How to hang christmas lights in bedroom – How to hang christmas lights in bedroom?

Ideas on Where to Hang Christmas Lights in a Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. It’s the one space in your home
that is supposed to be reserved just for you, to which you retire for
peace, comfort and relaxation at the end of a long day. Set the stage
for relaxation by incorporating strands of soft, dim-glowing Christmas
lights in your bedroom decor. CeilingHang strands of Christmas
lights from the ceiling. Use a staple gun to secure the end of a
strand of lights to one corner of the bedroom ceiling; drape them to
each corner of the ceiling, using a staple gun to secure the strand in
place. This approach creates a glowing frame around the ceiling.
Another option is to drape the lights in a haphazard manner across the
ceiling. To

The ceiling lights in your bedroom are there for a specific purpose,
obviously: to provide light. But they are also a decorative element,
affecting the look of the whole room. If you’re remodeling or
redecorating your room, the new lighting you choose should be an
important part of that project. Replacing old lights with new ones is
surprisingly easy, as long as the new ones are at least as wide at the
base as the old ones (so you don’t have to touch up the ceiling paint
around the perimeter of the new
fixture).Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You’ll
Ceiling light fixture

Shut off the electricity to the existing f

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Hang a canopy and lights over a girl’s bed to complement a fairy or
princess theme, or to simply add a soft, feminine touch to the room.
Choose colors or designs that work with the rest of the bedroom decor,
such as a gauzy light purple fabric with a butterfly pattern if the
rest of the room has purple butterflies. Be sure to secure the canopy
and lights to avoid safety hazards.Difficulty:Moderately
EasyInstructions Things You’ll Need
3 wooden dowels or
6 small ceiling hooks
Measuring tape
Strings of lights
Small clips
class=»error»>Paint three wooden dowels or pieces of lightweight pipe
in a color of your choic

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Christmas brings out the decorating bug as you deck the outside and
inside areas of your home with strands of lights. However, you can
decorate a bedroom year round with holidays lights for a bright,
festive touch appropriate for any season. Lights come in several
different forms, such as bulbs, rope lights, icicles and LED. Lights
also are available in a variety of colors, such as reds, blues,
greens, whites, purples and golds to create a range of moods and
effects in bedroom decor.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions
Things You’ll Need
Christmas bulb lights
Christmas icicle
Christmas rope lights
Masking tape
Clear tape
hooks (optional)

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Christmas lights are commonly strung on the inside and outside of
homes during the Christmas season. The choice of how many lights to
use, how to design them and what parts of the house to decorate are,
of course, up to you. But however you use Christmas lights to decorate
your home, doing so safely and effectively will minimize risk of
injury and save yourself lots of time and stress in the long run.
ShrubberyTo hang lights on bushes and hedges outside your home, drape
either horizontally or vertically, depending on the lighting effect
you want to achieve. A good rule of thumb is to measure the amount of
space between each light on the strands you are using and have the
same amount of sp

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Gone are the days of when the only design use for Christmas lights was
the tree and holiday decor. Today, with the unveiling of varieties
like icicle lights and muted white, Christmas lights can be a
decorating choice beyond the holiday season. One place in the home
that works especially well is the bedroom, where the Christmas lights’
soft glow lends to the romance of the room. Under the TableIf you
have hardwood floors in your bedroom, take advantage of their
reflective quality when you’re placing your Christmas lights around
the room. A large table that you’ve pushed up against the wall or
against the foot of the bed will be emphasized even more if you place
strands of Christmas lights

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Set aside an afternoon to put up your Christmas lights. Wear
comfortable clothes and rubber soled shoes as you’ll be climbing the
ladder a few times during the process. Choose multicolored lights for
a traditional look, or consider a single color that suits your home or
personality.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You’ll
Exterior-rated extension cords
Exterior-rated Christmas lights
All-in-one gutter
Long pole or broom

