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Guy Lessons: A Complete Guide To Talking Trash

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All social animals communicate with each other: bees buzz, dogs bark, wolves howl, and men trash talk. Whether facing off in a boardroom or going head-to-head on the basketball court, men delight in intimidating one another through the use of disparaging, taunting or boastful comments. If you haven’t already mastered the essential trash-talk skill, it’s high time you added it to your repertoire. After all, you should never enter a war of words unarmed.

This article is for entertainment purposes only. AskMen cannot be held responsible if our well-meaning advice results in you being beaten like a rented mule.

Invoke his momma

Nothing gets another guy’s goat quite like insulting his own flesh and blood, and nothing is quite as insulting as targeting his mother as a source of derision. You’ll be sure to ruffle your opponent’s feathers by dispensing the following classic “yo momma” jokes:

“Yo momma’s so fat that when she turns around, people give her a welcome back party.”

«Yo momma’s so ugly her parents had to tie a steak around her neck to get the dog to play with her.”

“Yo momma’s so old she’s in Jesus’ yearbook.”

“Yo momma’s so poor she went to McDonald’s and put a milkshake on layaway.”

“Yo momma’s so ugly, when she walks into a bank, they turn off the surveillance cameras.”

Whether your comments bear any real resemblance to your opponent’s mother is far less important than your ability to keep them coming at a breakneck pace.   

Tell them what you’re going to do before doing it

Athletes — boxers in particular — are experts at verbally prepping their opponents for the beat downs they’re about to receive. Just look at Hall of Fame trash-talker Muhammad Ali. The veteran pugilist once noted of an opponent, “I’ll beat him so bad he’ll need a shoehorn to put his hat on.” Or how about Mike Tyson, who once said of Lennox Lewis: «I want to rip out his heart and feed it to him. I want to kill people. I want to rip their stomachs out and eat their children.» These men, and others of their ilk, know the value of showing up your adversary before the game even begins.

Make it personal

Although generic insults are generally effective, you’ll be sure to inflict far more damage by specifically tailoring your trash talk to your opponent and his lifestyle. Are they cheap? Tell them they make Ebenezer Scrooge look like Bill Gates. Are they dim-witted? Tell them to sell their IQ when it gets to 60 points. Do they work in a dead-end job? Taunt them endlessly about their minimum wage salary and clip-on tie. Making trash talk isn’t for the faint of heart, so check your political correctness at the door and go for the jugular.

Be creative

Any moron can swear and hurl invectives. If you really want your trash talk to be memorable, it’s important to be clever and creative. Rather than telling your opponent he’s a horrible player, tell him his game has “more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese,” or casually inform him that he’s like a bundle of firewood because “he’s always getting burned.”

Celtics legend Larry Bird was a master of this technique. During the three-point shooting contest at All-Star Weekend in 1986, Bird famously eyeballed his competition for several minutes before saying: «I’m just looking around to see who’s gonna finish up second.» Bird knew then, as countless other ballers know now, that if you elevate your trash talk to an art form you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd.  

You’ll be a trash-talk pro after reading these tips…

Trash Talk — AskMen

Guy Lessons: A Complete Guide To Talking Trash

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Don’t back down

Much like dogs, veteran trash-talkers can smell fear and they’ll become even more relentless if they sense a hint of surrender in the air. Therefore, keep your trash talk coming and show them you’re willing to match them insult for insult. Winston Churchill famously did just that during his time as Britain’s prime minister when a disapproving female accused him of being drunk. Without batting an eyelash, Churchill looked at the woman and responded: “I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.” Zing!

Get inside their heads

There’s no better way of throwing your opponent off his game than to play with his mind. Bulls legend Scottie Pippen did this masterfully in 1997 during Game 1 of the NBA finals against the Utah Jazz. With 14 seconds remaining and Karl “The Mailman” Malone on the free-throw line, Pippen causally went up to the bulky power forward and told him: “The Mailman don’t deliver on Sundays.” The clever comment completely threw Malone off his game causing him to miss both shots and allowing the Bulls to hold on for the win.

