How to hang christmas lights in room – 45 Ideas To Hang Christmas Lights In A Bedroom

45 Ideas To Hang Christmas Lights In A Bedroom

If you want to adorn your bedroom with Christmas lights then you came into the right place to find some inspiration. If these creative ideas to hang holidays lights isn’t enough then check out all these pictures below. It isn’t hard to decorate your bedroom with lights but make it comfy and romantic isn’t as easy as it sounds. Anyway, enjoy!

Infuse your bedroom with sparkling, magical, twinkling fairy lights. String the Christmas lights across your ceiling and enjoy!

This simple fabric headboard could make your bedroom really attractive. Just make sure to hang some white holiday lights behind the fabric.

Welcoming and magical ambiance you can achieve with lights is perfect for modern interiors.

If you want to wake up in a room full of holiday cheer then Christmas lights hanging from dried twigs is a perfect solution for you.

A cheap white curtain, removable wall hooks and Christmas lights are only things you need to create a holiday bed canopy.

A DIY chandelier made from hula hoop, twine, Christmas lights and plumes is a great addition to any bedroom.

Do you have a vanity in your bedroom? Here is how it should look during holidays.

Christmas lights mixed with an Instagram gallery wall is a great way to decorate any wall.

Christmas lights could become task lighting in general and replace traditional bedside wall lamps.

How would you like to fall asleep watching tiny twinkling lights resembling stars above your bed? That isn’t hard to achieve!

Such lighted canvas is an amazing piece of art that would definitely bring some magic to your decor.

This DIY LED headboard could make your bedroom magical not only for Christmas but for the whole year.

Here is another amazing idea for a DIY glowing headboard that you can make for Christmas.

Take a bunch of Christmas light strings and turn them into a gorgeous glowing wall tree.

Several branches could become a great support for Christmas lights. You can mount them right to the bed.

A breezy drapery combined with lights would create a whimsical effect right by your sleeping area.

One simple Christmas light string could become a great last minute decoration in any bedroom.

String lanterns would look perfect combined with lights and drapes.

Make your bedroom 100 percent more magical with overhead twinkle lights. That would be possible thanks to multiple strands of lights.

To make a wall less boring and add a Christmas sparkle to it, try adorning it with fairy lights.

A romantic and shabby-chic idea could be quite easily to make. This is a perfect example.

Hang string lights to make twinkling draperies and turn your bedroom into a princess layer.

How To Decorate Your Room With Christmas Lights

Image: pixabay

Adding a little extra lighting to your room is very easy and can really change the look and feel of your room and give it a different atmosphere. One of the simplest ways to do so is by adding Christmas lights or fairy lights to decorate a room.

Here at we have put together a some quick tips on how to decorate your room with Christmas lights.

Use Fairy Lights to Decorate a Mirror

There are many ways to add some more sparkle to your bedroom or living room and using Christmas lights is one of them. One of the best places to decorate with Christmas lights in your room is to hang them around the mirror. It is something that gets looked at everyday, so why not make it look even prettier?

The Christmas lights will make your mirror stand out more than ever plus they will give you a little more light if you need it. It is best to use LED lights on the mirror so that you will have more of a glowing look to your mirror.

Using Christmas Lights To Decorate Your Bedroom

If you have a larger bed frame, that is the perfect place to decorate with Christmas lights. Many people like to wrap the headboard, the arms, and the legs of the bed. Depending on how much light you really want around your bed, it is up to you what parts of the frame you want wrapped in lights. Mini LED lights work really well on wrapping your bed frame in lights. You will feel like you are a princess with all of the lights on your bed frame. If your feeling adventurous you can even decorate your room with homemade LED light decorations.


Using Fairy Lights To Decorate A Window

If you have a window in your room, adding Christmas lights to it can really change the whole feel and look of the room. You can hang the lights underneath your window curtain to give a very soft look to your bedroom. These lights will give your room a new ambiance that you will fall in love with. Be sure to use LED lights that will stay very cool against the fabric of your curtain.

Tips on using Christmas Lights For Decoration

When you add Christmas lights to a room, the entire look and feel changes. Just a simple item like lights can make a whole difference. If you are looking to redecorate your room, try to add some Christmas lights first. You will be really impressed with how much they can change your room. After the holidays are over, you can still keep the lights up in your room. No one says that they have to be considered Christmas lights all year long.

