How to have an obe – How to Have an OBE by Cezyl

How to Have an OBE by Cezyl

Main Tech

A great and simple technique for projecting onto astral and higher dimensions is to visualize a place, whether you are creating it in the moment, it’s a place you’ve dreamt about, or an area you’ve heard or read about as existing on the astral or higher, like ‘The Park’. Sticking with the same area for a while may help you. You may want to practice this technique after doing one or both the 4-2 meditation technique and relaxation technique. It is effective at any time and any place, even without preparation. Visualize the area of choice and in your imagination interact and move around, holding this as you go to sleep or in your meditation. You’ll gradually shift there and succeed.

The Progression

There is a progression with this technique. At first your experience may be light, or dreamy. It may be mostly your
active imagination. Imagination is a gateway into the higher dimensions. Your personal imagination and the higher dimensions are like a lake that is connected to the ocean. You start with your boat in the lake, and by persevering you end up in the ocean, and can go back and forth as you please. Thus even the first experience with this technique is success. It’s a light projection. You may not see it now, but with further practice you’ll be able to get fully to the places that now seem dreamy, and you’ll see you were doing it all along. Thus trust and journal everything as if it is a great experience. They all are!!

The ‘Back, Back, Forth, Forth’ for Here-Now Projection (BBFF) For here-now separation simply go back and forth from the higher areas you are visiting back to the physical body, then back to the higher dimensionals. Go back and
forth. Each time you go to the higher dimensionals get involved. Learn something. Explore something. Etc. Then come back to the physical. I find that each time I come back my body is more entranced. Go back and forth, and eventually your body will be deep enough that you have already separated your denser nonphysical body in the physical world. An arm may float, as happened to me. You may started experiencing the vibrations and imagery and all of these things. Just continue to go back and forth from higher to the physical body, and when your dense nonphysical body is free, move away from your physical body in the here-now. It’s that simple.


Tip 1: 1-26-05: My earlier successes were easier than yesterday. I started trying for longer sessions. It seems that taking extra-short trips early on is better, for it is less
performance-based, but more state-based. Try taking many 10-20 minute trips throughout the day, rather than one hour-long effort.

Tip 2: 1-26-05: It may also be more effect to actively explore the easier higher dimensionals, and allow the here-now separation to happen as a result of your BBFF practice. I’ve been going focused for here-now and it is not as easy. Thus I suggest to just ‘play’. For tier one intend higher dimensional,
allow here-now. Practice and journal.


You may want to throw in some extras at any time throughout working the tech. Mix it up. This technique is a strong skeletal structure. You can decorate it with things to beautify it. Such decorations include:

** Energy working (N.E.W. of Robert Bruce, Mantak Chia’s Universal Tao,  Pranic Healing of Kok Sui, etc.)

** Brain
entrainment technology (Brain Sync Deep Sleep, Stuart Wilde’s Delta Metronome, etc.)

** Etc!!

_ _ _ _ _ _

An Experience Using This Simple, Easy, and Effective Technique:

OBE, Astral Arm Out, Athena Again Vibes, Using These Techs..

1/24/2005 1:45 PM

I just practiced for a bit over 20 minutes, and I got an astral arm out. I pulled up the post at the forums where I (also) posted the easy projection sequence, to inspire me to experience something to share. It sat before me on my computer. I sat with the delta metronome (Stuart Wilde) on which helps greatly, and I did the easy projection sequence I posted, starting with the 4-2 (inhale 4, hold 2, exhale 4, hold 2). This naturally dwindled into a countless breath, just inhaling, exhaling, and relaxing each time. I went with it, flowing
effortlessly into the relaxation technique, relaxing on each exhalation, letting go of the body.

I started quickly getting into trance, and vibrations started as a tingling throughout my body. I continued to breath and relax. Cool flows of energy, like a light breeze, went through me a bit. I started seeing the yellowish energy behind my eyelids, for me a clear and frequent indication of alpha or theta trance.

I started visualizing various astral places I know of, a personal realm or two, the_astral_realm group area the Eco Realm, the temple Athena, and the Library at the Park. I went to the Park Library only a few times, and Ill get there again to inspire you all. I thought of the Akashic Records, thinking to look into my past lives and started to, but I am more comfortable getting detailed info when fully shifted, so I kept
it light.