Build yourself up

Hurling insults is only one half of the trash-talking equation. It’s also important to build yourself up with a string of superlatives and outrageous boasts. Try telling your opponents that you’re “the greatest show on earth” or that you’re “the ninth wonder of the world.” Suggest that your shots are “as accurate as sniper fire” or take a page out of Muhammad Ali’s play book and declare yourself “the greatest of all time.” The more over-the-top your claims, the more effective they’ll be in getting under the skin of your adversaries.

Rub it in

Now isn’t a time to feign modesty. If you’ve beaten your opponent, let him know about it in no uncertain terms. Gloat, celebrate and rub his face in your victory, regardless of how small or meaningless it may be. Tell your opponent he isn’t “fit to hold your jockstrap,” suggest he “look for his game in the lost and found” and inform him he’s “such a colossal loser he’d place second in a loser contest.” You’re the champion and short of creating a time machine, he can’t do a thing to take that away from you.

Walk the walk

It’s wonderful if you can talk the talk, but it’s also important that your own personal performance be above reproach. Whether you’re playing street ball or engaging in a friendly drinking game, it’s essential that your skills be second to none. Don’t let your mouth write checks that your body clearly can’t cash.

Don’t forget The hand gestures

Sometimes gestures can speak louder than words, especially when they’re universally recognizable. Augment your trash talk by forming an “L” on your forehead and directing it at your opponent or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can try tossing in a crotch grab, a chin flick, a cutthroat gesture or a derisive wanking motion. Your combination of physical gestures and endless banter will be a one-two punch your opponent won’t be able to ignore.

people are talking

When it comes to trash-talking it doesn’t matter who hurls the first insult so long as you get in the last word. You’ll know you’ve won your war of words when you’ve left your opponent utterly speechless.

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Trash Talk | Definition of Trash Talk by Merriam-Webster

Definition of trash talk 

: disparaging, taunting, or boastful comments especially between opponents trying to intimidate each other

How to trash talk an Alabama football fan

Note: The following commentary was written in conjunction with for tonight’s College Football Playoff between Alabama and Michigan State. In honor of the Cotton Bowl, we’ve asked Alabama reporter Haley Laurence to give Spartans fans a guide to trash talking the Tide. See our guide on «How to trash talk a Michigan State fan» here.

Hi, Spartan fans. I hear you have a pretty big football game coming up on New Year’s Eve against a pretty formidable opponent. Y’all will definitely have to fight for a win against Derrick Henry and Co.

One thing you won’t have to fight hard for? A victory in the trash-talking game. Why is that? Well, because I’m about to help you with that. After living in the Crimson-clad state for almost three decades as an Auburn fan, I know exactly what to say to get Bama fans agitated — and man, do their faces get red when they get mad. You really should see it for yourself. It’s almost kind of precious.

But enough of that. Here’s what you need to say to make sure you’re at the top of the trash-talking game.

Mention their mythical national championships

For some irrational reason, Bama fans love talking about their 15 national championships. If you talk to a Bama fan, he or she will probably say «Got 15?» multiple times in the first two minutes. (Pro tip: Just make a drinking game out of it. Every time a Bama fan mentions the number «15,» just take a drink. You’ll need all the booze you can get to get through the conversation.)

The problem with all these national championships? No one else recognizes 15 except for the university. If you want to make the Crimson Tide fans really fume, just bring up 1941 — when the team finished third in the SEC and 20th in the AP poll — but still claim a national championship for that year. It really makes no sense, like the time Scarlett Johansson dated Sean Penn. (Really, ScarJo, what were you thinking?)

Tell them houndstooth is ugly

Legendary Crimson Tide coach Paul «Bear» Bryant was a fan of houndstooth, and no Bama fan will ever, ever forget that. Houndstooth is everywhere in Alabama. It’s on groomsmen cakes. It’s on Christmas trees. It’s on probably 5 percent of all clothing. I haven’t seen a houndstooth tombstone yet, but I’m pretty sure it exists and is located in the state of Alabama.

Call them «Gumps»

Many Bammer fans are OK with being called Bammers, but there’s one no-no: They don’t respond well to being called a Gump. Here’s the definition straight from the world’s pre-eminent news source, Urban Dictionary: «A typical Alabama football fan. Usually so delusional that they think Bear Bryant is still alive. They also believe that Nick Satan actually likes the toothless fanbase. So, naturally, call them Gumps.

