How to hang something on brick – How to hang something on brick?

How to Hang a Heavy Mirror on Brick (How to Drill into Brick)

You have a brick fireplace.  You want to hang something heavy on it.  Probably a mirror, to bounce a little light around the room.  No problem (and good idea, by the way, I’m sure it will look fabulous). 

There is obviously more than one way to do this (and always default to professionals), but here’s how we hung the super heavy duty mirror we stenciled and framed.


  • Drill
  • Drill bit (for wood)
  • Masonry bit (some masonry screw brands sell the bit in the package)
  • Masonry screws
  • Wood screws
  • Masking tape
  • Pencil

How to hang something heavy on brick:

1.  We measured where we wanted the mirror hung, choosing two anchor points (for more strength) in the mortar between the bricks.

2.  We taped off the length of the screw on the drill bit, so we knew what depth to make the hole (this is the “poor man’s depth gauge”).

Masking tape works well, because it doesn’t leave a sticky residue on the bit.

3.   Using a masonry drill bit that came with our masonry screws, we drilled holes into the mortar, stopping when we reached our poor man’s depth gauge.  Handy Hubs kept the drill as straight as possible, so as not to enlarge the hole.

Step number three made a huge mess.

4.  Finally, we drove in the masonry screws, making sure they hugged the brick as tightly as possible, so they are nice and secure.

Easy-peasy.  Next we tackled the back of the mirror.

1.  We picked up some heavy duty hangers from our local hardware store and screwed them into the wood the mirror is mounted to, using wood screws.  We pre-drilled these holes too, to ensure a tighter fit.  (Pre-drilling also keeps the wood from splitting). 

2.  Using heavy duty picture hanging wire (this stuff is weight-rated), we tightly strung it from the hangers, actually triple-stranding it to make it extra tough.  We also kept quite a long tail, wrapping it back onto itself.

 3.  We also wanted to make sure the wire sat where it should on the screws, so we marked the points in pencil on the back of the mirror.  It’s important the wire isn’t too loosey-goosey, so we adjusted the tension accordingly.

And that’s it!  I was really stressed about hanging something really heavy on the brick (I pictured the whole fireplace crumbling or hearing a crash*bang and finding bits of shiny Hungarian poem everywhere), but Hubs knew what he was doing!  We lived with this mirror for years, and never had it move an inch!

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How to Hang Things on Brick Walls

Even though a brick wall is quite decorative by itself, perhaps it’s not enough and you’re unsatisfied with its blank appearance. Well, just a piece of advice, it is more difficult to hang things (art, shelves, lamps, etc.) on brick, but don’t be discouraged because it’s not impossible!

Exposed interior brick walls

Exposed brick invokes a certain sense of industrial-meets-cozy that can really transform a room. They are popular and chic because of their strength and longevity, both of which contribute to the effortlessly rugged vibe that exposed brick gives to a space. The looks are appealing because it enhances a wall without the need for decorative additions. It is simply the look of a natural state.

How to hang on an exposed brick wall

The first major step is to consider the proper tools for hanging on a brick wall because a standard hammer and nails can cause the mortar to crumble as you try to force the nail in. In this case, masonry tools are perfect as they’re designed for such a purpose, like masonry drill bits which can easily penetrate the mortar.

Secondly, placement is everything. Considering the fact that you are planning to drill holes in a wall, it is recommended that you spend some time visualizing where you want your art or mirrors to hang because mistakes can be costly and unseemly, to be frank. 

Get a friend to hold the piece in place so you can see it from various angles to make sure it’s perfectly placed. This way you will be satisfied immediately as it’s very difficult to change after the fact and you’ll have to cover the holes you’ve made in the mortar.

The first thing to remember is that any holes should go in the mortar between each brick and not the brick itself because the mortar is more easily penetrable and holes in bricks can affect their structural integrity and introduce all sorts of problems. Poor quality mortar tends to chip and flake off so it’s important to keep that in mind when starting to drill into the mortar. When using anchors and screws, it’s important to make sure that they are made specifically for brick walls. 

