How to put juice in a vape – How to put juice in a vape mod?

What Oils Can and Can’t Be Used in Vape Pens

Vaping is now a mature industry, having weathered a decade of regulations, pressure from big tobacco, and huge growth spurts. While city and state governments worked diligently to ban vaping nearly everywhere smoking is, vaping pioneers were busy marketing home-brewed e-liquids and imported e-cigarettes.

It’s too late to jump on the vaping bandwagon and make money now, but you can certainly make your own vaping oils. Check out some suggestions of liquids to try and not try.

Vegetable Glycerin

Used in most nicotine retail eliquids, vegetable glycerin provides a subtle, yet thick “smoke” vapor. Used commercially in pharmaceuticals, foods, and more, vegetable glycerin is as harmless as water, which is to say you’re not invincible if you push your boundaries. You can vape vegetable glycerin, and polypropylene glycol is added to give flavorings something to bond to.

Vegetable Oils

Vegetable glycerin is commonly derived from vegetable oil. You know how in Fight Club, they make soap from human fat and lye? Replace the human fat with vegetable fat, and that’s how vegetable glycerin is made. If animal fat is used, it’s just called glycerin (or glycerol). Vegetable oil is essentially glycerin + salt. When the alkaline (typically lye) is added to the solution, it separates the salts from the fats. The salts become soap, and the fats become glycerin.

You can vape vegetable oil, but it’s not as pure as vegetable glycerin. You also risk lipid pneumonia because of the lipids present in vegetable oils. Keep in mind, canola oil, soybean oil, and any cooking oil is a vegetable oil, with the exception of lard animal fats. So while these oils will work in a vape pen, it’s not recommended to do so.

Here’s a video showing how to turn vegetable oil into glycerin (just like in Fight Club, but with vegetable oil).

Coconut Oil

Popping up all over the Northwest recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries are new organic ejuices made from coconut oil instead of vegetable glycerin. Some sites (and conventional wisdom) will tell you impurities in the oil will clog your vaporizer, but there’s no more risk with coconut oil than any other vegetable oil. You can make vegetable glycerin from coconut oil, and that’s what you should be vaping. Coconut oil is an essential oil, which will be discussed further below.


Glycerin is technically an alcohol, but that’s not what you’re actually thinking of when asking this question. You’re talking about liquor basically. Although alcohol can be vaped, it’s not a good idea to do it through an ecig, which will heat the alcohol to combustible temperatures. Vaporizing alcohol is done with pressure, and the facts of vaping has more information on how to accomplish this.

Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is sometimes added to ejuice (as can honey, agave, and other viscous sweeteners), but it’s not a great idea. Though similar to vegetable glycerin in many ways, corn syrup’s sugar content is as prone to ignite while vaping as alcohol. It is not recommended to vape corn syrup. You’ll find this combustion happens if you try to vape tinctures as well, since they typically have other additives that aren’t vapable.


Tinctures are just CBD or THC dissolved in alcohol, so they should be vapable right? Wrong – they also include flavorings, oils, sugars, etc. They will likely catch on fire if you try vaping them, turning your vape pen into a mini flame thrower directly into the back of your throat.

An ecig with a glass dome dab attachment…

Pure Concentrates

Most of the Pacific Northwest has already brought in experts and scientists from the oil industry to work on the viscosity of cannabis concentrates. Using the right methodology, the concentrates can be made viscous enough to vape in any standard vape pen without diluting in any glycerin or oil. This is ideal.

You can also use essentially a crack pipe to vape pure cannabis concentrates in any form, regardless of viscosity.

Essential Oils

Extractors are now running their machines to extract all essential Ayurvedic oils, such as lavender, peppermint, and more in order to infuse them with cannabis for vaping. This industry is booming and will soon be prolific across the United States as a replacement to flavored vegetable glycerins. Like vegetable oil, these could give you lipid pneumonia. On top of that, many essential oils aren’t safe to inhale. Just because a plant is edible doesn’t mean a super-concentrated version of it is safe to inhale. Be very wary of these products.

