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Growing up hip hop: atlanta

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Neglecting your hip abductors can mess up your walk, sleep and balance

Few months ago this video of Jean Claude van Damme doing a split between two moving trucks made quite a stir and produced a number of copycats trying to do something similar. Do not try this at home! Mr Van Damme continues to demonstrate a remarkable strength and flexibly in his inner and outer thigh muscles. And if you do not harbor the aspirations of doing splits between the trucks (or any splits really), should you just forget about those muscles? Today we will explore why the balance between the muscles of the inner thigh (hip aDDuctors) and the outer hip (hip aBDuctors) is important and discuss 6 common misconceptions that we have about those muscles.

Misconception 1. I don’t need to work on my adductors/abductors unless I intend to play hockey or do splits.

Yes, the main job of your hip adductors is to move the leg in toward the midline, and hip abductors to move the leg out. But another important role of those muscles is to stabilize your pelvis when you walk. Think about it for a moment – if you lifted your left leg up without changing the position of your pelvis, you would topple over to your left. To avoid falling, your right leg needs to shift more toward the midline, which is accomplished by your adductors contracting and your abductors stabilizing. This dance happens every time you shift the weight to one leg, which means every time you take a step. Therefore the imbalance between your adductors and abductors will affect your walking gait and your balance.

If your abductors on one side are not strong enough to hold the pelvis leveled, the opposite hip will drop down as you walk. Or it can cause other muscles to compensate and become overly tight, which we will discuss later.

Misconception 2. Adductors are small, so they don’t have the power to affect the movement much.

Actually, your adductors are bigger then your hamstrings and only slightly smaller then your quadriceps, which means that they can generate incredible power. It also means that they can pull bones out of alignment if they get tight.

Misconception 3. It’s best to keep the feet together in Tadasana

Originally, keeping the feet together in Tadasana (Mountain pose) was meant to teach discipline to young boys. It has this military quality to it. For the rest of us, keeping the feet together is not very stable and causes us to tense the inner thigh muscles, creating an imbalance between the inner and outer hip. It is especially pronounced in women, since we naturally have wider hips. We already spend way too much time in our lives tightening our inner thighs; wouldn’t it make more sense to work on aligning the joints (hip over knee over ankle) and restoring the balance between the inner and outer hip?

Misconception 4. Crossing the knees while sitting has nothing to do with my hip pain.

Whenever you sit with your legs crossed for an extended period of time, you tighten your hip adductors (inner thighs) and weaken your hip abductors (outer hip). As we sit more and more and walk less and less, this pattern of imbalance becomes more common and more pronounced.

This dysfunctional relationship can result in difficulties with walking and balance, and also hip pain. This pain is likely to show up while walking or while lying on an affected side at night. It can either be focused in the hip area or radiate down the leg. It can show up both on the side of the leg and the back of the leg, which means that sometimes it can be misdiagnosed as sciatica (of course, someone can have both issues at the same time).

If we want to restore balance to the adductor/abductor relationship, we need to both release tension in the adductors (inner thigh) and strengthen the abductors (outer hip). Remember that hip abductors play dual roles – as movers and as stabilizers, so ideally we would want to use them in both capacities. In our yoga practice we often work on the stabilizing role of the abductors by balancing on one leg. Here is an interesting thing: if the abductors on one side are not strong enough to hold the pelvis level, the QL (quadratus lumborum) muscle on the other side might step in to help pull the hip up. Which means that in a pose like Vrksasana, for example, one hip will be pulling up.


In a yoga practice we also often do movements that stretch the inner thighs by abducting the legs, but notice how none of these require an active engagement of the outer hip that happens when you move the leg out to the side against gravity.

As a result, the typical pattern of imbalance remains largely unchanged for many people. Even if you manage to briefly stretch your inner thigh muscles, they will tighten right up from habitual movement patterns and the abductors will not be strong enough to resist it.

Misconception 5. Adductors have nothing to do with my piriformis

The infamous piriformis muscle (that we will explore in depth next week) is responsible for rotating your hip outward and is a common reason for the literal pain in the butt. Another job that your adductors AND abductors do is rotate your hip inward. If either of them gets tight they can pull your hip inward, putting strain on the piriformis muscle. More about it next week.