I remembered how it was there at the Library. There are several tables to the right of where I shift in, with bookshelves behind me filled with brown books. I turned to see the balcony across the hall. The ceiling has a round central sunroof. Okanos was there. I met Okanos here for the first time, and thought of him. An image of his form appeared. At this point it seems mostly imagination. What you must remember is that it starts off very light, and as you continue in the practice session it gets deeper, and as the days and weeks go by you get deeper and deeper into trance, and deeper into the
astral, until youre fully there. Persist! (Bruce Moen, Ginny from the forums)

I had a bit of stage fright. Still getting used to OBEing to inspire others. (:0) I decided to continue with it, using it to
practice my concentration and focus, comforting myself with that if nothing interesting happens this projection I can continue doing sequences until something does happen interesting, and post that! I went around different areas through imagination. Each time I came back my body was more into trance. This is a great technique. I imagined the temple Athena again, and my vibrations did
increase again when imagining/shifting to this place, a bit more than the other places. This requires more experimentation. I must conclude at this point that the temple Athena area is a high vibration area!

I came back fully to my physical body. I was shifting Id say 10-20% out at this point. Each time I shift and come back my body is in a deeper trance, allowing one to go OBE here-now by going astral and going back and forth, checking on the physical
body to see when it is ready. This is what I did,  and all the while when I was back at my body I continuing the relaxation on the exhale exercise.

I kept getting deeper and deeper into trance, and then imagery started coming. A blip here, a blip there here a blip, there a blip. I continued and before I knew it a strong imagery came up. It was far away, yet it was It had subsumed my entire awareness at the same time. Again I saw A. (Ive been seeing her daily!), and I had my left arm out working with something in the dream/astral imagery. It slowly dawned on me that imagery was in front of me, and I had my left arm out into the imagery, fiddling with something. I could feel my light astral arm out. This was very effortless.

I became more and more aware of the situation and pulled my left astral arm back into coincidence with
its physical counter part. This arm felt VERY fine and light, as if it wasnt the second/here-now body arm, but an arm finer than even that. It was interesting. The arm was noticeable and workable, but yet so light, and yet so almost non-existent when compared to my physical arm. Oh it was like silk.

I went more into trance a bit, and decided to end and journal. Practice time was from about 1:20 PM to about 1:40 PM. Very cool practice. This technique works yall! Ill continue with it and update you.



How To Have an Out-of-Body Experience

Robert Monroe
(1915-1995) was a distinguished radio
broadcasting executive and pioneer in
consciousness studies who founded The
Monroe Institute (, a worldwide organization
dedicated to expanding human potential.
His classic

Journeys Out of the Body introduced
the term «out-of-body experience»
(OBE) and
involves inducing mental states beyond
space, time, and even death. Monroe became
famous for discovering how specific
sounds have the ability to produce out-of-body
states and positive enhancements to
consciousness including sleep, relaxation
and expanded awareness. Monroe developed
Hemi-Sync Method, an audio technology
where specific sounds are able to coax
the brain into various beneficial states.
In 1958, while Monroe was experimenting
with ways to enhance learning while
in a sleep state, he experienced sleep
paralysis and bodily vibrations followed
by seeing a bright light. Then after
several weeks of experimenting he induced
his first out-of-body experience. Monroe
is also the author of two more classics:
Far Journeys and
Ultimate Journey.

 Robert Monroe’s Method by Dr. Susan

following is an excerpt from

Dr. Susan Blackmore in her book,

Beyond the Body:
An Investigation of Out-of-the-Body
(1992) where she describes Robert Monroe’s
method of inducing an out-of-body
experience. Dr. Blackmore is one of the few
NDE researchers who have

actually experienced an OBE. Although
she is a skeptic of claims suggesting NDEs
are evidence supporting the

Afterlife Hypothesis, she is a
recognized authority in both NDEs and OBEs.
In the Nov-Dec 1984 of the

Parapsychology Review,

Marilyn Schlitz of the

Institute of Noetic Sciences, had the
following to say about Dr. Blackmore’s book,
«I applaud the
phenomenological approach which underlies
Blackmore’s approach to the OBE. Perhaps the
most important contribution put forth in
Blackmore’s book is the psychological model
found in Chapter 22 … an important source
for anyone with an interest in psi research
… an enjoyable experience and is highly
recommended reading.» In the Spring
1984 edition of Anabiosis (now the

Journal of Near-Death Studies),

Emily W. Cook of the

University of Virginia Division of
Perceptual Studies, described Dr.
Blackmore’s book as, «a
survey of OBE research that is both readable
and scholarly.» Other books by
Blackmore include:

The Meme Machine (2000),

Consciousness: An Introduction (2003),

Conversations on Consciousness: What the
Best Minds Think about the Brain, Free Will,
and What It Means to Be Human (2007),
all of which I highly recommend.