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How To Hang Christmas Lights In Your Room

How To Hang Christmas Lights In Your Room
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Best 25+ Christmas Lights Bedroom Ideas On Pinterest | Christmas throughout How To Hang Christmas Lights In Your Room

45 Ideas To Hang Christmas Lights In A Bedroom – Shelterness inside How To Hang Christmas Lights In Your Room

45 Ideas To Hang Christmas Lights In A Bedroom – Shelterness throughout How To Hang Christmas Lights In Your Room

Best 25+ Christmas Lights Bedroom Ideas On Pinterest | Christmas pertaining to How To Hang Christmas Lights In Your Room

String Lights With How To Hang In 2017 Hanging For Bedroom Picture with How To Hang Christmas Lights In Your Room

45 Ideas To Hang Christmas Lights In A Bedroom – Shelterness intended for How To Hang Christmas Lights In Your Room

How To Put Christmas Lights In A Girl's Room : Getting Crafty within How To Hang Christmas Lights In Your Room

45 Ideas To Hang Christmas Lights In A Bedroom – Shelterness pertaining to How To Hang Christmas Lights In Your Room

Best 25+ Christmas Lights Bedroom Ideas On Pinterest | Christmas inside How To Hang Christmas Lights In Your Room

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How To: Hang Christmas Lights Outside

How to Hang Christmas Lights Outdoors


‘Tis the season for all things twinkling and bright. In countless communities nationwide, hanging outdoor Christmas lights is annual event, and neighbors vie for the best-lit house on the street. Before you drag the extension ladder out in frigid temps, however, be aware that there’s a right way and a wrong way for how to hang Christmas lights outside. With a little pre-planning, and the correct tools and materials, you can tackle the task safely and create an illuminated masterpiece that will be the talk of the block. Check out our steps and tips for hanging this year’s holiday lights.

MATERIALS AND TOOLS Available on Amazon
– Paper and pencil
– Measuring tape
– Extension ladder
– Stepladder
– Plastic shingle/gutter light clips
– Deck clips
– Outdoor Christmas lights
– Exteriorrated extension cord(s)
– Zip ties
– Lighthanging pole
– Yard stake with timer
– Duct tape

SAFETY FIRST: Extension ladders and step ladders must be sturdy and safe. Don’t climb on a rickety ladder, and never lean to the side of a ladder in an attempt to stretch farther than your normal arm’s reach. Instead, climb down and move the ladder over before continuing your job of hanging Christmas lights outside.

Design a lighting plan. Whether you want a full-on winter wonderland or prefer a minimalist look, it’s wise to sketch out on paper or at least list the types of lights you want and where you’ll put them before you hit the store, trying to decide in an aisle full of dazzle. Stand across the street from your home to help visualize your plan. Do you want to adorn just the eaves or do you aim to decorate porch columns, railings, mailbox posts, fences, and even your trees and shrubs?

With a long measuring tape (50 feet, or longer, works well), measure the distances where you will hang lights, such as along eaves, door and window frames, and the vertical corners on your home. Record the measurements so you don’t buy too many or too few lights.

Straight lines are easy to measure, but you’ll have to do a little guesstimating if you plan to wrap lights around columns or tree branches. While there’s no set rule to wrapping lights, you can figure how many you’ll need with the following formula. This example uses a 10-foot. column with a 1.5-foot. circumference:

Divide the height of the column (in inches) by how far apart you’d like to space each wrap of the light strand. We think 3 inches apart is a nice look. Because our example is 10 feet tall (120 inches), our formula would be 120 ÷ 3 = 40.

Then, multiply the total (40 in our case) by the circumference of the column (in feet). For our column that’s 1.5 feet in circumference, that would be 40 X 1.5 = 60.

For our 10-ft. column, we’d need 60 feet of lights in order to wrap the strands 3 inches apart. Your results will vary depending on the height and circumference of your column or tree trunk.

Decorating shrubs and bushes with string lights is a matter of personal preference, and you’ll have to take into account the width and height of your shrubs. That said, a 6-foot evergreen needs about 400 lights to achieve a merry and bright—but not to cluttered—Christmas tree effect.

To reduce the number of electrical outlets you’ll need, select light strands that connect to one another. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and limitations. In many cases, you can safely connect up to 25 LED light strands, and up to six strands of incandescent lights.

