How to give a hand massage – How to Give a Hand Massage

How to Give a Hand Massage

Our hands are frequently used for doing different tasks. It can be lifting heavy objects, scratching the head, typing or carrying objects from one place to another. In simple, they take a beating every day and become too much stressed. A perfect way to reward your hand is by giving it a great massage that will make it feel relaxed and refreshed. The best time to do a hand massage is before going to bed.

In this guide, I will explain how to give a hand massage the right way. You can give yourself a massage or someone’s hand desperate for it after a hectic day at work.

Giving a Hand Massage [Guide]

To get rid of all the tiredness and soreness in hands at the end of a long day with aching knuckles and wrists here is a step-by-step guide to massage your hand and overcome the condition.

  • Before starting the massage session, wash your hands with soap and rinse with lukewarm water. Try not to rub too much. Dry your hands with a towel.
  • Now take massage oil which can be bought from the market or can be prepared at home. Add a few drops on your palm and rub your hands together. Rub in between the fingers and also on the wrists. You can also use essential oils if you don’t have massage oil.
  • Now add another few drops and spread the oil over the hands and wrist with a gentle flowing upward motion. Using your right hand, slide it up from the fingers to the wrist and take it up to the elbow. Repeat the same process on your right hand as well. While massaging, apply a little pressure when your glide the fingers over the palm, wrist, and back of the hand. This technique is commonly termed as effleurage and helps to relax and prepare the person for massage. Continue the motion for 10-15 minutes.
  • Now slide both the hands underneath the hand and use your thumbs on the wrist.
  • Next push down gently and move your thumbs over the wrist in outward direction while making a circular With a little more pressure massage down the wrist to the knuckles and then back again. Continue this process for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Now grab the hand and rest it in yours. Using the other hand, squeeze each finger between the thumb and forefinger. Try using circular motions to massage the fingers from base to the tips. Repeat the process thrice.
  • Next, hold the hand with the palms facing upwards and start stroking it gently with your fingertips. Also use the heel of your hands or the knuckles and knead the palm in a circular This gives a very relaxing and rejuvenating sensation to the person receiving the massage. Repeat the process at least six times.
  • Now squeeze the muscles below the thumb a couple of times and the muscles below the pinkie finger.
  • Finally, flip the handover and run down your fingers towards the wrist and hand with a slightly more pressure.
  • Repeat the process on both the hands and you are done with the perfect hand massage.

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That’s all! I recommend that if you have a swelling, a fractured bone or any injury in hand, you should avoid the massage to avoid any further damage to the bones and muscles of the hand. Make sure to use massage or essential oils.

How To Give A Hand Massage

We are used to giving and/or receiving back massages. However, your body is more extensive than just your back and so you can also notice tension or pain in other areas. This can apply to your hands for example. In this article we explain how to give a hand massage. Read on for the steps you need to follow.

Steps to follow:


To give someone a hand massage , you need to work out a way to take your patient’s hand so you’re able to work comfortably. First, both of you need to be sitting comfortably in a chair.


In order to massage the person’s left hand, you need to take hold of their hand. Take hold of their left hand in the space between their little finger and ring finger. Using your right hand, in the space between their little finger and ring finger, grasp the patient’s hand in between your index finger and thumb. Thus leaving the patient’s hand with their palm facing up.


Conversely, when taking the patient’s right hand, the physiotherapist or massage therapist uses the space between the little finger and ring finger of their left hand and grasps between the patient’s little finger and ring finger on their right hand. Grasp the space between the little finger and ring finger on the other person’s right hand with your right thumb and forefinger.


Once you have achieved the position we’ve previously explained, apply cream onto the palm of the hand that you’re going to massage. To apply the cream, just give a gentle rub with increasing pressure. You need to apply cream from their wrist to the tips of their fingers.


Next, press and make small circles with your thumbs across the palm of the person receiving the massage.


Then hold the patient’s hand with one hand and with the other hand, knead each of the patient’s fingers.


Next, support the patient’s hand with one hand and with the other hand apply continuous pressure from the patient’s wrist to the tip of each finger. Apply pressure by using your thumbs, index and middle fingers. Use your thumb in the patient’s palm and use your index and middle fingers on the back of their hand. At the end of each pressure, stretch each finger and hold for about 4 seconds.


To end the massage create some friction over the entire surface of their hands, going increasingly gentler.

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How to Give a 4 Minute Hand Massage

How to Give a 4 Minute Hand Massage — Snapguide


Organise your supplies. Choose who will massage who. Choose a hand.


Warming up. Before applying cream gently stroke the hand to relax and warm it.


Add a small amount of hand cream if you like.


First technique. ‘Kissing thumbs’


Finish technique by stroking down to end of fingers.


Second technique. ‘Interlaced hands’


Be gentle. Don’t over stretch. Think what might feel good.


Third technique. ‘Up the tunnels’


Remember continuous touch. Stroke flesh not bone.