If you wish to hang things that weigh less such as canvases or small mirrors, concrete sleeve anchors will do the trick. Otherwise heavier mounts like those for a TV require something like double expansion anchors which give significantly more support in the concrete for a heavier load. 

Now that the anchors have been inserted into your drilled holes, you can install a masonry-specific screw and you can proceed to hang whatever you like.

Brick clips for exposed brick walls

But if drilling holes isn’t your thing or you don’t want holes in your beautiful brick wall, a less intrusive option would be brick clips. This simple device can be affixed to the brick wall, against an individual brick and clamps between the mortar to allow you to easily hang something on the attached hook, no holes necessary! Available in different sizes, these brick clips are a great, inexpensive solution and can be found at most home improvement stores.

So, hanging things on an exposed brick wall requires a little more work than simple drywall but the effort is worth the reward. Exposed brick walls give a timeless look that adds charm while bringing a cozy aspect that never really goes out of style. This is important for decorating because a timeless space is an enduring one which will always get compliments from guests.

Author: David Ben-Zaken

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How to Hang Something on a Wall

One of the appeals of a plasma TV is its shape. The ability to hang a
television on a wall, freeing up floor space and emphasizing the slim
aesthetic, make the idea of stand-mounting the TV seem improper. With
simple tools and the proper hardware, wall-mounting a plasma can be
done in a few hours.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You’ll
Flat panel television
Flat panel wall
3/4-inch drill bit
Socket wrench with
2-inch lag bolts
2-inch lag bolt
Screwdrivers (Phillips, Allen, flat
Someone to help

Determine the height of
the wall mount. Use a pencil or drill bit tip to mark the bolt locati


Hanging items on a brick wall is somewhat more complicated than other
types of walls. Brick cannot be simply nailed into, nor can it be
screwed. Instead you must first drill a hole using a masonry bit, then
use an anchor to secure a screw or bolt to the wall. Anchors come in
different sizes, materials and weight allowances; and are available
individually or in bulk at your local hardware
store.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You’ll
Masonry bit
Anchor and screw/bolt
Screwdriver or wrench

ItemsDrill a hole into the brick using a masonry bit. The diameter of
the hole will depend on the anchor that y

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Hanging a T-shirt on a wall is a good way to show off a collectible
like a sports jersey or autographed band T-shirt. However, T-shirts do
not hold their shape well when they are on the wall and quickly
collect dust. It is best to frame the shirts to keep the proper shape
and stay clean. Hang the framed T-shirt in a themed room dedicated to
your favorite rock group or sports team. These hangings also work well
in a child’s room.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You’ll
Shadow box picture

Select a shadow box picture frame about the
same length as the shirt. Shadow box picture frames are dee

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Hanging a new wall light fixture to replace a fixture near your bed
(or on any other part of the wall) is an easier project than you might
think. The new fixture simply goes in place of the existing fixture,
with the wires from the wall connecting to the new fixture in the same
way to they did to the old fixture. If the electrical box isn’t in the
right location relative to the bed, have a professional electrician
move it before you proceed to hang the
fixture.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You’ll
New wall light
Wire nuts
class=»error»>Cut the power to the existing wall light at the fuse
Remove the existing wall light, using your screwdr

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While methods for hanging varying kinds of wall décor differ by
décor type, you can still follow some general guidelines for
successfully decorating your walls. According to a post at Apartment
Therapy, you should hang wall décor at 57 inches, which is the
«average human eye height.» The center of the object should hit the
57-inch mark. Don’t limit yourself to only hanging pictures as wall
décor. You can hang baskets, bowls, plates or other flat-backed
objects neatly on your wall, as long as hanging hardware is attached
to the back.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You’ll
Measuring tape
3 thumb tacks
Spool of