Many ejuice companies utilize essential oils for natural flavorings. Keep in mind, most natural flavors are plant extracts (and the nicotine used on ecigarettes is an essential oil from the tobacco plant, just like cannabis concentrates are a form of essential oils). Artificial flavorings are typically derived from insects. Whether any of these are actually safe to inhale is something the FDA is currently looking to find out. Food-grade doesn’t equate to inhalable.

Learn more about vaping essential oils in Ayurvedic Vaping…

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How To Make Concentrates into Vape Juice

Originally Published May 5th, 2016.

You can’t always light up a joint or bring out a flashy bong in the middle of the afternoon. Vaporizers come in handy when you’re hours deep into a busy day – but what about cannabis concentrates?

Concentrates are usually a pain to work with, but now you can turn potent shatter or wax into a convenient, transportable e-liquid for seamless vaping.

Benefits of Portable Cannabis Extract

There are countless reasons why you would want to liquefy marijuana concentrates. In liquid extract form, cannabis is portable, allowing you to partake in the converted e-juice using a vape pen. Some compact vaporizers come with small attachments that are designed to handle marijuana concentrates. However, such methods are messy and incredibly time-consuming to setup. You also have to carry around extra accessories- a small compartment, tweezers and a tiny brush (for cleaning).

Moreover, if you’re at a coffee shop or on a camping trip, you might not have a place to unload all of your vaping gadgets, or space to tinker with your device. For discreet cannabis users, busting out a spread of dabbing tools in public is not an option.

Turning your favorite weed concentrate into a liquid extract ensures that your focus stays with your daily activities, and is not wasted on worrying about how you’re going to smoke that glob of shatter you have tucked away in your back pocket. Vapeur Extract makes converting marijuana concentrates into an e-liquid extremely easy through a mixable solution.

Making Vape Juice in Six Easy Steps

Using the company’s Vapeur Extract Solution, you can create your own cannabis e-juice mix that is consumable using any liquid-compatible vaporizer. Best of all, you don’t need any funky attachments or makeshift rigs. The flavorless kit option preserves all of the terpenes in the concentrate, which results in a robust, organic flavor. There are also flavored solutions available for those who want to shock their taste buds with something sweet or fruity.

Step 1: Get Supplies

Before jumping into the extraction process, you’ll first have to gather the following materials:

Step 2: Add the cannabis concentrate into the glass mixing container

Above shows 0.5 grams of extract.

Step 3: Add the Vapeur Extract Solution

(Ratio depends on your personal preference). Based on the sample of 0.5 grams, adding 1 gram of the Vapeur Extract solution will yield a 2:1 ratio.

Heat up the bottom of the glass mixing container using a match, lighter or torch. This will mix the two components together. As much as possible, try to keep the temperature of the container at 150 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

Step 5: Check the solution for consistency

Transfer the solution from the mixing container to a cartridge using the syringe.

Step 6: Enjoy!

For more information about the extraction process, check out Vapeur Extract’s online guide.

How to Make Hash Oil for Vape Pens in 3 Easy Steps

Learning how to make hash oil for vape pens is a simple 3 step process. We will define and examine each step including.

  • Choosing a Concentrate
  • Liquidizer
  • Mixing the Concentrate and Liquidizer to make Hash Oil

This process can be completed in under a minute with excellent results, you can turn wax into vape juice easily. Using the right products in the first 2 steps is extremely important. The video below shows how fast and easy it is to make pre-filled vape cartridges using hash oil from concentrates is. Take a minute and see all the other added benefits in this video.

To make the best hash oil for vaping possible we want to use a concentrate that is opaque or translucent much like shatter, honeycomb, rosin, or honey oil. The other type of concentrate that works great are the ones that are known as Wax, Crumble or Budder. These concentrates are void of any plant matter and will provide a superior vape juice. When you have your concentrate you will then need a liquidizer. Check out these great flavors.

