How to call voicemail – How to Block a Number from leaving you a Voicemail in Android [Guide]

How to Leave Voicemail Without Calling on iPhone X/8/7 Plus

Is it possible to leave someone a voicemail without calling the iPhone?

There are third party applications which you can use to leave voicemails without having to call the particular number directly. This is a feature that is not directly supported by iPhone so you have to use these apps. However, there are some hacks that you can use, but these will only work on some carrier networks and not all of them. Using SLYDIAL, allows you to use the app and leave the voicemail as desired.

Part 1. How to Go Straight to Voicemail & Leave a Message Without Calling Someone

Method 1: Using a third party app such as SLYDIAL

Step 1) Install and configure SLYDIAL. Download the SLYDIAL app and then launch it. This is a free service and it does not require you to register your number.

Step 2) Access the voicemail of the recipient. Simply call 267-SLYDIAL and then entering the number of the person whom you want to leave a voicemail. You can also dial 267-759-3425 and then enter the recipient’s iPhone number just like before.

Step 3) Leave your voicemail. Once you get to the voicemail of the recipient, wait for the prompt and then leave the message that you want. This is a very simple and stress-free way of going about leaving voicemail without calling on iPhone.

If you want more functionality from SLYDIAL, you should register your number on their service. This will allow you to dial by name straight from your iPhone without having to memorize the number of the recipient. You will also be able to get SLYDIAL contacts of other users from their website. Most people may opt not to register, simply because of this last feature, where they do not want to be listed on the SLYDIAL website. You choose which works best for you.

Method 2: Use the Voice Memo function

This is a hack which allows you to leave a voice message for your recipient. However, you need to know his or her voicemail number, or else the message will be sent to their MMS inbox.

Step 1) Record your voice memo. Go to your home screen and find the voice memo app. Once it is launched, record the voice message and then save it. Be sure that you get the name of the file and its destination.

Step 2) Listen to your voice memo and send it. Go to your Voice Memo inbox and then listen to the voice memo and ascertain that it is the correct one. Next choose the option of sending the voice memo as a message. You can do this by attaching it to a blank message, or send it directly after listening to it. Type in the voicemail number of the recipient and then click send. The message will be sent to the voicemail number and the recipient will listen to it from the voicemail inbox.

NOTE: If you do not have the voicemail number of the recipient, you can still send the message as an MMS. This means that it is a multimedia message and not a voicemail message. The fact is that the recipient will get the message that you want him or her to get.

Part 2. Recommend the Best Tool to Recover Lost Voicemails from iPhone 7/SE/6s/6/5s/5c/5/4s/4/3GS

Well, one may wonder why you would want to leave a voicemail and not talk to the recipient of the message. It may be someone who you owe money, and you simply want to ask them for more time to repay them, and you do not want to talk directly to them. It may also be someone who you know does not like being disturbed when at work, and you want to tell them about something without calling directly. These are the many ways in which you can send a voicemail without having to call the person at the other end. Voicemails are a great way of communicating when a person is unavailable. If you happen to lose important voicemails, you can use iSkysoft Toolbox — iOS Data Recovery to get the voicemails back to your iPhone.

Key Features of iSkysoft Toolbox — iOS Data Recovery

  • 3 Ways of Recovery – You can restore voicemail from your iPhone, iTunes or iCloud.

  • Compatible with Several File Types – One can get voicemail, photos, contacts, notes, messages, videos, and a lot more, from the 20 different file types associated with this tool.

  • Great Preview Tool – Most tools will not allow you to select what to restore; iSkysoft Toolbox allows you to preview and select the data that you want to restore.

  • Simple User Interface – Anyone can follow the simple and well placed features of this application.

  • Complete Compatibility with ALL iOS Devices – You can rely on this tool irrespective of which device that you are using.

Guide for how to recover lost voicemails from iPhone with iSkysoft Toolbox for Android

Step 1: Make sure you have downloaded iSkysoft Toolbox for iOS on your computer. Open it and choose Data Recovery from the main window. And remember to connect your iPhone to the computer.