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When hanging carpet on a wall, determine if it will be a permanent or
temporary fixture, and if a large or small section of wall will be
carpeted. Figure out what type of carpet will be hung, and what
material the walls consists of, as different applications will require
different methods. Using a staple gun to hold the carpet to the wall
will ensure that it will stay in position, and that it can be easily
removed. Staples from a staple gun will penetrate wood as well as
gypsum board. Concrete installation may require glue or hanging
hardware designed for masonry walls.Difficulty:EasyInstructions
Things You’ll Need
Utility knife
Staple gun
inch to 1 inch staple

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Flat-panel televisions are a viable alternative to bulky, full-size
televisions in many homes. Not only do these televisions look great,
they also have an extremely thin profile. This makes it easy and
convenient to mount your television to a wall, a move that could
potentially save you some space and negate the necessity of a TV
stand.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You’ll
Stud finder

Choose a good location for your
television. You’ll want the center of the television to be placed at
eye level when you’re viewing it. If this just isn’t possible given
the dimensions and décor of your room,


How to Hang Art on a Brick Wall

A full or partial brick wall lends a rugged style to a room, whether
it’s used just around a fireplace, placed on one or two walls in a
living room, or left exposed to create an urban atmosphere in a loft
apartment. You aren’t limited to a bare brick wall; it’s possible to
hang picture frames on a brick wall. You’ll just need certain tools to
ensure that the picture frame is being supported well enough to
prevent the picture from falling down.Difficulty:Moderately
EasyInstructions Things You’ll Need
Drill with masonry
Wall anchor

Measure exactly where
you want the picture to hang on the brick wall. Mark the wall with a
piece of chalk exactly wher

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Mounting a flatscreen television on a wall in your home affords you
more floor space, which is ideal if the size of the room is limited.
If you have brick walls in your home, you don’t have to shy away from
hanging the television on the brick. While a television on a brick
wall creates a hip, modern style, mounting the television on brick is
only moderately more difficult to achieve than performing the task on
drywall.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You’ll
Television mount
Masonry drill
Mounting bolts

Choose the appropriate height for
the television

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Hanging items on a brick wall is somewhat more complicated than other
types of walls. Brick cannot be simply nailed into, nor can it be
screwed. Instead you must first drill a hole using a masonry bit, then
use an anchor to secure a screw or bolt to the wall. Anchors come in
different sizes, materials and weight allowances; and are available
individually or in bulk at your local hardware
store.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You’ll
Masonry bit
Anchor and screw/bolt
Screwdriver or wrench

ItemsDrill a hole into the brick using a masonry bit. The diameter of
the hole will depend on the anchor that y

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Hanging objects on a wall that is not drywall can actually be easier
than hanging onto the drywall. When you hang something heavy on
drywall it needs to be affixed to the stud, whereas a brick or cement
block wall can hold more and heavier objects.Difficulty:Moderately
EasyInstructions Things You’ll Need
Wall Anchors
class=»error»>Drill holes into the brick, using a drill with the
proper bit. The depth of the hole should be only slightly greater than
the length of the anchor. Also the width of the anchors should be the
same as the bit width. Place screws where you would want the corners
of the shelf to be. You wil

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Unlike wood or drywall, on which you can use nearly any type of basic
hardware, including screws or nails, to hang an item, hanging an item
on a brick wall requires specialty hanger types. These hangers are
strong enough to go through the solid material of the bricks or mortar
and have the necessary components to hold the item in place once
installed.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You’ll
Masonry hanger
Drill with masonry bit

Put a masonry bit
that is approximately 1/8-inch smaller than the screws or nails
provided with the masonry hanger onto a drill. The packaging of the
masonry hanger usually suggests th

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You can easily hang a painting on a brick wall with the help of brick
hooks. Brick hooks are sold based on weight and are inserted into the
mortar joint between the bricks with a hammer after drilling pilot
holes. You can find picture wire, brick hooks and masonry drill bits
at your local home improvement store or at online retailers. Follow
these step by step instructions to hang any painting on your brick
wall.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You’ll Need
Picture wire
and screws
Wire cutters
Measuring tape and pen
and 1/8 masonry drill bit
Brick hooks
class=»error»>Attach picture wire to the back of your painting. Cut a
length of