Concentrates that will not perform as well are those that still have plant matter in them. They tend to have a more course feel and even have more of a plant color unlike the yellow, and golden concentrates mentioned above. These concentrates are known as, Kief, Bubble Hash, and Hash. The small particles of plant matter in these concentrates will not liquidize and leave small bits of residue in the tank of your vaporizer. Some people also dislike the taste they create in the vape experience.

Now that you have chosen your hash oil/marijuana concentrate it is time to choose your liquidizer. You can read a lot of information on liquidizing concentrates on the internet. There are quite a few DIY articles on it that usually are followed with the following comments. 1. «My vape juice separated and doesn’t work well.» 2. «I used the recipe and the vape juice is really harsh and burns my throat.»

The easiest best-tasting way to make vape juice from hash oil on the market today is Wax Liquidizer. (See support for our humble opinion on Facebook) The ingredients are  FDA approved and found in Ice Cream and Pop/Soda. The blend of ingredients combined with the flavors we use assures the user a smooth and tasty vaping experience.

Using Wax Liquidizer is a very simple process. You need only add 1 gram of concentrate to 2 ml. of Wax Liquidizer heat and stir. How you heat the solution can be done in many ways. They say a picture is worth a thousand words…. So I’m not sure how many words this video is worth but it shows you exactly how to make hash oil for a vape pen. This is the Stovetop Method.

As you can see the process of making hash oil for a vaporizer pen is easy. You never need to wonder how to vape wax again!

These two methods (stove top and microwave in top video) of heating and mixing your concentrate with liquidizer are just a few of many ways. The tea kettle for making hot tea works great. I have a water cooler at home that dispenses both cold and hot water. I find filling a bowl or a large coffee cup with hot water and putting the mixing glass in works great.

The fact that the vape juice doesn’t separate also allows me to make larger batches and store some in the cool little storage container that came with my Wax Liquidizer e juice Mix Kit. I can then just fill my vape pen on the fly. Vaping concentrates has never been easier, no need for special vape pens, tanks or high voltage batteries.

In summary, if you want to know how to make hash oil for vape pens follow these 3 steps.

  • Your Concentrate should have no plant matter in it (Use a wax or shatter)
  • Use 2 ml. of Wax Liquidizer for every gram of concentrate
  • Warm the Solution – Stir – Load Your Pen & Vape

Remember Wax Liquidizer comes in 6 Great Tasting Flavors. Grape Ape, Strawberry Cough, Pineapple Express, Ice Hit, Banana OG and Original. Can’t make up your mind? Try our Sampler Pack complete with our e juice mix kit.

Make sure and see the benefits of turning wax into vape juice at: 

Happy Vaping from Wax Liquidizer! Follow Wax Liquidizer on Twitter to get all of our promotions and updates!

How to Put Marijuana, Concentrates, and THC Liquids in an E-Cigarette – Gentleman’s Brand

Note: The following information has been provided for educational purposes only. Please consult your local laws before attempting any of the projects described below.  

Some of the most frequently asked questions we hear are:

  • Can you put marijuana in an electronic cigarette (e-cig)?
  • Can an electronic cigarette vaporize marijuana?
  • Can I use my electronic cigarette with concentrates, waxes, and oils? 

The answer is yes, yes, and yes. This guide will explain how you can use electronic cigarette components with dry herbs, concentrates, and THC e-liquids to create a personal vaporizer that will allow you to medicate on the go without breaking the bank.

Option 1: Using Marijuana in an Electronic Cigarette

What You’ll Need:

  • An electronic cigarette battery with eGo threading (such as the eGo-Twist or Vision Spinner)
  • A dry herb cartridge

If you’d like to smoke dry herbs, then all you need is an eGo-compatible e-cigarette battery and a dry herb cartridge. For best results, we recommend using a variable voltage battery so that you can fine-tune the temperature to your liking. Please note that all vape pen herb cartridges will combust your herb, not vaporize it. A dry herb cartridge attachment will allow you to turn your e-cigarette into an electric pipe (or e-blunt) with ease. 


