How to be a spy kid – How to Become a Spy: 16 Tips to Become Intelligence Agent


How to Become a Spy: 16 Tips to Become Intelligence Agent

Choosing a career for yourself is never easy. Just because all your family members or your friends have joined a particular field that does not mean that you are obligated to follow in their footsteps. In today’s business world there are numerous lines which you can try your hand at rather than doing something which is common.

If you are hard working and passionate about what you do, then you will surely rise to the top of your respective field. If it has always been your dream to become a spy but you are unsure of how to go about it, then given here are some steps on how to become a good spy.

How To Become a Spy in Real Life:

Becoming an spy agent is like sacrificing your life for the sake of the country.

If you want to work for the CIA, the FBI or some other foreign intelligence agency? This is how you become a professional spy

Tips to Become a Spy Kid:

1. Forget about what you have seen or read about spies in movies or books:

One of the first steps involves in becoming a spy is that you forget about all that you have seen or read in books and movies. When we think of spies, one of the first things which come to our mind is the image of James Bond.

In reality things are very different indeed. You will not be required to shoot people at random and neither will you be given high end cards to ride. Your job involves things which are very different from this. So at the very onset, you should eliminate these ideas from your mind so that you are not disappointed when things are not really like that later on.

2. Learn to stay calm under even at the worst kinds of pressure:

If you would like to become a spy but you are wondering how to go about it, then you must know that even before applying for any job, you must train yourself to stay calm even under the most terrible kinds of pressure.

At various points in time people may try and bribe you in order to get some information out of you but it is very important that you lean to resist temptation so that you do not fall into any trap.

Once you learn to stay calm, that will be the first step towards becoming a spy. If you get flustered very easily then this is certainly not the career for you.

3. Be willing to deny yourself your own identity and family life:

When you want to become a spy it is important that you understand that it is a profession which requires round the clock attention. Because of all the work you will be required to do, it is unlikely that you will be able have a blissful domestic life.

At times your family life may suffer because of your job. So if your aim is to be a spy then prior to applying for it, you need to be mentally prepared to deny yourself a holistic family life.

Along with this, becoming a spy might involve going under cover at times, so also learn to deny your own identity. That will surely help you become a good spy.

4. Having many friends or acquaintances is not a good idea:

To become a spy, you need to be someone who is discrete and unobtrusive in your ways. You cannot be someone who is loud and flamboyant as that will certainly defeat the purpose of being a spy.

It is for this reason that you cannot make many friends along the way. Even if you want to become a spy, when you are applying for jobs and giving tests you should avoid telling various people. The more people you know the harder it will be for you to go about your job.

If people recognize you and know that you are an intelligence officer they will shy away from telling you things and divulging important pieces of information, which you may be needing to know.

5. You have to learn to think in a logical manner:

To become a spy you need to think in a logical manner. Logical reasoning is something which is very important indeed. If you are unable to think in a clear manner then you will never be a good spy.

Logical reasoning is something which does not come easy to all, so if this is your dream you need to rise to the occasion and train your mind to be the best that you can be. If you are weak minded and are unable to think quick and on your feet then you will never make a good spy.

No company nowadays wants to hire people who are mediocre in what they do. If you want to be noticed you should be the best of the best at all times.

6. Ensure you have a good track record:

Having a good track record is something which is of paramount importance if you want to be a spy. Becoming a spy involves not being involved in any kind of foul play. If you have a criminal background then you will not be accepted in any company.

Above everything else, it is character which is considered most important when it comes to becoming an intelligence officer. If you are someone who is pre disposed to getting into trouble then you cannot think that you will make a good spy.

7. Consult a career counselor for help:

If you really want to become a spy, but you are unsure of how you actually have to become one, then what you need to do is consult a career counselor who will tell you how you need to go about doing things. Rather than relying on what people might tell you speak to the expert for exact information. He will suggest places where you can go to study and ways in which you have to prepare yourself for different tests which you will be required to take. It is likely that he or she will make you take some aptitude tests in order to find out whether you have an inclination for the job.

