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1. What size wheels and/or plugs fit my shoes? If you look inside the empty wheel cavity (the wheel cavity is the hole on the bottom of the shoe where you normally insert your wheel and/or plugs), you’ll find the type and size of wheel/plug that your shoe uses imprinted inside the wheel cavity.  For example, if it reads ‘FATS-L (US 9-12)’, you will need to order FATS wheels and/or plugs in a size LARGE, which fits shoes in US sizes 9 through 12.  Please note:  If the imprint only shows a size (Small, Medium or Large), you will need the FATS style in the stated size.

 To see a visual example, click here! 

2. How long will it take for my order to get to me? Please see our shipping information page. 

3. Can I ship to a PO Box address? Our shipping service does not ship to PO Boxes.  However, if you visit our Store Finder section, you can see a full listing of our retailers who sell our products.

4. Can I order internationally? We are not currently shipping outside of the United States.  If you’re visiting our site from outside of the United States, please scroll over the Countries tab on to find a retailer or distributor in your country.

5. How can I find out the status of my order? For registered users, to track your order, please login and click on Log In.  You can check the history of your orders and check the status on those orders. You can also click on the link from your order confirmation email. 

6. I checked out as a Guest. Can I still track my order? If you have an order you would like to track and you haven’t registered, please email customer service and they will be able to provide you the latest shipping information.

7. I registered after checkout but I don’t see my order in my account. Can I add my order to my account? Yes! Please email customer service with your Order # and request to Sync your Order to your account at [email protected]

8. What’s your return policy? Please visit our Shipping and Returns section.

9. What payment methods do you accept? We currently accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

10. Do you accept bank gift cards, such as Visa and Mastercard? We do accept bank gift cards; however, you must retain the gift card. In the event of a return, the refund can only be processed to the gift card. Heelys is not responsible for lost gift cards.

11. Did my card get charged? When using a credit or debit card on, your financial institution may place a monetary hold on your account. This hold is usually released when the completed transaction is received by the bank, but the release of the hold may take several days, depending on your banks policies. Please check with your financial institution for more information.

12. Can I cancel or change my order once it has been placed? We pride ourselves in processing your order as quickly as possible. Orders are sent to the warehouse generally the same day. Once the order has been received by our warehouse we can no longer cancel or change an order. Please contact customer service (866-433-5464)  as soon as you realize you need to make a change or cancel and we will try to service this request. 

13. My promo or discount code is not working? We recommend that you check the valid through date to ensure that the promo code is still valid. If the promo code is still valid, please contact customer service (866-433-5464) for assistance. 

14. How do I apply a discount toward my order? At the top right of the page you will see «MY CART». Select «MY CART» and scroll down in your cart until you see «DISCOUNT CODE & GIFT CARDS». Type your promo code in this field and click «APPLY COUPON». Once applied, if the promotion is valid you will see in green writing, «Entered coupon code». The discount code will now be applied at checkout.

15. Can I combine promo codes/offers? No, promo codes are designated for one and only one order. 

16. Can I expedite my shipping? Currently we do not offer expedited shipping.

17. My size shows Out Of stock. How can I order? Sizes that that are displayed in the list with Out Of Stock are sold out. To see when your size might be back in stock, please email customer service. Currently we do not offer rainchecks nor back orders. 

18. Is there special pricing for non-profit organizations or large volume purchases? Whenever possible Heelys likes to take part in giving back to the community. Each case is reviewed and handled individually, we will work with your organization. Please contact customer service (866-433-5464) for assistance.



1.  What are Heelys? Heelys are shoes with a single or double wheel in the heel. They allow the wearer to go from walking to rolling simply by shifting their weight to their heels. When the wheels are easily removed, the shoe performs just like any other shoe.

2.  Are the wheels in Heelys removable?  The wheels are easy to put in and easy to take out. You can wear your Heelys without the wheel and they look and function just like any other shoe. *Heelys do not have retractable wheels – shoes that have retractable wheels are NOT made by Heelys.

