How to refill a vape tank – How to refill a vape tank?


How to Refill A Vape Tank — Vaping E-liquid

Refilling your vape tank is a simple and straightforward process and once you have the hang of it can be done quickly every time. Tanks come in both top-fill and bottom-fill format, and how you fill it will depend on which tank you own. In both cases, you will need to unscrew your tank from the body of your e-cigarette or mod, then place a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the coil before you go on to fill up your tank.

Top-fill tanks

  1. To refill your top-fill tank, start by removing it from the body of your e-cig mod.
  2. Unscrew the base and carefully remove the coil. In most cases it should slide right out. Saturate the coil with several drops of e-liquid by using a dropper to put a drop of e-liquid inside each hole. Replace the coil and attach your atomiser back to the tank.
  3. Next, unscrew the top of the tank to add your e-liquid. Most e-liquids come with a dropper to make adding e-liquids quick and simple. Continue filling until you have reached the tank’s fill line.
  4. Reassemble your tank and screw all the pieces back together tightly. Be sure to wipe away any spilled e-liquid before you begin.
  5. Leave your e-liquid to steep for a few minutes so the coil is fully saturated. Then turn your device on and go.

Bottom-fill tanks

  1. To refill your bottom-fill tank, first begin by removing it from the body of your mod.
  2. Next, unscrew the body of the coil and remove it from the top of the tank.
  3. Saturate your coil with one or two drops of e-liquid into each hole in the coil. This is important because it will prevent burning because the wick will already be saturated with e-liquid when you first inhale.
  4. Replace the coil and screw it back into the tank. Next, unscrew the entire bottom of your atomizer so you have access to the tank itself.
  5. Most e-liquids come with a dropper to make refilling easy. Place this against the inside of the tank and release the e-liquid into it until it reaches the fill line.
  6. Reassemble your tank, taking care to wipe away any e-liquid spills that may have occurred. Leave the liquid to steep for a few minutes to ensure the coil has plenty of time to become saturated.

Cleaning your tank

It’s important to regularly clean your tank to help prevent any build-up of e-liquids that can impact your vape’s performance. Try and do this routinely; when it comes time to fill up your tank is the optimum time to do it.

It’s also important to keep your tank clean when switching e-liquids or you might get an unwanted flavour combination when the last of the old e-liquid mixes with the new.

Changing your coil

How often you need to change your coil depends on how regularly you vape. Heavy users often replace their coils weekly, while light users tend to be able to stretch between two and three weeks.

You’ll know it’s time to change your coil when you begin to notice that your e-liquids don’t taste as flavourful as they should. Another of the most common signs that it’s time to change your coil is the tell-tale taste of burnt toast.

How ro refill your e-cigarette | How To Vape

There are lots of different types of e-cigarettes, all with different means of refilling. Some are
refilled using fresh tanks whereas others work by manually refilling the clearomizer with e-liquid. Depending on how often you vape, you may need to refill your e-cigarette frequently, so it is important to understand how this process works.

Closed System e-cigarettes

Tanks are used in Closed System e-cigarettes such as the blu PLUS+™.This means that the e-liquid is contained within the tank itself and cannot be manually refilled. Replacing a tank is simple — when you start to notice a change in the way your e-cig is performing, it’s time for a new tank. These changes can include less vapor production and a weaker flavor.

To replace your blu Plus+ Tank™, unscrew the used one and throw away responsibly. Then take your new tank and screw it onto the rechargeable device. Make sure that the tank is attached securely as this could affect the vapor production.

blu® Disposables cannot be refilled as the tank is internalized within the e-cig itself. When the e-liquid in your disposable has been used, simply throw away the entire e-cigarette.

Open System e-cigarettes

E-liquid bottles are used to refill Open System e-cigarettes like the blu PRO™. The name Open System e-cigarette refers to the fact that the clearomizer (where the e-liquid is stored) can be topped up manually. The blu PRO™ has a clear window on the side of the device so you can see when your blu® Liquid has run out. To refill your e-cigarette, follow these steps:

  1. Unscrew mouthpiece and battery from clearomizer.
  2. Place nozzle on inside wall, avoiding center tubing.
  3. Squeeze to fill clearomizer. Gauge level using clear window and do not fill past top of window.
  4. Screw mouthpiece and battery back onto clearomizer.
  5. Take a few shorter drags to prime e-cig for best vapor production.