Step 2: From the next interface, you need to check the little box in front of Voicemail to recover voicemails. Then click on the Start Scan button. Let iSkysoft Toolbox scans your phone. Don’t worry any privay issue, for this software is a 100% secure program.

Step 3: Within a few minutes, you will see the results come out. You are allowed to preview the details of the files before you decide to bring them back! You just need to click on the file types on the left to view the items. Choose the one you want it back and hit Resore to Device or Export to Mac. Done!

Note: This smart software also support recover files from iCloud and iTunes. Why not try it and see what will you get!

Voicemail — How to Set Up and Use

You can’t take every one of your customers’ calls. But where do they leave voicemails? On your personal cell phone? On your colleagues’ phone? Can you be sure that the voicemail message that they’ll hear will always sound professional?

With MightyCall, you can have a one-stop fits-all voicemail greeting for your company. Voicemail messages are sent to your MightyCall Web Interface and MightyCall Mobile App, which can then easily be delivered to anyone in your company.

Give everyone in your team a dedicated voicemail box.

How to forward your incoming calls to voicemail

  1. Go to Call Flows.
  2. Click on the “Actions” block.
  3. Select “Leave a voicemail.”
  4. Select or invite a user.
  5. Save changes.

How to listen to voicemails

When someone leaves a voicemail, you will receive a notification. You can download received voicemail from the notification email or listen to it via your MightyCall account or MightyCall mobile app.

  1. Go to History.
  2. Open the Voicemails tab.
  3. Here you can listen to (and remove) your voicemails as needed.

Note. Your voicemail box can store up to 500 voicemails, each message 3 min max length.

Consider voicemail-to-text

Another option MightyCall users have is our voicemail-to-text option. To access this option you can select either the Standard or Ultimate plans. Both of these plans include the voicemail-to-text option.

While some users will still prefer to listen to voicemails, we’ve found that some users also prefer to read them instead (or both- sometimes you may want to listen to a quick five second voicemail but would prefer to read a long droning two-minute one).

With voicemail-to-text, your voicemails can be automatically converted to easily readable text format. They can then be read on your web panel or via our mobile app. You can even have them sent directly to your email!!

How to Transfer a Call Directly to Voicemail on a Samsung

by Maya Walker

When you can’t answer your Samsung phone because you are in a meeting or it’s simply not convenient, you can transfer your incoming calls directly to voice mail. Depending on the option you select, calls may be transferred without even ringing. You also can selectively choose which calls you want to answer or ignore. No matter how you configure your Samsung phone, the caller won’t be notified that you elected to ignore the call.


Touch “Decline” or “Ignore” when your Samsung phone receives an incoming call. The call is forwarded to your voice mailbox and the caller is prompted to leave a message.


Turn off the Samsung phone. All calls you receive are automatically sent to voice mail without ringing.


Open the contact details of any caller that you want to send directly to voice mail on your Samsung Android phone. Touch “Menu,” and then tap “Edit Contact.” Tap “Send Calls Directly to Voicemail” to redirect calls from that contact to voice mail without your phone ringing.


Edit your security settings to send all incoming calls to voice mail. Press “Menu” and click “Settings.” Click “Restrict and Lock” and tap “Voice.” Enter your phone’s four-digit security code. Click “Restrict” and select “Incoming Call.” Click “Special # Only.» All calls from people who are not on your special numbers list will be sent directly to voice mail.

About the Author

Maya Walker began writing professionally in 2008. Her articles have appeared on a variety of websites, covering technology, personal finance, music and health topics. Walker is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English at Stephen F. Austin University in Texas.

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How to Record iPhone Phone Calls the Easy Way

Want to record an iPhone call? Did you know there is a very easy way to record iPhone phone calls using nothing but your iPhone and a voicemail trick? I know you’re thinking what does recording an iPhone call have to do with voicemail, but it turns out that a simple trick allows you to use the service to record any phone call, and it works great. Not only will you get the recorded phone call, but you’ll be able to save and share the call recording as an audio file as well.