In his book,

Journeys Out of the Body, Robert Monroe
describes a complicated-sounding technique
for inducing OBEs. In part, it is similar to
other imagination methods, but it starts
with induction of the «vibrational state».
Many spontaneous OBEs start with a feeling
of shaking or vibrating, and Monroe
deliberately induces this state first. He
suggests you do the following. First lie
down in a darkened room in any comfortable
position, but with your head pointing to
magnetic north. Loosen clothing and remove
any jewelry or metal objects, but be sure to
stay warm. Ensure that you will not be
disturbed and are not under any limitation
of time. Begin by relaxing and then repeat
to yourself five times, «I will consciously
perceive and remember all that I encounter
during this relaxation procedure. I will
recall in detail when I am completely awake
only those matters which will be beneficial
to my physical and mental being.» Then begin
breathing through your half-open mouth.
The next step
involves entering the state bordering sleep

hypnagogic state). Monroe does not
recommend any particular method of achieving
this state. One method you might try is to
hold your forearm up, while keeping your
upper arm on the bed, or ground. As you
start to fall asleep, your arm will fall,
and you will awaken again. With practice you
can learn to control the hypnagogic state
without using your arm. Another method is to
concentrate on an object. When other images
start to enter your thoughts, you have
entered the hypnagogic state. Passively
watch these images. This will also help you
maintain this state of near-sleep. Monroe
calls this Condition A.
After first
achieving this state, Monroe recommends to
deepen it. Begin to clear your mind and
observe your field of vision through your
closed eyes. Do nothing more for a while.
Simply look through your closed eyelids at
the blackness in front of you. After a
while, you may notice light patterns. These
are simply neural discharges and they have
no specific effect. Ignore them. When they
cease, one has entered what Monroe calls
Condition B. From here, one must enter an
even deeper state of relaxation which Monroe
calls Condition C — a state of such
relaxation that you lose all awareness of
the body and sensory stimulation. You are
almost in a void in which your only source
of stimulation will be your own thoughts.
The ideal state for leaving your body is
Condition D. This is Condition C when it is
voluntarily induced from a rested and
refreshed condition and is not the effect of
normal fatigue. To achieve Condition D,
Monroe suggests that you practice entering
it in the morning or after a short nap. With
eyes closed, look into the blackness at a
spot about a foot from your forehead,
concentrating your consciousness on that
point. Move it gradually to three feet away,
then six, and then turn it 90 degrees
upward, reaching above your head. Monroe
orders you to reach for the vibrations at
that spot and then mentally pull them into
your head. He explains how to recognize them
when they occur. «It is as if a surging,
hissing, rhythmically pulsating wave of
fiery sparks comes roaring into your head.
From there it seems to sweep throughout your
body, making it rigid and immobile.» This
method is easier than it sounds.
Once you have
achieved the vibrational state, you have to
learn to control it, to smooth out the
vibrations by «pulsing» them. At this point,
Monroe warns it is impossible to turn back.
He suggests reaching out an arm to grasp
some object which you know is out of normal
reach. Feel the object and then let your
hand pass through it, before bringing it
back, stopping the vibrations and checking
the details and location of the object. This
exercise will prepare you for full
To leave the
body, Monroe advocates the «lift-out»
method. To employ this method, think of
getting lighter and of how nice it would be
to float upwards. An alternative is the
«rotation» technique in which you turn over
in bed, twisting first the top of the body,
head and shoulders until you turn right over
and float upwards. Later you can explore
further. With sufficient practice Monroe
claims that a wide variety of experiences
are yours for the taking.


Out-of-Body Experiences

Beyond The Body

by Susan Blackmore

About one person in ten
claims to have left his
or her body at some
time. Some were close to
death; others had
under-gone an accident
or shock. Dr Blackmore’s
explanation for
out-of-body experiences
is based on historical
and anecdotal material,
surveys, and laboratory


Far Journeys

by Robert Monroe

This is the sequel to
Monroe’s Journey Out Of The
Body and is an amazing
parapsychological odyssey
that reflects a decade of
research into the psychic
realm beyond the known
dimensions of physical
reality. Also available in

KINDLE EBOOK Edition and



Ultimate Journey

by Robert Monroe

In 1958, a successful
businessman named Robert
Monroe began to have
experiences that drastically
altered his life.
Unpredictably, and without
his willing it, Monroe found
himself leaving his physical
body to travel via a «second
body» to locales far removed
from the physical and
spiritual realities of his
life. He was inhabiting a
place unbounded by life or
death. Also available in

KINDLE EBOOK Edition and


How To Astral Project Easily TONIGHT In 8 Steps: Beginners Guide

Want to know how to astral project?

IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR 2018: If you want to get started FAST, we’ve created a PDF ebook guide that shows you all the crippling beginner mistakes most people make, and over 15 specific techniques you can use to project safely. It’s by FAR the quickest and safest way of learning to astral project. (opens in a new tab)

We’re going to explain exactly how to astral project tonight, and move around the astral plane in your new astral body. This is the easiest method we know of and it’s effective. It’s going to be a rollercoaster, so get comfortable.

But, here’s the deal:

There are a few warnings we need to give you before you start, and a few tips for getting results faster! Make sure to stick around to the end of the post, as there are important tips at the end.

