How to refill a vape pen – How to refill a vape pen?

How to Load a Vape Pen — Wax, Oil, Herb

You came here to learn how to load a vape pen so let’s get down to business…

The steps below are for portable vaporizer pens designed for use with wax and oil concentrates.

Step 1) Prepare your concentrate for loading by gathering a small amount on the end of a dab tool. With most pens you’ll want to load a BB-sized amount at a time, or approximately 0.1g. Depending on the consistency of your extract and the depth of your coil you might even be able to put a little on the tip of your finger to load it.

Step 2) Gently apply your concentrate directly on top of the coil, and be extra careful not to actually touch the coil with your dab tool. Usually your wax or oil will be a little stubborn and won’t quickly come off of the tool, so it’s OK to finagle it a little bit to get it off like you see in my animation, but seriously be gentle with your coils because they’re very delicate.

Vape pens with shallower and smaller atomizers are usually easier to load since the coil is closer to the top. Deeper atomizers that have a higher capacity can sometimes be tricky to load small amounts into.

If your concentrate is not mushy or pliable (shatter-like) then your best bet is usually to break it into very small pieces and load the chamber 30-50% full with most pens. Whatever extract you decide to use needs to be very clean and it needs to fully melt to a liquid when heated.

Step 3) “Prime the wick” before you start vaping, which melts your wax down onto and around the coil which helps the pen produce better vapor and more consistent hits right from the beginning. You don’t always have to do this with every vape, but sometimes if you don’t do it you might feel like your oil is being vaped away too quickly, especially the first few draws after packing it.

Step 4) Vape it up!!

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How To Smoke Wax Out Of A Vape Pen

There are a lot of advantages to vaping cannabis over smoking it. There are some initial barriers that keep people from getting high this way, however. These include the need to buy costly new equipment to vape cannabis and the inability to use ecigarettes to vape weed. The right way to smoke wax out of a vape pen is not as elusive as you think, however. You also don’t need an equipment upgrade.

Figuring out how to smoke wax out of a vape pen begins and ends with picking the right product to liquidize your wax. Lucky for you, the industry is responding to this demand.

What Are The Benefits Of Vaping Cannabis In Ejuice?

Turning cannabis concentrate into ejuice is convenient and discrete. These are two major benefits that make this method attractive to many weed lovers.

Additionally, vaping ejuice avoids the harmful results that smoking combusted material delivers.

When you load your THC into an ecig, no one will know you’re vaping wax. The smell is almost nonexistant and your ecig looks just like a thousand others filled with nicotine.

Until recently, the only way to get cannabis into an ecig involved some sketchy maneuvers that weren’t safe or foolproof. Thankfully, vaping cannabis wax is easier than ever.

Finally, vaping cannabis ejuice is an economical way to consume cannabis. Depending on how much concentrates cost in your area, it may be cheaper than smoking buds. Even with regular smoking, we find a gram of wax lasts well over a week. How much you use will be personal, however.

Choosing The Right ECig

Before we explore products to turn your cannabis wax into vape juice, you need an ecig.

If you already have an ecig, you can use it to vape cannabis wax as long as it has a clearomizer or cartomizer that you can refill. You can use a cartomizer you already have that you’ve vaped nicotine ejuice out of, but make sure you clean it out very well. Picking up a brand new one just for your wax is even better.

There are more sophisticated vape rigs and simple two or three part setups and any of these vapes can handle cannabis wax.

It’s very valuable to some people to use a device they already own to vape wax. After all, you’ll save money on start up costs so you can splurge on more wax.

How To Smoke Wax Out Of A Vape Pen

Once you have your vape ready, you’ll need to pick a product to turn your wax into eliquid.

Unfortunately, melting the wax itself won’t work. It’s too thick to soak into the cotton or poly-fill wick. While you can try to make your own, these mixes always separate and involve a lot of trial an error.

If you want to go the easy way instead, try one of the two leaders in the ready-made market: EJMix or Wax Liquidizer.

Both of these products work similarly and either will turn your wax into eliquid. The 420 Pony team reviewed these products together and you can read our EJMix review to see how they stacked up.

Overall, we found the Wax Liquidizer product easier to work with. Wax Liquidizer offers superior emulsification so the liquid doesn’t separate when it returns to room temperature.

