How to hang an eno – How to Hang an ENO Hammock in an Indoor Outdoor Camping Adventure — Gigacamping

How to Hang an ENO Hammock in an Indoor Outdoor Camping Adventure — Gigacamping

ENO or Eagles Nest Outfitters is a reputed hammock brand. People usually prefer to buy hammocks of this brand for outdoor and indoor camping. But a successful hammock camping also depends on following proper suspension techniques. Those who want to set out for outdoor camping with hammocks must thoroughly follow these hanging tips below:

Method 1: Hanging Your Hammock with Slap Straps

1. Choosing trees located at a distance about 12 feet

For ensuring balanced and secured suspension of your ENO hammock, you have to select such spot where you can spot 2 young trees that are separated at the distance of around 10 to 12 feet for dispersing the suspension stretch. But make sure, that the trees you are choosing must be healthy and alive with strong bark. Here you need to follow certain norms so that you have no problem while hanging your hammock using slap straps. These are:

2. Wrapping of slap straps in every tree

After selecting the favorable spot, your first task involves taking out these straps from your backpack and fix them firmly into the camping trees. These straps must cover the trunk portion of these trees and must be attached at a level of around five feet from the surface ground. You can easily do it in the following ways:

3. Attaching your hammock with the straps

Then you have to tie your ENO hammock between trees by using the pre-attached carabiners in every end of an ENO hammock. You just need to slip them into any of the five loops of your choice. These adjustable loops do play an important role in adjusting the favorable height of your hammock. You can either go for the lower or higher loop depending on your preferred hammock height above the ground level.

4. Testing the suspension of your Hammock

Once you have successfully installed the ENO hammock, you need to test its stamina through slowly putting your weight in the sack. For determining the proper suspension height, you need to seat and then spread your body inside the hammock. If you notice that your body is coming closer to the ground, then you need to adjust the suspension height instantly.

Method 2: Hanging Hammock Using Stand or Hanging Kit in indoor locations

If you do not want to miss the joy of hammock camping inside your house then you have to follow specific hanging tips mentioned below:

1. Finding two hardy outdoor and indoor structures for hanging kit

Now you have the chance of installing hammock permanently in any part of your house with the help of special hanging kits. But for that you have to bring two hardy structures made of quality wooden materials.

For fixing your hammock, the distance between these two wooden structures must be around 112 inches. So that you have the chance of tying the anchors of your hammock at an optimal height of around 50 inches above the ground surface.

It is important to mention in this context that the hanging accessories of ENO are mainly prescribed for wooden structures. If you want to suspend hammock using other structures then you have to arrange for separate fittings and screws that are appropriate for such materials.

2. Hanging hammock using walls

Many people also like to install hammock through exploiting the room walls with the help of kits like nail and hammer. But for that you need to look for such spot in your wall where the impact of vibration and sound are quite low. Just select the spots in your wall where you can feel such similar impact.

After that, mark the elevation level of your hammock from the ground surface using pencil. Then start the drilling work in those marked spots for creating holes in a central position. Drill those spots till 3 inches for creating holes in order to attach the steel carabineers, lag screws and anchors.

You can use socket driver or wrench to ensure strong tightness of these hardware accessories inside the wall. Then you can hang your hammock using the steel carabineers of ENO for guaranteeing proper connectivity with the attached anchors of the wall.

3. Hanging your ENO Hammock using stand

People who do not want to damage their house walls or having space shortages can purchase hammocks that comprise of self-folding stands. It is becoming one of the cheapest options of hammock installation inside the house. These stands do come with multiple color options to choose from. Besides, it also allows owners to wrap up the hammock when it is not used.

These are some of the basic hanging steps that are needed to be followed by everyone while planning for a camping using ENO hammock. People who want to explore other ways of safe and secured hammock hanging can look for other methods as well. It cannot be denied that success of your camping ultimately rests on appropriate hanging of the hammock.