Fourth technique. ‘Breaking bread’


Fingers cradled under the hand. Touch as much skin as posssible.


Say goodbye to the hands softly.

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How to Give a Full Body Massage at Home

This is as much important as giving the massage itself. Ensure the surroundings are comfortable and pleasant. The room should have an ambient temperature.

Also, if the massage session is going to last a long while, then make some arrangements to keep it warm and toasty.

Additionally, use soft towels to mask the cold and hard massage surface. All that for the comfort that’s so important. Use sheets and towels to offer privacy and warmth.

You can turn down the lights for a relaxing ambiance. If a sensual massage is something you’re interested in, you can even go for aromatic candles.

I prefer soft scents that aren’t very overpowering. But, it’s completely up to you.

You can pair it with some soft, soothing music in the background. I usually go for sounds of nature. Think of birds chirping, winds blowing, and certain times waves crashing.

Although, we all have different preferences. So, it’s best to play something that makes your loved one/friend relaxed.

Oil offers lubrication (which can truly benefit your massage) that allows your hands to easily glide over the skin. You can opt for any essential aromatic oil or settle for natural oils.

Studies show that massage therapy combined with therapy is very effective for relieving anxiety. My personal favorites are Almond and Jojoba oil.

They are easily obtainable and you don’t have to spend a lot to get them. While most oils should do their job, it’s always wise to run a patch test on the skin to avoid any reactions to the oil.

Here’s How to Give a Full Body Massage

Here are some of the steps you should take to give a good massage. It’s really not rocket science as long as you make sure to study it a little bit.

Step 1: Start from the Feet Upwards

Wrap your hands around the feet and apply pressure on the soles using your thumb. Make sure to pay a special attention to foot arches.

Then, gently pull each toe individually to release any tension in the feet. Also, don’t forget to massage the heels and the balls of your feet.

Step 2: Move on to the Legs

Begin with gently stroking the calves up to the upper thighs. Use a technique called effleurage. It involves applying light pressure and stretching the skin.

Obviously, massage one calf at a time and cover the other one with a towel. Start kneading to relax calf muscles and continue doing the same on the upper thigh.

Once the skin becomes supple, press down the heel of your hand and move it in the direction towards the heart. Finally, cover the calf you worked on and repeat the procedure on the other calf.

Step 3: Transition to the Lower Back and Upper Back

Continue the usage of the effleurage technique. Start with long strokes at gluteus and finish at the base of the neck.

While keeping your hands parallel to each other, press along the spine using your palms. Afterward, fan out your hands when you reach the upper back and follow along the shoulders.

Pay special attention to the muscles along the sides of the spine. Don’t forget to keep on kneading to release the tension.

Press your fingertips into the flesh of the back and release it quickly. This is known as the press and release technique. It especially helps with chronic pain and injuries.

After you make your way to the upper back, massage around the shoulder blades. Whoever you’re massaging should bend their elbows to give you a better access to those muscles.

Finally, relieve the tension and the knots by kneading around the tense portions.

Step 4: Neck and Shoulders

Continue with press and release technique along the neck. Ease out the tension around the shoulders by pressing with your thumb. Also, keep on maintaining a grip on your fingers.

Now work on the top of the shoulders by pressing the knuckles of your fists. Perform this while standing at the head. Follow it up by stroking along with the shoulders while pressing with your thumb.

Continue with press and release technique along the neck. Ease out the tension around the shoulders by pressing with your thumb. Also, keep on maintaining a grip on your fingers.

Now work on the top of the shoulders by pressing the knuckles of your fisted hands. Perform this while standing at the head. Follow it up by stroking along with the shoulders while pressing with your thumb. 

Step 5: Massage the Arms

Branch out from the shoulders and start massaging the arms one at a time. Sweep along the arm traveling from the shoulder, triceps, and forearms. Knead the upper arms and the forearms to work out any knots.

While massaging hands, use circular motion and massage along the palms and the back of the hand. Pull and massage each finger. 

Step 6: Finally, the Head

Ask the person to flip over and begin massaging the scalp. Move down to the folds of the ear and earlobes. Lift their head and apply pressure in the hollow at the base of their neck. Continue pressing and releasing.

Afterward, begin facial massage by first stroking the jaw in the upwards direction. Then, switch to swiping along the contours of the cheekbones. 

Now massage the temples in a circular manner. Move along the forehead and apply pressure on the center of it, right between the eyebrows. Press and release for about a minute.

Kneading Massage Technique

General Tips on Giving a Massage

  • Do not rush through it, dedicate ample time and pay attention to every part of the body.
  • Warm up the oil before giving a massage. It’ll considerably relax muscles and improve the flow of blood in the area.
  • Keep the gates of communication open. Always ask whether the pressure feels comfortable.
  • Try to maintain skin contact at all times. That helps with maintaining the flow.
  • Be gentle and don’t overdo it. Adjust the pressure to the person’s comfort.
  • Focus mainly on the feet, legs, back, neck, shoulders, and arms since they are usually quite problematic. Find out which areas your friend would like to target more.
  • Keep extra towels at hand to wipe off the excess oil after the massage.
  • A nice warm bath before and after a massage does wonders too.
  • Be careful while massaging those with medical conditions. Especially if they have thin veins or spine-related issues. Always consult a physician before giving a massage to someone with possible health problems.