We also feel the WL product just tastes a lot better.

Once you’ve chosen your liquidizer product, you need to add the correct amount into a glass container. The directions that come with your product will have exact ratios for you to follow.

Add your wax next and place the mixture into the microwave for a few seconds. If you prefer, you can use a double boiler method to heat the liquid and wax.

After heating the mix, stir it until it is combined. It’s now time to get it into your ecig tank.

There are several ways to do this, but the easiest is to use a syringe to draw up the THC ejuice and then gently squirt it into your tank. If you have a clean, spare ejuice container you also can transfer the liquid cannabis wax into it and fill your tank the same way you usually do.

Both EJMix and Wax Liquidizer offer a kit that contains some of the items you need to fill your tank with liquid cannabis. You can purchase the kit and be ready to go if you’d like to save time.

Smoke Wax Out Of A Vape Pen For Total Freedom

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Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Filled Oil Vape Cartridges

When it comes to ease of use, portability, and functionality, one cannabis product stands tall above the rest. You may know them as pre-loaded cannabis oil vape cartridges, hash oil vape pens, or even disposable wax pens. These relatively new and exciting devices have permeated the cannabis concentrate market over the last several years, quickly becoming the go-to concentrate-based product for both the novice and accustomed cannabis fans.

However, when it comes to choosing the right pre-loaded disposable pen, various factors stand in the way of making a decision. Although many of these products seem aesthetically similar at first glance, there are many nuances that distinguish them from one another.

Understanding the differences between these disposable pens can help you make an educated decision on which product is right for your consumption.

Why Choose a Pre-Filled Oil Vape Cartridge?

If you’re new to pre-filled oil vape cartridges, there are many benefits to using them that I’ve outlined below.

Ease of Use

Deciding to use a pre-filled cannabis oil vape cartridge takes the guesswork completely out of the equation. Contrary to other methods of using hash oil such as a dab rig and nail setup, or even manual portable vape pens which require self-loading, pre-filled “carts” require little to no effort whatsoever. At most, these products may require you to press a button to inhale. In fact, most of the time you don’t even have to worry about the battery life—many products are designed so that charging the battery isn’t even necessary.


Pre-filled oil vape carts are the easiest method of enjoying hash oil while on the go. Their sleek and minimalist design allows for discreet vaping, free of the distracting qualities that larger setups or raw cannabis products may carry (such as noticeable smoke or odor).


For uninitiated cannabis concentrate users, dosing can be a major concern. Nobody wants an overwhelming experience when attempting to enjoy cannabis oil products responsibly. Unlike dabbing, using a pre-loaded vape pen allows for a highly controlled dose with each inhalation. This gives the user full autonomy of how much or little to consume.

The Types of Pre-Filled Cartridges Available

Familiarize yourself with the many types of pre-filled oil vape cartridges on the market so you can purchase the one that best fits your needs or preferences.

Cartridge/Battery Combos vs. Disposables

When choosing a pre-filled vape pen, there are several hardware options. Some products are offered in tanks that typically come formatted with a 510 threaded standard vaporizer battery insert. These tanks can fit on any battery that contains the 510 threading, and nowadays almost all battery tanks come in this format. The exception to this is when you purchase pre-loaded tanks designed by companies to fit their personalized batteries. An example would be the PAX Era Pods, which are designed to be used with their vaporizer/battery systems.

Alternatively, many pre-loaded vape pens are available as “disposables,” containing a pre-charged battery designed to support the device until the tank empties. These pen varieties require no charging and are meant to be disposed of after use. They contain no threading and are not meant to be separated from their battery.

Distillate Cartridges vs. CO2

For a vaporizer cartridge to function properly, its contents must have the proper viscosity. Otherwise, the oils with either be too thick or too thin to be able to vaporize within the device. Depending on the starting material used, cartridge manufacturers utilize several methods in order to create the perfect oil for their pens.

CO2 Oil: Certain high grade winterized CO2 oils are uniquely compatible with vaporizer cartridges due to the fact that they do not require additives of any kind to meet the viscosity levels needed to vaporize in an atomizer. If made properly, these oils are able to retain modest levels of plant based terpenes, which act as natural thinning agents as well as give the oils their signature strain-specific flavors.