Misconception 6. I can just do the “thigh machine” at the gym

Most fitness experts agree that the popular hip abductor/adductor machine is not the best way to strengthen your muscles. The problem is that this movement does not replicate anything that you do in your day-to-day life, therefore it is not a “functional movement”. In addition, using heavy weight on this machine can strain your back and tighten your IT band to the point of pulling your knee out of place.

To summarize – do not ignore your adductors/abductors. In your yoga practice make sure to include the movements that contract and stretch your inner thighs, as well as movements that make your hip abductors both stabilize the pelvis and move the leg out to the side. And watch out for compensation patterns from other muscles!

Check out this sample yoga practice to promote a balanced relationship between your adductors and abductors. Give it a try!

Additional information about adductors and abductors

Sitting with knees crossed can increase your blood pressure

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Excellent information about abductors

Great list of references on the subject


Hip Up Cream Pembesar dan Pengencang Bokong

Hip Up Cream Pembesar dan Pengencang Bokong. Anda merasa tidak percaya diri karena Pantat atau Bokong Anda kecil dan tepos? Mau memperbesar bokong tapi ngga punya uang banyak? jangan khawatir, Hip Up Cream menjadi solusi untuk kamu yang ingin membesarkan pantat dengan cara Aman, Cepat dan Murah pastinya.

Baru Hip Up (SYB) Cream Pembesar Pantat BPOM Original benar – benar aman karena sudah terdaftar di BPOM dengan nomor BPOM NA18170104567.

Baru Hip Up (SYB) BPOM

Bagi perempuan bokong merupakan bagian tubuh yang paling sensual, selain itu juga seorang pria akan menjadi sangat terkesan apabila bagian yang satu ini terlihat kencang, berisi, menonjol dan sehat. Setiap wanita sangat menginginkan bokong yang besar dan montok, karena itu juga bisa menjadi daya tarik yang sangat berpengaruh bagi para lawan jenis mereka. Akan tetapi, keinginan itu hampir pudar karena untuk membuat bokong lebih kencang dan montok tentu membutuhkan biaya yang tidak sedikit.

Apa Hip Up Cream itu ?

Hip Up Cream adalah krim perawatan tubuh untuk mengencangkan pantat, krim ekstrak alami dari tanaman yang efektif untuk membantu anda dalam mengencangkan pantat ke atas, menaikkan pinggul yang turun, mengurangi garis-garis hitam dan menjaga keseimbangan kulit alami serta dapat melembabkan dan menghaluskan kulit. Dalam pemakaian secara teratur, anda akan mendapatkan pantat yang montok, menenojol, kencang, halus dan sexy.

Bagi Anda yang mempunyai keinginan yang kuat untuk mempunyai bokong yang berisi, kencang dan besar, sekarang tidak perlu khawatir lagi karena bokong anda pasti bisa lebih montok dan indah dengan produk kami yang harganya sangat terjangkau. Hanya dengan menggunakan Hip Up Cream maka bokong anda akan menjadi lebih indah dan montok dari pada sebelumnya.

HIP UP Cream Pengencang dan Pembesar Bokong atau Pantat adalah gel yang efektif mengandung ekstrak herbal alami membantu mengencangklan dan memperbesar bokong agar terlihat indah, kencang, montok, mengurangi garis-garis hitam dan menjaga keseimbangan alami kulit.

Komposisi Hip Up Cream :

  • Mineral Oil.
  • Coffee & Chilli Extract.
  • Demineral Water.
  • Tetra Sodium Edta.
  • Carbomer.
  • Triethanolamin.
  • Stearoc Acid.
  • Propyl Paraben.
  • Sorbitan Stearate.
  • Perfume.
  • Polysorbate.
  • Methyl Paraben.

Apakah Hip up Aman ?

Hip Up aman dipakai karena terbuat dari bahan-bahan alami seperti biji kopi dan cabai. Tidak mengandung bahan kimia berbahaya yang mungkin dapat membuat pantat menjadi keriput. Jadi, Anda tidak perlu keluar uang berjuta-juta hanya untuk operasi plastik membesarkan dan mengencangkan pantat.