It is important to keep e-liquid out of the center tubing, as this can lead to flooding. This is when e-liquid gets into the mouthpiece, and can result in a bad taste when vaping. You can sometimes notice flooding when your e-cig starts making a gurgling sound and produces less vapor than normal.

When refilling your e-cig this way, it is a good idea to do so over a paper towel so that any spilled e-liquid can be easily mopped up. Refilling your e-cigarette also provides a good opportunity to clean the mouthpiece, as this will make sure that you continue to get a smooth draw from your device. To do this simply place a tissue inside the back of the unscrewed mouthpiece and blow through it.

To make sure that your e-cigarette continues producing the best flavor and has a consistent vapor production, it is recommended that the clearomizer is replaced itself every 10 refills.

How to refill a vape?

Fill the tank with e-liquid. Unscrew the entire metal bottom of the vaporizer to get access to the tank. Place the dropper portion of the e-liquid bottle against the inside of the tank. Fill the dropper and empty it into the tank several times until the e-liquid reaches the max fill line. read more

When filling and refilling vape mod tanks, all you need to do is drip e juice directly into the tank until it reaches the fill line, if there is one. Most vape mod tanks are top fill, but some are bottom fill tanks. read more

An instructional how to video on how to fill an e-liquid tank using our popular Faze Elite Series Vape kit. The Elite Series from Faze Vapor offers a lot of great features in a compact size and can still output up to 20 watts in variable wattage mode and 3 – 5.5 volts in variable voltage mode. read more

Fill the tank to the indicated line with e-liquid. Unscrew the top connecter from the tank to reveal the access points for the e-liquid. Then, hold the dropper part of your e-liquid bottle up against the inside of the tank. read more

To fill a Vapor4Life e cig tank: 1. Pull the cartomizer through the bottom of the tank 1/2 inch. You should see a small gap between the top of the tank and the clear acrylic side of the tank. 2. Tilt the tank slightly and fill directly into the cartomizer until it overflows. Then completely fill tank surrounding the cartomizer. 3. read more

How to Switch E-Juice Flavors Without the Bad Taste


If you are a beginner in the vape life, this article is going to be your guide through one of the fundamental subjects of vaping — vape juice. We are going to answer the most common question, which is how to change vape juice and give you some extra tips and tricks regarding this process.


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As you know by now, trying out fresh vape juices with diverse flavours and liquid density is one of the most exciting things for a vaper. You get to try new tastes, and each of them works a little bit differently when you’re doing vape tricks, which is one of the charms of vaping.


Why Does My Vape Taste Weird?

Another possible scenario when you’re starting out is to get a bad taste in your mouth after you changed your vape juice. There are a number of reasons why vape tastes weird, from a bad coil to improper filling of the tank, or even purely because you don’t like the flavour.

No matter the cause, there is no need to finish the whole container before you change the juice. Instead, we’re going to explain how to do it right and avoid any mistakes in the future that would cost you a first-rate vaping juice.

There are additional options like using more than one tank, which simplifies things for you, or you can always purchase e-cigs with a dripping atomiser. Either way, you will make things easier for yourself, or you can keep on reading this article and learn the proper way to change vape juice.


Multiple Tanks for Passionate Vapers

If you’re a passionate vaper, but at the same time you like changing vape juices, the most prudent option for you is to buy more tanks. First and foremost, this is because you can fill them with different flavours and then use them whenever you want. Secondly, it’s because you will save money. Throwing away half of your e-juice and wasting it is not a good option, and this will happen a lot if you want to change flavours quickly.

Multiple tanks are also very warmly recommended if you have a few main vape juices you like to alternate between frequently, but be careful with the expiration dates old e-juice will give you a bad taste in your mouth.


How to Refill a Vape Tank

Let’s assume you don’t have a clean tank so that we can start from the beginning in this section on how to refill a vape tank. This is a step-by-step guide:


You will want to make sure that you are doing your vape cleaning right. Unscrew the tank from the e-cig (watch out for the battery and the coil) and carefully pour the liquid into the sink. You will notice, depending on the thickness of your previous e-juice, that there is residue inside the container, and you need to clean this out because it might affect your new juice.

