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How to put on a bra correctly?

The scoop and swoop is performed by a woman.[1]

How-to put on a bra properly is a skill worth learning. If bras are not put correctly, breast tissue can sit in the band area, and migrated breast tissue can become a problem. A bra cup might seem too large, but, once you put it on correctly, you may realize that the cup is, in fact, too small, and the band is too large.

    Scoop and swoopEdit

    Main article: Scoop and swoop

    How to Put on Your Bra

    After fastening the bra, make sure to use your hand to gently «scoop» all your breast tissue from the sides and armpit area into the cup, and assess the fit. Get in the habit of doing the scoop and swoop move. It enhances your bust, smooths out armpit and back bulges, and (for larger chested women especially) helps the breast fat that awful bras have savagely smashed into your armpits and around your torso migrate back into place. For many women, it is not uncommon for cup size to increase after a few months of wearing the right size bra, because all the previously smashed around tissue has settled back into its proper place: the breasts.

    Evaluating fitEdit

    Main article: How-to tell if a bra fits

    As far as the cups go, you want all the breast tissue in the cups. You don’t want any bulging out in the armpits, being pushed back against your ribs, or spilling out over the top of the cups, also known as the dreaded quad-boob.

    The band should be snug (one should be able to fit no more than two fingers underneath it), parallel to the floor, and flush against one’s chest (even between them).

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    1. YouTube: «How to put on a bra correctly?»

    ThirdLove explains how to put on a bra correctly on tag

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    / Source: TODAY

    By Lindsay Cohn

    Bras are both a necessity and a nightmare. Finding the right size, fit and style can be totally overwhelming — not to mention exhausting.


    But it turns out the source of your life-long bra battle may be the fact that you’ve been wearing it the wrong way all this time.

    Just let that sink in for a moment…

    How did we come to this revelation? Well, for starters, we can’t take credit. On Oct. 12, Brittany Packnett set the internet ablaze when she tweeted this:

    It all started when she purchased a new brassiere from ThirdLove and noticed a tag titled, “How to put on a bra,” but disregarded it because this wasn’t her first undergarment shopping trip.

    But when the bra didn’t fit right, she turned her attention to the three-step instructions attached. And that’s when it happened … her bra-velation (OK, we made that up, but it kind of works, right?).

    This graphic on a bra company’s tag shows the right way to wear a bra.ThirdLove

    “Most women are wearing a band that’s too large for them and are wearing their band on the tightest hook to overcompensate for the extra room. But if you wear a brand-new bra on any other hook than the loosest, you’re probably in too big of a band size,” Ra’el Cohen, head of design at ThirdLove, told TODAY Style.

    According to ThirdLove, this method will give you the best fit and prevent your bra from stretching out — and experts agree!

    #1: A tight band is the right band

    The idea is that when you wear your bra on the tightest hook, you’re essentially stretching out the band from the get-go, whereas wearing it on the loosest hook gives you the flexibility to tighten it over time.

    “Absolutely! The majority of the support — 80 percent actually— comes from the band, not the straps, which is why having a snug band is so important,” said Lyn Lewis, CEO of Journelle.

    #2: Try the scoop and swoop

    Gathering your breasts into the center of the cups gives you the most support and best wire positioning. “The ‘scoop-and-swoop’ technique is a tried-and-true way to bring your breast tissue up and forward where it needs to be,” explained Ashley Kelsch, founder of Teddies for Bettys.

    #3: Keep those straps happy

    According to Kelsh, tightening your bra straps every month does indeed ensure that they don’t slip, even as the elasticity in them wears over time.

    The topic — clearly close to women’s hearts — sent shockwaves through social media, with responses ranging from amazement to outrage to denial.

    I was fitted at a specialty store abt 6 yrs ago. It was life changing! They told me to start with the looses hooks so you can move in as the bra ages and stretches out. Also told me abt placement & adjusting the straps. @AdoreMe has great products as well

    — ALFR (@dvlprofakidsmnd) October 13, 2017

    I thought it was supposed to be on middle hook for ideal fit. Guess I’m a messed-up bra wearer too!

    — Jennifer (@simplyjennifer) October 12, 2017

    If clasping in front and swiveling is wrong I don’t want to be right…

    — neverthelessfu (@princesskmw) October 12, 2017

    The moral of the story? Apparently, when it comes to our unmentionables, we need to, well, mention them more. Sharing is caring. A slow clap for Brittany Packnett!

    How To Put On A Bra Correctly: Swooping And Scooping

         You’ve been putting on a bra for years, most probably wrong. And it’s because of that you can’t tell if your bra cups really fit you or not. Do you know that putting on a bra correctly can make a huge difference to the shape of your breasts and the size of the bra you should wear ? And it even eliminates armpit rolls!

    Why it’s important to put on your bra properly

    Too often women don’t realise that they are wearing too small cups because one-third of the breasts has escaped outside the cups.

    When they try on bigger cups, these cups seem too big until the escaped parts of the breasts are gathered back in. This is shown on these photos by zawsze_zielona to prove to unbelievers how important it is to put on a bra properly.