Something to Try for a Sensual Massage

Gently run your nails along the surface of the skin to build up pleasure. Try using scented aromatic oils to awaken senses.

How to Give a hand massage « Massage :: WonderHowTo

This three and a half minute video talks through the basics of hand massage. With close-ups of the action, the instructor talks through the basic technique and progression for hand massage, providing details and emphasis. All the various strokes are covered: stretching strokes, circular compression, squeezing and kneading. There’s no lotion or special materials you need — just your hands, and the hands of a lucky subject. If you want to learn a new way to please your friends or partner, take the time to watch this video and learn the secrets of a giving a rejuvenating hand massage.

Please enable JavaScript to watch this video.Please enable JavaScript to watch this video.Please enable JavaScript to watch this video.(1) Part 1 of 3 — How to Give a hand massage, (2) Part 2 of 3 — How to Give a hand massage, (3) Part 3 of 3 — How to Give a hand massage

How to Give Yourself a Hand Massage

When you’re feeling worn out, try giving yourself a boost with some hand reflexology. Here’s a ten-minute reflexology treatment to help you feel more relaxed, healthier and happier.

Get yourself some free time during the day and try to enjoy the ancient art of acupressure, without visiting a specialized in reflexology doctor. You will be amazed how the use of this art can help you to heal many diseases as well as improving your health conditions such as colds and flu!

In this article, we will give you some reflexology tips on how to give yourself a hand massage on certain points of your left hand to heal a sore throat, cough and runny nose (nasal secretion).

Unlike acupuncture, which involves the use of special needles that stick into certain key points of the body to treat various health conditions, acupressure covers the entire body by simply applying pressure at certain points on the body with a stimulating effect on the entire body.

And you can do everything by yourself! Read below how!

Reflexology of the hand (method 1):

  • 1. Loosen your hands up. Shake them out, wriggle your fingers about.
  • 2. Place the thumb of one hand on the opposite palm with your nail pointing towards your little finger.
  • 3. Work up from the heel of your hand up and over the top of your little finger, using tiny caterpillar-like movements and applying light pressure with the top of your thumb. Repeat with medium pressure and then once more with quite strong pressure.
  • 4. Turn your hand over and, using the same thumb movement, work from the base of the nail down to and over the wrist, again 3 times.
  • 5. Repeat this whole sequence four times so that the whole palm and all of the fingers and the thumb have been treated. Then do the same sequence again on the other hand. This is called zone walking; you’ve just been doing reflexology! ( for more health tips visit )

Reflexology of the hand (method 2):

  • 1. Sit in a comfortable chair or armchair.
  • 2. Breathe deeply and regularly.
  • 3. Rub your hands together for about a minute, that will increase your energy and will make them more sensitive to stimulation.
  • 4. After what you’ve warmed up, start stimulating your right-hand acupressure point, to cure various health conditions.
  • 5. Pressure must be bearable, almost at the point of pain. When pain will intensify, do not stop, try to breathe deeper. ( for more health tips visit )

For how long do I have to rub my fingers?

Massage and maintain pressure for 3-4 minutes for each point separately, 2-3 times a day, to achieve the wanted effect!

For cold — do yourself a massage in point No. 8, to stimulate and grow this healing energy in the nose and throat. This type of massage relieves respiratory problems and difficulty swallowing, persistent cough and nasal congestion.

For a sore throat (pharyngitis and laryngitis) — stimulate the top of the thumb, point number 7. This type of massage will relieve a sore throat, hoarseness and other associated symptoms .

For pain in the sinuses — healing sinusitis with corresponding points that are located in the ends of all other fingers, except the thumb, namely paragraph number 9. These points stimulate to relieve sinusitis, headache, dizziness, feeling of pressure in the brain and also stops a runny nose.

Flu — apply pressure point number 1. This will relieve muscle pain, offering relaxation and relieve symptoms associated with influenza.

The rest of the points in the image above are associated with other health conditions that you can also treat in the same conditions, by simply using pressure and massage.

For a stronger effect, massage your delicate skin between the toes, because it stimulates the lymphatic system and eliminates excess fluids and toxins.

How can acupressure help the body?

Acupressure has several effects on the body:

Prevention: regular application of pressure in the main points of the body helps maintain a state of optimal health and help prevent many diseases.

Diagnostic effect: discomfort or pain that occurs during the stimulation of these key points can indicate problems with the function of a certain organ.

Therapeutic effect: systematic and regular stimulation can improve overall health.

The most important benefit of acupressure is its ability to relieve tension, because the pressure on certain points induces a state of relaxation, restoring the body balance.

It improves the general health condition of the body, because massage stimulates the circulation and oxygen flow.