Rinse the tank with warm water a few times; you can even use a bit of soap. When you’re done with the rinsing, and you can see that the tank is clean, wipe it very carefully with a dry towel or a piece of paper and leave it for a few minutes on a cloth until it’s thoroughly dry. If there are leftover water drips inside the container, they will dilute your juice.


Your e-juice can get inside the coils and the wicks of the e-cig, affecting the flavour of the next juice you’re going to use. To prevent this, you will need to clean them out before you fill up the tank. You also have the option to replace them entirely, and this might even be better because you have to  change the coil regularly anyway.

Rinse them with warm water and don’t use any washing liquid, dry them with a towel or a piece of paper, and then give them time to thoroughly dry. You can’t use the coils and the wicks if they are not completely dry. You can also purchase flavourless juice, which is designed especially for rinsing, instead of using warm water.


Now, when everything is clean and dry, you can fill up the tank with the new e-juice. Take your time and fill it up over a sink. When you’re done, you get to try the different flavour, which is one of the best things about vaping.


Try Dripping

When you do a task long enough, it becomes a bit boring and underwhelming, especially if you want to change juices quickly and you have to clean every part of the vaping equipment. As a vaper, you can find another way of doing things more effectively, and that is to switch to an e-cig with a dripping atomiser.


This type of e-cigs doesn’t have a tank. Instead, they have an atomiser where you have to drip the e-juice on. However, they do contain less liquid, and you will have to drop the juice frequently, but you will not have to clean out the tank all the time. The know-how from the vaping community is that RDA cigs (with a dripping atomiser) provide you with the best experience with it comes to tasting the flavour of the juice.  

As we said above, for vapers that like changing flavours often, multiple tanks and RDA cigs are the top solutions.


Flavours are the Base of Vaping

One of the joys of vaping is switching between different e-juices and experiencing new flavours, so learning how to properly clean and fill up a tank and how to change vape juice is crucial. If you’re a beginner in the vape world, learning the basics and the step-by-step process of changing liquids will make a world of difference for your experience.


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How Do I Fill My Vape Tank? – Breazy


New to vaping? If you’ve already purchased a vape mod or a cig-a-like from a local vape shop, then they should have gone over the basics with you. Nonetheless, maybe you were too flustered to ask the right questions, afraid of looking like a rookie. Or maybe the vape expert described your new device in terms that were overly complicated, making your head spin and leaving you more confused than you already were coming into the shop. Whether this is you or not, it’s important to understand exactly how your device works, and although refilling seems like a simple task, it’s one that I’ve received multiple questions regarding from friends seeking to switch from smoking to vaping.

Understanding the Different Types of Vape Mods

First of all, you need to consider which type of device you have. Do you have a cigalike or a vape mod with a clearomizer tank? It’s easy enough to tell the difference. A cigalike is thinner, with a narrower mouthpiece and a smaller tank to simulate the look and feel of a cigarette. They generally use pre-filled cartridges, though some use refillable tanks. A vape mod is usually boxy, or can come in pen form, but these both use clearomizer tanks.

How Do I Refill my Cigalike?

Odds are, you’ve purchased a cigalike that uses pre-filled cartridges, or cartomizers. If this is the case, refilling your cigalike would just mean buying new prefilled cartridges and simply installing them when they’re out. Some cigalikes use refillable cartomizers, in which case, you can actually purchase your own e-juice instead of cartridges, and refill your cartomizer when it is low.

How Do I Refill My Vape Mod?

Vape mods with clearomizers are a little more complicated than cigalikes, simply because filling your tank requires a careful, steady hand, and knowledge of the proper tank maintenance. If you’re using a brand new atomizer coil, it’s always a good idea—and something most vapers recommend—to prime the coil before filling up the tank. Priming the coil is simple, you just squeeze a couple drops of your e-liquid onto each visible spot of cotton wick and repeat the process until the wicking looks saturated. From there, you will take your e-juice’s dropper, or use a unicorn bottle, to fill up the tank, being careful to keep juice out of the main airflow.

Most modern tanks use a “top fill” system, meaning you can just unscrew the top portion of the clearomizer (after closing off the airflow ring at the bottom to avoid flooding) — some even have a swing-away hinge that snaps into place, making filling a breeze. There are still some popular models, though, that use a “bottom fill” style — for these the fill process is the same, but you’ll have to remove your tank from its battery or mod, flip it upside down, and unscrew the bottom to access the fill holes.