    1. Here she put on the bra carelessly. It’s wrinkled all over, and looks too big.
    2. Here she arranged her breasts in the bra, but didn’t tighten the straps. The bra still looks too big.
    3. Here the bra is put on according to the rules. Perfect !

    How to put on a bra:

    This method is called «swooping and scooping» by the bra-fitting community.

    1. First, put on the band around your ribcage. How you do this is not important, most people fasten the hooks in the front and then rotate them to the back, while some are agile enough to fasten them at the back straight away.
    2. Bend forward. Put the straps over your shoulders. Ease your hanging breasts into the cups.
    3. With your palm, gather all the the breast and the tissue from under your arms into the cup. You might even need to gather from your back ! Most of us have tissue which has migrated away from the breasts to those areas, when the breasts were squashed by the wrong size bras.
      If after this step your breasts are spilling out of the cup, you are wearing the wrong size.
    4. Tighten the bra straps.

    This video demonstrates scooping and swooping:

         Great, now you know how to put on a bra correctly! If you want more, find out how the breast tissue can migrate to the back and even to the sternum.

      This is what a difference it can make. The top row show badly fitted bras, the bottom row shows correctly-fitting bras.



        How to Put on a Bra

        Maybe you have already heard of the mysterious «scooping» or «jiggling» — we’ll explain what it means and why you should think about how you put your bra on! Maybe you learned how to put on a bra the way I did, which is not at all, and therefore «just» put it on, maybe you still do that today. But there’s a better way to do it. 🙂 And it can have dramatic results!

        Put on your bra in some way, close it on your stomach and turn it around, or hang it over your shoulders and close it in the back, or throw it in the air and jump under it so it lands on you. Close the snap.

        Now try and work all of your breast tissue into the bra. Do this by grabbing it and putting it into the bra or scooping it into the bra. Another method is to jiggle all of your tissue into the bra. Especially if you’re new to this method, a lot of breast tissue may be hidden in places where you wouldn’t expect it. A lot of «armpit fat» turns out to be breast tissue and some have experienced that their breast tissue reaches all the way to your back. Just try and put it all into your bra. Check out the posts lingerie bloggers have already posted about this to learn more about the methods you could use:


        And jiggle:

        To see the dramatic difference scooping, swooping and jiggling can make, look here:

        Now check the straps. This is not a step you have to repeat every day, but at least the first time you’re trying a bra on: Check if the straps are comfortable, if they’re cutting into your shoulders or whether they are, as they should, supporting around 10% of your breast weight and not cutting in. Adjust if necessary — if you adjusted, repeat the scooping, grabbing and jiggling.

        Done! 🙂

        Now that you have your bra on, you will want to check if the fit is correct.

        • If you have never used this method and may be wearing a bra that has a too large band for you the cup may look as if it is overfull for a short time and then return to its normal looking state. This is because the band isn’t tight enough to support your breasts and hold them in the cups. You should try out a smaller band (and most probably larger cups, too!).
        • For a lot of women a bra in their correct size may look empty before they’ve put all of their breast tissue into the bra. That’s normal.
        • After having used this method for a while, you may be experiencing what is called «migration». Breast tissue which has been sitting at your armpits or beneath your band wanders back into the cup, it is migrating. This may mean that you could need a bigger bra size after a while, but it doesn’t have to. We’re all different. 🙂

        How To Put On A Bra 101 İzle


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        How to Put on a bra comfortably and properly « Fashion :: WonderHowTo

        We wear bras every day, and we all assume that we are wearing them properly, but how do we know? In this tutorial, learn exactly how to put on and wear a bra so that it looks great and feels comfortable. With a few simple steps, you will be on your way to being an expert.

        Step 1:
        Prepare the bra. Loosen the shoulder straps, unclasp the back. Inspect the bra for signs of wear and not just the obvious ones like popped out wires and gaping holes; beware of worn out or frayed elastic, loose hook and eyes closures or bent underwire.

        Step 2:
        Place each arm through the shoulder straps. Lean forward and bring the underwire to the chest and position each cup around each breast, the center bridge should tack firmly against the chest and the underwire should surround the breast tissue not crush it.

        Step 3:
        Fasten the back with the hook and eye closures. Most bra Choose a snug, but comfortable position. Make sure the band is anchored securely below the shoulder blades. Try to keep the band level from front to back, all the way around the rib cage. If the band rides up it could be too loose or the elastic could be worn out.

        Step 4:
        Bring all breast tissue forward into the cup by:
        Bending at the waist, lifting and adjusting the underwire, while allowing gravity to pull the soft breast tissue into the cup. Or:Reaching through each cup with the opposite hand and scooping the soft tissue from the underarm area forward and into the cup. Or Both!

        Step 5:
        Readjust the shoulder straps. The shoulder straps should simply keep the bra cups taught—not bear the full weight of the breasts. Do not over tighten- if the back of the bra begins to ride up or if the straps are causing visible indentation loosen them to a more comfortable level.
        And voila! You’re wearing a bra!

        Please enable JavaScript to watch this video.

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