Bagi anda yang mempunyai masalah atau tidak pede dengan ukuran bokong dan ingin memiliki bokong indah, Dengan Aichun Cream hanya dalam 2 minggu pembesar bokong akan bekerja semakin padat, sexy dan naik sesuai dengan impian Anda. Extrak Coffee dan Chili yang membantu memadatkan daerah pinggul dan bokong.

Mempunyai bokong atau Pantat seksi besar dan kencang merupakan keinginan bagi banyak perempuan di dunia. Pantat yang kecil dirasa sangat mengurangi kesan seksi sehingga banyak wanita yang memiliki pantat atau bokong yang berukuran kecil mencoba mencari cara bagaimana cara membesarkan bokong dengan cepat dan aman tentunya.

Khasiat dan Manfaat Hip Up Cream

  • Membesarkan bokong pinggul/pantat yang kecil secara Cepat, Alami dan Aman.
  • Mengencangkan pantat yang kendor.
  • Bokong menjadi lebih berisi dan penampilan jadi lebih seksi.
  • Menaikkan pinggul yang turun.
  • Serta mengandung moisterizer yang melebabkan dan menghaluskan kulit.

Cara Pemakaian Hip Up Cream :

  • Bersihkan badan / mandi
  • Basuh hingga kering
  • Tuangkan krim secukupnya, oleskan pada bokong
  • Pijit 10-15 menit
  • Tidak perlu dibilas.

Pijatan :
Pijatan dari tengah paha ke arah atas mendorong bokong. Sebaiknya meminta saudara untuk memijat atau pasangan sah dengan posisi tengkurep.

Pemakaian Hip Up Cream :

  • 1 hari 2x setelah mandi, pagi dan sore.
  • Tidak perlu banyak-banyak karena ingin cepat besar, secukupnya ukuran bokong saja, karena semua butuh proses.

Hip Up Cream adalah obat pembesar bokong berbentuk cream dimana sudah banyak yang berhasil membesarkan pantatnya dengan mengoleskannya ke area bokong secara teratur.

Apakah Anda ingin mengencangkan bokong atau pantat dan pinggul Anda secara alami dan aman? Anda bisa menggunakan Hip Up Cream yang merupakan krim pengencang pantat yang terbuat dari ekstrak obat alami tanaman yang efektif untuk membantu mengencangkan pantat ke atas, menaikkan pinggul yang turun, mengurangi garis-garis hitam dan menjaga keseimbangan kulit alami serta membuatnya lebih halus dan lembut.

Harga Hip Up Cream : Rp.45.000

Cara Order

Ketik : Nama Lengkap# Alamat Lengkap# No. Hp/Telp# Jumlah dan nama barang

Kirim SMS ke :

SMS/WA 1 082225674888

SMS/WA 2 082220034888

Pembayaran via transfer Bank



5 Amazing Stretches for Hip Flexors That Will Open You Up

by: Yuri Elkaim

Lately we’ve been talking a lot about opening up the muscles of your hip flexors, glutes, and hamstrings – for good reason.

Many of us get tight through those muscles because we sit a lot during the course of the day. And, as a result, we end up with back pain, posture problems, and muscle imbalances.

That’s why it’s really important to add stretches for hip flexors and the other muscles of the hip complex into our routines, whether it’s during your workout recovery session or at odd points during the day.

Because if we don’t, we’ll likely end up feeling the pain.

Try These Stretches for Hip Flexors

I’m going to show you how to use a heavy-duty stretch band to improve the your stretches and really take them to the next level.

The band I’m using is like a gigantic, super-strong elastic band, not a regular resistance band. It should be able to handle a lot of resistance.

You can find one of these stretch bands on Amazon as well as at most fitness stores.

The Fix for Tight Hip Flexors

For this stretch, you’re going to want to loop one end of the stretch band around a sturdy anchor – a heavy table, a post, something very strong – that can support your weight without sliding around.

Next, wrap the other end around your right upper thigh, and step back with that leg, into a long kneeling lunge.

Your left knee should be bent at 90 degrees, your right knee on the floor.

