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There are a lot of personalities out there. The cool. The smart. The jock. The joker. And many, many more. But the personality I am going to talk about today is KAWAII. (As the title suggest. LOL.)

I am not the expert on “how to be kawaii”. I do have experience of trying to be kawaii. But my other side of wanting to be cool gets in the way so I tend to get mix feedbacks. Literally someone told me before that I was cool and cute. (Very flattering by the way. LOL.) So I want to try making an article of “how to be kawaii”.

Also, it is important to note that being kawaii doesn’t necessarily only apply to girls. Guys can also be kawaii but can still be straight. Okay? Okay? It may just be a little more difficult for them especially in real life. I mean, let’s be honest, how many real guys you know in person that you consider as “kawaii”, huh? I can only think of a few. But majority of them are kids. And one questionable adult. BUT! It is not impossible. However, I will not be tackling that in this article. (Sorry boys who wondered here. LOL.)

I only have 3 general rules of how to be kawaii. That’s right. THREE. The things I’m going to say in this article are mixture of research and personal experience. So if there is anything in the content of this article that is similar to other articles out there, I am sorry but we just have the same belief! Okay?

Here we go! How To Be Kawaii:


Alright, we all know the saying: “don’t judge the book by its cover” right?” I am sorry to tell you readers, but not everyone does that. They do judge you. I think it’s a reflex. Of course, there are those who try not to but it can’t really be help. You see someone, even from afar, and instantly, you get an impression of them by how they dress and expressions. That’s just how people are and that’s just how life is. Sucks right?

But don’t despair! Because we can turn that fact around. Let’s use it as our own playing cards. You wanna judge me from how I look? Fine. Go ahead. I can always mix it up for you to get the impression I want you to. And that’s rule number 1!

Be cautious of how you dress. From what you put in your hair to what shoes you wear. There are A LOT to cover in this section so let’s do from top to bottom, okay?

How to be kawaii HAIR

For your hair, have an image of an elementary school girl. I know, it’s weird. But you can’t deny that it was during the time you were a kid, people can describe you as cute. (If you were the pretty type. LOL.) So, use that image as an inspiration when you’re thinking of what to do with your hair.

If you have long hairs to just below the shoulders, you can try pigtails, side pony tails, and of course, braids. Now hair accessories can be used for any hair lengths. Headbands is an option. But what really makes you look kawaii, are bows. But be careful with the color and patterns you choose. THINK KAWAII!

Let’s take these characters for example, Aihara Enju from Black Bullet. She has long hair and choose pig tails hairstyle. And don’t you just agree that she’s adorable?

For side pony tails, there is this anime called Brothers Conflict. There’s only one girl character (LOL. Reverse harem. By the way, she is the only girl character in reverse harem who I do not hate but instead pity. XD). And I just love her hair style. After I watched this anime, I wore that hair style for weeks. Oh, her name is Hinata Ema by the way.

For braids, this character isn’t actually from an anime. Its fan art of the movie Zootopia and this is Judy Hops. I love their human versions. Hehe. So this is one of the fan art where her hair is braided and she’s just super adorable. Right?

Oh, just a little side note. My favourite hair accessory (if it is considered as accessory) are HATS. I just simply love them.

Exhibit A. From the anime adaption of The [email protected] The group called Ryuuguu Komachi. Every one with hair accessories and they are just so kawaii!


Now here is the fun part. Outfits. There are a lot of ways to dress kawaii. Dresses. Tops. Bottoms. You can mix and match any clothes you have or might want to buy. That’s what I do.

The general idea when picking what to wear for how to be kawaii are these: Lolita dresses, bloomer shorts, suspenders, floral outfits, and bright, frilly clothes. BUT! Don’t be limited with those. You can always experiment and you don’t need to buy the expensive outfits (especially Lolita dresses) to look kawaii.

Oh, AN IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE, PLEASE, wear clothes appropriate in your country and the season. Your goal is to look kawaii and not to make a scene.

Anyway, simple shorts, statement shirts, sneakers, and side pony tails are already cute. If you know what you are doing. Old blouses and skirts will also do. I seriously believe you can make any clothes look kawaii with the right match. Heck I can make business clothes look cute. (LOL.)