  • Work with dry herbs
  • Easiest “smoke on the go” solution


  • Since it combusts the herb, it will not be as discreet or stealthy as a vaporizer

Buy Dry Herb Cartridges (Blank XL) — 5 Pack

Option 2: Using Oils, Waxes, and Other THC Concentrates in an Electronic Cigarette

What You’ll Need:

If you prefer to vape hash oil, wax, budder, shatter, BHO, full-melts, or any other form of THC concentrate, then you’ll need to complement your e-cigarette battery with a concentrate cartridge or glass globe attachment. Depending on your preferences, there are a few different ways to build an e-cigarette setup that will allow you to vape concentrates:

  • I want something stealthy: Buy a 510 thread e-cigarette battery and a V2 oil cartridge, or buy our Micro Vape Kit which includes both. This setup is the most discreet way to enjoy concentrates on the go.
  • I want maximum capacity: Buy a variable voltage eGo e-cigarette battery and a Mega V2 oil cartridge. The Mega V2 holds over 1 gram of concentrates, making this one of the heaviest hitting concentrate pen setups on the market today.
  • I want to see my clouds: Buy a variable voltage eGo e-cigarette battery and a Glass Globe. This is a great choice for people who are used to dabbing using an oil rig and would like to see the clouds they’re creating. 


  • Best combination of power and portability — big hits in a small package
  • Vaping concentrates produces less smell than burning herbs, so it’s more discreet


  • Requires access to THC concentrates



Pre-filled CBD vape pen



Option 3: Using THC E-Liquids and Cannabis Tinctures in an Electronic Cigarette

What You’ll Need:

THC E-Liquids (also known as tinctures) combine the flavor and convenience of e-liquids with the potency and portability of concentrates. If you’re a medical marijuana patient in California, you can buy pre-filled tincture cartridges from our partners, or you can make your own tinctures using the instructions here (disclaimer: we have not independently verified the instructions here; follow at your own risk). 


  • Because vaping tinctures does not produce much smell, this method provides for maximum stealth and discretion
  • You can create your own custom flavor blends 


  • Less potent than pure concentrate cartridges
  • May require some DIY effort


Option 4: Using Pre-Filled Medicated Cartridges in an Electronic Cigarette

What You’ll Need:

  • A medical marijuana prescription in the state of California
  • An electronic cigarette battery with eGo threading (such as the eGo-Twist or Vision Spinner)
  • A pre-filled medicated cartridge

If you’re a medical marijuana patient in California and you’re not interested in going the do-it-yourself route, you can purchase pre-filled medicated cartridges from one of our partners. This is the easiest way to vaporize concentrates and tinctures using your existing e-cigarette setup. 


  • Easiest way to vape concentrates and tinctures
  • Pre-filled cartridges are available in a variety of strains and flavors


  • Only available to medical marijuana patients

Got a question about any of the options listed above? Email us and we’d be happy to help you build a setup that works for you. 

Buy Double Agent

How To Make CBD Vape Oil

For those who prefer to have control over the ingredients and overall strength of their vape juice, CBD isolate crystals are perfect. By dissolving them straight into any vape oil, they can very easily turn an everyday vape juice into a supercharged CBD liquid.

Our CBD isolate crystals are 99.9% pure CBD, and completely THC-free. They are fat soluble and can be dissolved into all oils, not just vapes. 1g of CBD isolate is approximately 1000mg of CBD. High quality crystals have CBD counts above 90%, ours are among the highest quality in the world. Low quality crystals are brown/yellow in colour due to inefficient crops and extraction methods that leave behind non-CBD residue. Below we instruct how you can make your own 500mg strength CBD vape juice with crystals:

1. Using a scale, measure 0.5g of crystals and crush them up into a fine powder — either with a pestle and mortar, or just a blunt edge.