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Sometimes the only area you have available to hang artwork is a brick
wall. While you may think it will be too difficult or destructive to
hang art and other decorations on brick, it no longer requires nailing
or drilling unsightly holes in the brick mortar. Instead, use a brick
spring clip to avoid ruining your walls or endangering your artwork. A
brick spring clip is a metal fastener that grips the top and bottom of
the brick. The front of the clip has hooks to hang pictures, wreaths,
holiday lights or any other form of artwork up to 25 pounds. Brick
spring clips can be purchased in most hardware stores and are
generally available in three different

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How to Hang Picture Frames on a Brick Wall


Although exposed brick offers a warm, appealing aesthetic redolent of history, many homeowners are puzzled by the question of how to hang pictures on a brick wall. If you’ve never done it before, this may seem like a daunting proposition. Whereas drywall or plaster easily yield to a nail, brick and mortar obviously require a different approach. Yes, the steps involved are different, as are the necessary tools and materials. But make no mistake: Even a beginning do-it-yourselfer can hang pictures on a brick wall. Simply follow the instructions detailed below.

MATERIALS AND TOOLS Available on Amazon
– Chalk
– Spirit level (optional)
– Drill
– Masonry bit
– Wall anchors
– Flushmounting picture hooks or screws
– Screwdriver


You’ve probably never thought of picture hanging as an especially messy project, but when you’re working with brick, there’s always the risk of dispersing dust around the work area. So before you begin, it’s a good idea to cover fragile items nearby with either plastic sheeting or a drop cloth. Doing so minimizes the amount of time you’ll need to spend cleaning up once you’ve finished the job.


Use chalk to mark the location (on the mortar, not on the face of a brick) where you want to install the picture hook. Don’t worry—chalk can be rubbed away when you’re done.

Ask a friend to stand in the middle of the room while you hold the picture frame over the chalk mark you’ve made on the mortar. Taking into account the manner in which the frame is going to hang—from a wire or by means of a D-ring or sawtooth hanger— confirm that you’ve chalked the correct spot. If you are hanging multiple pictures, you may want to break out the level, so you can make sure everything aligns.

Attach a masonry bit to your drill/driver and proceed to drill a hole into the mortar where you marked it with chalk. (Don’t have any masonry bits? You can easily order a set from Amazon or elsewhere.) Be sure to drill deep enough to accommodate a wall anchor, but not so deep that you might puncture any wires or pipes behind the brick.

Place a wall anchor into the hole you’ve drilled. Next, screw a picture hook into the embedded wall anchor. Finally, hang the picture frame over the hook you’ve secured into place. Now you’re done. Last but not least: Stand back to enjoy the view!


Additional Tips

– Choose a masonry bit that’s the correct size for the wall anchor you’re using.

– Use two wall anchors to safely secure a heavy, glass-fronted picture frame.

– When drilling, be careful to protect your eyes from the dust that may scatter.

How to Hang a Flower Box on a Brick Home | Home Guides

Window boxes can sit on a windowsill or hang from a wall.

If you’ve never drilled a hole in brick before, you need to acquaint yourself with a hammer drill to get your flower box correctly hung. Hammer drills, as the name suggests, provide percussion on the drill bit so it can bite through tough masonry. A regular drill won’t work for this project. With the correct drill and masonry bits, though, you can provide α secure mounting for a flower box on the brick wall under a window — a skill that can be applied to other masonry projects.


Measure and mark the center of the flower box. Measure and mark the center of the cement sill below the window. Place the flower box on the ground, roughly lined up with the window.

Lay out the L-shaped support brackets for the box; there typically are four brackets for a flower box up to 48 inches wide. Space the brackets underneath the flower box according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Mark the location of each bracket on the edge of the flower box.

Flip over the box. Αlign the support brackets with the first set of marks and mark holes where the bottom leg of the mounting bracket screws into the bottom of the flower box. Set aside the mounting brackets.