Really, that’s it! No crazy methods, just take care to keep your juice where it belongs. If you happen to get e-juice into the airflow, it won’t kill your mod, but you’ll end up potentially burning out your coil faster, or with a mouthful of hot e-juice (which believe me we have all done and it’s never pleasant).

Priming is equally as important when changing coils, especially if you want to get the longest lifespan out of your premade atomizer coil.

How To Clean A Vape Tank – VapeClub eLiquid and Vaping Blog

Vape Tips – Cleaning Your Tank

We’re all busy people, and we often use our vape devices out and about, and on the go. As such, it can be easy for us to overlook the condition of our ecigarettes and mods, and the necessary care and maintenance that they require to continue working to the best of their ability. A vape tank is the part of your device that requires the most attention, and will need to be cleaned roughly every two weeks to ensure it stays in full working order.

Strictly speaking, if you were to clean your tank with professional equipment in the most thorough way possible, and money was no object, you’d need a ultrasonic cleaner, rubbing alcohol, and a lint-free (fibreless) cloth. However, as most of us don’t have access to such equipment, here’s our everyday handy guide to keep your tank in tip-top vape shape!

  1. Before cleaning, empty your tank and remove any excess eliquid.
  2. Take your tank apart, separating all the individual parts out. Remove the glass, if possible.
  3. Give each individual part a good rinse with warm water, without soap.
  4. Dry each part carefully, and leave all parts to air dry, until everything is completely bone dry.
  5. Do not refill or use your tank if it still has water in it.
  6. Once you’ve affirmed that every part is dry, reassemble your tank.
  7. Ensure everything is back in its correct place, including O-rings.
  8. Refill your tank.
  9. Vape on!

For more information on hardware, you can have a look at our Beginner’s Guide, or please feel to contact our team.

7 Best Vape Tanks (Sub-Ohm & MTL) 2019 [Covering EVERY Vape-Style]

If you’re new to vaping…

Getting the best vape tank for you can be a confusing task.

Coming with all sorts of ‘advanced’ features, if you would believe the marketing…modern-day vape tanks are extremely sophisticated pieces of technology.

But in the end…there’s only 1 thing that really matters:

How well does it vape your vape juice? But also: how well does it match your vaping preferences?

Well, today you’re going to learn which vape tank is the best for what purpose.

Not only that…

But you will get a list of the 7 best vape tanks currently on the market…

And the best part:

You’re getting exclusive tips and tricks to optimize the performance of any vape tank and increase the longevity of your coils.

Let’s get started with the first vape tank in our list.

1. Uwell Crown 3 (Best Sub-Ohm Tank Overall)

The original Crown tank possibly is the most reliable sub-ohm tank ever made.

Here’s why:

There are very few sub-ohm tanks that stay that consistent in their performance throughout the years.

The original Crown came out in 2015. And the crazy part: some vapers still swear by it today!

What’s even better:

Uwell improved the original Crown over 2 iterations with the most recent version being the Uwell Crown 3.

This vape tank is a beast in the clouds that it produces…but it’s a very versatile and reliable beast:

It has great flexibility in its airflow (free airflow vs. tight airflow).

Note: Do realize this is a true DTL tank, so it will never give you the restricted airflow that a true MTL tank gives you. For mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping we recommend #4 the Innokin Zenith or #6 the Aspire Nautilus 2.

With regards to coil-life: the coils last at least 2-3 weeks with proper use, and they’re easily replaceable.

The only problem with the coils is: you can’t vape in temperature control mode (TC).

Although there are stainless steel (SS) coils available, for some reason, they don’t work well in TC (probably because parts of the coil are different types of metal).

So, if you’re looking to vape in TC, look further down the list (for example the next vape tank which comes with an RBA so you can build your setup with TC-compatible coils: #2 the FreeMax FireLuke Sub-Ohm Tank).

Now, for a vape tank to get the number 1 spot, it has to have more than proper vapor production, flexible adjustable airflow settings, and long coil-life.