Distillates:  A cannabis distillate is a highly refined oil containing pure cannabinoids and almost nothing else. The upside to using distillates in vaporizer cartridges is that the oil can be produced from a range of starting materials. Virtually any hash oil variety from CO2 to BHO and everything in between can be purified into a distillate with the right hardware. The downside to using distillates in vaporizer cartridges is that because there are no residual terpenes left behind, there is nothing to cut the viscosity of the material. In order for a distillate to be used for cartridges, a thinning agent of some kind is often required.

Additives: Additives are sometimes used in vape cartridge oils as a supplemental thinning agent. In some cases, methods have been taken to “cut” or infuse various hash oils with certain substances such as polyethylene glycol (PEG), propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), or even medium chain triglycerides (MCT) such as coconut oil in order to maintain a less viscous and lasting oil consistency conducive to standard atomizer functionality. This process has become highly controversial due to raised health concerns and products containing these thinning agents are showing up less on the market as of late.

One way that vaporizer cartridge manufacturers have been able to steer away from artificial cutting agents is by using terpenes.

Terpene Infusions and Strain-Specific Flavorings

The use of terpenes has been found to help lower the viscosity of hash oil as well as increase flavor and aromatics, making them a potentially safer alternative to other cutting agents. Terpenes not only add flavor and aromatics to the experience, they can also help alter the effects or a product due to their ability to influence how cannabinoids interact with our system.

There are several ways to use terpenes with pre-filled vaporizer cartridges. First, some manufactures rely on CO2 based extractions which when refined by use of ethanol can actually retain plant based terpenes at a percentage conducive to achieving proper viscosity. This is how manufacturers are able to sell flavors based on natural strain profiles. Furthermore

How to Take a Vape Pen on a Plane – Black Rock Originals

Many people are unclear as to whether they can fly with their vape pen. We understand that navigating TSA’s rules can be a huge hassle when flying with your supplies, so we’ve put together this guide to answer the question: can you bring a vape pen on a plane with all your accessories? The short answer is yes, but it’s important that you follow certain rules. Here at Black Rock, we want you to work with TSA in carrying out their mission of passenger safety.

Can I bring my vape pen on a plane?

Okay, moving on to the question of the day. Can I fly with a vaporizer? This comes directly from TSA’s website:

“The FAA prohibits these devices in checked baggage. Battery-powered E-cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens, atomizers, and electronic nicotine delivery systems may only be carried in the aircraft cabin (in carry-on baggage or on your person). Check with your airline for additional restrictions. Remove all electronic cigarette and vaping devices from carry-on bags if checked at the gate or planeside.”

  1. Know The Rules

    Essentially, this means that TSA doesn’t care at all if you bring your vape, so long as it’s not in your checked bag. This is primarily because they want batteries stored in the pressurized cabin so they don’t explode. We recommend you empty and clean your vape ahead of time, and make sure that any oil cartridges are disposed of properly. You might also be wondering about your grinder. Well if you leave the 4-piece at home, you can still bring a grinder card!

  2. Keep it Out of Sight

    While TSA isn’t actively looking for your personal stash, it doesn’t help to advertise it with flashy colors, loose supplies, and stereotypical prints. The Safety Case itself and all of its components are perfectly legal to fly with.

    The Safety Case is smell proof, unassuming, and professional-looking. It appears to be a phone case, a leather wallet, or something equally harmless.

  3. Clean Everything!

    If we had just one piece of advice for the traveler, it’s this: clean your kit! We recommend carefully cleaning pipes, vapes, etc. before boarding. For detailed instructions, check out our visual guide that goes over the step-by-step instructions for cleaning your Safety Case and components for takeoff.

  4. Store it in Your Carry-on

    Discrete and simple, a travel-friendly smoking kit like the Safety Case makes traveling less stressful. By keeping it in your carry-on, you comply with TSA regulations regarding vape pens. If you don’t have a vape pen, go ahead and store your Safety Case in you checked baggage.

  5. Store Accessories in Smell Proof Case

    Everyone has a charger, various vape accessories, and other travel kit essentials that are required upon arrival. Instead of making a stop at a random tobacco shop, pack all your vaping accessories in a sleek, discreet smell proof vape case. Traveling is a lot easier when you’re mind is at peace, knowing everything you need is safe and sound, ready for arrival.