Lift the flower box under the cement sill. Line up the center lines of the box and the sill. Place a spirit level on the top edge of the back of the window box. Line up the bracket marks on the edge of the box with the faces of brick, making sure none fall on a mortar line. Mark the locations of each bracket on the brick just under the cement sill. Set aside the flower box aside.

Hold up the L-brackets on the wall and mark the holes on the faces of the brick, double-checking that none fall on mortar.


Insert a drill bit in your hammer drill set to the size of the lag shields. Firmly tighten the chuck.

Place a piece of masking tape on the drill bit to the depth of the lag shields plus about 1/8 inch, or tighten a bit collar in place to control the depth.

Set the drill on the “hammer” setting and drill into each marked hole. Focus on keeping the drill level so the bit doesn’t wander and create a hole that is too wide.

Blow out the mortar dust from each hole, closing your eyes against the dust. You also may blow the dust out the hole with a blast from a can of compressed air or dust remover, sticking the plastic straw into the back of the hole.

Press the lag shield into the hole. Thread each lag bolt through a washer and through its hole in the support bracket. Tighten with a socket wrench, going more slowly as the bracket makes contact with the brick face. Pause and check the window box for level. Adjust the window box as needed and finish tightening the lag bolts.

Set the flower box on the support bracket. Screw the bottom leg of the L-bracket to the bottom of the flower box, with screws that won’t punch the window box. If you are setting a plastic liner in the flower box, a screw penetration won’t matter much. Add soilless planting mix, plants and flowers to the flower box.

Things You Will Need
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker
  • Spirit level
  • Hammer drill
  • Masonry bit
  • Lag bolts and lag shields
  • Masking tape
  • Bit collar
  • Compressed air
  • Socket wrench and socket set
  • Soilless mix
  • Masonry screws
  • For smaller flower boxes, the manufacturer may call for masonry screws to go directly into the brick, rather than a lag shield combined with a lag screw.
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How To Hang a Picture on Brick

Decorating one’s home is all about taking certain liberties with the areas of the house—in other words; it often has to do with making radical improvements of your own to personalize your home. This can include home-improvement projects like changing the floor tiles, or installing certain lights and even painting the walls. One of the easier ways to change the way a house looks and feels is by hanging some pictures around the walls. If there are no places you can hang them from, then you can always install something of your own to accommodate the picture or illustration (with the use of the ever-handy drill). The only thing you have to keep in mind when it comes to hanging pictures is the kind of wall you are going to be drilling. Normally, these walls are easy enough to punch a hole through and add a hook, which you can use to put up your decorations, but there are situations where even a veteran of home-projects can be unsure. One of these situations is when you wish to hang a picture on a brick wall.

Because of the texture and the way a brick wall looks, it seems that the conventional way is not going to cut it (or at the very least, a hammer and nail will not be able to do a good job). The truth is, it is just as simple—you only need some different tools to get the job done. So if you are interested in hanging a picture (or anything else) on a brick wall, then read on to the step-by-step process provided by this article below:

  • Gather the necessary tools to get the job done. This includes a power drill, a mortar drill bit, a hammer, and brick hooks with a special nail included. Unlike normal nails, the nails that come with brick hooks are especially unbendable. This will make it easier for you to set up the brick hook, and once you have everything ready, you can begin.
  • Drill the area you wish to hang your picture on, and apply the hooks. When drilling, it is always best not to drill on the brick itself, but instead on the mortar, which holds the bricks together. Once you have properly drilled a hole (remember not to drill too deeply and to use the mortar drill bit so that you do not make a mess), insert your brick hook and the special nail that comes along with it. Afterwards, it is just a matter of hammering the nail into place. Exercise caution and hammer the nail in until it holds the brick hook very firmly.
  • Repeat the process for the rest of the hooks if the picture requires more than one. Typically, a larger and heavier picture will need at least two hooks to keep it supported, so now it is simply a matter of repeating the process. Always keep in mind that it is better to drill through the mortar instead of the actual brick, as even with the mortar drill bit, it may still cause the brick to fragment.

Once you are done, you can now hang the picture of your choice. You can even hang other items—there are plenty of possibilities.

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