How To: Study in an ENO | ENO

By Emma Wilson,

For those of us in high school or college, midterms are already on their way and the pressure is on. This means it is time to buckle down and study. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but studying doesn’t have to be torture! Spice things up a little! Mix business with pleasure and try studying in your ENO hammock for a change. Making the transition from desk to hammock can be a little challenging at first. You’ll likely look clumsy, feel awkward, and possibly want to ditch this manner of studying altogether! Once you get the hang of it, (pun intended) you will find your ENO to be a great place to get work done! For those first time hammock studiers, here are some tips to make you the most studious ENOpian around, and the envy of all your peers.

  1. Sit perpendicular to the lay of the hammock. If you just lay down, it is hard to read, nearly impossible to write, and can be stressful on your neck. Also, sitting like this allows you to easily prop your book or laptop in your lap, and talk with those around you if you’re hammocking in a group. If you have a DoubleNest and don’t mind close quarters, you can even share with a friend.
  1. Don’t be afraid to be a lowrider. If you happen to leave something on the ground, you will not want to jump back in your ENO that is hanging in a high or awkward position. Keep everything within arm’s reach so you won’t have to leave your comfy spot. Some people like to clip their backpack onto one of the carabiners for easy access.
  1. Make the best use of the stuff sack. ENO hammocks have this nifty little pouch that lays on the side of the hammock when opened. It is not big enough to hold most books, but it is perfect for some pens, a calculator, and highlighters. It is also a great place to put your phone; out of sight, out of mind, and focus on homework. If you want a pouch for more study material, I would suggest the Underbelly Gear Sling. This can also allow you to hang your hammock higher with study material still in reach, so tip number two no longer applies.
  1. Make sure you pack everything you need. When studying in your dorm or at home, if you forget something all you need to do is get up and grab it. With ENO studying, if you forget something you are either forced to pack up and go home, or deal without. By “everything” this should include water, snacks, and sunscreen for those sunny days!
  1. Study buddies might not be the best idea. Even if you have a DoubleNest, sharing a hammock while studying will be not only distracting, but pretty uncomfortable as well. If you’re sharing your hammock with anyone, share it with Darwin, Shakespeare, George Washington and lots of other old dead guys. (That sounds creepy, but you get the message.) This doesn’t mean you have to go alone! Just find a patch of trees close enough that you and your partner(s) can hang near each other. There really aren’t many things cooler than a cluster of ENOs.
  1. Lastly, make sure you always have permission to hang. Many universities have started banning hammocks on certain parts of campus. Nothing disrupts a good study session like campus security.

You might ask why go through all the trouble if hammock studying is so complicated? Well it’s been shown thru multiple studies like the one at Lyon College that hammocking can increase social bonding, induce relaxation and decrease stress. So really, the adjustment is definitely worth it. Also, you’ll be known as the super cool kid who studies in a hammock.

If you don’t have a hammock, this is the perfect way to finally convince your parents to

Customer Service / FAQs | ENO

I’m new to hammocking. What do I need to get started?
Why are color combinations sometimes inverted?
How do I wash my hammock?
How do I make my hammock last forever?
Will ENO repair my hammock?
I accidentally untied my hammock knots! What now?
When is the ENO website updated?
What is the difference between the SingleNest, DoubleNest and the DoubleDeluxe?
What is the difference between the Suspension Systems?
Do I need a Suspension System to use my ENO hammock?
Will ENO hammocks fit on a standard hammock frame?
Will the Guardian Bugnet fit over all ENO hammocks?
Are ENO hammocks breathable?

I’m new to hammocking. What do I need to get started?

All our hammocks come with a set of carabiners and will work with all our suspension systems so all you need for the basic set up is your choice of hammock and your choice of straps. Our Compare Products button and Comparison Charts make it easy to decide which is right for you!

Why are color combinations sometimes inverted?

Waste not, want not! When producing hammocks, ENO attempts to reduce potential waste by using every bit of fabric available. This means that the color combination of your hammock may be swapped from what is pictured but an awesome combination nonetheless! ENO reduces waste by also using excess trimmings to create some of your favorite accessories such as the ParaPillow and the EarthBag. Pretty cool, right?

How do I wash my ENO Hammock or other accessories?

We recommend either machine washing your hammock in a front loading washer or hand washing your hammock.

If you are going to machine wash your hammock we recommend first removing the carabiners (no need to untie any knots) or other hardware, then washing on cool in a front load washer (no agitator) on the delicate cycle with a mild detergent (like Woolite or Dreft), or a gear wash.