It might not be easy, but if you follow this guide to the letter and actually practice it, you’ll get results soon! Make sure to bookmark this guide now so you don’t forget, and refer back to it as you learn.

Before you begin

Make sure you understand the risks and the experiences you’ll actually have with astral projection. You can astral project at any time of the day or night but there are certain times when it’s a lot easier. These are times when your body is just ready for an OBE and more likely to have one.

The best time to astral project is about 4AM in the morning. Not the easiest time to be awake, but if you can wake up at this time and try then, you’ll have much more luck in the beginning stages, specially if you’re new to this and you’re learning.

Is it safe to Astral Project?

It’s perfectly safe to attempt to have an OBE or to try and Astral Project. There are some dangers and risks to be aware of when you get more experienced, but for most people it’s harmless to have your first few out of body experiences!

How to astral project instantly (8 Steps)

There are 8 steps to this technique which should let you astral project very easily, and very quickly. Don’t rush these, and if you don’t understand something, come back and read it again. These are fairly easy to do but you should still have a basic understanding of how astral projection works.

Here are 8 steps to being able to astral project in about 5 minutes (once you’ve learned the techniques):

  • Prepare yourself to astral project
  • Relax and get into a comfortable position
  • Focus on relaxing all your body parts and muscles
  • Enter the vibrational stage (You’ll experience vibrations or tingling)
  • Move out of your physical body and into the astral realm
  • Stay lucid/aware by focusing
  • Return to your physical body by pulling on your silver cord
  • Enter the advanced world of astral travel

NOW we will discuss each step in a little bit more detail. Ready?

1: Prepare yourself to astral project

Before you try so do astral projection, just make sure your room or the area you’re doing it in is a nice quiet and comfortable space.

This is the time to make sure you’ve not got alarms that are going to disturb you, or TV that’s going to make noise when you’re trying to have an OBE. The space around you should be quiet, peaceful and ideally have the following things in –

  • Plants: They make the area feel more calm
  • Incense: Burning incense can help relax you and set you up for astral travel
  • Temperature should be about 20 degrees
  • Moon Candles: Having candles can relax you further

These things aren’t essential but they’ll certainly help get you in the right frame of mind. Also, slightly dimming the lights helps too. It makes it easier to close your eyes if you’re not tired.

Disturbing things – Try and make sure as much as you can that no-one is going to come in and disturb you. It can be very annoying to be interrupted by someone when you’re trying to have an OBE.

2: Relax and get into a comfortable position

Make sure that you relax every part of your body. Get into a place where you’re comfortable. This can be either laying down on your back or sitting up in a chair. Whatever position you’re going to astral travel from, make sure you’re not having to support your body to stay in that position.

Basically when you relax ALL of your muscles, you should still remain in the position safely. You don’t want to be falling out of your chair, for example. Sit back and let the chair fully support you and hold you in place.

Armchairs or sofas are better for this as you can relax back into them fully and get supported. When you’ve got yourself into a comfortable position, you’re ready to move to the next stages.

A note about meditation and breathing

Just before we go onto the next stages, it’s important to mention breathing and meditation for astral travel. If you don’t know what meditation is, it’s basically being aware of yourself and letting go of stresses and thoughts.

You can learn more about meditation in your own time, but it’s better to be someone who regularly meditates, for example every day for at least 10 minutes. This will increase your chances of having an OBE. To learn how to meditate easily, try Zen meditation!

3: Focus on relaxing all your body parts and muscles

Focus on your body now.

Start by focusing on a particular body part, for example, your hand. Don’t move ANY muscles, and don’t even think about moving them at this stage. Just be aware of the hand, and focus on it until you can almost see every part of it in your mind.

Really pay attention to the details, like for example:

  • How the hand feels resting against the bed
  • Feel the strength and muscles in the hand
  • Visualise exactly what it looks like and where it is in relation to the rest of you

Once you’ve done this for a while, (About 2-3 minutes) you can progress..

Moving your focus

Now you’re going to start shifting focus from body part to body part. Start either at your head or at your toes and work your way up/down the body. focus on each body part separately, and make sure you really get a feel of the body part and where it is. Visualise exactly what it looks like, where it is and how it feels. Again, don’t try to move anything.

Imagine moving the body parts

Now that you’ve done that, start again, but imagine what it would feel like to move each body part. If you start by focusing on your foot, for example, IMAGINE (without physically moving) what it would feel like and look like to move your foot up and down.

Visualise it so strongly that it almost feels like you’re actually doing it. When you’ve done this for each body part, (This can’t be rushed, and it may take up to 20-30 minutes) you’re ready to enter the vibrational stage!

4: Enter the vibrational stage (You’ll experience vibrations or tingling)

At this point you’ve almost had an out of body experience! You ALMOST know how to astral project, you’ve just got a little bit more to do..