Also, using acupressure you can remove any blockage in the flow of life energy, and thus the body can heal itself.

Therefore, try to find some time to satisfy you with this ancient gift. It is simple and does not cost anything, and your body will be more than grateful.

How to Give a Hand Job (Sexiest Guide a Woman Will Ever Read)

If you aren’t giving your man an amazing dose of hand jobs then it is almost certain that he is resenting it in some way. No issues today you’ll learn exactly how to give a hand job, a good earth shattering hand job he could only dream of.

In this marathon guide on how to give a hand job we will discuss plenty of techniques that you can use for male genital massage to get your man aroused and to climax in a matter of minutes – or if you feel like it, seconds or hours!

I urge you to read this 6000 word long marathon guide on how to give a hand job until the end.

#1. First things first.

There are several things you need to do before getting started on your man’s member.

While he doesn’t have to do as much grooming and freshening up for a hand job (think of it as a great way to please your man after he’s mowed the lawn), you may have to put in a little more effort on your part.

#2. Make sure your hands are soft and your nails are clipped.

Nothing can be more frustrating than for a man to be quite aroused but having his penis get snagged by a hangnail mid-job.

Generally, women have soft hands but if you notice any calluses or rough spots, you might want to take care of those first before beginning the massage.

Get some good lotion and let the lanolin soak in so your hands will the soft as an infants.

Last but not least, be aware if you have any cuts or open sores on your hand.

If you do and aren’t sure if your partner has a sexually transmitted disease (or if you know that he does), be sure to wear latex or vinyl gloves for the job.

Gloves are also great if you do have calluses or rough spots on your hands and most guys love them (contrary to popular belief) because it gives the massage a slicker, more uniform feeling.

#3. Get some lube.

No, lotion simply won’t do – it is too thick and gloppy!

Think twice before using oil if you plan on having intercourse using a condom later (it can break down a condom quickly).

Lube isn’t that expensive and works much better for the task at hand (no pun intended) – make sure you get the water based lubricant as well.

Have it ready by the bed (or venue of choice) so that when you begin, you can easily coat your hands and your partner’s penis with the substance.

You can put it in a bucket of hot water or even a small crock pot so it stays warm throughout the hand job. You will most likely need to reapply throughout the massage.

Slipperier/wetter is better!

There are now all sorts of “fantasy” lubes on the market now.

You can get lube that warms, lube that cools, is flavored, is organic (no chemicals) or even desensitizes which is good if your man comes too quickly with your touch.

Your own spit is great and easy to come by! Mixed with some of his precum (should he be one of the guys who produces it) makes for very good, not to mention convenient, “natural” mixture of slippery stuff!

Note: IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE OIL – one recommendation is to use grape seed oil.

It slides well and is all natural. You can pull it out of the cabinet in the kitchen for an impromptu hand job while dinner is simmering.:-)

#4. Make your partner comfortable….and you too! It’s important for giving a good hand job.

This is actually a very important part regarding genital massage that is often given very little or no thought.

First of all, if your partner is not comfortable, his enjoyment will be hindered somewhat – making it more difficult for him to have an orgasm or the fantastic one you are planning to give.

If the woman is uncomfortable, she will tire of massaging her partner’s genitals more quickly and easily than if she were set up well and relaxed.

So, unless you are wanting the hand job to be “risky” or “surprising” (like in his office or in the woods), find a comfortable place in which to give your partner the genital massage.

You can also add extra comfort by propping either you or your partner (or both!) up on soft pillows.

Be sure to position yourself so that your hands and arms will not become tired easily.

The bed is an obvious choice but also consider a sofa (one that is protected or cleans up easily) or a office chairs that leans back.

Most men do like to lounge back while they are masturbating or receiving hand jobs as it is usually a comfortable position and allows for the thrusting of the hips.

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#5. Finding the Right Position to give him the best hand job is important.

We’ve established that is important to find a comfortable place for both you and your partner before embarking on a genital massage.

How do you know what is the right position? Experiment! You and your partner should work with different positions until you both find something comfortable.

Some ideas for positioning are before you learn how to give a hand job.

* Standing with your partner facing you (you are both standing facing each other).

He’ll love to see the look on your face as you play with his cock. Look at his member like you are actually in love with it, that it is beautiful and wonderful (it really is one of the most amazing parts of the anatomy).

You enjoying the sight and feel of his manhood will be a huge turn on for him.

* Kneeling in front of your partner while he is sitting in a chair or on the edge of the bed (like fellatio).

* Sitting side by side on the couch or the bed (or other surface). If you reach over while he’s watching TV or a movie and jerk him off it will be one of his fantasies coming true.

* Sitting in between your partner’s legs while he is lying down. This is great for him as he can completely relax.

* Sitting beside your partner but leaning over in a way that you are facing his feet

* “Doggy Style” positioning. You can be either under him while he is in the position – or to the side of him.

Or have him spread his legs wide in this position and you can be behind him and grab his goodies from between his legs.