3.  Are there Heelys with two wheels? Yep! They are great for first-time skaters, because two wheels provide more stability and balance. Once the skater is ready for one wheel, the smaller wheel can easily be removed, turning them into a normal pair of Heelys. Not all sizes and styles come available in the two-wheeled model.

4.  Do wheels come with my Heelys? Of course! When ordering from our site, we guarantee your Heelys shoes will arrive with a set of wheels, Heel Plugs and a Plug Removal Kit.

5.  How do I order new axles? We do not sell axles separately. You will need to purchase replacement wheels if you need new axles.

6.  What sizes do Heelys come in? How do Heelys sizes fit? 

  • Two Wheel Models are available in sizes 12 — 4 
  • Youth One Wheel Models are available in sizes 13Y — 8
  • Adult Sizes are available in sizes 9M — 13M
  • All Models are Whole sizes ONLY and medium width.  Sizes generally run true to slightly small we encourage you to choose the larger size if you are between sizes.
  • Not all models come in all sizes
  • Please use the universal size chart to assist in determining the best fit for you. 

7. Are there different sized wheels?/ What happens if I lose my wheels? If you look inside the empty wheel cavity (the wheel cavity is the hole on the bottom of the shoe where you normally insert your wheel and/or plugs), you’ll find the type and size of wheel/plug that your shoe uses imprinted inside the wheel cavity.  For example, if it reads ‘FATS-L (US 9-12)’, you will need to order FATS wheels and/or plugs in a size LARGE, which fits shoes in US sizes 9 through 12. To see a visual example, click here! You can purchase replacement wheel kits on our Heelys Shop.

8.  How do I insert my wheels into the shoes? Follow the steps below to insert your wheels back into the shoes: *Place the wheel in the wheel bracket and make sure the axle is aligned with the axle arms. *With the palm of your hand, push the wheel into the bracket as hard as you can. You should hear a clicking sound indicating that the axles are seated securely. *Visually inspect the wheel to make sure it is straight, and after putting the shoes on, stomp each heel to check for seating one last time.

9.  What is ABEC and what does it have to do with my wheels? ABEC, Annular Bearing Engineering Counsel, is a rating system used by the bearing manufacturers (ABEC 1, 3, 5 and 7). Usually the higher the rating the more precise and smooth the ride is. The ABEC rating does not, however, determine the speed of the wheel and is in no way a measure of the quality of the wheel. The tag on the shoes will tell you what ABEC rating they are.

10.  Should protective gear be worn with Heelys? We highly recommend its use when the wheels are in the shoes.

11.  What are some safety rules of thumb? *Always stagger your feet with your strong foot in front – putting them side-by-side will result in your feet sliding out from under you. *When walking with the wheels in, do not lean back on your heels and make sure to walk with your toes touching the ground first. *Be extra cautious when skating on uneven surface – debris and crevices can cause sudden stops and uncontrolled movements. *Never skate faster than you can walk. When you feel like you are losing balance, stop skating by putting your toes down and lean forward.

12.  What are some common courtesies when using Heelys?  *Crowded public areas are not good places for skating. *Do not cause inconvenience to others by running into them or cutting them off. *Do not endanger others’ safety or your own. *Follow the rules in public places – if there is no skating allowed, make sure to take out your wheels. *Respect others’ rights to enjoy public places just as you do.

13.  How do I clean my shoes? You can clean your shoes with soap and warm water. Do not wash your shoes in the washing machine as this may damage the shoes and will void your warranty.

14.  How do I remove/clean the axles and bearings on the wheels?  We do not recommend that you remove either the axles or the bearings! You can purchase bearing solution at your local automotive store. You can also use WD-40 but note that it is a water displacer and degreaser, so there will be little to no lubricant residual once bearings have been cleaned. Most machine lubricants, grease or oil based, will work well.

15.  What do I do if my wheels are squeaky? Cleaning your wheels with some WD-40 or bearing lubricant will usually solve the problem.