How to Hang Christmas Lights Outdoors


Test the lights before hanging them. This is especially important if you’re using stored Christmas lights from previous years, but even brand new strands can be faulty. Plug in each strand individually. The last thing you want is to spend time hanging lights that don’t work!

Use plastic light clips to hang strands along eaves and gables. These inexpensive clips are designed specifically for hanging Christmas lights, and they hook over the top lip of your home’s gutter, or, alternately, they slip under the edges of roof shingles. Read package instructions to determine the specifics—some are suitable for both types of connecting. Don’t use nails or staples to attach the lights: You could end up damaging the gutter, the shingles, or the lights. Observe safe ladder practices, as noted above.

Install lights on railings by either winding the strand around the handrail or—for a perfectly straight line of lights—by using deck clips. Deck clips are designed to securely grip a standard handrail and support a string of lights. Plastic zip-ties are also a good choice for attaching light strands to railings and balusters.

If possible, use a light-hanging pole to secure lights on higher tree branches. It’s dangerous to climb out onto branches to hang lights in trees, but a light-hanging pole lets you remain on the ground, or on a safe rung of your ladder, while slipping strands over and around the branches in a free-form manner.

Use an exterior-rated extension cord to plug in your lights. Interior extension cords are not safe for outdoor use. To make your lighting even more secure, wrap a bit of duct tape around the plug-ins where the cords connect. This will reduce the chance of moisture getting into the plug and blowing a fuse or breaker.


• Use a timer to turn your Christmas lights on at dusk and turn them back off a few hours later unless you want to leave them on all night. Yard stakes that feature multiple outlets and timers are designed specifically for controlling outdoor holiday lights.

• Choosing LED Christmas lights can help save money on your utility bill. LEDs use less energy than incandescent lights and are just as attractive. Moreover, they can relieve you of anxiety that a bulb burning out here or there will render an entire string useless. (Like larger LED bulbs designed for lamps and light fixtures, they’ll last decades—well past incandescents!)

• Perhaps the best tip for how to hang Christmas lights outside has nothing to do with mounting them to your home and landscape and all to do with storing them. Done right, this preparation can eliminate time wasted sorting tangled lights. So, when you take your lights down after the holidays, wind them around large cans—such as coffee cans—before packing them away. This will make them easier to unwind when you take them out to hang next year. Or, if you don’t have any such cans, try one of these other three methods for storing Christmas lights. Anyone who’s tried untangling a gnarl of light strands will appreciate this tip!

How To Hang Christmas Lights

We’ve added more content and images to our new Christmas light installation guide.

Learn how to hang Christmas lights with our step-by-step installation guide. The methods we teach you here are the same methods that many Christmas light hangers use when providing professional Christmas light installation services for their clients.

Hanging Christmas lights is inherently dangerous. Please do not attempt this unless you are willing to take the risks involved when hanging Christmas lights. assumes no responsibility for your safety. We recommend hiring a professional Christmas light installer to hang Christmas lights for you.

Table of Contents

Estimate the Number of Light Needed

Estimating how many Christmas lights you will need to hang on your home isn’t easy. Our Christmas light hangers have experience with estimation that cannot be explained through a guide. Instead of telling you secrets to estimating Christmas lights, we will provide you with pictures of different homes and give you an estimate as to how many lights are needed to decorate. To be safe, purchase more Christmas lights than you anticipate needed. Estimate the linear footage of the eves that you want to decorate.

Lights For a House

Below are some pictures of different sized homes followed by an estimate of the number of lights needed to hang Christmas lights on the front of the home.

The front of this single story home has between 120 and 135 feet of Christmas lights.

The front of this two story home has between 210 and 235 feet of Christmas lights.

This home only has about 60 feet of Christmas lights on the eves.

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Types of Christmas Light Strands

C9 Christmas lights are by far the most common light bulb to use when people hang Christmas lights. C7 lights are the same shape as C9’s bulbs, but are smaller in diameter. The C9 bulb is 9/8 inch in diameter while the C7 Christmas light is 7/8 inches in diameter. Most Christmas light cord has a 12 inch spacing between bulbs, but may vary between 6″ and 36″. We recommend using 12″ spacing between bulbs. Icicle lights may be used in place of bulbed Chrismtas light cord. Please use LED icicle lights only! They are more expensive, but last much longer, do not have the tendency to go out, and are much easier to install.

A C9 Christmas light bulb.

A C7 Christmas light bulb.

An icicle light strand.