8. Ensure that you go to a proper college or university:

Nowadays having proper educational qualifications is an absolute must if you want to get a good job. Though having educational qualifications does not mean you will be a good worker, but it does ensure that you have theoretical knowledge in order to know what you are doing in the workplace.

To become an intelligence officer it is mandatory to attend a good university so that you know what your job description is. Your marks in turn need to be good as well so that you are eligible to sit for the exams when applying for jobs. A small amount of effort on your part will go a long way in ensuring success in your life.

9. Learn to keep quiet when necessary:

To become a spy you need to learn how to be quiet. Being a good spy means saying only what is necessary and listening to everything which is told to you. Being sensitive to your surroundings is something which will enable you to become an excellent spy.

10. Having a proper citizenship in your country is a must:

To become a spy for your country, you need to have a citizenship. If you are not a citizen of your country then you cannot become an intelligence officer. In addition to being a citizen, your family members too need to be citizens of the country.

11. Ensure that you are physically very fit:

How can you become a spy if you are not physically fit? So to become a spy you need to work out and stay on a healthy diet. Having unhealthy addictions is not going to allow you to become a spy as well. Prior to being employed you have to go through tests and if it is revealed that you are sick or unhealthy, your application will be rejected immediately.

12. Know at least two foreign languages:

Knowing at least two languages is something very useful in order to become a spy. This really helps to set you apart from the others who might only be fluent in one language. To be a spy, you have to be able to offer a lot more than your educational credentials.

13. Search online to know how you need to go about it:

One of the best ways to know how to become a spy is by searching online and seeing the necessary criterion which is required to become one. There are innumerable little things which you need to know before you can make an informed decision.

Before you set your mind on which career you want to join, you must make sure that you have what it takes to do it. You cannot base your plans on unrealistic expectations. Do something which you know you can do. Dream big but ensure you still keep your feet on the ground as well.

14. Apply for the job which you think is most suited for you:

Once you think that you have what it takes and you have gotten all your educational qualifications then you should go right ahead and apply for the job which you think is most suited for you.

Ensure that you apply to a company which is good and reliable and not involved in any corrupt activity. After studying so hard and paying so much money on your education, you would not want to be involved in under hand activity.

If you excel at being a spy then you can get a job at the FBI or CBI without having to set your sight on anything lower than that.

15. Be willing to go through an extensive application process:

Becoming a spy involves the usual amounts of tests and interviews but along with that, an extensive background check is also necessary which is a part of the process. Once your background check is done and clear then you will be just one stop away from becoming a spy.

So once you decide that you want to become a spy, it is imperative that you have all your documents in place so that when you need to produce them, you can do so without any kind of trouble at all. They will surely ensure that you are someone who comes from a reliable and trustworthy background and you will not let them down at any point in time.

16. Becoming a spy involves years of hard work and dedication:

Becoming a spy is more common than you might think. Though it is not a conventional line to join, you will be surprised at the number of people who apply to be intelligence officers each year. If you are really interested in becoming a spy then it is very important to be willing to work hard and dedicate a lot of your time and effort to studies.

To become a good spy you will naturally be required to go through an interviewing process and even be made to sit for a few exams and tests. So unless you are willing to do your best, do not even think about becoming a spy. Half hearted efforts will not help you at all.

Being a spy is a task which requires a lot of tact and effort. To become a good spy you need to train your mind to function in a proper and critical manner. If your thoughts are not clear, then you will never be able to carry out your responsibilities in a diligent and satisfactory manner. Along with training your mind, you also need to improve your body language so that it fits that of a spy. It is impossible to learn all the above mentioned things in one or two days, it takes years of practice and hard work. So if you have set your mind to become a spy, be willing to put in a lot of work on your part.

Tips on How to Be a Spy Kid

If you are a super cool kid who enjoys learning more about other people and solving mysteries, you may be wondering what you need to do to become a spy kid. With the proper tools of the trade and some practice, your friends and family members will be impressed at your Sherlock abilities and goals. Perhaps you can even get some friends to join you in your adventures and help you to create a spy kid team.