It is a great angle for you to touch and tease and play with his ball sac – which is extremely erotic for almost all men.

* Kneeling while your partner is standing. This position is often used in combination with a blow job but it can be used solely for a hand job. * Lying beside your partner.

If you undress he’ll be able to play with your breasts and you can even kiss while you stroke.

* Driving down the road (the recipient should NOT be the one behind the wheel!) or in your car at the drive in theater. Splurge for a limo with a privacy screen and make another fantasy come true.

* Have him sit on the edge of the bathtub – feet in the water, while you are in the tub stroking him like a mermaid.

* Try having him in the bathtub and you on the edge while substituting your “feet” for “hand” action and given him a “foot job” to change things up!

* Standing with your partner facing away from you (this is particularly fun if you slip up behind him, rubbing on him, then reach around and unzip his pants — never let him turn around — but work him to where he looks down and only sees your hand while the rest of your body is pressed into his).

He will have a free hand to reach around and explore between your legs without actually “seeing” you.

Women love this position because it can also be used with the SURPRISE “sneak into the shower and give him a hand job when he least expects it” act. Soap or shampoo on your hands will feel amazing to him when you try this move.

Although if soap or shampoo get inside his penis it can burn like the dickens, and will continue every time he pees for the next few days.

So, if you use soap or shampoo just stay away from his penis head. He’ll love the slippery suds on his shaft, balls and between his legs.

This is probably one of the best positions for bringing your guy to orgasm because if you are behind him your strokes and motions will be closer to how he has stroked himself to orgasm over the years.

Guys who frequently masturbate actually train their penis to come more easily with particular strokes or patterns.

* Any other position that you and your partner find comfortable and fun

As long as you and your partner keep an open mind and keep the lines of communication open, you are likely to find several genital massage positions that work well for you.

Just make sure to communicate! If something is not working for either you or your partner, it is important that you speak up about it and let the other know immediately!

As long as you do so in a kind and gentle manner, no one will get offended by it. This applies to all aspects of genital massage (not just the positioning).

Just because he is not orgasming in a certain position does not mean he is not thoroughly enjoying it.

In fact, learn what positions and techniques feel great to him but do not take him over the top.

You’ll want to use those when it is your desire to give him an extended hand job or if you are using a hand job as foreplay and want to climax with intercourse.

#5. Warming Him Up

It is important to warm your partner up before going the full Monty. Just how exactly do you get your partner warmed up?

You can utilize some of the same techniques for warming up a man for intercourse, such as giving him visual stimulation.

Trust me – with guys, visual stimulation will warm them up anytime. You can wear revealing or seductive lingerie (just as long as you’re wearing something that you feel good in and are comfortable with too) or you can do a little strip tease for him.

Just watching someone else fondling his beloved member for a change is probably enough to get him rock hard in no time.

Eye contact is ultra important for most guys. You certainly don’t stare him down but look at his face from time to time like he is the man you adore and want to eat up.

One of the best ways, however, to get a man warmed up for an amazing hand job is to massage the rest of his body first.

Contrary to popular belief, women aren’t the only ones who like a full body massage as a prelude to sexual activity!

Now, this does not mean that you have to go all out and give your partner a massage that a professional would charge a hundred bucks an hour for.

You can, however, massage his head, neck and some of his back to get him loose and ready to experience sexual stimulation.

This is also a great ice breaker if you’re a bit shy or if you want to surprise your partner with a hand job. It is also a fantastic tease for him.

One minute your hands are on his lower back and the next. Other great ways to warm him up are to:

— Talk dirty to him. (if you are unsure where to begin with this,

Check out our very explicit video here:

— Give him a play by play of what you’re going to do to him before you do it

— Give him a sensual (or kinky) lap dance

As long as you’re creative, you can come up with hundreds of ways to get your guy ready for some hot, hand job action!

#6. Genitalia

First, let’s explore some of the places on a man’s genitals that are great for a massage. The more you know your man between his legs, the better your hand job will be.

Scrotum. The scrotum (the sac where his balls are held) is a great place to hold, tug lightly and massage lightly.

Cupping his scrotum with one hand can give your partner excellent sensations while you do the dirty work with your other hand!

Just be careful not to massage your partner’s scrotum too hard – this is a very sensitive area and a rough approach just won’t work here.

Think of his testicles as eyeballs. You can actually massage your eyeballs, but if you poke or press too hard it hurts. The same with his balls.

Try pumping up and down on his shaft, then giving a light squeeze every third or fourth stroke release. A feather to the balls is also very, very delightful.

Perineum. This is probably the area that gives you the most advantage during a genital massage. Why, you ask? When pressure is put on the perineum, it stimulates a man’s sensitive prostate gland.

Men love having their prostate gland stimulated (it is like a man’s clitoris or G-spot) but not all of them know they do.

That’s because other than the perineum, the only other way to gain access to the prostate gland is through the anus and there are more men that don’t like going that route than there are that do.