Mini Christmas lights are best used in trees.

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Electricity Basics

Never hang Christmas lights while they are plugged in. Working with live electricity can be dangerous and you may get electrocuted. You don’t need to be an expert in electricity to hang Christmas lights, but you need to know about amperage. Plugging too many Christmas lights into the same extension cord or light strand can cause the wire to fail, aka burning-up.

Each bulb or light strand consumes power measured in watts or amps. Check the label to see how much power the lights consume. C9 bulbs typically consume 7 watts, C7 bulbs consume 5 watts, LED C9’s consume a negligible about of power unless stringing more than 400 on the same cord. Mini lights consume 0.2 amps per 100 bulbs. Check the labels or the writing on the bulbs to confirm. To convert watts to amps, multiple the watts per bulb times the number of bulbs and divided by 110. Standard light cord is usually rated for 10 amps. Again, be sure to check the rating for all your extension cords and light strands. Add up all the power on the downstream side of the male connector where you are plugging the Christmas lights in. Stay under the rating of the cord.

Christmas lights purchased in sets of 25 have fuses in the male connectors. These usually rated for 5 amps and will fail if you plug more than 75 C9 lights into these cords.

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Powering the Christmas Lights

Look for a central outlet to plug the Christmas lights into. Plugging the Christmas lights into an outlet near the center of the home distributes the electrical load on the cord and reduces the need to run more extension cords.

The white lines show where extension cords were used to plug in the Christmas lights.

In this Christmas light display, the lights are plugged into an outlet near the front door. One 13 amp extension cord hides behind the downspout to the right of the front door. The Christmas lights above the front door are plugged into this extension cord and run towards the left side of the house. About 75 C9 bulbs are on this line. Another extension cord runs to the right peak. 40 bulbs are on that line. A third extension cord runs to the dormer to power an additional 25 light bulbs. In total, we have 140 C9 Christmas lights consuming 9 amps of power on this 13 amp extension cord. The mini lights on the ground are plugged into a separate extension cord which is plugged into the 20 amp outlet.

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Custom Cutting the Christmas Light Strands

Standard two-wire Christmas light cord can be cut at any length. Use a pair of wire-cutters to cut off excess lights. Please don’t wrap the extra lights around the down spout. DO NOT cut the cord while the lights are plugged in. Seal the end of the cord by pulling the wire sheathing past the end of the exposed wires and melt with a lighter then pinch the ends. Place a connector over the end if you need to plug more lights into this cord.

Cut the cord between two sockets.

Pull the sheathing back to cover the exposed wires.

Melt the end of the sheathing, then pinch to close.

Attach a connector to the cord.

Slide the cap on the connector.

Using the male and female connectors, you can hang Christmas lights on only the eves that you want to decorate. You also reduce the amount of extension cords needed to plug in the Christmas lights.

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How to Hang Christmas Lights On a House

There are a variety of methods used to hang Christmas lights on your home. These methods of hanging Christmas lights depend on the style and material of the soffit and fascia. Soffits may be made form vinyl, wood, or aluminium.

Parts of a soffit.

Hang Christmas lights on a vinyl soffit by using the socket clip.

You may hang Christmas lights on a wooden soffit by stapling the lights.

You cannot staple into this soffit or use the socket clip. Instead, use the universal Christmas light clip.

To hang Christmas lights, start at the outlet with the lights unplugged. Attach the first bulb to the soffit. Pull the slack out of the cord and attach the next bulb. When you have reached the end of the eve, you can transition to the next eve with the Christmas light strand. Unscrew or loosen the bulbs that you do not want to be lit. If the next eve is more than 4 feet away, cut the cord, add a connector, and use an extension cord. Try to hang Christmas lights on as much visible eves as you can. Start within 6″ of the end of the eve. Don’t leave any eves without lights.

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Hang Christmas Lights With the Socket Clip

It is easy to hang Christmas lights with the clip built into the socket. With the bulb facing towards you, open the clip and slip it between the soffit and the fascia cover. If you bought Christmas lights in a set of 25, you will notice that the male end is always at either the left or right end of the strand when the bulb is facing towards you and the clip is up. To fix this problem, simply cut both ends off and swap with the connectors.

Use your fingers to open the clip on the Christmas light socket.

Slide the clip between the soffit and the fascia cover.