This is where things get fun, but also where things get difficult. You’re now entering the ‘vibrational stage’ of astral travel. This is where you’ll start to really feel something.

You’ll feel your whole body start to vibrate gently, as if a soft current of electricity is going through your body. It might also feel like a heavy blanket is covering your whole body.

It’s at this point that you’ll either have an OBE or you’ll get scared and give up, or lose focus. It’s exactly now that you’ll want to exercise STRONG willpower and just keep going for it.

Don’t be scared: It’s really important that at this stage in particular, you stay as relaxed as possible. Don’t think about anything other than what you’re trying to do. Don’t focus on anything other than your body.

The next stage is probably the hardest part of learning how to do astral projection so make sure you stay focused! Also, don’t give up. It might not happen to you for the first few tries, but keep trying!

5: Move out of your physical body and into the astral realm

You’re now going to move your psychosoma (or ‘astral body’) OUTSIDE of your physical body. This takes a lot of practice, and there are several techniques once you get to this point. They all revolve around visualising and being relaxed.

This is why we suggested that you practice meditation as a KEY part of your astral travel efforts. 

So, now we’re going to briefly explain several techniques you can use to move your astral body outside of your physical one. Feel free to try each technique, and find which ones works best for you.

Here are some techniques for leaving your physical body:

A) The swing technique

Imagine you’re on a swing. As you lay there in your bed, (or sit in your chair) imagine your body gently swinging back and forward. Start off with REALLY small movements.

Now, DON’T actually move, but imagine your body is moving. Just like before when you imaged your separate body acts moving. This time, imagine your WHOLE body moving, in VERY SMALL movements as if you’re on a swing.

Make the movements get bigger and bigger until you eventually swing your entire astral body out, and find yourself floating a little way above your physical body.

B) The rope technique

The rope technique involves focusing on your hands. Just like before, imagine your hands moving. When you can strongly visualise your hands moving separately to your physical body, imagine a rope is in front of you.

Reach out to the rope (Again, all with your astral bodies hands, not your physical hands) and grab it. Gently use it to pull yourself up and out of your body. Yo can also use a bar instead of rope and follow the same steps.

These techniques are not by any means ALL of the techniques out there, but they’re the most common and will get you started the right way! Now that we’ve got there, we need to stay in the astral realm:

6: Stay lucid/aware by focusing

The important thing to remember when you’re doing astral travel is that you need to stay focused. It’s easy to become hazy or confused when you’re trying this. Practice meditating every day so that you’re good at staying focused for long periods of time. This is called being ‘lucid’. It simply means being aware of ‘clear’. It’s an important part of astral projection.

Remembering your astral travel experience

Part of staying lucid and being aware involves actually.. Remembering your astral experience!

If you can’t remember it, there’s no point in doing it really!

Here’s the problem:

When you astral travel, your astral body or ‘psychosoma’ is separate from your physical body and brain. The experiences you have in the astral realm are recorded in your astral brain or ‘parabrain’.

This means that unless you really try and set yourself up for it, you’ll forget everything as soon as you return to your physical body and brain!

Don’t worry though, there are some great ways to ‘transfer’ the memories from brain to brain. The main one is by repeating a ‘mantra’ to yourself the whole day before you try this.

Some mantras you could use are –

  • ‘I will remember everything I experience when I have an OBE’
  • ‘I’ll be completely lucid and remember everything that happens in the astral realm’
  • ‘I will remember my astral projection experience’

Repeat these things to yourself once every hour for the whole day. Do this every day to make sure your brain knows what to do!

But how do we get back to our physical bodies?

7: Return to your physical body by pulling on your silver cord

The next stage is returning to your physical body.

It’s no good learning how to astral project if you don’t also learn how to get back to reality! To return to your physical body, you don’t actually need to do much!

Your astral body is connected to your physical body via a ‘silver cord’ or rope. This ensures you never lose contact with your physical body and can always return.

You may sense or even see this cord as you’re traveling. It appears as a white or energetic beam of energy which goes through walls and can stretch to an infinite length.

You simply have to either follow the cord back to your body if you’re ‘deeply’ focused in the astral realm. If you’re not so ‘grounded’ you can simply think about opening your physical eyes, and this will ‘snap you back’ to physical reality. For more, see our guide to the silver cord for astral projection.

8: Enter the advanced world of astral travel

Soon, you’ll want to dive deeper:

There are some advanced things you can do to improve your astral projection skills. Let’s explain a few things, but if you’d like to learn more, make sure to check out the advanced astral projection part of the blog!

Finding objects or information quickly

Next time you’re astral traveling, try and find an object in your room.

But here’s the thing:

Pick an easy object to describe and remember. Look at where it is, and when you get back to your physical reality find the object again and see if you were right.