Pressing or rubbing on the perineum (the spot between his scrotum and his anus) during a genital massage can give your partner the thrill of a lifetime.

Just make sure that your partner is comfortable with your hand in that spot and make sure he lets you know how low is too low if he is uncomfortable with your hand near his anus.

And don’t be afraid to throw some lubrication down there first! Things will slide right along!

#7 Inner thighs, lower abdominal muscles. 

These areas are secondary to the others during a genital massage and you may want to use them just to help warm your partner up – but if he really likes it, feel free to use these areas during the hand job to give your partner more of an “all over” feeling.

These spots can take a little more of a rough touch, so they are great to squeeze, press and manipulate when you are really ravaging your partner during a genital massage.

Be careful not to do this too hard, your partner is not Play-Doh! If you prefer to go the softer route, these places are very responsive to light touching (such as running your fingers up and down them) or to tickling.

Light touches in these areas are best for teasing.

Let your hair caress his thighs while your face is close to his penis and you are fondling and rubbing his erection.

#8  The Penis. Well, of course the penis is the main area on your partner’s body that you want to pay attention to when giving a genital massage.

None of the other areas have the capacity to bring your partner to orgasm – but it is important to note that concentrating on massaging the penis only during a genital massage can make it slow work for you.

Accessing and utilizing massage techniques on the other areas of your partner’s groin area can make things go more quickly and actually, it will make the genital massage more exciting, pleasurable and satisfying to him.

There are a couple of important parts of the penis that aren’t always understood by women (and most men don’t know their names).

#9 Massage Techniques

Okay, you’ve gotten to the best part so let’s learn more on how to give a hand job.

Here, we’re going to go over some of the specific techniques you can use to massage your partner’s penis into complete stupor!

With these techniques, you will probably be able to bring your partner to an orgasm (and possibly more than one).

Always keep this primary tip in mind. Every great hand job, blow job or intercourse has three elements. Its WET, its WARM and it has good suction/friction.

Just a few quick notes before we go into the details:

When beginning a genital massage it is typically best to start with lighter, irregular strokes – like teasing.

Do a wide variety to touches and strokes early on. Be quite playful. As you go further and further into the genital massage, stick with two or three main strokes that your partner really enjoys but do mix them up until you are ready for the big finale.

Eventually you will want to develop a good rhythm that your partner can get into – that is the key to bringing your partner to orgasm with a genital massage.

When your partner is arriving at an orgasm, it is very important that you don’t vary your technique at all!

Moving even slightly into a different hand position can bring your partner back down from the brink and cause you to have to start bringing him back up again.

If your partner is close to having an orgasm, the same stroke over and over will push him over the edge! You know how it works with rubbing your clitoris! Not much difference here.

° Use an excessive amount of lube if you know he can get cleaned up afterwards.

If you are at his office in the high rise you can’t be quite as liberal with the slick stuff.

Lots of lube will give him a super-sexy, ultraslippery feeling all over his scrotum, penis and perineum.

You can probably never use too much lube, the slicker the better.

° Begin by just using the tips of your fingers. Let them float all around your partner’s penis, pressing lightly and then moving into a firmer press.

° Roll the shaft of his penis in between your palms. You can do this lightly or harder if your partner likes more stimulation.

° Some guys like it if you shake his penis gently and then toss it back and forth between your hands (open-palmed). Obviously you do that more when it is still a bit soft.

° Take one hand and wrap it around his penis, pulling towards the head. As you’re finishing the stroke with that hand, begin a new stroke with the other hand.

Be careful not to pull too hard, however, because anything more than a gentle to a medium pull can give your partner the uncomfortable sensation that he is being “milked” or that you are rubbing his skin raw.

° Do a reverse of the technique above. Make an “O” with your hand and put it on the top of his penis and push it down so the penis pokes through. As you are moving your hand down take your other hand and do that same.

Then take the bottom hand and move it on top. Do this in smooth succession like he is entering an endless pussy.

° Hold the base of the penis firmly with one hand while rubbing your palm on the head of the penis. This traps blood at the head of the penis, making it more sensitive to whatever you’re stroke you’re using on the head.

° Give a long stroke from the base of the penis all the way to the tip of the head in a twisting motion. You can twist up the entire penis or save the twisting until you reach the head for a varied effect.

° Put both hands on your partner’s penis, one at the base and the other at the head. Use the above technique, but twist with both hands at the same time. You can also twist in different directions to spice up the move.

° Try using different strokes with your partner’s penis pointed in different directions. This causes blood to flow in different areas, making him more sensitive to your movements.

° Make your thumb and forefinger form a ring around the base of your partner’s penis. Move this ring up and down the penis in long strokes. You can do this gently or in a more firm fashion depending on the stage of genital massage your partner is in.

#10. More Techniques on giving an amazing hand job.

° Use any stroke that involves just one hand in combination with strokes that involve pulling, tugging, holding, cupping and lightly massaging your partner’s scrotum.