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Hang Christmas Lights With Universal Clips

If you cannot use the soffit clip, you may need to use a universal clip to hang Christmas lights on your home. The universal clip can attach to C9, C7, or Icicle lights and can be used on gutters, drip edges, and shingles.

Attach the clip to a C9 or C7 socket.

Attach the clip to icicle lights.

Hang Christmas lights to a gutter using the Christmas light hanger.

The universal Christmas light hanger can be attached to the drip edge.

Hang Christmas lights on the shingles if no drip edge or gutter is available.

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Hang Christmas Lights With a Staple Gun

This is another option to hang Christmas lights if you have a wooden soffit and cannot use the socket clip or don’t like the look of the universal clip. Be warned, that tiny staple holes will cause slight damage to the wood. If your wood soffit is painted, you may not want to use staples. Stained wood soffits can safely be stapled.

Use a staple gun with 3/8″ staples.

Staple the Christmas lights with the bulb facing out.

You may staple the Christmas lights facing down.

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How to Hang Lights In a Christmas Tree

There are a few different ways to hang Christmas lights in trees depending on the type of the tree, shape of the tree, and how many lights you want to use. We usually use mini lights or LED lights to decorate Christmas trees. Incandescent light bulbs can be damaged and burn out due to winds.

A traditional Christmas tree.

Christmas lights in a leafy deciduous tree.

Wrapping a Christmas tree with holiday lights.

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Hang Christmas Lights In Pine trees

To achieve a random pattern, we evenly distribute lights within the tree by weaving the lights in and out of the branches. Avoid straight lines when hanging Christmas lights in a tree.

To hang Christmas lights in a tree, weave the lights in and out of the branches.

This is how to hang Christmas lights in a tree.

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Hang Christmas Lights In a Leafy Deciduous Trees

Hang Christmas lights in these leafy trees by outlining the branches of the tree. Start by wrapping the trunk of the tree then hooking around the small twigs growing out of the main branches. Don’t wrap the branches, but follow them! You don’t need to decorate all the branches to make the tree looks nice. Keep the tree looking symmetrical by balancing the amount of Christmas lights on each side of the tree.

Wrap Christmas lights around the trunk of the tree.

Hang Christmas lights on the branches by hooking to the twigs.

And now you’re done hanging Christmas lights in this tree.

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Wrapping Christmas Lights In a Tree

Save time and lights by wrapping your pine trees or deciduous trees. Make a loop at the female end of the Christmas lights. Place this loop over the top branch. Use an extension pole with a hook on the end of it if the top of the tree is out of reach. Wrap the lights around the outside of the tree and keep an even spacing between wraps. Tie new Christmas light strands together and remove the empty spacing between the strands.

Tie a loop at the end of the strand to place over the top branch.

Keep an even spacing between the Christmas lights.

Tie the Christmas light strands together so they don’t come undone.

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How To Hang Christmas Lights Without Nails

One of the biggest problems people have is how to actually
attach lights to a building or roof line. 
We can all envision how we would like the lights to look, we just cannot get the lights to physically stay where we want them without hammering a hole
in the building. 

There are some easy ways and some hard ways to hang lights
without nails or screws.  Although these
methods will work with many different types of lights, they usually work best
with a particular type of Christmas light.

Use Christmas Light Clips

First, to outline a roof line, it is usually easiest to use a
light clip.   While there are many
different types of clips, the best clip for most applications is an
All-in-one-clip.  This clip can be used with mini lights (LED
or incandescent) as well as C-9, or C-7 Christmas lights.

It is usually easiest to attach all of the clips to the
Christmas lights first.  This saves time
when you are going to be up on a ladder or a roof.  It is also easier to do this while sitting in
the comfort of your living room watching TV than while squatting on the roof
trying to keep from falling off.  The tab
on the all in one clip is made to fit on a number of surfaces.  They will slide under the fascia strip on
building trim, under shingles, or on tiles. 
On some roofs, you can choose the tile or the trip strip at your
preference.  Below are some pictures of
different places that the same clip can be used.

Some pointers to get the best look with clips.  If you are using the clips on «S» shaped
tile, make sure you place the clip on the same position on every tile.  For example, you may want to place it at the
top pf each tile, or at the bottom of the valley.  It does not matter as long as it is the same
on each tile.

On shingle roofs, pull gently on the wire to keep the bulbs
spaced the same distance apart as you go across the front of the roof.  As long as the wire has very little slack,
the lights will remain evenly spaced. 
Also, push the clips onto the shingle the same depth on each shingle.