So just to show you a few examples.

First up is Hinamori Amu from Shugo Chara. I want to say that I love this character because of her fashion sense. She can be cool and cute at the same time. Hehe. As you can see in the photo below, she’s wearing a hoodie. Another outfit that can be cool or cute, depending on how you use it. If you look closer, you will see that she’s only wearing a plain white shirt and green shorts and yet put it all together and you get kawaii. You can also see the other outfits she wears that are also so kawaii. She just mix and match.

Another girl who just never stops having the right fashion sense to being kawaii. I’m pretty sure you know her. Kinomoto Sakura from the series Cardcaptor Sakura. (LOL.) She isn’t my favourite character but I really love her outfits. Especially in the latest series, Cardcaptro Sakura Clear Cards. I’m not really talking about her costumes when she’s in action but her regular outside getups. To show a few are the picture below. Just let you have an idea of how to be kawaii.


The rules for outfits applies to shoes. Wear any shoes you like from sneakers to combat boots. It’ll work as long as you match it with you clothes and hairstyle. All three must go together for you to look kawaii.

A little note, skirts looks so cute when you match them with boots. Or sneakers. But I’ve always been bias with boots. They’re in my top favourite things to wear. If I could, I would wear them every day. And when I’m rich, I’m going to buy so many boots to the point that I’m going to need to have a whole closet dedicated for boots. (LOL. Okay that’s sharing too much personal information.)

So I’m not going to use anime for this part. I just went searching for kawaii shoes I can find. From sneakers to girlie girl shoes. (LOL.)

How To Be Kawaii on We Heart It

Hello *^* Now if you are reading this, it’s probably because you deliberately searched (good choice) or you just stumbled on it (also a good choice)! But whatever you did, this is going to help you become kawaii without changing your personality completely. Remember, be your own person! :3

Be Bold

Kawaii fashion is your own flow! It is about standing out and being unique, no matter how you look like It’s about trying new things and being a bit daring. So experiment with different colours and designs; try something new that no one else has maybe done before. Express yourself. Choose pastel colours which can be seen as soft but also beautiful. This doesn’t mean you should wear things you are not comfortable with wearing! You can choose how far you want to go! You can:
-Dye your hair in fun colours
-Wearing cute accessories
-Have multiple cute badges on your bags or purses

Be Confident

Now who cares about who you are all we know is that you are going to be kawaii! Race, ethnicity, the way you talk, the way you look blah blah blah. They are just words! The start of becoming kawaii is embracing yourself and wanting the whole world to know. The first way to become kawaii is not caring what anyone thinks. Secondly, make sure you have good friends who support you! Lastly, if you like what you see in the mirror when wearing your look, good people will like what they see when the notice you walking down the street!

Be Kawaii (Looks)

Now you know that you look beautiful just the way you are (you probably already know this) it’s time to look the kawaii part! «But how?», I hear you ask. Well:

1. Wear something that screams out ‘cute’!
Keep it innocent yet bold. Wear frills and ribbons which are colourful and fun. Think about outfits that are seemingly childish and elegant. Bows, bracelets and necklaces can be a great addition too!

2. Do kawaii makeup. The whole point of this is to keep it simple and innocent, not something smoking hot. I suggest watching Jemma Kuma’s makeup tutorials on YouTube. Also, once you get comfortable, you can customise the makeup to your own preference.

3. Do your nails. Nail art can show your cute creative side. Go on YouTube and search ‘DIY Nails’. You will not be disappointed, believe me. If you want to keep it simple, I recommend a nice, neat manicure.

4. Use tricks. There are many trick to looking kawaii. Let’s take for instance your eyes. Kawaii girls and boys are often seen with large eyes, signifying innocence. A trick to getting this look is by laying an ice-cold washcloth on your eyes for about five minutes which will widen your eyes. This can also e achieved with makeup. For your nails, why don’t you add cute stickers on top of them? How kawaii would that be!?