If you are going to hand wash your hammock, we recommend using a bucket, sink, or bath tub with the same type of detergents listed above.

Do not put the hammocks in the dryer! Hang or lay flat to dry.

We recommend spot treating or hand washing the majority of our other products!

How do I use and care for my ENO Hammock?

Check your gear before each use to ensure it is in good, working condition. Safety first!

UV damage causes your ENO Hammock to fade in color and become brittle which will lead to tearing. Do not leave your hammock out of doors year round but keep it “so fresh and so clean” by storing it in its attached stuff sack in a cool, dry space when not in use.

In set up, make sure your straps are securely wrapped and the carabiners are closed. Sit slowly in your hammock to make sure your hang is secure. Hang your hammock no more than 18″ (inches) off the ground.

While hammocking, remember to remove any sharp objects from your person, i.e. pocket knives, car keys, necklaces of teeth and/or stilettos.

Remember that puppies love hammocking, too, but they’ve got sharp nails so hammock with caution. If any small tears do appear, pick up a Hammock Repair Kit.

Remember: using any hammock carries inherent risk. Accidents happen. Use with caution.

For more information, learn how to Hammock Responsibly or check out our Safety & Instructions page!

Will ENO repair my hammock?

ENO will repair your hammock back to (almost) new if the stuff sack has come off the hammock, if the compression strap has come off the stuff sack, or if the hammock knots have become untied or are fraying. Additionally, we can repair other hardware like bugnet clips, tarp cord locks and Lounger DL shock cord!

If you think your hammock needs any of these repairs, please visit our Warranty Policy.

Large fabric tears cannot be repaired but may be eligible for replacement. Small holes or burns should be repaired with our Hammock Repair Kit.

I accidentally untied my hammock knots! What now?

No worries – it’s an easy fix! Follow along with Bryant’s Knot Re-Tie Extravaganza to take care of this at home. If for any reason, you feel uncomfortable re-tying these knots, apply for a Warranty Repair and we’ll get it all spruced up for you!

When is the ENO website updated?

Don’t see a color you like? Looking for that particular accessory? Don’t worry! ENO replenishes the website at the beginning of each month. If we’re out of stock, you can usually find what you’re looking for through one of our authorized retailers with our Retail Locator!

What is the difference between the SingleNest, the DoubleNest and the DoubleDeluxe?

All three hammocks are approximately 9’4″ long, and will safely hold 400 lbs. The main difference is in the width of each hammock and the actual weight of each product.

The SingleNest is approximately 4’7″ in width and weighs 16oz. Best for kids or smaller folks!

The DoubleNest is approximately 6’2″ in width and weighs in at 19oz. Our most versatile hammock – good for two or one!

The DoubleDeluxe is approximately 8’4″ in width and weighs 26oz. Best for two or more!

The extra two feet in the width of the DoubleNest makes for a roomier hammock and a more comfortable seat when sitting across in the hammock for one OR two people, while the additional two feet in the Deluxe is perfect for a couple to REALLY stretch out!

What is the difference between the Suspension Systems?

The Atlas Strap is polyfilament (like a no-stretch seatbelt material), weighs 11oz and is 9′ in length per strap and 1″ in width. The design is called a daisy chain and has 15 attachment points on each strap. Capacity 400 lbs. Also available in Chroma and Camo colors! This is the staff favorite!

The Atlas XL is polyfilament, weighs 16oz and is 13’6″ in length per strap and 1″ in width. Each strap has 20 attachment points. Capacity 400 lbs. Great for larger trees or longer distances!

The Helios is polyfilament and Dyneema® cording, weighs only 5.7oz and is 8’2″ in length per strap and 1″ width. Capacity 300 lbs.

The Helios XL is polyfilament and Dyneema® cording, weighs only 6.5oz and is 13’6″ in length per strap and 1″ width. Capacity 300 lbs.

All styles are sold as a pair and will work with any style hammock!

Do I need a Suspension System to use my ENO hammock?

Your hammock will come with two aluminum wiregate carabiners on the ends that you can use to attach to whatever strapping or connecting device (ropes, webbing, etc.) for the objects you are using as your mounting points.