You can try this out yourself and record your own phone calls this way, but do keep in mind you’ll need to get permission from the other party before you attempt to record the phone call.* The only catch is that you must have voicemail set up with your phone number.

How to Record iPhone Calls with a Voicemail Trick

Essentially what you’re doing here is merging a call with your own voicemail, thereby creating a conference call with yourself, your voicemail, and the other person or place you are calling. Once the call is completed, the recorded call will appear in your voicemail. Here’s exactly how it works and how to try it yourself:

  1. Open the Phone app and call the person (or place) as you normally would
  2. Explain to the person that you are about to record the phone call, get their permission, and explain in order to do so you need to put them on hold for a moment to merge with the call recording function
  3. Tap on the “Add Call” button and dial your own phone number, this will send you directly to your voicemail answering service
  4. Once the voicemail starts recording as usual, tap on the “Merge Calls” button to merge the recording voicemail message with the live call in first step
  5. Have your conversation as usual, when the call is finished end them as usual by hanging up then wait a moment for the recorded phone call to appear in the “Voicemail” section of the iPhone Phone app

That’s all there is to it, it works perfectly too. This is a popular trick that many interviewers and journalists use to record a call easily without other equipment and directly from their iPhone, and it likely has other purposes as well.

Another variation of this for users without visual voicemail is to use “Add Call” to call the person already on the phone connection, and they just need to let it go to voicemail. Then, the other person on the phone gets the call recording and can save it or forward it to you.

This method works whether you have visual voicemail or not, but if you want to be be able to save and share the voicemail as an audio file from the iPhone you must have the visual voicemail function and ability to call your own voicemail box. If you don’t have visual voicemail, you can still record the calls this way, but you wouldn’t be able to save, share, or access the call recording as a file on the iPhone.

Always Get Consent Before Recording Any Phone Call with iPhone or Otherwise

* Always get permission to record a phone call, and be sure to explain to the person you are going to record the phone call. In many regions it is illegal to record a phone call without consent to do so. Thus you’ll want to be sure if you’re trying this with a friend or family member, that you ask if it’s OK to record the phone call first, and they must agree. Knowing the legality of recording phone calls varies per region, it is entirely your responsibility to know and understand these rules otherwise you could be breaking the law. You can learn more about telephone recording calls here on Wikipedia or with your state, and the information here from Digital Media Law Project is useful too.


How to Forward Calls to Voicemail on iPhone

Voicemail is an integrated cellular mobile network feature and doesn’t really have to do anything with an iPhone or any smartphone particularly. However, some iPhone features enable the user to effectively and conveniently use the voicemail feature on an iPhone. Voicemail on iPhones is reached through the call forwarding feature, which needs to be provided by the cellphone operator in the first place. Learn how to forward calls to Voicemail on iPhone easily.

Voicemail is a very old school feature, it is existent ever since the 2G mobile network system. However, every mobile operator has a specific number where the voicemail calls are diverted. Before you proceed with activating the voicemail mailbox in your iPhone, you need to know the operator provided mailbox number first.

Finding the Voicemail Mailbox Number

The telecom operators don’t really publish their voicemail mailbox number through public brochures, yet it is quite easy to find. You might check your carrier’s website if there’s an instruction page or booklet about call forwarding. Also, the customer care executives working at your operator’s HQs can help you out. If neither of these seems like a feasible option – try dialing *#67# on your iPhone and if there’s no further software restriction on your iPhone, you should be presented with the mailbox number of your operator’s voicemail.

How to Forward Calls to Voicemail on iPhone

There are two easy ways to forward calls to Voicemail on iPhone. The basic principle is to trick the network into believing that your iPhone is switched off or you are busy, and your calls will be diverted to the voicemail mailbox inbox. You could make use of the Airplane Mode or Do Not Disturb modes on iOS.