Be Kawaii (Personality)

To learn more inspiration, watch anime. There are different types of genres so you may find your kawaii role model! But these role models aren’t only in anime. Like you may be scrolling on Facebook and boom — you find that amazing person! Talking about Facebook, don’t only have online friends, have real friends. They don’t have to be kawaii. All you need is love and support. Never ever ever though hide away your true personality.Now our last tip kawaii children. I’ve repeated this so many times because it is vital. Be yourself! Don’t force yourself to do all these kawaii tips, do what you want! *-*

So that’s it
How To Be Kawaii!

How to Draw Kawaii Faces and Expressions

Kawaii faces and expressions are fun to draw. Just a few simple lines, and you have a full face. Amazing! I could have spent a month on this.

I didn’t realise that drawing kawaii faces is more than simply combining different eyes and mouths. A slightest variation of line changes the expression completely.

But after drawing many many faces, I began to understand what makes a face look kawaii. I will share with you what I learned in this post.

This is Week 14 of my personal challenge to learn how to draw kawaii in 6-month. Use this link to track my drawing progress week by week.

How to Draw Kawaii in 21 Days

Do you want to draw your OWN kawaii?

I have a complete step-by-step course that will teach you to create your own unique kawaii drawings in 21 days. No previous experience or talent needed! 

How to Make Faces Look Kawaii

When it comes to kawaii faces, it’s all about positioning. The actual skill of drawing kawaii eyes and mouths is not difficult. After all, it’s just circles and curvy lines ;). But the real magic happens when these features are positioned in the right places.

Lets look at the anatomy of a kawaii face.

The image below shows a regular smiley face and a kawaii face. On a regular face, the eyes usually sit halfway down the face, and the mouth is halfway between the eyes and the chin. On a kawaii face, the eyes are still halfway down the face, but they are spread out much more. The mouth is aligned with the eyes, or sits just below the eyes.

A drawing of a regular smiley face and a kawaii face

The reason kawaii promotions look cute is because they mimic the proportions of a child’s face. Who are the cutest creatures on Earth? Babies!!!!!

Our little son teaches me a lot about kawaii faces :D. When I sketch his face, I tend to leave waaaay too much space between the nose and the eyes, because I forget how close the features are on his little face. The trick to drawing a face of a baby is to make the nose tiny, and to place the nose and mouth very close to the eyes. Also, babies have tiny jaws and chins.

Observe… 🙂

Cute baby face proportions: eyes, nose and mouth are close together, chin is small

How To Position Features on Kawaii Faces

There is a range of positions at which a face still looks kawaii. Below are 3 examples:

1. The first example shows a classical kawaii face. The baseline of the eyes and the mouth are on the same level.

2. The second example shows a mouth that starts at the baseline of the eyes, but extends well below the eyes.

3. In the third example, the mouth is slightly below the eyes. About half the mouth is above the eye baseline, and half the mouth is below. I think, right now this is my favourite proportion.

60 Kawaii Faces and Expressions

Here are the fruits of my labour for this week. I put together 60 kawaii faces by combining kawaii eyes and mouths I practiced in Week 13.

Some of the faces I made up or discovered by accident (more on that later). Others came from a practice sheet created by Zainab Khan a.k.a PicCandle.

Kawaii Faces Game

I practiced A LOT of kawaii faces this week. To make it fun, I created a little game for myself. I use this exercise (I mean game, game!!) as a drawing warm up. And it’s a really fun way to draw with kids, or just doodle while waiting for a bus.

  1. Start by drawing a straight line. Then fill the line with a row of eggheads. Draw more eggheads until you feel there are enough. To make it even more fun, point the heads in different directions!
  2. Fill the eggheads with kawaii faces from this post, or other faces you find.

A fun game to practice kawaii faces and expressions

As you can see, it’s very simple. And it produces very satisfying results. You don’t need to plan or to sketch. Just get right into it with a pen, it’s impossible to mess it up!

This is good way to discover some unusual and wacky faces. Some of them will not make sense, but others will work great!

Kawaii faces are really fun. They are also a powerful way to express emotions.