One of the most important things that will make or break a vape tank is the quality of the flavor it produces…

Well, this is one of the best tasting sub-ohm tanks that you’ll find…

…as long you vape at 50 watts or above!

If you go below 50 watts, you will get muted flavor, and the coils will last less long (unless you put the airflow at its tightest, then you can still get good flavor down until 30 watts even…but most DTL vapers are not looking for these super-restrictive hits).

It’s also true that the flavor in the 50-70 watts range is not ‘amazing,’ but only ‘great’ (with regular airflow, it gets better the tighter the airflow, but you have to ask yourself if you want that if you’re a true DTL vaper).

However, in the 70-120 watts range, flavor-wise, this is without question, the best sub-ohm tank you can get.

Click here to see the most recent prices:

Guide on coils and watts:

  • 0.25Ω SUS316 Vertical Parallel Coil – 80-90W
  • 0.5Ω SUS316 Vertical Parallel Coil – 70-80W
  • 0.4Ω  Kanthal Vertical Parallel Coil – 55-65W

Next up we have the Crown 3’s competitor…

2. FreeMax FireLuke Sub-Ohm Tank (Most Versatile High-Wattage Sub-Ohm Tank)

If you do want to keep the option for temperature control vaping (TC)…

The FreeMax FireLuke is another amazingly well performing sub-ohm tank, that comes with an RBA deck (Rebuildable Atomizer Deck).

So even though it doesn’t come with pre-built coils which are suitable for TC…

With the included RBA deck, you can build your setup, including coils which are suited for TC.

Quality-wise, this sub-ohm tank is very close to the Crown 3:

  • It has fantastic flavor;
  • It almost never leaks, floods or gurgles;
  • It’s easy to fill with the top-fill system and twist-off cap;
  • Coils last at least 2-3 weeks.


Compared to the Crown 3, I do feel it has slightly worse flavor and less balanced vapor production (it’s almost impossible to get restricted hits, because the vapor production is always high, warm and intense, no matter the air-flow setting) …

But if you’re a true DTL-vaper none of this matters anyway (you won’t really notice the difference in flavor, and as a true DTL-vaper you don’t want restricted hits anyway).

The trade-off you’re making here is a very slight decrease in vapor quality for quite a bit more flexibility with the RBA-deck (build your temperature control setup).

The bottom line is:

Both the Crown 3 and Fireluke have an amazing build quality and are top performing sub-ohm tanks regarding flavor and vapor production…

The Crown 3 scores slightly better on vapor production and flavor…

But get the Fireluke if you think you might vape in TC-mode, or you want crazy vapor production even at 50-70 watts (the Crown 3 coils only start producing proper clouds after 70 watts).

Click here to see most recent prices:

Guide on coils and watts:

  • 0.15Ω Sextuple Coil – 60 to 140W
  • 0.15Ω Duodenary Coil – 80 to 180W
  • 0.15Ω Kanthal DVC Coil – 60 to 120W
  • 0.25Ω Kanthal DVC Coil – 50 to 100W

Next up, the best sub-ohm tank for the lower to mid watts…

3. FreeMax FireLuke Mesh Coils Sub-Ohm Tank (Best Low- to Mid-Watts Sub-Ohm Tank)

Maybe you’re a DTL vaper who rarely goes above 40-50 watts…

But you do want big clouds, without sacrificing any flavor.

Well, in that case, the Crown 3 and FreeMax Fireluke won’t make you happy, because both these tanks have muted flavor if you vape under 70 watts (again: with regular airflow settings, if you go for restricted hits you’ll get better flavor, but do you want that as a DTL vaper?).

The FreeMax FireLuke Mesh, however, produces enormous clouds full of flavor, even in the 40-70 watts range.

In fact:

Flavor-wise, this is by far the best sub-ohm tank in the 40-70 watts range.

The reason for this is its ‘revolutionary’ mesh coil design.

Let me explain:

Instead of the standard wire-based coils that we’ve gotten used to over the years…This sub-ohm tank heats your juice with a kanthal mesh wire coil.

Why does this matter?

Well, with a mesh coil, you’re getting an increased surface area for your juice to touch…

Which in turn means that without going into 70+ watts-land, you will be able to create huge clouds…without sacrificing ANY flavor.