  1. Activate Airplane Mode: All network connections are seized including Wi-Fi and even Bluetooth when Airplane Mode is turned on in an iPhone. By turning on Airplane Mode, an iPhone could appear like a phone that’s turned off to the network. This way, if voicemail is turned on for when user’s phone is turned off, the call will be redirected to voicemail mailbox. Also, the iPhone user doesn’t get notified while this happens so there’s no distraction during a busy day or important work. To turn off Airplane Mode, simply bring the Control Center up and tap on the Airplane Mode button.
  2. Activate Do Not Disturb: Do not disturb allows incoming calls, but as the iPhone won’t show any noticeable notification while the phone rings the user won’t be disturbed. To divert a call to voicemail while Do Not Disturb is turned on, the voicemail settings need to be set to ‘when unanswered’. Navigate to Settings -> Do Not Disturb -> Allow Calls From and mark the contacts you want to receive calls from even when Do Not Disturb is turned on. The rest of the calls will be sent to voicemail and user can retrieve them later.
  3. Turn Off your iPhone: This is the easiest method to froward all incoming calls to Voicemail on your iPhone. Use this method if you don’t want to use your iPhone or you want to save your battery life. You must to know that you will be unavailable for all callers.
  4. Use Call Forwarding Option: Use the Call forwarding option on your iPhone to forward all calls to Voicemail. To access the call forwarding option, navigate to Settings -> Phone -> Call Forwarding and activate the option. You will be asked for a phone number – enter the voicemail number for your carrier to forward calls to Voicemail on iPhone.

Other Ways to Divert all Calls to Voicemail on iPhone

There are other methods, like turning the entire iPhone off so that all calls go to the voicemail. But this way, the user won’t be able to use their iPhone at all. The two methods describe above can help out an iPhone user in all convenient ways.

How to Set Up Voicemail on Android Running 5.0 or Higher Versions

Voicemail is something which needs no introduction. It has been on our phones since ages.

But time and again you might find yourself in a situation where you need help in setting up voicemail on your Android device. So, if right now you are in a similar situation then you are on the right page as here I’ll show how you can easily set up Voicemail on your Android Smartphone.

Before I begin, let me make it clear that this method is only for Android devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop or any other higher version.

Let’s get started.

How to Set Up Voicemail on Android

The below method is very simple, easy and won’t take more than a few seconds. You just need to follow these quick steps:

1st Step: Open the Dialer on your Smartphone.

2nd Step: Tap on the three-dots which can be found in the top-right corner of your phone.

From the drop-down menu, tap on Settings.

3rd Step: Once you are on the Settings page, tap on Speed Dial Settings. It can also be called as Call Settings or Voicemail Settings depending on your phone.

Since in my case it is Speed Dial Settings, so I’ll tap on Speed Dial Settings.

Note that if your phone has an option called Call Settings, tap on it and look for Voicemail Number or Voicemail Settings.

4th Step: Needless to say but still. The Number 1 will always be your voicemail. So tap on 1 Voicemail. On the next screen, tap on Setup.

5th StepNow, tap on Voicemail Number. A small dialog box will pop-up, feed the phone number which you want to set up as the voicemail number. Tap on OK.

Remember: Once you tap on OK and set a particular number as your Voicemail Number, you can’t undo it. By that I mean, you’ll always have to keep a number as your Voicemail Number. You just won’t be able to leave the ‘Voicemail Number’ field blank.

You can set any of your saved contacts as your Voicemail Number by tapping on the small ‘Person’ icon.

Depending on your country and carrier, you may see a few more options under Setup.

In case you want to change the Voicemail Number, the steps are the same.

How to Call Voicemail Number

Well, calling is something which is too basic. But anyways, here are two ways by which you can quickly call the Voicemail Number:

#1: By opening up the dialer and holding down ‘1‘ for a few seconds.

#2: Call Voicemail Number hands-free with the help of Google Assistant.

If you have Google Assistant on your phone, just open Google Assistant and say ‘Call Voicemail’.

Google Assistant will make the call straight away, without any fuss.

So, there you have it guys, a short guide on how to set up voicemail on Android devices.

If you are facing any issue with setting up Voicemail Number on your Android phone, do let me know in the comments. I might come of some help.

And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and colleagues on your Social Networks.

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