Prepare the
LightsLocate the outlets and plug in the extension cords. Use exterior
outlets if you have them; otherwise look for easily accessible outlets
in the garage. If you have no appropri

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Don’t box up those Christmas lights with the other decorations and
ornaments this year. Prevent your bedroom from losing its romantic
luster with repurposed Christmas lights. Stick to clear lights or
incorporate colored lights into your romantic bedroom scheme and
transfer your personal space into a dreamy getaway. Just remember to
use caution when plugging the lights in next to fabrics and turn them
off before going to sleep at night. CanopyHang an old, weathered
window from the ceiling above your bed. Wrap the chains holding the
window in place with white Christmas lights and let them spill over
the edges of the window frame. Icicle lights are another option. Just
staple them around th

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How to Hang Christmas Lights in Bedroom by Homearena


Let your bedroom radiate Christmas glow this holiday by adorning it with beautiful Christmas lights in innovative and unique manner. With countless variations in bedroom decor, every single bedroom can be decorated in a different and specialized manner. Some great ideas on how to hang Christmas lights in bedroom are shared below.

Christmas Headboard Lighting Ideas

You can go with this simple but impactful design idea. All it needs is a wooden frame having as many panels as you need, filled with white festive lights, covered with translucent polycarbonate sheet. When fixed on top of your bed, it looks like an extended headboard brightened amazingly.

If you have a top arched high headboard, you can simply twist a strand of yellow Christmas lights through the arch to create a magnificent Christmas ambience in your bedroom.

This is how can add Christmas touch to a simple wooden headboard with fairy lights, just running a strand through the top of the headboard.

Yet another simple and minimalist, but splendid way of adding Christmas joys to your bedroom.

Curtained Christmas Lighting Ideas

You won’t believe the awesomeness added to your Christmas themed bedroom with something as simple as net curtains and a few strands of differently coloured Christmas lights.

Canopy Themed Christmas Lighting

If you really want the onlookers to gasp with joy and amazement, canopy themed Christmas lighting is the way to go. There can be so many variations depending on your personal preferences, size of the room, colour theme of the room and so forth.


There are no bounds to your imagination and so there are no defined ways of how to hang Christmas lights in bedroom. However, you can take inspiration from as many ideas as come your way to add colour, life and light to your Christmas joys.

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Ways to Hang Christmas Lights Indoors

The holidays come with a built-in time deficit — baking the cookies, planning gifts and meals, wrapping, cooking and staging holiday traditions can drain all the joy out of the season for a harried mom. Reclaim some Christmas magic with clever use of all those strings of lights you have stashed in the garage or attic. In no time at all, you can throw together sparkling holiday decor to impress the family and your guests — and you don’t have to limit the lighted looks to the holidays.

Window Cascade

Hang a waterfall of light in your front windows by looping rows of icicle lights back and forth so the strings of tiny bulbs sparkle in a continuous rain of light. When the drapes are open, the lights are welcoming and provide a measure of privacy as they obscure the view from outside. Close the drapes and send dazzling lights out over the decorated yard or a pristine snowfall. A window cascade will silhouette a tree or a life-size Santa tableau located in front of the window.

Chandelier Branch

Christmas lights are pretty enough to display year-round when you wrap them around a bare, curved branch and suspend it over the dining table. In a vacation beach house, hunt for an interesting driftwood branch in the tideline after a storm; let it dry to silvered and salt-encrusted splendor before winding one or two strings of white incandescent or LED lights from one end to the other. Let loops of the light strings hang down in places and crisscross in others like an unruly, glowing cloud. Try round, multicolored bulbs over an eat-in kitchen table. Clump red and green pillar candles in glass hurricanes in the center of the table for a Christmas Eve tree-decorating party.

Garlands and Fairy Glow

Transform the Christmas tree’s room into a magic fairyland with blue light strings hanging from the ceiling molding. Run one string up a door frame near a power outlet and keep attaching more strings of light until you’ve circumscribed the r

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