It works best if you pick objects that you wouldn’t have known were there, for example objects in another room that someone else has placed there for you to find.

You can also get someone to write down some information for you on a bit of paper in another room. Astral project into that room and read it, then come back and test yourself! Keep doing it until you’re good at it!

The one thing you should never do

When beginners try to astral project, there’s one thing they almmost always do which makes SURE they fail. It’s such a simple thing but it can be detrimental to your success. Make sure to avoid this thing: (Click a button below to unlock)

The most common mistake is:

Trying to have an OBE during the night.

Lots of people try and have an OBE at 7PM sometimes, which is totally wrong. You MIGHT be able to, but the chances of you successfully having an OBE are very slim.


Because your REM sleep is at it’s peak during the early hours of the morning. If you avoid that period, it’s next to impossible to have an OBE because your brain chemistry is all wrong at that time.

So when should you try it?

Well, during the early hours of the morning. This is so very important, that we will keep reminding you of it throughout this website and our posts. Set your alarm to go off at about 4AM, and THEN attempt an OBE.

Your brain will be at the optimum condition then, because you’ll be full of ‘wake up hormones’ in preparation for the waking day, BUT you’ll be deeply relaxed and tired, so you could easily slip into an OBE/sleep!

You’ll thank us later! 

REMEMBER: to get started and learn MUCH more about astral projection, including the strange thing you can do while sitting down on a chair to double your astral projection count, go and have a look at the astral travel Ebook!

Useful tips for you

You’ve learned the basics of astral travel, but there is still of course much more to learn. If you’d like to get started and really dive into this, here are some useful links for you:

  • Binaural beats like these: (or this one) Listen to them WHILE you’re attempting an OBE and massively increase your chances. Also if you’re going to try meditation to help you astral project more often, try a mind machine!
  • Keep a journal (like this one) and write down what worked for you and what didn’t every night. This will help you learn from your mistakes and learn what works
  • You might want to try and use a mind machine to meditate and relax before projecting, like this one
  • Keep yourself healthy and get enough sleep: We can’t stress this enough!

8 Steps to Initiating an OBE

When Robert Monroe was alive, The Institute had no out-of-body courses in its catalog. “Despite being famously known for his OBEs, Bob did not want to focus solely on teaching the out-of-body process,” explains Nancy McMoneagle, TMI’s President & Executive Director.

«He didn’t want to imply that exploring consciousness was reliant on the OBE. To Bob, OBEs were a means to an end—a personal gateway into the realms of consciousness exploration. TMI programs focus on providing tools to achieve, explore, and use diverse and profound levels of consciousness. Our programs give people the means to discover and experience the magnitude of who they really are, to Know that they are more than their physical bodies.»

During the twenty-two years since Bob’s death in 1995, our culture has shifted, evolved, to the extent that people who now come to participate in consciousness exploration and development already understand that the OBE is a technique, a means to an end, rather than the end itself.

Today, TMI is tremendously fortunate to have William Buhlman, out-of-body veteran, author, and teacher, training his OBE Intensive at a TMI. Bill shares some of his proven techniques including his «Early Morning Method.»

1. Select a time in advance that you will experience an OBE. (This evening I will have a conscious OBE).

2. Several hours before your chosen time keep reminding yourself of your focused goal to have an immediate and conscious OBE.

3. At bedtime set your alarm for about 4 hours after you expect to fall asleep.

4. When you are relaxing and drifting off to sleep, repeat your intention to have a fully conscious OBE. (Hold your intention as your last conscious thought)

5. After awakened by your alarm, get up for about 15 minutes and move to your sofa (or designated OBE practice area, however, not your normal bed!) and lie on your back in a comfortable position.

6. Saturate your mind with your intention to have an immediate OBE. “Now I have an OBE” or whatever words focus your intention for you.

7. Close your eyes and imagine you are walking around your house, and away from your body, as you examine objects within your home. Clearly, imagine yourself walking to another room of your home.

8. While holding this vision, silently repeat your focused intention, “Now I have an Out-of-Body experience.” IMPORTANT — Hold this focused intention as your last conscious thought as you drift off.

Buhlman’s most recently published book Adventures in the Afterlife was inspired by a cancer diagnosis in 2011 resulting in Bill’s exploration of the afterlife and his confrontation with mortality. His lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences during his treatment and recovery provided mind-bending visions that were so illuminating that he felt compelled to journal his experiences. He provides insights in this book to assist the reader to navigate the many thought responsive environments in the afterlife.

If you’d like to learn more about Out-of-body Experiences, register for one of Bill’s upcoming programs at TMI.