5 Tips for Drawing Kawaii Faces

  1. EXAGGERATE!! Really, exaggerate the emotion. If you feel the character is smiling, make it open its mouth ten times wider.
  2. Use a mirror to see what a particular face looks. Where does the mouth point? Which way do the eyebrows move? That’s how I discovered many kawaii faces you see above.
  3. Keep a visual diary of the cute faces you see around you.
  4. Practice. A lot. Just draw different eyes and mouths, combine them and see what works.
  5. Look at babies for kawaii ideas. I learn a lot from our toddler. He is my greatest teacher :D.


Here is what I used this week.

I usually use the Artline pen the most, but this week I found I needed more precision to draw the eyes and other small details. So I used a Copic Multiliner pen. When I first tried it a few weeks ago, I thought it felt too tight. But this week I came to appreciate, that in a pen tightness = precision :).

  • Copic Multiliner pen, size 0.3, black
  • Artline Drawing pen, size o4, black
  • Micron Graphic pen, size 1, black

Drawing References

  • Kawaii faces practice sheet by Zainab Khan
  • Mirror! I looked at my face as I pulled different expressions to see where the eyes, mouth and eyebrows move.
  • Unmasking the Face book by Paul Ekman. This is NOT a kawaii drawing book. It’s a brilliant book on reading emotions from faces. Perfect! Thank you Paul Ekman for doing my homework for me :). Really, the book is so helpful in showing exactly what makes a face look surprised. Or happy, or sad, or angry, or afraid. Or in love.

Drawing Time Diary

Monday, Feb 13: 45 mins
Tuesday, Feb 14: 30 mins, 30 mins
Wednesday, Feb 15: 15 mins, 1 hr
Thursday, Feb 16: 1 h 5 mins
Friday, Feb 17: no drawing
Saturday, Feb 18: 2.5 hrs
Sunday, Feb 19: no drawing

Total drawing time: 6 h 35 mins

What kawaii face is your favourite?

How to be a “Kawaii Girl” (Tips & Steps) : Kawaii Girls: «The cute culture»

What it takes to portray yourself as a Kawaii girl?

After looking up the definition of Kawaii and browsing through the images on google to get a sense of what it means to be kawaii, I have decided to learn what a person can do to achieve the “Kawaii girl” status. What are the steps we have to follow? Lets say I want to become a Kawaii girl for halloween or I want to give this a try and become one for a day, what do I really need to do?

After doing my research, here are the steps that I have come up with:

  1. Wear lots of makeup and especially go crazy on your eye makeup. You have to make them look larger than usual while applying tons of mascara to give that cute girly look.
  2. Go out shopping and buy tons of Hello Kitty stuff. Anything you can think of, for example; hello kitty pencil case, hello kitty key chain, hello kitty stickers and hello kitty make up, etc. Don’t be shy!
  3. Watch anime shows. These shows feature hand drawn characters and they master what it means to be cute. Apparently for the people online the best kawaii anime is “Chi’s Sweet Home”.
  4. Get your nails done. Kawaii girls usually have bright long coloured nails. Some of them even have crystals and ribbons on them!
  5. Your adorable style is the most essential part of being a Kawaii girl. This is important, you have to master looking younger than your actual age and to achieve this look you really have to go hard on the style department. To do this, you can wear bright coloured skirts and dresses with over the knee socks. You can add jewelry to your outfit as well. Make sure they are layered and cute (ex: macaroon earrings, cherry necklace, bracelets that are made out of bright coloured stars).
  6. Listen to Kawaii girl bands. I looked up online and my favourite one is a girl band that is literally called “℃-ute (キュー)”. 

There you have it, those are some of the tips that will help you achieve the Kawaii girl look. Keep in mind to always look cute or innocent while trying all these steps. Being Kawaii is all about that adorable look!

Also, here are some links that I think you should check it out in order to get a visual representation of what I’am talking about:

Chi’s Sweet Home:

“Happy” by ℃-ute

Kawaii Nail Art Tutorial

I hope this will give you an insight on how you can achieve the Kawaii girl look or at the very least it can give you an inspiration for halloween!

How to be Kawaii Grunge

Today I am going to be talking to you about a style has been sweeping through the internet; KAWAII GRUNGE.

So what is Kawaii Grunge? Kawaii Grunge is some newfangled style subculture born off Tumblr that is the  blasphemous love-child of 90s anti-fashion and sickening cuteness.