How To Clean Your Vape Pen: Maintenance Guide

July 26th, 2015

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Last updated on July 9th, 2018 at 12:36 pm

In order to keep something in working condition, it needs to be maintained. Maintenance can mean anything from cleaning to making sure components are replaced. This can be making sure your car runs clean and even your favorite vape pen. Owning a vaporizer can bring joy when it’s working and frustrating when the vapes not working efficiently.

The best way to extend the life of your vapor pen is to keep it clean and tidy. Unfortunately it can be tricky to get your components and accessories clean without altering the functionality. We compiled this list to help you clean almost any type of vapor pen safely and correctly.


Why You Should Clean a Vape

Learning how to clean a vape pen can help you save money in the long run. No need to keep purchasing a new atomizer or a battery when you learn the right techniques. To perfect your technique, you need to practice but learning the basics is a good starting point. A vaporizer usually consists of 2-3 parts; the battery, the atomizer/chamber, and the mouthpiece. The battery can often times be removable but can also be a static stationary battery. Your atomizer will vary from the different kind of vape you have. Some herbal vape pens have chambers that are replaceable while others are not.

When you notice your draws are feeling clogged or it’s hard to hit, you need to clean your vape. Sometimes if you’re using a conduction heating vape, your coil builds up a lot of residue. That can hinder the temperature to heat it up from the vape tank.


General Vape Cleaning Tips

As we said before, starting with general cleaning tips can help you maintain your device. Some are easier to realize than others but using all these steps can help.

  • Clean the threading connection to make sure you can attach and detach your vape pen. You can have gunk build up if you’re using a wax pen. The threading can also strip if it’s too dirty.
  • Never soak the whole unit into water or any other liquid. Unless it is 100% water proof and can be used underwater. You still might want to read the manual.
  • Regularly spot cleaning is more helpful. Rather than cleaning it once a month, clean it weekly to avoid having to deal with hard to remove mess. It’s going to help save you time and energy.
  • Rinse and Dry before using so you’re not attaching it when it’s wet.
  • Warming up your atomizer before you start cleaning will help you remove residue easier. When it’s cold, it gets hard. Warming it up will soften up anything hard to reach places too. Use high temperature if you have a temperature controlling option.
  • Be careful when cleaning your vape pen atomizers. Atomizers can be brittle and break if they have been used often.
  • Some atomizers and vape coils just aren’t worth cleaning anymore. It’s best to just replace them because the flavor won’t improve much if you’ve been using it for a long time.
  • Cleaning a vape tank can only do so much. You will need to learn when to replace or upgrade your vape coils.


Cleaning your Mouthpiece

Your vape pens mouthpiece is very important to make sure you’ve done a job cleaning. Due to the mouthpiece being the vapor pathway and the closest place to the chamber and your mouth, it can tend to acquire the most residue. Luckily it is also the easiest to clean. Simply apply a damp cotton ball or cloth to wipe away any residue. Feel free to use isopropyl alcohol but check your manual before applying any liquids to it. Some mouthpieces are designed to be dropped in warm water. This is ideal and recommended while you clean your vape pen.

If your mouthpiece is made out of glass, feel free to put it in a ziplock bag with isopropyl alcohol and salt. Not only will it soften it up but the salt will break the gunk apart. You can then drop it in a cup of warm water to make sure it’s cleaned. Finish it off by rinsing it through running water.

If it’s not glass, you can open the mouthpiece as much as you can and use rubbing alcohol. If you grind up your herbs very fine, this will be something to clean too. You will find powdered herbs stuck inside.

Cleaning Your Battery

The battery builds up the least amount of residue in comparison to the other components of pens. This is due mostly to the fact that the product you’re vaping doesn’t touch the battery directly. Despite this fact it’s a good idea to run a q-tip in the female component of the battery to keep the current uninterrupted by gunk. Sometimes a vape tank can have a miniscule leak that gets ejuice in your battery and eventually ends its life. Running a q-tip every once in a while through your battery will ensure the longest life possible. It is generally alright to run some rubbing alcohol lightly over more hard to remove residue, but check with your manufacturer before using any liquid directly on your vape pen.