° Start at the base and pull gently upward while twisting (but not too hard) as if you were trying to start a fire with a stick of wood.

° Hold your partner’s penis firmly in both hands and use your thumbs only to massage your partner’s shaft and head. You can do this in strokes or circles, depending on what your partner likes best.

° Utilize the above technique (one-handed stroke combined with the other hand massaging another area) on the perineum. This will create delightful sensations between his “G-spot” and his penis.

This move will bring your partner to orgasm quickly and it is a great move to use while he finishes off. If your partner enjoys this move, you can use it as the core of your genital massage.

° With a well lubed hand, cup your hand on top of his penis head and twist like you were squeezing a lemon on an old fashioned juicer.

° If your partner is uncircumcised, have fun with his foreskin. Massage it, pull it gently and twist it around to create a variety of sensations. Ask him to play with it in front of you so you can see what he likes to do with it.

° While sitting in front of him on the bed – put both of your hands out as if you are going to “clap” and place one on each side of his penis – this Side / Side flat palmed action will be a different sensation and allows you both full view of his rock hard penis. It’s different for him from the way he would normally pleasure himself with his own hand.

° For a different approach, try a dry massage. Your partner may find this uncomfortable, however, especially if the skin around his penis is very tight and does not allow for much movement.

This only works with light touches. When stroking his penis in a dry massage, just hold the skin tight enough so when you move your hand up and down the skin does not move but rather the inside of the penis moves.

Men don’t always have the luxury of having lube on hand when they masturbate and they do just fine with a dry jerk off. It just takes a gentler touch.

#11. Special Additions to make giving the hand job experience more pleasing.

While your hands (and some lube) are really all that is needed for a great hand job, some variety makes it more fun for you and him.

Here are some ideas on elements that can be used to add some zest and excitement to your repertoire.

• Candle Wax. You can buy candles that are specifically designed for body massages.

As the candle burns and the wax is melted, you can pour the melted wax on your lovers body.

It should be safe to pour on his shaft and testicles. His glans (head) might be too sensitive to the heat.

Do a test drop first. I loved it when my wife did this for me but not something I’d want every time.

I personally think warm oil/lube is better for a hand job overall but for a man, the smell, sight and feeling of the candle wax being lovingly poured on your genitals is special indeed and worth doing now and again.

• Scarf or tie. Take some of your silk scarves or his old ties and put them to good use.

Drape the over his body, wrap them around his rod and pass them between his legs. He’ll go crazy from the soft, silky, breezy fabrics touching his sensitive spots.

Do this BEFORE you get out the lube to keep them from getting soiled. If you want to get real kinky, use them to “tie him up” while you give him an exciting hand job experience.

And while you are at it you can also use them to blindfold him. That adds another very interesting dimension to a hand job. It puts all his energy on assessing the pleasure of your touch.

• Silk or Satin lingerie. Taking off your lingerie will certainly get his blood pumping and you can do one better. Rub your silky nightie or underwear around his shaft and balls. He’ll go nuts.

«This is what it did for one of my subscribers: “My favorite hand-job spin is this: my girl will take her satin Nighty, turn it inside out, and rub my hard on with the silky material…WOW I throb big-time! She may add a vibe to tingle my balls with her other hand. Sometimes I can’t hold back and I’ll jizz now.”

• Vibrators. As you just read, battery operated toys are not just for women. They work exceptionally well on men’s sensitive areas. Buzz his nipples, his sack, his rod.

He’ll even like it if you touch his anus with it (you can put a condom over it if you want to keep it sanitary). If you don’t have a “dildo” on hand, simply use an old battery powered toothbrush. Just keep the bristles away from him.

• Beads. No, not anal beads (although some men would really go for that too). I am talking about pearl necklaces.

If you have a bead necklace that is smooth, wrap it around his shaft and pull it back and forth to massage his manhood.

Just be aware that some lubes and oils might eventually break down the string so don’t use an expensive necklace.

• Fruit. This is for the adventurous. Take a melon and cut a hole in it the size of his erect shaft (make it a little on the tight size.

Slide it on his hard-on, then move the melon up and down to push his cock in and out.

He’ll smell and taste wonderful. If the suction is too strong, cut a small hole in the opposite side of the melon. You can also use a banana.

Cut the end off the banana and gently scoop out enough flesh so that his penis will fit in tight.

You can also put the banana in the microwave for a few seconds to warm it up but be VERY CAREFUL to test it with your finger to make sure it is not too hot.

If you like the taste of kiwi then cut the top and bottom off a kiwi fruit and take a little flesh out of the center and use the “sleeve” to jerk off your guy.

• Vegetables. Same idea as above but use a zucchini, eggplant or cucumber.

Instead of scooping out the flesh you can often press in a broom handle to create a hole deep and wide enough.

• Condoms. Put lube on his member and them roll down a condom and use it as a sleeve to jerk off your guy. A nice side benefit is that clean up is a cinch.