On top of this, you can expect exceptional build-quality and reliability in the form of:

  • Long lasting coils, and;
  • A flood-free, gurgle-free and leak-free operation…

Like you would expect from any FreeMax tank.

The bottom line is:

If you’re vaping in the 40-70 watts range, this is, without doubt, the number 1 sub-ohm tank you should get.

Click here to see most recent prices:

Guide on coils and watts:

  • 0.15 Ω coils – 40 to 90W

Next up we have the best vape tank for flavor…

4. Innokin Zenith (Best MTL Tank & Best Vape Tank for Flavor)

Maybe DTL vaping isn’t your thing…

If you want something that comes closer to a cigarette than the cloud producing monsters earlier in the list…

The Innokin Zenith tank is THE MTL vape tank, which provides the best flavor of any vape tank.

In fact:

This tank produces better vapor than most RTA’s which generally have better flavor than pre-built vape tanks!

And that is without the airflow being able to go as tight as the Nautilus 2 for example…this tank is built to bless your buds with a fantastic flavor.

Just keep one thing in mind when using this tank:

  • The 0.8-ohm coil is best for flavor, and works well straight out of the box;
  • The 1.6-ohm coil has a bit muted flavor but gets better as you break in the coil (for a quick-guide on breaking in your coil, scroll down to the end of the article or click here).


If you thought flavor is all that this tank has going for it…you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise.

The build quality is so good that you will have to try really hard to make this tank leak or break.

You’ll also be free of dry hits, gurgling, or flooding. Actually, with its auto-shut-off mechanism, this is one of the most convenient top-fill-system you will find: it’s technically impossible to flood this tank.

Then there’s the coil-swap-system which makes your life so easy compared to other vape tanks: you don’t have to empty your vape juice to swap your coils…adding even more to the convenience to this sophisticated vape tank.

The bottom line is:

If you’re looking for the best MTL tank or just want the best flavor that’s possible with a pre-built vape tank…get the Innokin Zenith!

Click here to see most recent prices:

Guide on coils and watts:

  • 1.6Ω MTL Kanthal Coil – 10 to 14W
  • 0.8Ω MTL Kanthal Coil – 15 to 18W

Next up…

5. Uwell Valyrian Sub-Ohm Tank (Best Tank for Clouds and Chain-Vaping)

Even though we’ve covered some proper cloud-producing monsters of sub-ohm tanks (the Crown 3 and the FreeMax Fireluke tanks) …

If you’re looking for a tank which will be your best companion for a full day of chain vaping…

Or are looking for a cloud producing war-machine, that can turn a full room white of vapor in a matter of minutes…

You’re going to need something more powerful:

The Uwell Valyrian Sub-Ohm Tank.

This tank produces some of the most impressive clouds you’ll see coming out of any sub-ohm tank.

But the other side of the coin is: it will devour your vape juice at a faster rate than any other of the vape tanks on the list.

Now, if you don’t mind burning higher-than-average amounts of vape juice…for cloud chasing and chain vaping this is the best sub-ohm tank, you can get.

But there’s more to love about this ‘cloud-producing war-machine’…

This tank is as well leak- and gurgle-free.

But the variety in coil options is minimal, and the coils are only well suited for 100+ watts vaping.


The flavor of this tank is slightly worse than the Crown 3 and FireLuke tanks…

But for such a powerful cloud producing war-machine, you can’t expect much better: for high-wattage, cloud chasing monsters, this flavor is as good as it gets.

Click here to see most recent prices:

Guide on coils and watts:

  • 0.15Ω Parallel Dual Coils – 95 to 120W

Next up…

6. Aspire Nautilus 2 (Best Tank for Ex-Smokers)

Even though 90% of MTL vapers will be happier with the Innokin Zenith because it simply is the higher quality tank…

There will be a small amount of you which either:

  • Will want an MTL tank which can produce even more restrictive hits than the Innokin Zenith, or;
  • Will want more variety in the restrictiveness of the airflow of your tank.

In both these cases, the Aspire Nautilus 2 will be the better choice.

Let me explain.

If you want a cigarette-like experience, what you’ll like most about the Nautilus 2, is how restricted you can put its airflow, without it being so restricted, that barely any vapor comes out.

It’s one of the few vape tanks which genuinely can feel like a cigarette on the draw.