2. Mildy head up your vape juice — we rest ours against a radiator for an hour, if your impatient you can place your vape juice in a glass bottle in a microwave for a few seconds.

3. Empty your crushed crystals into the warm vape juice, stir and steep until the crystals are fully dissolved.


If you are trying to make your CBD vape juice from scratch then we recommend starting off with 30ml of Vegetable Glycerin and proceed to heat it up and dissolve your crystals in the oil.


Now that you’ve added CBD into the vape, you’re probably wondering how to add some flavour! This is where we bring terpenes into the mix. We’ve previously touched on terpenes and their many uses. They’re the smell and taste of individual strains of cannabis, extracted in a liquid form. They are incredibly concentrated and powerful, so only a few drops are necessary to add strain profiles to your CBD vape juice. Terpenes are present in all foods, they can influence our behaviour so much so that casinos in america have added them into diffusers to influence gamblers gambling habits! The following image shows the different terpenes found in several strains — for legal reasons we must state that no medical claims should be derived from this, we are not medical consultants, we’re just sharing what is already in the public domain and implore anyone interested in legal cannabis to get medical information from their GP. 

Our in-house recipe is to add 0.5ml of terpenes to every 10ml of vape oil, and let it steep for 48 hours for equal flavour distribution. Our terpenes are the first of their kind in the UK — they’re actually extracted from cannabis, unlike most on the market that are synthetic and isolated from fruits and vegetables. Read up on the “entourage effect” and soon you’ll be adding terpenes into all your Cannabis products to increase their potency.

E-Juice / E-Liquid Nicotine Levels Explained

We are often asked to explain how much nicotine liquid to put into e-juice to achieve a particular strength, and to explain what nicotine levels mean.  This article has been updated in January 2018 to reflect the availability of products given the limitations imposed by the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) which came into force in May 2017.

Quick links to Nicotine Calculators

What do nicotine levels mean? What is 3mg?

E-liquids are commonly marked as a number of mg, commonly 3mg, 6mg, 12mg or 18mg.  This tells you the nicotine strength of the liquid, expressed as number of mg (milligrams) of nicotine in each ml (millilitre) of liquid. 

So 3mg means 3mg per ml of liquid.  In a 10ml bottle there is a total of 3mg x 10ml = 30mg of nicotine in total. 

If the bottle is bigger, the total amount of nicotine is more, but the strength per ml of liquid is the same.

Sometimes this is expressed as a percentage, which tells you the percentage of the total that is nicotine.  So instead of 3mg, you will sometimes see 0.3%, or for 12mg, 1.2%. This tells you what percentage of the whole is nicotine.

How much nicotine do I need to put in to get the strength I want?

Nicotine is now not available to buy in the EU in bottles bigger than 10ml, or in a strength higher than 20mg.  “Nicotine shots” are most commonly sold at 18mg strength, because with most people aiming for 3, 6, or 12mg liquid, it makes the calculations easier, as we will see below.

If you are using 18mg nicotine, working out how to get the right strength e-liquid is fairly straightforward.

For 3mg liquid, add 1 part nicotine to 5 parts flavoured base.  So divide the volume of the nicotine free liquid you are adding to by 5, and add that much 18mg nicotine liquid.

  • To make 100ml of liquid 3mg strength, add 20ml of 18mg nicotine liquid.  You will then have 120ml of 3mg strength e-liquid.
  • To make 50ml of liquid 3mg strength, add 10ml of 18mg nicotine liquid.  You will then have 60ml of 3mg strength e-liquid.
  • To make 10ml of liquid 3mg strength, add 2ml of nicotine liquid.  You will then have 12ml of 3mg strength e-liquid.


For 6mg liquid, add 1 part nicotine to 2 parts flavoured base.