June 24-30

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William Buhlman, Author, OBE Expert and Guest Trainer at The Monroe Institute

William Buhlman is a leading expert on out-of-body experiences. The author’s forty years of extensive personal out-of-body explorations give him a unique and thought provoking insight into this subject. His first book, Adventures Beyond the Body chronicles his personal journey of self-discovery through out-of-body travel and provides readers with the preparation and techniques that can be used for their own adventure. More.

How to Have An Out of Body Experience | Hypnagogic Sensations

An out of body experience (OBE) is defined as the perception that you have left your body and are now observing the world from a viewpoint nearby. OBE’s can be triggered involuntarily by illness (especially with fever) and injury, or you can learn how to have an out of body experience. Many people have taught themselves to induce OBE’s through self-hypnosis. Certain perceptual illusions can also fool your brain into thinking your viewpoint is outside your body. Scientific experiments have shown that our brains rely on several different senses working together to give us a sense of being in our bodies. When one or more of these senses is disrupted an out of body experience can result.

To deliberately trigger an OBE, you must learn how to induce sleep paralysis and/or hypnagogia (near-sleep) from a rested state. Hypnagogia refers to hallucinatory sensations preceding sleep, while sleep paralysis (REM atonia) relaxes our large muscle groups so we don’t act out our dreams. Both kick in as our brains gradually cut off sensory input from our bodies. If you go to sleep after a normal day of activity, you will be too fatigued to really notice these sensations because your brainwaves shift to a sleeping state at the same time. However, if you put yourself into a hypnagogic state after seven to eight hours of sleep, your rested brain will remain awake even as it shuts down sensory input and muscle control. With your brain awake and your body asleep, you are in the perfect position to achieve an OBE.

Here’s one method to induce sleep paralysis: wake up an hour or two earlier than you normally would. Go to work or school, or just be active if you have the day off. After you’ve been awake for seven to eight hours, take a nap. Set an alarm to wake you after one to two hours of sleep. When it goes off, get up and stay up for another one to two hours. After your one to two hours of wakefulness, lie back down and focus on relaxing your body. To keep your mind softly alert, choose a mantra to repeat in your mind. This should be a word you’re familiar with hearing, such as your own name. Some OBE practitioners recommend listening for the word as though you expect to hear it: as you fall deeper into a pre-sleep state, this method can encourage the auditory hypnagogia which often precedes an OBE. If you’ve succeeded in lulling yourself into a pre-sleep state, at this point you may begin to hear more pronounced auditory hallucinations: people have reported hearing crashes, bangs, buzzing, roaring, and whispering. You may also feel a sense of pressure like a lead blanket being draped over your body, and a feeling of intense vibration throughout your whole body. Throughout all these sensations it is important to keep breathing regularly (it may be easier to do so through your nose) to maintain your presence of mind and make it easier to separate from your body.

A gentler way to an out of body experience might be Robert Monroe’s method, which teaches you to induce hypnagogic sensations to generate a state of deep relaxation. As with inducing sleep paralysis, it may be easiest to induce hypnagogia during an afternoon nap. Practice in a room with a little ambient light coming in. Lie down with eyes closed and focus on your breathing. You can try keeping one arm raised at your side; every time you start to fall asleep it will fall back down, rousing your brain to alertness. Another technique is to hold an image in your mind: when other images intrude on it, you’ll know you’ve reached a state of hypnagogia. Monroe calls this Condition A.

From Condition A, you’ll want to move into deeper states of relaxation to bring on an OBE. Clear your field of vision of any images you see, focusing on just the blackness behind your eyelids. You may see faint patterns of light, what Monroe claims are neural discharges: once these dissipate, you’ll have reached Condition B. From here, your goal is to reach Condition C, a deeper state of relaxation in which you lose awareness of your body. You might feel like you’re floating in a void where the only stimulus is your own thoughts. When you can enter this state after a full night’s rest, Monroe labels it Condition D.

In Condition D, you are primed for an out of body experience. Most people experience vibrations throughout their bodies just before they achieve separation, so your next step is to induce these vibrations. With eyes closed, concentrate on a spot about a foot from your forehead; move it to three, then six feet away and rotate it ninety degrees so it sits above the crown of your head. Monroe then recommends you visualize reaching for the vibrations at this spot and pulling them down into your head. You may also feel your body become paralyzed as these vibrations sweep over it. To practice controlling the vibrations, visualize sending them from your head to toes and back. You can also try reaching out to a wall or object that’s physically too far away to reach. Once you can feel it, let your hand pass through and return. Stop the vibrations and check the object or wall’s actual location. This is practice for a full separation.

The “lift-out” is the most popular method for separating from the body: when you’re ready to separate, imagine yourself floating upward from your body, concentrating on how nice it would be to become lighter and leave your body. Alternatively, you can try the “roll-out” method: imagine rolling over in bed, starting with your head and shoulders, while remaining physically still. As you turn over you will seem to roll out of your body and float upwards.

