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Learn How to Sell and Advertise on Reddit

Where to Find Products

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse at the innovative world of Reddit marketing, you might be wondering just where to begin or what to sell as an ecommerce entrepreneur. After all, Reddit makes it easy to get pretty specific with your line of merchandise as you’re bound to find at least one thread of people who might be interested in a given product. If you are new to ecommerce, the amount of possibility can also be a little bit overwhelming. Not to mention, traditional ecommerce models typically require you to stock merchandise yourself and often necessitate a good deal of startup cash. Not only is this complicated, it also increases the risk involved in pursuing a life as an entrepreneur.

That’s why dropshipping is so appealing. With dropshipping, you don’t have to stock any of the products yourself, and instead, you simply upload products virtually from third party suppliers into your online store. When a customer makes a purchase, the supplier simply sends the item directly to them, leaving you time to focus on growing your business by formulating an amazing marketing plan and developing your brand. The internet is a wonderful thing!

Of course, in the absence of the old risks and complications associated with more traditional forms of ecommerce, there is still space for new challenges with dropshipping if you aren’t strategic and willing to learn how to master this business model. Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there to mitigate any issues associated with dropshipping ecommerce. For one, in the old days making your own website and keeping it up to date was a major headache, and it took a good deal of technical skill to make the site polished and user-friendly. Today, however, Shopify makes having your very own professional website easier than ever, supplying users with everything they could need to get their online stores up and running, from free ‘About Us’ templates and easy synchronization with social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest to user-friendly web designs and themes.

As for the concerns you may be having about putting your precious business into the hands of a third party supplier who could potentially be located across entire continents from you, there’s an app for addressing all that. If dropshipping is the future of ecommerce, Oberlo is definitely a necessity for ensuring your success within this business model. The app will manage your inventory and monitor any price changes, allow you to easily import products into your store, automatically fulfill your orders, and even send tracking information directly to your customer’s inboxes. Really, there are no excuses to not try your hand at ecommerce with dropshipping, and Oberlo is essential to achieving true success with this business model.

Learn How to Sell and Advertise on Google

How to Advertise on Google: Google Marketing Guide For Beginners

Those who advertise on Google can benefit from using one of many free Google marketing tools. Those starting out can use free tools like Keyword Planner to find the best keywords to rank for in search engines. For example, if you’re looking to promote your black leggings, you’ll look up related keywords to black leggings. You can change the location, languages, keyword filters and more based on where you plan to advertise on Google. Once you’ve entered your keywords, click Get Ideas. You’ll be able to see the average monthly searches, competition, and suggested bid. If the competition is low that means fewer people are running ads for that keyword, if it’s high that means more people are running ads. You can click ‘Add to Plan’ where you’ll be able to set your bid range and see how much traffic you can get from that amount. You can then click ‘Review Plan’ where you’ll be able to create your first search based campaign.

If you’re looking to create a Google Shopping ad, you’ll have your ads appear at the top of the searches with your product image luring new customers in. You’ll need to create a Merchant Center account. Afterwards, you’ll have to provide your product information such as image, price, location and more into a data feed. You’ll then move onto creating your campaign in Adwords. In Adwords, you’ll be able to target based on age, gender and more.

You can also run remarketing ads in Google Adwords. Remarketing is when you remarket to a customer who has previously visited your website without purchasing. As many blogs and websites use Google Adsense to generate a profit, there’s an extensive range of websites that can show your remarketing ads on their platform. So, when a customer leaves your website without purchasing, they may stumble onto a website with Adsense where they’re shown the product they’ve added to their cart. This keeps your brand and product at top of mind and can help turn an abandoned cart into a purchase.

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