And the best part is:

The adjustable airflow is adjustable in micro-parts, which makes it extremely easy to find your optimal setting.

Variety in restrictive hits, whether they be restrictive mouth-to-lung (MTL) hits or restrictive direct-lung (DTL) hits, is another thing which the Nautilus 2 does better than the Innokin Zenith.

Now, this tank is less fool-proof than the Innokin Zenith. It floods and gurgles quite a bit easier, if you don’t use the recommended guidelines, which are as follows:

  • Only fill e-liquid until the ‘max line,’ and;
  • Lightly prime your tank for a few minutes, so the cotton absorbs some juice to prevent gurgling.

If you use these guidelines, you’ll have a care-free, flavor-filled MTL experience.

What’s the bottom line?

If you LOVE restrictive cigarette-like hits and want to experiment with all the different types of ‘restrictiveness’ a vape tank can offer (MTL and DTL) …the Nautilus 2 is your sub-ohm tank!

Click here to see most recent prices:

Guide on coils and watts:

  • 0.7Ω coils – 18 to 23W
  • 1.6Ω coils – 10 to 15W

Next up…

7. Kanger Toptank Mini (Best Tank for Restricted DTL & Low Wattage DTL)

If you don’t like the massive clouds, most sub-ohm tanks produce…

But think the hits coming out of an MTL vape tank are too restrictive and the clouds too small…

Your best option is to go for a low-wattage sub-ohm tank, with which it’s possible to go for restricted DTL hits.

And the Kanger Toptank Mini is the best sub-ohm tank for this restrictive-DTL type of vaping.

Here’s why:

  • You’ll have a crazy amount of coil options, ranging from 0.15 ohms to 1.5 ohms, including Nickel (Ni) and Stainless Steel (SS) coils for vaping in TC-mode (for lower-wattage sub-ohm vaping we recommend the 0.5-ohm coils).
  • The airflow is adjustable in a wide range. It’s easy to produce very restrictive hits for those restrictive DTL-hits, but also wide-open airy hits if you want to keep the option open for cloud chasing (you won’t get it as restrictive as the Nautilus 2 though!).


This is the only reason why you should go for the Kanger Toptank Mini (you want the best restricted DTL hits, or you want to be able to switch between MTL and DTL/decent cloud chasing, within the same tank).

In every other category, a sub-ohm tank can be rated on, all the other sub-ohm tanks in the list score higher than the Kanger Toptank Mini.

Click here to see most recent prices:

Guide on coils and watts:

Horizontal OCC Coils:

  • 0.5 Ω coils – 15 watts to 30 watts.
  • 1.2 Ω coils – 12 watts to 25 watts.

Vertical OCC Coils:

  • 0.2Ω coils – x watts to 80 watts
  • 0.5Ω coils – 15 watts to 60 watts
  • 1.2Ω coils – 10 watts to 26 watts
  • 1.5Ω coils – 10 watts to 26 watts

Getting the Right Vape Tank for Your Vape Mod

Most vape tanks are suitable with most vape mods…

You just have to be aware of your vape mod’s maximum watts.

Here’s why:

Your vape mod’s maximum wattage has to fall well below your vape tank’s recommended watts.

If you get a vape tank with recommended watts near your vape mod’s max wattage, your battery life is going to suck, and if you get a vape tank with recommended watts below your vape mod’s maximum wattage, you’re not even going to able to vape.

And if you care about appearances:

You probably want to make sure your vape tank fits on your vape mod, without any overhang.

If you don’t want any overhang, check the mm of your vape mod’s 510 connector and check the diameter of your preferred vape tank. If your preferred vape tank’s diameter doesn’t surpass the diameter your vape mod’s 510 connector, you’re good to go.


You have a YiHi SXMini G Class vape mod.

Look for the mm of its 510 connector:

Here you can see it’s 30 mm.

So your vape tank’s diameter should be a maximum of 30 mm.

Usually, you can find your vape tank’s diameter in the specs:

Here you can see the Crown 3 has a diameter of 24.5mm, so you can see that the Crown 3 will easily fit on the SXMini G Class, without any overhang.

Before You First Use Your Vape Tank

If you use your vape tank straight out of the box, there’s a big chance there will be a nasty chemical, machine-oil taste in your vapor.

If you want to avoid this, it’s essential that you fully take apart your tank and wash every piece (never wash the coil though!).