Ask them if they participated in the ‘Running of the Gumps’

OK, here’s some background. Each year, the University hosts Alabama Fan Day, where Bammers get to watch the Crimson Tide scrimmage and yada yada yada. Here’s the clincher: At the end of the day, the thousands of fans who show up get an opportunity to meet the players and coaching staff — yes, including Nick Saban. The catch? They gotta run down the field to get to them.

This, of course, leads to an embarrassing, embarrassing scene. It’s what you would imagine if Apple offered new 1-cent Macbooks on Black Friday — and Nick Saban is a Macbook. (Although, real talk: Saban is definitely more of a PC man.) But I’ll stop explaining and let you watch it. Seriously, it must be watched.

Remind them that this man runs their offense

(Photo by Vasha Hunt, [email protected])Gillian Van Stratt | [email protected] 

Tell them you plan to storm the field and tear down the goalposts when you win

One thing that Bama fans are mighty proud of: The fact that, for all we know, no one has stormed the field after a victory at Bryant-Denny Stadium, and they’ve especially never torn down a goalpost there. They’re just so used to victory, according to them, that they’d never resort to anything so uncouth. (This is the perfect time to scroll back up to the Running of the Gumps.)

Once again, the logic really makes no sense, but by now we’ve established that very few things they do make sense. But the joke’s on them. Storming the field after a major win is fun, and who wants to argue with fun? Auburn had plenty of fun storming the field after the 2013 Iron Bowl which leads to …

Ask them if they have a second …

If there’s anything that a Bammer is tired of, it’s hearing about the 2013 Iron Bowl. In one second, all of their SEC and national championship hopes were obliterated for the season, and it ended all chances of a three-peat national championship.
So, obviously ask them if they have a second.

Or just mention the Kick Six in general

See above.

Tell them Saban’s leaving Alabama after this season

Each year, rumors begin that Saban is ready to leave Bama. All of them have thus far been unfounded, but that doesn’t mean that the Crimson Tide faithful doesn’t get anxious near the end of each season.

The magic words to make it sound like you’re in the know? Tell them, «Miss Terry (his wife) is unhappy in Tuscaloosa and wants to move.» Works every time.

Just say Cam Newton’s name

Noted Bama Arch Nemesis Cam Newton is in the news almost every day, and that displeases most Bammers. What displeases Bammers makes for excellent trash talk.

Sing a reverse ‘Rammer Jammer’ to them

After each win, even to cupcake schools, Crimson Tide fans chant «Rammer Jammer» to the opposing team, which includes classy lines such as «We just beat the hell out of you.»
Luckily, Auburn’s already created a reverse «Rammer Jammer» that’s up for use.

Call them ‘Harvey Updykes’

Updyke is known for poisoning Auburn’s famous Oak trees at Toomer’s Corner, and Bammers hate it when you compare them to him. So, obviously, call them that. A lot. Ask them if they plan on destroying any East Lansing landmarks. (But seriously, East Lansing: Guard your city.)

The Ultimate Guide to Recycling in Copenhagen

So you’ve moved to Denmark, bought a bike, converted to organic milk and even made your own soy candles! But what about recycling? How can your environmental superiority complex find full expression without mastering this last hurdle?

At the beginning of 2014, Københavns Kommune finished its massive recycling project that provided recycling bins to all the neighbourhoods of Copenhagen (and living in the centre, I was the last to know). Hallelujah! This allowed us to actually recycle our plastics, paper and metal conveniently from our own apartment blocks, rather than having to visit the local recycling centre with a motorcade of bikes (cyclecade perhaps?).

For such a green city, Denmark has been a little slow on the recycling front, as policy favoured incineration for heat and energy rather than recycling. The city changed its tune in 2012 and access to recycling bins has improved ever since. It would be great if there was better access to recycling bins in public spaces, but all the same, Copenhagen’s latest undertaking is a step in the right direction.

In theory, we all understand the importance of recycling. I could wax lyrical about how we live on a planet with finite materials, how recycling decreases pollution and reduces energy consumption for the production of new materials, etcetera etcetera.

Practically speaking, however, it isn’t that easy. Let’s face it: recycling can be really inconvenient. Also, knowing what you can recycle is really confusing, especially when you’re a foreigner. Ask your average Dane whether you can recycle a milk carton and he might just shrug!