Here is a guide explaining some of the super SRS BSNS criteria of how to achieve the Kawaii Grunge look as well as what is and isn’t Kawaii Grunge and some people who are Kawaii Grunge.

If you are familiar with Tumblr, at some point you probably have been exposed to Kawaii Grunge before. Here are some of the ways you might have been exposed to the phenomenon. 

1) You may have had the pleasure of witnessing one of these delightful graphics. 

But I didn’t say anything?

If you weren’t aware, death threats and unprovoked slandering your female peers while sounding like an 8 year old’s perception of what a cool girl speaks like, is grunge.

2) You may have come across pictures of stylish people that other people use to try to promote their blogs, like these.

~♥Pastel/Kawaii blog♥~

3) or just anything pastel coloured anythings pop up on your dash board

So much grunge in here, guys. DAT SWEATER.

Still having problems identifying what is Kawaii Grunge and what isn’t? Here’s some examples to help you out.

And now to things that aren’t grunge. Sometimes with Kawaii Grunge, the fact that the original grunge movement was a social movement and counter culture going against mainstream society; where fashion and materialism was irrelevant, often gets overshadowed by animated pixel gifs and slut shaming. But it doesn’t matter because Y.O.L.O and shut up bitch, you’re ugly.

You might be Kawaii Grunge and not even realise it. If you have pastel coloured hair, are inspired by Japanese street fashion or dark styles, or you are a mermaid, you are Kawaii Grunge.

Here are some examples that you might be familiar with.

Want to see a before and after?

This blob fish went from «かわいいじゃないの»(not cute) to»とてもかわいい»(super cute) in a few short steps.

With enough pixel gifs, cloud backgrounds, glitter and offensive messages, you’ll no longer be the fugly slut that you despise but a super Grunge, super Kawaii Tumblr Famous biatch 

Look how many notes he got, he’s on his way to becoming internet royalty.

So there you have it, now you know what Kawaii Grunge is and how to achieve it. Now go my pretties, don your Creepers and stamp on the graves of all the forefathers of late 80s and early 90s grunge and write in glitter glue on their grave stones telling them what stupid hoes they are. 

I feel a lot better now I got that out of my system. 

I acknowledge the fact that there are people who practise styles that are actually influences by true grunge but like to combine itwith pastels, but this isn’t aimed at those people. This is aimed at all the people who do not understand what grunge is, nor the characteristics of it, and slap the name on literally anything that is pastel coloured. Not convinced? Check out the Tumblr tag for it

Over and out~


How to be Kawaii — #6~Acessories

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    by Sushicatz

    How to be Kawaii

    Table of contents

    • How to be kawaii

    • #1~Be yourself

    • #2~The look

    • #3~Makeup

    • #4~Swearing

    • #5~Talking

    • #6~Acessories

    • #7~ Hobbies

    • #8~Walking and such

    • #9~Friends

    • #10~Names

    • Complete!

    • A/N

      New Reading List



      How to be Kawaii


      How to Draw Clothes for Kawaii Characters

      This week I practiced drawing kawaii clothes. It’s actually not as hard as I thought, if you keep a few points in mind which I will share in this post.

      I will also include examples of basic clothes for kawaii, such as shirts, pants and hats.

      This is Week 17 of my drawing challenge to learn kawaii drawings in 6-months. You can see my weekly progress at this link.

      Tips for Drawing Clothes for Kawaii Characters

      Drawing clothes for kawaii is like dressing up a chubby doll. You have to visualise how the kawaii body fits underneath the layers.

      How to Draw Kawaii in 21 Days

      Do you want to draw your OWN kawaii?

      I have a complete step-by-step course that will teach you to create your own unique kawaii drawings in 21 days. No previous experience or talent needed! 

      Let’s start by looking at a kawaii body of a boy and a girl:

      When drawing kawaii clothes, visualise the shape of the kawaii body and wrap the clothes around it

      Boy and girl bodies are very similar in their construction. Both are plump and rounded, child-like. A few differences to notice are:

      1. Boys have slightly wider shoulders than girls.
      2. Girl bodies are more curvy. Look at how girl legs are a lot more shaped, where as boy legs are just straight.
      3. Boys’ stance is wider and firmer; girls’ stance is more elegant.
      4. Girls’ body is shaped like a pear, with a hint of a hip line. Boy’s body is more like a barrel, with no visible waist line.