Gather Your Spy Kit

If you are going to become a spy kid, you will need to have a spy kit ready. You may choose to buy one already assembled, but chances are you have what you need around the house. You will need something to use as a disguise, such as a funny hat and glasses. A book may come in handy, as you can pretend to be reading it as you are spying on other people. All good spies need a flashlight and binoculars. Be sure to get a paper cup that you can use against doors when you are trying to listen in on top secret conversations. As always, make sure you have permission from your parents to use everything in your spy kit.

Practice Your Skills

Before you can begin cracking cases as a spy kid, you will need to hone your spying skills. Practice listening in on conversations by pretending to be busy reading your book. Get used to wearing your disguise, talking in a different accent, and using your top secret spy name. Try hiding in corners, behind trees or under your bed so you remain unseen as you conduct your sleuthing.

Find Cases to Solve and Get to Work

Once you have your spy kit and skills in order, you are ready to get to work as a spy kid. Ask your parents or friends for ideas on cases to solve. Use a notebook to take notes and grab your spy kit. With all the practice you have had, it should be a cinch to disguise yourself and gather the information you need to crack the case so the good guys can come out on top. Don’t forget to enlist the help of your spy friends for big cases that you don’t want to handle on your own. Good work, Sherlock!

How to Become a Spy-Kid

Pretending to be a spy can be even more fun when you dress the part.
You can create a spy disguise with clothing and accessories that you
probably have around your house. Create this disguise and your first
mission as a spy will be under way in no
time.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Realize that there is a difference
between a disguise and a costume. The goal is for people to look at
you and not know that they are looking at you and not see you behind a
Remember that a good disguise includes your entire body,
not just your face. Wear different clothes, change the way you walk or
speak with an accent.
Wear sunglasses to camouflage your eyes,
unless you there is no need for sung

Relationships & Family

Use the «Spy Kids» movie franchise as part of a spy-themed kids’
party. Work the fun theme into every aspect of your child’s party,
immersing guests with the mysterious ambiance from the moment they
arrive. Create a «Spy Kids» party on a small budget that’s both
impressive and memorable.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things
You’ll Need
Inkjet printer
Sunglasses (for each
hosting adult plus birthday child)
Digital camera
Spy kit (see
Manila folders
Black marker
class=»error»>Purchase some dark-colored balloons and streamers.
Intermingle colors like black, dark grey or navy blue with red, yellow
or white. Fill the balloons with helium; use

Holidays & Celebrations

Kids are fascinated with spies and spy equipment. They desire to be
part of the spy world of both fictional characters from movies and
real historical spies such as Harriet Tubman. These individuals help
solve mysteries or assist people in need. Every spy needs a secret way
to communicate, and you can create your own secret writing gadget to
help your child solve mysteries within your home.Difficulty:Moderately
EasyInstructions Things You’ll Need
Three-hole punch
Paint pens or markers
or lemon juice
Shallow bowl

approximately ten sheets of heavy paper such as construction paper.
Choose a light color like wh

Hobbies, Games & Toys

Books and movies like “Harriet the Spy” and “Spy
Kids” wouldn’t exist if the act of spying was not
appealing to children. Even the CIA has a special kid’s page on
their website. Children’s innate curiosity and ability to often
come and go unseen makes spy games a good way to occupy their time.
StealthAlmost everyone has played a game of hide and seek in their
lifetime, but the book “Let’s Go Outside,” suggests
inserting a spy element to the game. Each child gets a spy name and a
mission: to find one or more of the other spies. The spies might
choose to stay on the move to avoid being found, or find a
particularly good hiding plac