Cleaning Your Dry Herb Vape Pen

Cleaning your herb vape pen is just as important as using it correctly. Not only will you increase the lifespan but you will save money to buy herbs rather than more vaporizers. Just because you’re vaping solids, it doesn’t mean it can’t get dirty. The good thing is you don’t need to use any chemicals like you do with a water bong.

Try to keep your chamber as clean as possible so empty the ashes and vaped herbs immediately after every single use. After almost every use clean out the chamber with a small cleaning brush or q-tip to also elongate the life of the atomizer.

To start cleaning your dry pen, run a warm cycle in your dry herb vaporizer to heat up the dry residue. Take apart the mouthpiece, the herbal chamber, and battery apart. Usually your set or herbal kit will come with a cleaning brush. If it came with it, use it to scrub your chamber. The bristles are thin but hard so it should do the trick. If it didn’t come with it, you can use a pipe cleaner or just a dry paper towel. If you have a conduction vaporizer, make sure you don’t touch the coils. Since they’re exposed, they can break or lose connection. Convection units are fine and can be scrubbed all you want.

Wipe the exterior shell to make sure it’s clean from any dirt. This includes the chamber connector and any buttons.


Cleaning Your Dab Pen

Waxes, shatter, crumble, butter etc. are definitely stickier than dry herbs. This makes the cleaning process a bit more excessive. With wax atomizers, the wax is placed directly onto a very delicate coil. Some consider a dab pen for wax the hardest device to clean. The residue with concentrates stick on and can be hard to remove. This is true for places you cannot heat up. It really can be tricky and cleaning the atomizer can be hard. Depending on your atomizer, if you scrape it too hard it might be break the coil. This can render it useless but if you’re careful, you should be fine. Learning how to clean your dab pen is going to be an important task that you should do once every week or two.

When you begin to clean a dab pen, heat up the atomizer before cleaning to warm up the residue. This will help clean it off easier. Don’t touch the coil though. The longest you’ve used your unit, the more brittle the coil is. This makes it break off easier.

Clean off any leftover residue from the battery, connectors or atomizers exterior. As it builds up over time, it gets harder to clean. If you end up using something sharp to wipe it off, you will likely scratch your vape.

Remember to wipe it down and dry it before using your wax vaporizer. You can use a cotton ball or even a dry q-tip.


    • Make sure you do not get any water inside the unit or into the atomizer. This can short circuit the electric parts. It can also be dangerous to use the dab pen afterwards.
    • Use the provided dabber tool to remove any excess concentrates that are stuck on the side of the atomizer.
    • Use a q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol to remove any dry concentrate from the battery unit or the rim of the atomizer.
    • Cleaning a quartz nail, titanium nail, stainless steel or even ceramic nail are all ok to be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.
    • Never dip your battery into water.

Cleaning Your e-Cig/Mod

It might be a bit harder to realize if your mech mod needs cleaning. It can still clog up if not taken care of and even worse, the flavor wo. There aren’t many components to an electronic cigarette. The tank and battery are the main parts and sometimes a mouthpiece, if it’s not on the tank.  The tank holds your e-liquid while the coil is the heating element that heats it up. The battery is where the coil gets power to heat up.

To clean your e-cigarette, simply unscrew the atomizer tank from your device. If you have a clearomizer, make sure you’re not tilting it so it doesn’t spill. For drip tanks, dab a dry cotton swab and clean out anything you can. Don’t use water unless you’re cleaning your clearomizer. You can wash this out and let it dry before refilling. Rubbing alcohol is ok to use, just make sure you don’t use a lot. You want just enough to get rid of any oil leftovers.

Using too much water can possibly leak into the unit. Since it consists of electrical, you don’t want to mix the two. Vape battery safety is very important.

Once you’re done, prime the coil with your favorite e-juice. This will get rid of any last leftover oil. Priming your atomizer is the process of filling up your cotton with liquid to make sure you don’t get a dry hit. When you drip it on, let it sit for about 2 minutes to absorb as much as it can.

When to Replace Your Vape Coils?

It’s good to clean a pen vaporizer to make sure it’s working properly. However, there comes a point where you need to replace them because cleaning a vape tank won’t improve them. There are a few tips to follow to make sure you’re optimizing your vape sessions.

  • If the coil is dark, black, damaged or crusted.
  • If you are tasting burnt flavor or the vapor is too hot, even after cleaning the vaporizer.
  • Decreased vapor clouds
  • The atomizer keeps leaking.
  • The whole coil isn’t heating up.