The solution:
1. start by creating a home recycling system, and
2. know what you can recycle and develop rituals for making recycling easier

Set up your recycling system

Crates from Aarstiderne, an organic farm located north of Copenhagen that delivers direct to your door, are perfect for creating your own recycling system. Simply collect them, stack and label. Done. Easy.

Alternatively, there are these from IKEA which would do the trick!

Having two bins in your office and bathroom is a great idea. Think about how many toilet paper rolls you’ve thrown out in your life! A combination of ‘Le Paper Bag’ and a Vipp bin works really well. Better yet, wouldn’t it be great if Vipp released a bin with a divider in it?


Know what and where you can recycle

Once and for all, here’s an explanation of all those Danish recycling categories.


  • Boxes, packaging, corrugated cardboard, toilet paper rolls.
  • Place in the container labelled ‘PAP’ that is set up in most apartment blocks.
  • Cardboard can only be reused if it’s clean! Also, cardboard and paper have different properties and are processed separately, therefore, do not mix them together when you sort them.

⇢ Can you recycle pizza boxes?

No, because the cardboard needs to be clean in order to be recycled. This seems incredibly wasteful – surely we should start using baking paper or something? Or would that be a waste of more resources? These are the questions!

⇢ Can you recycle milk cartons and tetra packs?

Unfortunately, no! Tetra pack has a solid goal to make their packs recyclable by 2020. Really? Isn’t that 20 years away? No, it’s actually pretty soon, people. So that’s good news!



  • Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, envelopes, phone books, office paper, gift wrapping paper, books, printed matter and writing paper.
  • Place in the container labelled ‘PAPIR’ that is set up in most apartment blocks.
  • Plastic film and staples needs to be removed – doing this increases the chance that it will actually be recycled.

⇢ What about staples?

These will be removed in the recycling process, but removed them where possible!

⇢ What about plastic windows on envelopes?

Like staples, these will be removed in the recycling process, it’s no biggie.



  • All types of empty glasses and bottles that aren’t covered by the PANT (money-back) scheme – such as wine and spirits bottles, glass from foods, broken glass, drinking glasses and glass jars.
  • Place in one of the municipality’s glass containers, which are on streets all across Copenhagen. Find your nearest one here.

⇢ Can I leave the lid on?

You sure can, and it will also be recycled.

⇢ Do I need to take off the label?

There’s no need, but it’s a good idea to clean jars out first.

⇢ Can I recycle plates, mugs, ceramics or crystal?

Mugs, plates and other ceramics cannot be melted together with ordinary glass. Small pieces of ceramics must be thrown out of your ordinary rubbish. Larger quantities should be delivered to a recycling centre separately. Crystal glass must not be melted down and recycled with ordinary glass because it contains lead.



  • Waste, milk cartons, pizza trays, ordinary light bulbs, diapers, hygiene waste, styrofoam and messy paper or cardboard (pizza boxes).
  • If you put your mind to it, you can dramatically reduce this category – that is the aim after all!
  • FYI: this rubbish will be taken to an incineration plant and used to produce heat and electricity.



  • Wires and cables, any electric device with a power cord, batteries or solar panel. e.g., computers, stereos, microwave ovens, cell phones or battery operated toys.
  • Place in the container labelled ‘ELEKTRONIK’ that is set up in most apartment blocks.
  • Large electronics waste must be delivered to a recycling centre separately.



  Hard plastic
  • Bottles, containers and canisters from fluid cleaning and laundry detergent, milk crates, empty CD cases, plastic plates, lunch boxes, dish tubs/trays and plastic containers for storage of food and plastic toys.
  • Place in the container labelled ‘HÅRD PLASTIK’ that is set up in most apartment blocks.
  • Everything has to be free of food particles – wash it!
  • Plastic is one of the most important things to recycle, because so much oil is used in the production of new plastics. In addition, CO2 emissions can be reduced dramatically by removing plastics from your general rubbish, thus avoiding the incineration plant and going up in smoke.

⇢ Can you recycle the plastic at the bottom of fruit, vegetable and meat packets?

You can, but there’s a high chance that the automatic machines won’t process them. København Kommune is working on improving the process at the moment. All the same, go ahead, just make sure you clean them and take off all the plastic film.