With that being said, our Straps make the set up process extremely quick and easy.

You don’t need any knowledge of knots, the Straps simply wrap around your object and tighten on themselves. With regular rope, you need to find objects that are exactly 10 feet apart.   Not so with the Straps.

Once you get your Straps tight around your mounting objects, you are left with several loops that hang off and allow you to play with up to 15-25 more feet between your mounting points, giving you almost endless possibilities to where you can hang your ENO Hammock.

Heavy duty rope isn’t necessarily great for a tree’s bark either, but our flat tubular webbing is a lot gentler on trees. Plus, who wants to carry around pounds of heavy rope when you can just throw our 4-16oz straps in your bag and be ready to go!

Will ENO hammocks fit on a standard hammock frame?

All our hammock sizes are approximately 9′ feet long, so as long as your frame is around 10 feet, it will fit.

Additionally, you can check out our ENO Hammock Stands made specifically for any style ENO hammock!!!

Will the bugnets and tarps fit over all ENO Hammocks?

Our Guardian Bugnets are roomy enough to fit over all our hammocks! Our Raintarps are also designed to easily cover all sizes of ENO hammock as well.

Are ENO hammocks breathable?

All our hammocks are made of porous, breathable nylon taffeta. This breathable quality lends itself to a cool, comfortable hammock experience.

Our favorite spots to hang an ENO hammock

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How To Hang A Pallet

I’ve received a ton of emails asking how we hung our pallet in the new dining room. As of now I have been replying back to each email but it’s getting a little crazy 🙂 Good crazy! I love that so many of you are emailing me with questions! Keep them coming! But I thought it was time we just put a full post out here on the topic. I’m bringing in Bill AKA The Hubs, AKA Mr Doozie, AKA Mr. DIY. Hmmmm I really need to settle on a blogland name for him. Anyhoot, we will do this interview style 🙂

Hey babe,  first thank you for doing this interview. I feel like a talk show host. Ooo next time maybe we will do a Vlog! Then I could truly document all your eye rolls! But really, how did you hang my pallet?

I wandered Home Depot till I found a solution for my problem.

How come it was a problem?

That sucker is heavy.

You couldn’t just put like 5 big nails in a row?


Fine, what did you find?

I thought about trying to use anchors or a stud and hang it like you would a cabinet. But I know you tend to want me to make small adjustments once it’s up on the wall. So in the picture hanging aisle of Home Depot I went to the OOK section, which I knew had a lot of ingenious hanging solutions. And there I found something called a French Cleat.

Does it bother you that it’s French? (wink wink)

(eye roll) I guess the French are good for some things, hanging artwork would be one.

Okay back on task before someone leaves a nasty comment on here.

I always try to double the holding capacity when hanging an item. So a 100lb cleat should be double the weight of a pallet. Plus these packs come with all the hardware, a level and no power tools are needed. Also using a cleat allows you to shift the item left to right by an inch or so if needed — something I usually have to do for you.  

So, would you say this is the BEST way to hang a pallet?


Allright, I can see you used up all your words, I’ll show them the pictures now. Thank you. «Golf claps» for Bill 😉

Alright, so above you can see the aisle where you’ll find the cleats. They are called OOK French Cleats. You’ll need to get the one that is for 100lbs. They do make a 200lb one if you like to be super safe 😉

There are instructions on the back of the packaging and even a smart phone scan code to watch a how-to video. But really all you do is put one side of the cleat on the wall, level it, and screw it in.  Start with the center screw and don’t tighten it until it’s level (The package comes with a small level that will slide into the cleat for this).

Attach the other side of the cleat to the pallet. And Bam! You’ve got yourself a super safe, hangable pallet! How easy is that!?!

Some of y’all asked about the stain as well. He sanded down the entire pallet and then stained it allover with the pine stain. Once it was a dry he came back along the edges with the walnut and lightly rubbed in towards the center (A little goes a long way here). After 3 or 4 hours he finished it off with the clear coat. It feels very Pottery Barnish to me 🙂

Thanks for reading all the shenanigans! And don’t forget to checkout the giveaway!

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