  • To make 80ml of liquid 6mg strength, add 40ml of 18mg nicotine liquid.  You will then have 120ml of 6mg strength e-liquid.
  • To make 40ml of liquid 6mg strength, add 20ml of 18mg nicotine liquid.  You will then have 60ml of 6mg strength e-liquid.
  • To make 8ml of liquid 6mg strength, add 2ml of nicotine liquid.  You will then have 12ml of 6mg strength e-liquid.


How much nicotine to make 3mg liquid
Amount of nicotine free base liquidAmount of 18mg nicotine liquid to addTotal amount of liquid at 3mg strength


How much nicotine to make 6mg liquid
Amount of nicotine free base liquidAmount of 18mg nicotine liquid to addTotal amount of liquid at 6mg strength



Shortfills are nicotine free e-liquid sold in a bottle that is “short-filled” to allow you enough space to add your own nicotine liquid.  Commonly, they are 50ml of liquid with enough space to add nicotine liquid which will make the final result 3mg.  The infographic below shows the amount to add in each case.  Please click image for full size version.


For other amounts, you can enter your initial amount of nicotine free liquid and your target nicotine strength in the calculator below, to discover how much 18mg nicotine to add.

Turn Crumble to Vape Juice and Put a Lift in Your Vape with Wax Liquidizer

Turning crumble into vape juice is a super easy process using Wax Liquidizer. The fact is it is as close to idiot-proof as you can get… lol. Let’s get straight to the matter by checking out this video.

You can also watch this video How to Turn Crumble into E Juice on Vimeo.

The world of marijuana concentrates is new to many people so let’s take a moment and define what crumble wax is.

Crumble wax is a cannabis concentrate made with a procedure very similar to those that create both shatter and budder. However, the purged oils used in crumble usually have more moisture. This is done by using a different temperature that provides a thicker consistency. This is what helps create the wax’s crumbling consistency or cheese type body after the purging process. A very popular process to make wax into crumble is by purging it for a longer time at lower heat. This preserves more terpenes and makes for a smoother tasting concentrate.

The next question is why would you want to vape marijuana concentrate? Vaping concentrates has many advantages over smoking them. One reason concentrates are popular is they allow you to get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. Thus more concentrated THC with less tar and carcinogens from the raw plant.

Vaping provides a lower controlled temperature which maximizes the efficiency in obtaining the most THC while atomizing the content or vaporizing it. This process also helps eliminate tars and carcinogens in the consumption of the marijuana concentrate. One of the reasons people also love to turn crumble into e juice and vape it is because it has an odorless smell. This allows for discreet consumption of the marijuana concentrate.

Marijuana concentrates have become more popular due to these characteristics mentioned above. You can find many of the concentrates listed below in both medical and recreation marijuana dispensaries.

  • Wax
  • Shatter
  • Buddha
  • Honey Oil
  • BHO
  • Live Resin
  • PHO
  • Crumble
  • Sugar Wax
  • Rosin

Wax Liquidizer works great for turning any of these cannabis concentrates into e liquid. The proprietary blend used in our liquidizer not only makes it fast and easy. It also provides and end product or vape oil that does not separate. Using the highest quality ingredients in our liquidizer to achieve the perfect blend for liquidizing concentrates is not where we stop.

Flavor and taste are an essential part of any vaping experience. Wax Liquidizer offers six great smooth tasting flavors. The combination of these great flavors, the proprietary blend of our liquidizer and the simplicity of the product earned Wax Liquidizer the 420 Product of the Year Award in 2016.

Make sure and check out our 6 Tasty flavors that come in a wide array of volumes.

Picking out the flavor for your new venture into vaping crumble wax may be the hardest decision you have to make. That’s OK… if you can’t decide Wax Liquidizer offers a sampler pack complete with the e-juice mixing kit at a great price.

Wax liquidizer offers you the benefits found in marijuana concentrates and vaping and adds a great smooth tasting flavor. All this done using methods that are super fast and easy! Grab some Wax Liquidizer and start enjoying vaping your cannabis concentrate discreetly in the tastiest manner!

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