  • Pots, pans, utensils, cans, nails, toys and non-electronic tools.
  • Place in the container labelled ‘METAL’ that is set up in most apartment blocks.
  • You can even recycle aluminium from food (i.e. leverpostej, if that’s what you’re into), just make sure it’s clean!



  Dangerous materials
  • For example, turpentine, paint and chemicals, medicine residues, mercury thermometers and batteries.
  • Not all properties have a container labelled ‘FARLIGT AFFALD’, but some do. If you don’t have one, you need to visit your local recycling centre. Most apartment blocks have a battery container for used batteries.


  • You can now composte in Copenhagen! This includes food, eggs shells, tea bags (remove the tag and staple!) and other biodegradable material like cat hair.
  • You can get a composite container and biodegradable bags for your home or apartment here. When you run out of bags, just reorder from the Kommune; they cost 150 DKK for four rolls of bags


Get Money Back with the Danish Return System

In Denmark, you received your money back (‘pant’) when you return ‘pant-labelled’ bottles to the supermarkets and ‘pant stations’.

  • Glass bottles 0.5 litres or under = 1.00 kr
  • Glass bottles more than 0.5 litres = 3.00 kr
  • Plastic bottles less than 1 litre = 1.50 kr
  • Plastic bottles 1 litre and over = 3.00 kr


Do this consistently; now you’re a recycling pro!

Yeah. (Pat on the back.)


A big thanks goes to Københavns Kommune for being so helpful with supplying information and prompt answers to all my questions!

How to Talk Trash in Basketball

Playing games online can be a nightmare if your trash talking skills
aren’t up to par. You can’t humiliate your victims if you can’t
deliver that great one liner to make them cry in despair and
frustration. These steps can help you on your way to delivering
punishing zingers that cause your enemies to cower in the
corner.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Kill the enemy by any means
necessary—the dirtier the kill the better.
Yell, «Owned sucka.»
This lets your opponent know that he is now your property.
over the lifeless corpse of your opponent and crouch, placing your
characters scrotum over his face. This is known as tea
Watch your back because your opponent has probab

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Talking to your basketball coach can often seem like an exercise in
pure frustration. This is due to the fact that, in the world of
basketball, the head coach is in an unquestioned position of
leadership and seniority over all of the members of the basketball
team. It is very important, however, to make sure that you have good
communication with your coach at all times. Here’s how to go about
talking to your basketball coach without getting screamed at too
much.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You’ll

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In an article about IBMs releasing Cloudscape to Apache,,1759,1630856,00.asp
«The developer community for Cloudscape now consists
of about 80 IBM
developers, Rivot said. IBM of course anticipates
that population will
explode when the open-source community gets
its hand on the code, but
just because a product goes open source
doesnt mean it will succeed, as
can be witnessed by the failure
of the PostgreSQL database to thrive
under this model.»
/>Its amazing how much list activity there is for this
«dead» database!


[GVGT] Basketball team tio trash by TWMMs

If you play, will you tio trash too?

Food & Drink

Let me clear some things up….
Recently some members here came
onto Billy Bussey’s forum with some severe attitudes. I called them
out and they didnt like it.
So for those of you here who have
negative things to say about me, do it on AIM instead of on a forum
like a coward.
Dan, you call me a loser but if I do recall you
used to ask me for design advice (not FLASH advice but DESIGN advice)
all the time. Guess that makes me a big loser huh? You not modding the
forum has nothing to do with ANYTHING.
I simply stated MY OPINION
about this forum be cluttered with no-talent noobies that got a
version of Flash MX off of Kazaa an

Development Tools & Services

hey every1.. sry for the cheezy subject 😛
i wanted to know a
command for emptying trash from terminal. i came across
class=»bbcode_description»>Code: rm
-rf ~/.Trash/*
i tried it.. it didnt show an error however
it dindt work…as in i checkd the trash folder from natilus and it
was not empty
i double checkd if a hidden folder call .Trash
exists in my home folder… it doesnt exist(!)
i did a bit of
googling and found this file in my home folder:

Hi all,
I just moved to X-ubuntu and I have a question about the
When I right click on trash and want to delete it asks
to confirm. I know how to get rid of this ‘safe-guard’ in Gnome but
Xfce. Does any one know the magic command??


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