16.  What happens if my wheel bracket wears out? The wheel bracket embraces the wheel and is recessed 3 to 5 mm from the outsole. It is made with high-density polyurethane for stiffness and durability. However, it does not resist abrasion. Even though the outsole is made with highly abrasion resistant rubber, which wears up to 10 times longer than regular outsole rubber, the shoes are no longer safe for skating once the heel bracket wears out and the axles have no proper room for seating.

17.  What are Heel Plugs and what do they do? Heel Plugs go into the soles of your Heelys footwear when the wheels are removed and help to prevent debris from  getting into the wheel brackets.  Please note that while it’s important to keep your wheel wells clean when putting in your wheels, you still wear your shoes without the plugs.

18.  How do you take the heel plugs out? Heelys models that come with plugs also come with a removal tool to pop the plugs out. To remove the heel plugs, insert the removal tool all the way into the slot between the heel plug and the sole. Then pull away from the plug. The heel plug should pop out. Please be careful to direct the heel plugs away from yourself and others.

19.  Can I use the removal tools to remove my wheels? The removal tool is designed for removing the heel plugs from your Heelys. We do not recommend removing your wheels with the removal tool because it may damage the wheels, which are to be removed by hand.

20.  How do I remove my wheels?  Follow the steps below to remove your wheels: *Hold the shoe upside down with the sole and wheel facing away from you. Position both thumbs (one on top of the other) against the side of the wheel that is closer to you. *Using your thumbs, push out and upward on the side of the wheel. Because axles are pressure fitted into the axle arms, removing the wheels may be difficult at first. *If after step #2, the wheel has not come loose, turn the shoes around and repeat step #2 on the other side of the wheel. *To prevent potential injury, always point the bottom of the show away from you and others. *Using the heel plug tool to remove your wheels may damage the wheels, which are designed to be removed by hand.

21.  Where do I purchase replacement wheel kits and what size do I need? If you look inside the empty wheel cavity (the wheel cavity is the hole on the bottom of the shoe where you normally insert your wheel and/or plugs), you’ll find the type and size of wheel/plug that your shoe uses imprinted inside the wheel cavity.  For example, if it reads ‘FATS-L (US 9-12)’, you will need to order FATS wheels and/or plugs in a size LARGE, which fits shoes in US sizes 9 through 12. You can purchase replacement wheel kits on our Heelys Shop.

22. Are Heelys shoes Vegan friendly? Yes! We design our shoes with different fabrics such as synthetic nubuck and canva. You will find this information listed on the product pages’ details. Also, no animal products are used in the glues or adhesives we use to make our shoes.    

If you don’t find the answer to your question here, Contact Us, and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

How to Create Your Own Heelys

Heelys is a patented brand of footwear that is a hybrid between regular walking shoes and roller skates. The Heelys shoe has at least one wheel that is incorporated into the sole of the shoe to give the illusion of skating without visible wheels. The owners of these shoes can easily transition between walking and skating, which adds to their appeal. While it is possible to purchase these shoes in local shoe shops or through online vendors, if you have a favorite shoe at home that you would like to transform into a Heely, the process is relatively simple and requires only a few tools.

Remove the wheels from either an old skateboard or a pair of inline/roller skates. Use a screwdriver to loosen and detach a wheel from the board or the skates.

Take an old pair of shoes that you would like to embed with wheels. Just make sure that the sole is thick enough to house the wheel. To determine whether the sole is thick enough or not, simply place the wheel next to the shoe’s sole. The wheel should only extend slightly past the bottom of the shoe but have plenty of room (at least 0.5 inch) between the padding of the shoe and the wheel.

Use a black permanent marker to draw a square on the bottom of the shoe’s heel; this will be used as the guide for cutting the hole. If needed, use a ruler or straight edge to ensure that the lines are perfectly straight. Hold the wheel against the square to make sure that it is large enough. Repeat this step for the other shoe.

Cut along the lines with a small but sharp knife. Dig out a hole deep enough to accommodate the wheel. There should be a small space between all sides of the hole and the wheel; the wheel should protrude no further than 0.5 inch from the sole. Repeat for the other shoe.

Place a screw through the center of the wheel and slide it into the hole to gauge the fit. The screw should extend slightly past the width of the square.