Hobbies, Games & Toys

Kids are often entranced by spies who sneak around and lie yet are
still viewed as «good guys.» For your child’s party, consider using a
spy theme. Kids will love acting like detectives: making question mark
cupcakes, following clues to find a treasure and comparing each
other’s fingerprints. InvitationsDefinitely stay away from typical
party invitations to a spy party. You can either write the information
as a mirror image (so that the recipient must hold the invitation up
to a mirror to read it), write it in code or use lemon juice and
instructions about how to read the secret message. Rather than placing
it in a regular envelope, mail it in a small manila envelope with a
«Top Secret» s

Parties & Entertaining

Kids are fascinated by spies. After all, a spy gets to sneak around,
have exciting adventures and play with cool gadgets. James Bond had
gadget-masters Q to build his gizmos. You can become a bit like Q
yourself, and put together a fun collection of spy gear for your
budding espionage agent. Spy gadgets are easy to make, and you can put
together a good kit from items you have lying around your house — an
no one will suspect a thing.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions
Things You’ll Need
Card stock
Ink pad
Clear tape
Craft knife
Black chalk powder
cosmetic brush
A clear

Hobbies, Games & Toys

With the popularity of «Spy Kids» and other mystery movies, the
perfect idea for your next birthday party is a spy theme. Kids of all
ages will love games that teach them to classify, discover and solve.
Flesh out the suspects, plan the trap and get away with the best party
of the year. Ages 5-12A fingerprinting game not only lets kids get
colorful ink on their fingers (which you might hate, but they love),
but it also teaches them that no two sets of fingerprints are the
same. Use inkpads in several different colors and white paper. Have
the children press their fingers onto the ink and then apply them to
the paper. Then cut up the prints and hide them around the house or
yard in and hav

Parties & Entertaining

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Up in Arms About How to Spy Kids Whatsapp Messages for Free?

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Top How to Spy Kids Whatsapp Messages for Free Secrets

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SpyApps can assist you to keep those dangerous things further away from your precious children and understand the facts. You can Now monitor your children without being virtually paranoid. Everyone deserves privacy but children should learn that freedom includes trust. It also permits people to perform unlimited absolutely free chats.

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how to be a girl spy kid

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How to become a Spy

First Things First

The most important qualification to become a spy

The first thing is you must realise if you are going to become a spy is that the things you see spies doing in films and on television or read about in novels are not even slightly realistic. You will not kill people. You will not drive fast cars. You will not seduce attractive foreigners. You will not defuse bombs with only seconds to spare. For many intelligence roles you probably won’t even get a gun.

This is not what being a spy is about.

Most people realise that James Bond and Jason Bourne are not realistic, but even supposedly realistic spies, like the ones John Le Carré writes about, are not much like real spying.

Here’s what Somerset Maugham, who was a spy for MI6, said about being a real spy in his novel Ashenden:

The work of the agent in the Intelligence Department is on the whole extremely monotonous. A lot of it is uncommonly useless.

One movie that was quite realistic was Complicit. It might be worth watching that.

So, let’s summarise the most important lesson about becoming a spy: there will be no guns, no fighting, no fast cars and no sexy foreign agents. Instead there will be lots of normal, boring hard work, like any job.

Are you sure you want to do this?

Becoming a Spy: Before you apply

Still here? Right, let’s talk about how to become a spy, or as they’re really called an intelligence officer.


Intelligence agencies have lots of other roles besides intelligence officer. Translators, analysts, and IT work are less glamorous, but just as vital.

Basic requirements to become a spy

  • Don’t get in trouble with the law. Any criminal record is likely to end your application.
  • Don’t do drugs. Drug tests are often given to applicants. Drug addiction is not tolerated.
  • Go to university. Most intelligence organisations expect their officers to have a good education. MI6, for example, requires a minimum of a upper-second class degree.
  • Be ready to travel. Most spies have to travel to foreign countries. There are roles without travel but you will limit your chances.
  • Be a citizen. You must be a citizen of your country and so must the rest of your close family.