      Keep these points and shapes in mind when visualising and drawing the clothes. Think of the volume of the body underneath the clothes, imagine the clothes going around the body, hands, legs and head.

      How to Draw Basic Kawaii Clothes

      Now that we understand the kawaii bodies, let’s see how we can “dress” them up in basic skirts, pants, shirts and shoes. You can use these examples as starting points, and add your own design adjustments and embellishments.

      I left the blue pencil lines poking through the clothes to show how the clothes really wrap around the body shape.

      Use these examples of basic clothes to dress up your kawaii characters

      How to Draw Kawaii Hats & Anthro Hats

      I made a separate section for kawaii hats, since I wanted to practice drawing heads with hair and faces defined. And I just wanted to have some fun 🙂

      This is the first time I am using colour and Copic markers, and scanning in coloured drawings. This adds a new set of challenges! For example, colour intensity seem to fade during the digitising process, and it has to be brought back in post-production. This takes time. On the other hand, colour adds a whole new dimension to the impact of the drawing, so it’s well worth it.

      Animal (Anthro) hats and Tokidoki Cactus hats

      Below are a few examples of kawaii animal hats, also known as Anthro hats. Anthros are kawaii human characters in animal costumes, which makes them unbelievably cute!

      Kawaii animal hats and Tokidoki Cactus hats

      I have included Tokidoki in the Anthro round up, since Tokidoki Cactus Friends are human characters dressed in plant costumes, rather than animal costumes. But the idea is the same.

      Eight Ways to Draw Fun Kawaii Hats

      Here are examples of fun ways to dress up your kawaii characters in hats. Most of the inspiration for these hats, and the animal hats above, comes from Chris Hart’s book Manga for the Beginner Kawaii. I will list it in the References section below.

      Witches hats, slouchy hats, and hats with ears are a few fun ways to dress up your kawaii characters

      How to Design a Complete Kawaii Character

      Now, let’s put it all together. We’ve looked at a body of a human kawaii character, and how to draw the clothes on the body. We’ve also looked at a few hats and fun accessories.

      Steps to design a human kawaii character

      1. Sketch the body (use example in the beginning of this post).
      2. Add a basic outfit to dress the character. To get ideas, use examples of basic clothes and hats from this post.
      3. Decide on the theme for your character. Is she/he sweet, anthro, goth or something else?
      4. Add decorations to the clothes that go with the theme.

      Below is my version of this exercise. First, I show (again) a kawaii body. Then, kawaii body with clothes on it. I’ve left the blue lines visible to show the body construction and how the clothes fit around it. The third drawing shows the same two dressed characters, but with construction lines removed.

      Add clothes and a few decorations to create your own unique characters

      Materials I Used This Week

      Disclosure: the Amazon links below are affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will make a small commission, at no expense to you. I only link to materials and resources that I love and use myself. It’s my way of keeping this blog ad-free 🙂

      This week I needed a pen to produce a thick consistent line. The best solution I found is the Tombow Dual Brush pen (with the thicker brush side). The line is pretty good, but it takes a while to dry, so it’s prone to smudging.

      Brush pens are good, but they do not produce a line of even width. Sharpies should be good, but they spread, even on bleedproof paper..

      So I keep looking 🙂 If you know of a pen that would work, please let me know!!


      Drawing Time Diary

      Mon, March 6: 1 hr 40 mins
      Tues, March 7: 45 mins, 1 hr
      Wed, March 8: 45 mins, 1 hr
      Thur, March 9: 30 mins
      Fri, March 10: 45 mins
      Sat, March 11: 3.5 hrs
      Sun, March 12: 30 mins, 45 mins

      Total drawing time: 11 hours 10 mins. Woo hoo!!! Biggest drawing week so far!

      Does this post help you with your drawings? Please share it!

      What’s next? Read all about my drawing challenge to learn kawaii drawings in 6-months, and track my progress week by week. Thank you for reading!

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