Use the knife to cut small slits along either side of the square to accommodate the screw. Repeat this step for the other shoe.

Wrap a small piece of duct tape around the ends of the screw once the size of the hole is a good fit for the wheel.

Position the wheel into the hole. The ends of the screw should fit securely in the thin slits that you created in Step 6. The duct tape will hold the screw in place and prevent it from shifting from side to side. Repeat this process for the other shoe to finish your Heelys.

Heelys Shop. Shipping & Returns


The Heelys Shop will only ship to United States addresses.  Heelys does NOT ship to P.O. boxes.

Sorry, International shipping is not available at this time.  Please check our countries tab to find a retailer near you.

Shipping Schedule:

All products are shipped via UPS Ground from our Missouri warehouse Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Please note: During high volume periods orders may take up to 10 business days to ship from our warehouse. We make every effort to ensure timely delivery of your goods.

After a shipping label has been created, we will email the tracking number to the email address you provided at checkout. UPS Ground delivery is usually 3-5 business days. Want to know a more specific transit time estimate? Click here to see the estimated transit time to your location. Just enter zip code 63645 in the origin zip code field.


Special Holiday Return Policy: Orders placed now through December 31 may be returned through January 31. Please view our return policy for terms and conditions

All returns must be authorized in advance by Heelys Customer Service.  Heelys is not responsible for customer returns that have not been processed using the Heelys Return Process (see below).  Additionally, cannot issue returns for items that are purchased at other locations or websites and proof of purchase is required.

Returns will be accepted for all merchandise that is unused, in the original packaging and can be resold as such, and has been purchased within the previous 30 days.  All credits will be issued once the product is received and inspected at the warehouse.  If the product is deemed to be used or unsellable, Heely’ reserves the right to  deny the return request and refuse to issue the purchaser a credit.

Heelys does not issue exchanges.  All merchandise must be returned and a new order will be placed for the new style or size.

Heelys Return Process:

To begin the Heelys return process:

  1. Please send an email to [email protected] with ‘Heelys Shop Returns’ in the subject line and include the e-mail address originally used to register on Heelys.


In the body of the email, please make sure to include:

  • The full name of the person who placed the order on Heelys Shop
  • Your telephone number with area code (in order to expedite your return, please include a valid telephone number so that we may quickly and easily contact you, if needed).
  • Your Heelys order number (this can be found in the confirmation e-mail sent to you at the time you placed the order)
  • Reason for return
  1. Within two — three (2-3) business days, excluding holidays, Heelys Customer Service will email the Return Authorization and the UPS shipping label to be used on the return shipment
  2. Once you have received your return instructions and your Customer Returns Number via email, pack your product in the original shoebox and place the shoebox and the Return Authorization document in the original carton you received.
  3. Secure the box appropriately.
  4. Cross out with a marker all previous shipping labels and attach the UPS Return Label sent in the email to the shipping box, preferably covering the original shipping label.  Please note that you MUST use the UPS label provided by Heelys and it must be used within ten (10) days.  If you do not use the label within this time, please contact Heelys Customer Service to have a new label issued.
  5. Bring the package to any authorized UPS shipping location.  If you need assistance locating one near you, please use this link:  UPS Dropoff Locations

Upon receipt of your return, the product will be inspected to make sure that it is unopened and unused. 

Once the returned product passes inspection, Accounting will issue a credit to the card on which the original order was placed.  Please allow up to 7 business days to see credits posted to your account once the merchandise is received and inspected at the warehouse.  This may take more time depending on the bank or credit card used.

If the returned product does not pass inspection, a customer service representative will contact you to determine how to proceed, as we do not issue credit on returned product that does not pass inspection.


Limited Warranty
Products sold through the Heelys Shop are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 90 days from the date of receipt. Manufacturer’s defects will be determined by Heelys. Valid claims will receive a full refund. Improper fit is not valid criteria for warranty. Warranty is valid only with proof of purchase from the Heelys Shop online store. Misuse, abuse or alteration of product voids warranty. Heelys will not issue replacement product or credit for returned products that have experienced excessive wear or any type of abuse or mistreatments.

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