This way, you’ll have clean and pure vapor, right from the start.

How to Increase the Flavor of Your Vape Tank

First of all, it’s crucial that you use the right watts for your specific coil. You can use the manufacturer’s guidelines for that. In the list of vape tanks, you can also find general guidelines for most of the coils.

Secondly, there is such a rule as:

  • The stricter the airflow, the more flavor you’ll get, and;
  • The freer the airflow, the less flavor you’ll get.

That’s because air dilutes the flavor.

Then there’s the practice of ‘breaking in your coils’ which you can use to increase flavor.

How to Prime & Break-In Your Coil

To give yourself an optimal vaping experience from the start with great flavor, it’s essential that you prepare your coil so that it functions as it should, right from the get-go.

Here’s how to break in your coil:

  1. Without your vape being turned on, fill your tank fully with vape juice. This is because you need to saturate the wick and reduce any chances of getting bad-tasting dry hits during your first few draws.
  2. Now you’re going to prime your coil by taking anywhere between 5-10 dry hits (dry hits are hits without the battery being on). This way the vape juice travels into the wick, saturates it fully and makes sure your first hits with the battery on, will produce proper and well-tasting vapor.
  3. In the last step, you will start taking hits slightly below the recommended wattage setting and slowly work your way up in 5-watt increments, while taking quick hits. You keep going up in watts until you find your sweet spot.

How to Increase the Clouds of Your Vape Tank

For cloud chasing, it’s advisable to get a high-wattage sub-ohm tank like the Crown 3, FreeMax FireLuke or Valyrian.


The lower the resistance of your coil, the easier it will be to produce big clouds. And the freer the airflow, the easier it is to create impressive clouds.

How to Increase Life of Your Coils

Most coils which can you can use with the vape tanks in our list will last you at least 2-3 weeks with proper use (using the right watts and not using sweetened vape juice especially).

Now, if you are using these over-sweetened juices, which have become so popular in the past few years, you have to realize:

There are no coils which will last long with these juices. They gunk up your coils at a faster speed than you can imagine.

If you want to extend the life of your coils, you have to use a relatively sweetener-free juice.

For ideas, check out our vape juice buyer’s guide.

Then there’s another reason why your coils might not be lasting as much as you want:

You’re underpowering them.

Really use the wattage guideline for every coil you use, to get the most life out of it.

How to Refill Your Vape Tank

Refilling your tank is easy if you follow these 5 simple steps.

Step 1

Remove the tank from your vape mod and remove the drip tip (mouthpiece) from your tank.

Step 2

Tilt your vape tank 20-30 degrees.

Step 3

Pit your vape juice inside the vape tank, while it’s tilted.

Step 4

Move your tank from the tilted position to a straight position, slowly, while you’re filling.

Don’t fill your tank past the maximum limit (in milliliters).

Step 5

Attach your drip tip to your vape tank, attach the vape tank to your vape mod…and let the fun begin.

What Type of Coils Are Suitable for Temperature Control Vaping?

There are only a few vape tanks which provide you with pre-built coils that are suitable for temperature control (hopefully this will change in the future).

If you want to vape in temperature control, you’re going to have to look for coils that are made of:

  • Stainless steel (SS)
  • Nickel (Ni)
  • Titanium (Ti)

The following coil types are suited for watts-based vaping:

  • Stainless steel
  • Kanthal
  • Nichrome

As you can see, stainless steel coils are usable both in temperature control and wattage-mode.

Important note: It’s EXTREMELY important that you NEVER vape Ni or Ti coils in wattage mode. You might burn them and inhale some very toxic fumes. So be careful always and make sure your box mod is in TC-mode when using these coils.


Today you’ve learned everything there’s to know about vape tanks, from getting the right vape tank for your vape-style…to tips and tricks to optimize the performance and longevity of any vape tank.

If you still need a vape mod to power your vape tank, check out our buyer’s guide on box mods:

If you’re looking for a high-quality e-liquid, check out our buyer’s guide on vape juices:

If you want to know IF and HOW bad vaping actually is for you, and want to know whether you’re making a health-conscious decision to replace smoking with vaping…

Check out our massive guide where we review the latest science and give tips on how to prevent the major vaping health risks:

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