 03:37PM, 3/21/07

My friend does not drink much. But when she wants to get wasted, she drinks this. She doesn’t remember much but she thinks she liked it.

Dayum good!!!

posted by Scarlett Smith @ 12:47AM, 3/30/07

I dont know… its just dayyyyyum good! Just make it your drink.

Absolutely Perfect

posted by Miss Whitney @ 09:38PM, 4/08/07

I don’t like strong alcoholic beverages, so this one is the perfect drink. I like to add a little grenadine so that it tastes like a watermelon/kiwi/berry taste to it. Very good!

Light and green and good

posted by Drou @ 09:49AM, 4/12/07

The alcohol in this isn’t so high— Midori is only 20something% alcohol— but it’s a light easy drink, and disappears quickly. Especially good for beginners.


posted by Mollie @ 02:50PM, 4/14/07

I’ve never drank before because I don’t like to taste alcohol. I’ve always tasted here and there looking for a drink that I liked and I found it. I love this drink so much, highly recomended!

Very Good

posted by Channie @ 12:43PM, 5/03/07

I had this drink for the first time back in ’04 and I live by this drink!!! It’s GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a low tolerance for alcohol and so this drink is great b/c I can’t really taste the alcohol in it, and it goes down easy.

Um mexico

posted by Thoughts and teeth @ 11:03PM, 5/19/07

I also drank this for the first time in mexico.


posted by Secret @ 08:25PM, 5/29/07

This drink beats em all!! I HATE alcohol but i looooove this drink..recommend to EVERYONE! First time i drank it..i had drank 4 before i knew it..no probs tho yummy drink. I am no drinker..this allows me to go out and casually drink w/ friends

My drink of choice

posted by danakscully64 @ 09:26PM, 5/31/07

So far, this is the only mixed alcoholic drink that I’ve ever tasted and liked. I had this as my first drink on my 21st birthday. Highly recommend!

Love it

posted by lorimidori @ 10:19PM, 6/02/07

This is a drink I’ve always loved…and the color. At the time it matched my eyes. You can drink this and still have a good taste in your mouth. You should also try a bit of pineapple juice in it. It’s Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!! It also rymes with my name…LOL


posted by Cat Bernal @ 12:46AM, 6/03/07

This drink is freaken wonderful!!

Women love it

posted by jjoyce86 @ 05:30PM, 6/11/07

Women love this drink, best tasting drink out there.

Perfect Begining

posted by Oxide @ 12:37AM, 6/13/07

Start your evening out nice and slow, great taste, very smooth, perfect to get things started for a night that you WANT to remember.

Best ever

posted by I’d prefer not to say? @ 02:11AM, 6/19/07

So this was my first real drink… and second and third and somehow we got up to a giggly six. My sorority sister introduced me to it. And it was good. I didn’t get drunk, it was more of a happy feeling and realizing that I’m not as bad of a dancer as I thought I was. Maybe I shouldn’t mention the dancing part…


posted by Davis @ 07:21AM, 6/21/07

This is my breakfast beverage of choice.

It tastes good

posted by Jazz @ 11:52PM, 6/23/07

I luv this drink … delicious.

Quite tasty

posted by mojitoaddict @ 03:58AM, 7/03/07

Add a splash of blue curcao and a dot of grenadine and it gives it an entirely different flavor, but it’s still completely awesome.

Great, tasty Drink

posted by Amy @ 06:28AM, 8/28/07

This was one of my first drinks at my very first visit to a bar and I had 2! I love it! This will be my signature drink from now on!


posted by Margi @ 07:20PM, 9/02/07

Just browsing for a recipe with Midori. Yummo, wish I had more sweet and sour, hope someone will go to the store for me, I drank the two I made.

Whisky Sour Mix

posted by Talitha @ 07:48AM, 9/06/07

Does the whisky sour mix come under a different name?

I just tasted this drink for the first time last night and I LOVE IT. Couldnt even taste the alcohol in it at all. At first you get a fruity sweet taste and then it ends with a sour patch kids taste. Very Very Yummy!

Midori Sour O_O

posted by Zenki @ 05:32PM, 9/18/07

For alkies like myself who think 20%ish ABV is too little… Midori sour + vodka @[email protected]!


posted by Lacy @ 06:34PM, 10/10/07

I tried a midori sour and was so shocked at how good it was bc I’m more of a beer drinker — I cant handle the liquor taste.. But these taste like kool-aid and after bout 4 or five you get a little tipsy.


posted by Jocelynh @ 06:26PM, 10/26/07

The drink is heavenly and in Las Vegas the best ones are at the ORLEANS…YUM

when you go there please order one for me.