How to Vape Shatter from a Wax Pen or Dab Pen

When it comes to vaping shatter, wax, or crumble, many people are confused about how to actually vape shatter from a wax pen or dab pen. Read this guide below to learn about vaping shatter or wax from vapes. 

One of the greatest things about the way cannabis products are increasingly entering the mainstream is that there are now so many options from which dry herb users can choose the best portable vaporizer. Fans of dry herbs, for example, must no longer stick solely with joints or blunts orglass pipes: they now have an increasing amount of portable vaporizer technology from which to choose and experiment.

And then there is the whole separate issue of shatter and wax concentrates. They have redefined the ways in which cannabis is both understood and consumed, offering a more intense smoking or vaping experience and giving rise to an array of new and exciting products, such as wax pens or dab pens.

For a person who is new to the vaporization game, however, all this new information and technology can seem pretty daunting. Since it’s very difficult to understand how vape pens are different, here is a handy vaporizer guide for those who may be interested in vaping wax or shatter but have no idea where to start.


Shatter vs. Wax

The first step in understanding how to properly consume wax and shatter is to understand the difference between the two. While they are similar, there are a few key differences.

Wax and shatter are both concentrated forms of cannabis that have been distilled from dry herbs. They contain a far greater amount of cannabis’s psychoactive compounds – such as THC and CBD – and are far more potent than the regular plant as a result.

The difference between the two lies in their consistency and their methods of preparation. Shatter has a translucent, glass-like appearance; wax, on the other hand, is considered concentrates that are waxy and gooey. 

There are 5 types of concentrates many people purchase: 

  1. Shatter — Glass-like concentrates that are easiest to handle for dabbing
  2. Crumble — the driest form of concentrates that’s perfect for using in a dab pen or wax pen. 
  3. Budder — Its consistency resembles peanut butter and it’s a type of concentrate that starts out as shatter, but then due to heat and timing, it turns into budder, which can get gooey. According to, it’s possible that the material wasn’t purged enough. 
  4. Wax — Sticky substance that should only be handled with a dab tool.  If you use fingers, it will be a sticky mess and you won’t be able to load your dab pen. 
  5. Oil — This type of concentrate is made of CO2 instead of butane, which will make the concentrates more runny. That’s why people generally vape oils in 510 oil cartridges. The SteamCloud Mini oil vape mod would be a great example of an oil vape to use with oil cartridges.  

Vaping Wax = Vaping Dry Herbs?

There are several overlapping ways in which to vape dry herbs and shatter.

The “true” vaporization of dry herbs that is utilized by vaporizers like theStoner Joe or theE-CLIPSE is a process in which dry herbs are loaded into a heating chamber. Hot air is then blasted through the chamber that absorbs all of the dry herbs’ psychoactive compounds and produces flavorful and delicious ‘vapor.’ This process is known as convection heating.  Another form of true vaporization is conduction heating, which relies on the transfer of heat energy through direct contact.  

The last method of heating dry herbs is called combustion heating. This occurs when the heating element – also known as a coil – is brought into direct contact with the dry herbs in a way that essentially burns them. Think of the vaporizer functioning the same way as a pipe, in that it is producing smoke.  If you want to learn more about the differences between the three forms of heating you can read our post called Combustion vs Conduction vs Convection Vaping.

Some of the technologies available for the combustion of dry herbs may also be used for vaping wax or shatter. TheAtmos Jr. or theAGO G5 vape pen utilize what is called a ‘pancake coil’ – a circular and flat heating element that heats dry herbs or concentrates.

Another type of vape coil used for vaping shatter or wax is a single rod quartz coil, such as the Pocket Vape Pen.  This push-in style vape coil has a funnel style ceramic dish with a titanium coil wrapped around a quartz rod. Although it looks very similar to the original Micro G Pen, the Pocket Vape has a much better quality wax atomizer.     

The Yocan Evolve and Yocan Evolve Plus consist of a dual quartz coil, which helps burn the shatter or wax that much more.  People say it burns more consistently.  If you try vaping the Yocan Pandon wax vaporizer with quad coil technology, it’s like using a dab rig to vape shatter.      

How do you vape shatter and wax?