Also, try a “ribbed” condom and turn it inside out before putting it over his manhood. The ribs will give him lots of wonderful sensations all over.

Here’s something else to try with a condom. Blow it up into a balloon, a little smaller than a bowling ball.

Quickly insert his dick into the hole to seal it up. If air starts to leak hold it tight around his shaft (or ask him to hold it).

You will both be able to see his penis inside the “balloon”.

If you can manage it, get him to come and see him squirt all over the inside. Guys will really like this visual.

#12. He’s About To Have An Orgasm

You’ve made it through the hard part – getting your partner up to the point where an orgasm is imminent. Here, you can do a couple things.

You can relinquish your partner’s penis back to him and allow him to finish the job.

Some couples will choose to let the man finish himself off while she concentrates on his testicles and perineum.

If you are an oral sort of gal, men LOVE to have their balls licked and sucked as they masturbate.

A more popular approach is to help your partner through his ejaculation by performing his favorite strokes and continuing to give him pleasure through his entire orgasm.

Don’t make the mistake of stopping the hand job as soon as he begins to ejaculate. Continue your strokes until he begins to pull away.

Most men “squirt” out close to ten times when they are having an orgasm.

A few significant squirts followed by some very minor ones. Think about it as an earthquake with a few aftershocks.

The euphoric feelings that accompany the ejaculation might last a couple of seconds up to 30 seconds or more. The more you stroke, the longer he’ll cum.

Don’t cheat him out of any of those precious seconds.

Most of the time, women will let their partner’s ejaculate on their hands.

You can keep one hand on the head of his penis while he has an orgasm (this is very pleasurable) and let his semen bubble over your fingers like a volcano, or you can keep your hands on the shaft of your partner’s penis and watch how high his eruptions will go!

If you are uncomfortable with having your partner’s semen on your hands, you can use gloves or you can hold a towel, washcloth or tissue over his urethra just as he is about to ejaculate to catch the semen.

Any way you and your partner choose to handle the orgasm is fine – as long as you both are comfortable and enjoy it.

Most men are highly turned on by you being excited (or at least fascinated) by his ejaculation.

We like for you to see our eruptions as amazing or thrilling and not “gross”.

We want to see wonder in your eyes as we shoot as high or far as far as we can (men are competitors by nature).

Here is how one of my readers expressed it: “I want you to watch me and my manhood as I proudly throb and shoot jets of splooge for all to see! Don’t turn away, or block the cum squirts… sharing the full ejaculation experience with you is HOT!”

Another turn on for men is to ejaculate onto you. On your breasts, your stomach or even youth mouth if you are so willing.

Again, we are very visual and marrying the erotic act of ejaculation with a visual image of your nakedness is something that fuels our sexual fires.

Depending where he wants to shoot his load, you may need to do a hand off to him in the final moments.

He just might want you on your hands and knees so he can shoot all over your back and rump. Just find a way to communicate this before it is too late.

But, if he comes before the plan is fulfilled, you can look forward to trying it next time.

Handing off to him has other advantages to you and him. He can finish off really strong (he’s had a lot of practice), aim it where he wants it and you can enjoy seeing him fully enjoying himself.

#13. Final Few Lines: Living the Fantasy

Part of giving a man a fabulous hand job is helping him to live out his fantasies.

Most men do have fantasies while masturbating and it often has to do with YOU!

He is imagining you in a sexy outfit, or going down on him in the shower, saying dirty things to him or trying out some new position or new place for a love nest.

As he closes his eyes while you play with his manhood, help him to be a part of a fantasy.

Tell him what part of the fantasy you are and what part he plays (he often wants to simply be the most amazing lover with the package you go wild over).

Here is how one of my subscriber’s describes what a perfect hand job would look like for him.

“I think that men do not masturbate in a mental vacuum….. the mental stimulus comes from imagination, sexy pictures, generally fantasizing about the perfect sexual experience, when the partner behaves exactly in the way the man craves.

So the partner giving the hand job should also help to create that mental fantasy, to identify what fantasies are turning the man on, and then to contribute towards the man’s experience of those fantasies — whether it be giving the partner a mind-blowing orgasm, or being the greatest stud ever living, or converting Lesbians, or another other erotic ideas. 

The actual touching can include all the male erogenous zones, — including the scrotum, the nipples, and the ears — the conversation and noises all the fantasies and effects the man is dreaming of.”


Although male genital massage doesn’t get very much credit in the shadow of fellatio and intercourse, giving your partner a hand job can potentially be the most thrilling sexual experience he will ever have.

You can use any or all of the techniques in this article but of course, feel free to make up your own!

If you keep a closed mind to trying out new things and new techniques when sexually pleasing your partner, you will become a one-trick-pony and things will get boring real quick!

Don’t be afraid to try something new every once in a while to spice up your bedroom romps.

I hope you enjoyed reading this amazing article on how to give a hand job but before I stop I would love to recommend you an amazing program created by one of the best-selling authors on Clickbank here name is “Felicity Keith”.

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