Sweet & Fliry

posted by danitza @ 11:43AM, 11/01/07

I am not a drinker, but when I first had this drink in Puerto Rico it was so delicious and I could’nt really taste the alcohol in it which I like.

Jolly Rancher

posted by Jenny @ 10:49AM, 11/11/07

I needed something different than my typical Bay Breeze. My Friends husband said try this… it was a little sour at the first drink It tasted good almlost like a Liquid Jolly Rancher and then he substituted the Sprite with Red Bull. Makes a difference. You still taste the drink but it takes the edge off the tartness.


posted by Faye @ 02:14PM, 11/13/07

I am not a fan of most alcohol and I choose not to drink on most occasions, but a good friend recommended it to me and I LOVED it. Barely even noticed the alcohol! Great introduction for those who rarely drink or don’t like to taste a lot of alcohol. A++++

Great drink

posted by brandy22 @ 09:10PM, 11/19/07

Can this drink be made into a slushy?

I lose total control…

posted by Tayler @ 11:07PM, 12/16/07

My boyfriend makes the best Midori Sours. I don’t know what he puts in them, but, after I throw back one or two, I just can’t keep my hands off him. He keeps asking me to have four, but I am just a little nervous!


posted by Jimbobway @ 04:42PM, 12/28/07

This drink is a great way to get a buzz and not get the bad aftertaste.

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Midori Sour | Kitchen Meets Girl

Despite my professed dislike for sour stuff, Midori Sours were probably my favorite drink when I was in my early 20’s. Well, that and a fun little drink we called bizzo and swiped over at the Phi Delt house, but that’s a story for another time. Anyway, I don’t know if I thought the neon green hue was just cool, or if was because the drink tasted like a Jolly Rancher and not actual alcohol.

Both, maybe?

Also, it’s not a super strong drink, and since it is pretty sweet, I could nurse it along for quite awhile.  Annnnnd, I could order one confidently at the bar since it was one of the only mixed drinks I was familiar with back then.

As a side note, if someone orders you something called a “Tarantula” and insists that it is not a strong drink…well, it is.  But you probably already knew that.  Yeah, a drink aficianado I was not at age 21.  Um, it’s more than a decade later and I’m still drinking stuff like marshmallow flufftinis and strawberry smackeroos, okay?

Anyway, in the spirit of finding something green to imbibe for St. Patrick’s Day, I went back to my trusty old friend Midori.

Midori Sour


  • 3 ounces Midori liqueur
  • 3 ounces lemon juice (freshly squeezed is best)
  • 2 tablespoons simple syrup*
  • ice cubes
  • marischino cherries
  1. *To make your simple syrup, bring 2 cups of plain cold tap water to a boil. Stir in 2 cups of plain granulated sugar. Turn the heat to low and stir constantly until the sugar dissolves completely. Let the syrup cool to room temperature, then pour into a clean glass jar and store in the refrigerator.
  2. Fill an old-fashioned glass with ice cubes. Add remaining ingredients and stir. Garnish with a marischino cherry.



Midori Sour ***

Midori Sour Christmas Drink Recipe
This Midori Sour drink recipe is not difficult to create, you only need the right ingredients and just mix them together!
Perfect for a Christmas party! We would recommend that you select just a couple of special, festive drinks using your favorite ingredients, or whatever you have available! A great Christmas Midori Sour Drink Recipe Idea!

Midori Sour

List of Ingredients

1 oz Midori melon liqueur
1 oz Whisky sour mix
2 oz Lemonade soda
2 cherries

Next Christmas Drink Recipe >>> Mimosa

Add the WOW Factor to the Midori Sour!
Presentation is the key to giving creating the WOW factor with your Midori Sour. Colorful presentations with festive ‘props’ like fresh fruit, umbrellas, paper flowers and sparklers are great for festive drinks. These decorations are cheap and easy to buy but they will provide a festive WOW factor to your Midori Sour drink recipe! Choose some drinking glasses with an unusual shape and give the drinking glasses. You can add a frosted edge by dipping the rim into Lemon juice and then dipping the rim of the glass into sugar. Simple, but so effective! 

Christmas Midori Sour Drink Recipe for Parties!
Midori Sour, a great Party Drink! During the festive season when you are expecting a lot of guests for parties create a pitcher of a ready mixed drink or use a punch recipe. Quick and easy to make in advance of a party! Make sure that you use the correct ingredients and quantities to produce the best results for your Midori Sour.

1 oz Midori melon liqueur
1 oz Whisky sour mix
2 oz Lemonade soda
2 cherries

Midori Sour Drink Recipe


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