Another good method is to use magnetic Christmas light clips.  If you have metal flashing or a metal roof,
this can be an excellent method.  Most
magnetic clips are strong enough that they will hold lights up in strong winds,
and even with some snow.  Obviously, with
a heavy snow, they may push the lights off. 
As long as the lights are LED, you will probably not have any broken

We installed a commercial light line (C-9)  job in Flagstaff this year with magnetic
clips and hand snow several times, and did not have any problem with the snow
pulling the lights down.  Magnetic clips
are extremely easy to remove, and they are my favorite method of installation
when the clips will work.


Make sure the magnets will
adhere to the metal you are trying to install the lights on.  Not all metals will work.  Aluminum and some other metals will not
work.  If you are unsure, test a magnet
on the metal, or just order a sample clip to check.

Note about light line with Magnets built in: I do not like this method as much as the
separate clips.  It is just my personal
preference, but I have not had as good of an experience with the light line
with magnets formed in.  Call me if you
want the gory details, but it is far better to have the clips than the magnetic
light line.


It is best to decide where you are going to run power to your
lights before you install them.  Look for
where on your roof that you can run a cord that will be the least noticeable
and intrusive.  That is usually where you
want your power.

It is often easier to run the cord over the roof and plug in
the back of the house than the front. 
This keeps cords from hanging visibly in the front of the house.   

Some Caution Notes About Power

Most homes have outlets that are combined
onto circuits with other outlets or other power uses.  For many people, they want to run the power
for their Christmas Lights from the garage. 
While this may make logical sense, it may also cause problems.  Many garages are wired on the same circuits
as the bathroom in the home.  So while
the lights are on, if a hair dryer (or other high power usage appliance) is
plugged in the bathroom, the breaker may trip. 
If you are installing lights on any circuit, it makes sense to check
what else is on the circuit to make sure you have enough power.  While LED lights will reduce the power
challenges, it may not totally eliminate them.

How to hang fairy lights without nails

Bryony Hayburn

You may have decided that an aspect of your house needs illumination – this may be the living room, the hallway, maybe even a bedroom – but don’t want to place unsightly holes in your wall due to the use of nails. Luckily there are a number of alternative ways to hang or display fairy lights.

1. Drawing Pins

Probably the default option for many people, drawing pins (we find that brass drawing pins are often best) can be pushed between the twisted wires that often make up fairy lights, as indicated in the image below. This will leave a small hole in your designated surface, but nothing compared to the one that would be created by a nail.

A flat bottom bronze pin would be better, but any pin can be pushed between the intertwined wires that make up most fairy lights.

2. Blu-Tack

If you wish to leave no marks at all on your walls, then using blu-tack is one alternative. Either the wire or the back of the LED itself would need to be pressed into the blu-tack at various intervals. This will work for small sets of fairy lights, maybe 5m or less but may not work as well for heavier sets of lights, unless you’re planning on using a large quantity of blu-tack!

For smaller sets of lights, blu-tack will be ideal to make sure they hang easily.

3. Wrapping around household objects

Due to the flexible nature of fairy lights, often you won’t require any extra accessories to hold them in place, simply a bit of imagination! Have a go at wrapping them around pre-made ‘lighting’ areas that you may not have thought of; areas such as shelves, desks, headboards and picture frames. You’d be amazed at just how many areas of your home are a potential home for fairy lights.

For hanging and draping around household objects, decorative lights are perfect for creating a warm atmosphere.

4. Wire Suckers

Often used with Christmas decorations when spread over windows, wire suckers aren’t just limited to the Christmas period. Fixing lights over windows can look fantastic in children’s bedrooms, and provide a really warm and relaxing feel at night. The sucker is pressed onto the window and features a hook or other mechanism through which a wire can be gripped.

For any lights that are intended to be run on a window, wire suckers are perfect for keeping them firmly in place.


Shop For Wire Suckers


5. Damage-free Adhesive Hooks

These hooks can simply be stuck to a surface using the attached sticky pad, before hanging your lights. They are designed so that no sticky residue or marking is left on your surfaces, and there are various types according to your specific requirements. Most will usually advise waiting at least an hour after sticking before hanging the lights.

Sticky hooks are ideal for hanging both short and longer sets (over 5m) of lights.


Shop For Sticky Hooks

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