There are a multitude of products out there that allow for the smoking or vaporization of wax and shatter. There is no ‘right’ way to accomplish this task, meaning that much of the decision largely comes down to the consumers’ personal preference.

There are two major factors that determine how wax or shatter are vaporized, starting with the type of coil. Some vape coils are able to conduct more power than others, which often times means the difference between the power of the battery.

Besides the pancake coil like we described before, you have the ceramic rod vape coil. It’s a step up from the old wick coil, this option has higher heat retention and may also last longer. However, like the wick coil, it is important that the ceramic rod coil is kept as clean as possible, as consistent wax usage may oftentimes result in the coil becoming clogged with excess wax that slips to the bottom of the heating chamber.

Finally, there is the quartz rod coil. This glass-like option is the best available option for conduction of heat and ensuring that as little wax as possible goes to waste: This is accomplished by the quartz rod reaching heating levels that leave little wax behind.

Vaporizers utilize different coils in different ways, with some of the portable-dabbing vaporizers utilizing multiple quartz rod coils. For example, theYocan Evolve Plus, which is one of the Best Yocan Vape Pens, uses two quartz rod coils in a sizable heating chamber. There is also theYocan Pandon – one of the most powerful and best wax vape pen ever created – that uses dual quartz coils in two chambers that are both connected to the battery, meaning that one hit will likely be intense for even the most experienced of wax lovers.  The more intense the better, right?  


The second major factor in determining the way in which wax or shatter is vaporized is the strength of a vaporizer’s battery. The amount of wax a person is able to vaporize is correlated to the strength of the vaporizer’s battery, meaning that great and powerful vape batteries can provide users with very powerful hits, such as the SteamCloud A-40 box mod vape.

A vaporizer with a lower battery power, such as 360mah, will not have as long of a battery life and will not be able to vaporize a great deal of wax at a given time. An example of this phenomenon is the AGO G5 Junior or Pocket Vape. They’re affordably-priced vape pens in which the consumer is able to load a small amount of wax in a given vaping session.

At the opposite end of the spectrum arebox mod vape kits. Box mods – which are commonly associated with the use of e-liquids – are hyper-powerful batteries that are able to deliver far more power than a standard vaporizer battery. When paired with a wax-only heating chamber – like the large screw-on atomizerYocan Cerum – the consumer is able to vape a gargantuan amount of wax that is most likely suited to the more advanced vape pen lovers.  When vaping a SteamCloud box mod with a Yocan Cerum Atomizer, you want to set the wattage between 15 and 25.  Make sure not to set the wattage any higher because you can burn out the wax atomizer.  

To Sum Up:The consumption of wax concentrates and shatter can be a fun and an illuminating vaporization experience, provided that the consumer has both a vape coil and battery that is up to the task.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these vape pens mentioned in the article, please visit our Wax Pen section in our vape shop or continue reading articles in our Vaporizer Learning Center.

What & how to use a Vape Pen


Vape Pen Vs. E-Cig: What’s the Difference?

There is a lot of confusion in regards to how a vape pen and an e-cig are different from one another. Basically, an electronic cigarette is an oil vaporizer pen that is used for vaping fluids called e-juice or e-liquid. These fluids often contain nicotine and are used as replacements for tobacco cigarettes. A true oil vaporizer pen can be used to vape essential oils as well as e juice or e liquid.

Vaporizer pens can be used to inhale a number of different materials. Often, people call vaporizer pens by names that indicate what they are used to vape. The three main types include:

Oil vaporizer pen, which is also called an oil pen or oil vape pen. This type of vaporizer is made to hold liquid oils, such as essential oils made from botanical herbs, and electronic cigarette fluid, called e juice or e liquid. E juice oils are offered in many different flavors. Some contain nicotine and can be used in place of tobacco cigarettes.

Wax vaporizer pen, which is also called a wax pen or a wax vape pen. This type of vaporizer is made to hold thicker oils that have a waxy consistency.

Dry herb vaporizer pen, which is also called an herb or herbal vape pen. This type of vaporizer is made to hold dry herbs. Most often, vaporizer pens are used to vaporize herbs, but some people utilize them for vaping dry tobacco leaves, as an alternative to smoking or dry botanical herbs for aromatherapy.

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Guide to using a Vape Pen

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