I hope this brief article has given you a good idea of how to have an OBE if you’ve never deliberately tried to induce one before. Like any practice that involves focusing the mind, with  practice and dedication you should be able to teach yourself how to have an OBE reliably.

Cleansing someone else’s chakras and how to have an OBE • The Awakened State

What are birth marks in your perspective? And How do I have an out of body experience? an expansion.. Also, is there any way we can cleanse someone else’s chakras.. My dads are blocked like crazy, he is like a dark cloud walking around carrying so much negative energy. I’ve talked to him about meditation, and my step mom and I have tried putting crystals under his pillow. But I’m not quite sure if it’s working. For any advice?
I don’t know anything personally about birthmarks but it has been a rumor that certain shapes and figures can help tell if you’re a starseed or not. However you know how i feel about that, obviously we’re all star children technically so that concept seems a little silly to me.

I wrote a lot about astral projection/out of body experiences here:

We can help cleanse chakras through reiki healing energy but the personal soul level healing is activated by the thought which is from that particular person. WE can help them though by giving them crystals or reiki treatment but the real healing is within themselves and if they are ready for the true healing to begin. It’s beautiful to help others that’s great to hear that you’re putting crystals under his pillow but like with everything the true healing is within the thought. You can help but the only way they can really heal is if they heal themselves and love themselves. It’s always nice for guidance and crystal creatures to help us out though 🙂

Talking to them is always a great thing too, tell him that he should be more positive instead of negative all the time. Say that the laws of attraction work within thought so what we think we become. Like attracts like. If you think negatively you will attract negative outcomes into your life, if you think positive you will attract higher vibrational outcomes of positive emotion in your life. It’s just how karma works really.

Hope this helps

Much love and light <3



Ashley is the founder of The Awakened State, where she helps others understand the process of Kundalini Awakening through tools, exercises & personal experience. Her mission is to guide others to discover their unlimited potential and how we can move beyond our fears to create New Empowered Paradigms. She teaches others to Dismantle Resistance,Live Beyond Fear and Start Awakening Their Inner Creator. When she’s not blogging,she’s netflixing with her man or playing with her two crazy little ones.

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How to Have OBEs

Curious about how to have OBEs? There’s no art form that tells you how to have OBEs. You just have to basically figure out what works best for you. When it comes to how to have OBEs, though, lots of experts have tuned in with what they’ve seen work over and over again. Learning from what the experts have to say can help you when you’re trying to figure out how to have OBEs.

I learned how to have OBEs only with time and patience. For me, it was just as difficult, it seemed, as learning to have lucid dreams was at first. Keep at it, though, and you’ll learn how to have OBEs so well that you’ll be able to have them on a regular basis. Here are the basic steps you need to take when you’re ready to learn how to have OBEs:

Relax. This is super hard for some people, actually. The fact that my brain never shuts off is part of the reason that lucid dreaming and OBEs were difficult for me at first, I think. Are you like that? If so, it’s a good idea to put some relaxation techniques into play in your everyday life. You need to be dedicated if you want to learn how to have OBEs, and part of that dedication means being willing to learn to relax on a daily basis so that you can relax more deeply when you’re ready for your OBE.

One of the things I did was to start taking yoga classes. Learning about the mind-body connection and being able to use my body’s movement to calm my mind has been invaluable to me. You can also learn to relax through meditation techniques and other mind-clearing activities.

Once you learn how to relax, you can start having OBEs by relaxing in a sitting or lying position. You should be comfortable and should focus on completely relaxing your body and your mind. Visualization can help here, too. Basically, your goal in relaxing is to get your body to fall asleep while your mind remains awake and alert so that you can pull your astral body away from your physical body, which takes concentration.

Feel the Vibrations. When you’re learning how to have OBEs, the vibrational state might be hard to achieve at first. And once you do get there, it can be a little overwhelming. Basically, in this phase, you’ll start to feel or hear vibrations in your body – their intensity varies from person to person. You’ll want to continue to concentrate through this stage, and you may start to feel your body becoming paralyzed. This is normal, since you’re at a liminal phase between sleep and awake.

Once you start feeling the vibrations, you can begin to pull your astral body out of your physical body. There are lots of ways to do this, and how to have an OBE depends on your preferences and how your body works. The key is to remain calm and to focus on leaving the body. Don’t look back at your physical body right away. It’s a cool sensation when you can do that later, but you need to really establish the OBE first.

When you’re fully outside of your own body, you’ve learned how to have OBEs. Don’t be surprised if at first your OBE doesn’t last very long. As you progress in your learning of how to have OBEs and what techniques work best for you, you’ll be able to control your emotions and concentration so you can have longer and more fulfilling OBEs. For now, just enjoy the fact that you can travel outside of your own body!

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