So those are the basic criteria. But getting a job in intelligence is very competitive. The CIA alone receives more than 10,000 applications a month. So you need to do more to stand out. Here’s a few suggestions:

Becoming a Spy: Some things that might help

  • Learn a foreign language Preferably the language of your country’s enemies. Even better, learn a relatively obscure language – you will have less competition.
  • Do some sport. Being fit won’t do any harm, and it looks good on your CV.
  • Don’t tell your friends you’re applying. Spying is about being discrete. If you can’t keep your friends unaware, then you’re aren’t going to make it.
  • Show you can work long hours. Get a job that demonstrates your discipline and commitment. Being a spy is not a 9-5 job. Often a case really is a matter of life and death and you won’t be able to go home until it is resolved.
  • Show leadership. Military service might be an advantage here or some other leadership position.
  • Don’t hide anything. If you dabbled with drugs once or have a minor conviction they will find out, and if you try to hide it they will think you’re unreliable and untrustworthy.
  • Keep out of debt. Some debt is OK, but don’t show any sign of financial irresponsibility, you could be vulnerable to pressure or bribery.

Becoming a Spy: The Application Process

The application process for an intelligence officer position is much like that for any job, with rounds of interviews and tests. There is though one big difference: extensive checks into your character, reliability and judgement. Some intelligence organisations call this a background check, others call it positive vetting, national security vetting or developed vetting.

What is vetting?

Vetting builds a complete a picture of you to make sure you won’t be a security risk. This to make sure that nothing in your life will make you vulnerable to bribery or blackmail. You will have to show and give evidence of your:

  • Family background
  • Drug use and any other addictions (e.g. gambling)
  • Mental health
  • Finances
  • Political views
  • Travel to foreign countries

All the information you offer will be double checked and you’ll need to show proof. For example, all the following documents:

  • Identity Documents
  • Marriage/partnership documents
  • References for employment, education and character
  • Bills
  • Bank, savings, loans and other credit details accounts


Referees are people who have known you well for a major part of your life. Bear in mind that the intelligence agency will interview all of your referees, and the interviews are in-depth and interrogative. Make sure your referees know you well enough to answer the questions.

How to become a spy for the USA

How to join the CIA

If you want to become a spy for the CIA apply here: CIA’s careers page.

How to join the FBI

To work in counterintelligence for FBI see the FBI’s careers page.

How to join the NSA

And if signals intelligence is what you’re interesting in then check out the NSA’s careers page.

How to become a spy for Britain

How to join MI6

If you want to become a spy for MI6 then click MI6 Careers.

How to join MI5

If you’d like to work in British counterintelligence then head for MI5’s careers page. 

How to join GCHQ

Britain’s equivalent of the NSA is GCHQ. If you’d like to apply then try GCHQ’s careers page

How to become a spy for India

How to join R&AW

The Research and Analysis Wing doesn’t have a website, so it’s harder to apply to become a spy for them. However, jobs advertised as Deputy Field Officer, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India are thought to be recruiting for R&AW. See Cabinet Secretariat job vacancies. Otherwise entrance through the National Academy of Administration may be possible.

How to become a spy for Australia

How to join ASIS

ASIS is the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, Australia’s equivalent of MI6 and the CIA. To apply click ASIS’s careers page.

How to join ASIO

If you’d like to work for  Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, i.e. counterintelligence, then head for ASIO’s careers page.

How to join ASD

Australia’s equivalent of the NSA and GCHQ is the Australian Signals Directorate. If you’d like to apply then try ASD’s careers page.

How to become a spy for Canada

How to join CSIS

CSIS is the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service. To apply click CSIS’s careers page.

How to join CSEC

Canada’s equivalent of the NSA and GCHQ is the Communications Security Establishment Canada If you’d like to apply then try CSEC’s careers page.

Don’t give up the day job

Remember becoming an intelligence officer can take a long time. With all the interviews and background checks it can take six months, a year, or even two years to become a spy.

If you need something to read in between all the interviews, tests and vetting then you should check out my spy thriller A Kill in the Morning by clicking here or on the cover:

Good luck!

If my article on how to become a spy was useful to you then feel free to share it using the buttons below.

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