Beginner Hip Flexor Stretch

You’ll notice the band wants to pull you forward, which is going to really work to open the front part of your hips, which in turn will help release your hip flexor.

Be sure to engage your core, keep your torso tall, and really squeeze that right glute. You’ll feel the opposing-muscle contraction help to open up your hip flexor even more.

Now, from here, try to sit back a little bit, straightening that left knee a little bit, and come forward again. I like to call this a “nerve floss.”

I’m a big believer in dynamic movements to open things up. If you do that, be sure to keep that glute squeezed.

That’s step one.

To take it to step two, you will want to come up into a more conventional lunge, your right knee off the floor.

Dynamic (Advanced) Hip Flexor Stretch

You’ll immediately notice that this is more challenging.

What you will do from here is, while maintaining a tall, erect posture, simply drop that right knee down and up. Again, be sure to keep that right glute squeezed.

Do that about 10 times. Not only are your legs going to be burning as a little workout, but you instantly open up this huge space in those hips.

Helping the Hamstrings

To target the hamstring muscles, which are at the back of your thigh,  you’ll want to turn around and face away from the anchor you’ve wrapped the band around.

This time, the band pulls against the front of your thigh, wanting to draw you backwards.

Stagger your stance so that the leg that the band is wrapped around is slightly forward. Both feet are flat on the floor.

Keeping your back flat, bend over so that you can feel the stretch along the back of your leg. From here, you can add that dynamic movement of slightly bending that knee and straightening it.

Dynamic Hamstring Stretch

This stretch gets that femur stuck into that ball-and-socket joint to stabilize the hip complex, which is great.

You also can also collapse your chest forward more, to open up some of the fascia through your back, or your posterior chain.

Ideally, you want to keep the back flat as you’re going through this, but you can play around with it.

You can move your upper body slightly from side to side, you can round out the back a little.

As you notice your muscles stretching and lengthening, you can start to take the stretch a little deeper by stepping forward. Or, you can hold on to a chair that’s placed arm’s length away in front of you, to provide support or to help you go deeper.

Advanced Hamstring Stretch

You want to give yourself a good amount of time on each leg. Give it a good thirty to sixty seconds minimum, and then build that up over time.

Stretching Out the Glutes

Next we’re going to target your glutes and outer hips. For these muscles, we’re going to perform a dynamic version of the pigeon pose from yoga.

For this one, you want to stand sidelong and slightly forward of the post anchoring your band.

Take the band and loop it around the upper thigh of the leg closest to your anchor.

Then, kneel into pigeon pose.

To do this, the leg that the band is wrapped around is bent in front of your body, knee at 90 degrees, the foot near the opposite hip bone.

The opposite leg stretches behind you.

Beginner Glute Stretch

As you will see, this really stretches out the hip and glute muscles of the bent leg. If you want, you can drop down to your elbows to deep the stretch.

From here, rock gently toward the anchor and then pull back to center, rocking back and forth.

You also can move around in a circular motion, clockwise and then counterclockwise.

Basically, you want to find that point of tension where you’re getting a good amount of action coming through mobility-wise in the hips.

This also stretches through the tiny – but often troublesome – piriformis muscle that’s deep inside in the glutes.

Opening Through the Groin

Before we get into this next stretch, let’s talk about the goal here.

One thing we want to be able to do is to sit into a deep squat, with our feet shoulder-width apart and facing straight ahead, knees aligned, and our butt dropping down below parallel.

Deep Squat Position

A lot of us have a tough time doing this. And if you can get into this position, it’s actually a good practice to sit in that position to open up some of those areas that are pretty inflexible.

For instance, this can even help with ankle mobility. If you have a tough time doing deeper squats, or even some deadlifts, ankle mobility can be a culprit. This kind of squat stretch can help.

If it’s challenging to remain in a deep squat, you can hold on to something placed in front of you, like the stretch band, which will also help you sit more upright.

Deep Squat with Balancing Aid

Many of us can’t can’t really open up our hips properly. You might notice that your knees cave in a little while doing holding this deep squat stretch. Your knees actually should remain aligned over your ankles.

With that in mind as our goal, let’s work to open up the groin a little bit.

Wrap the band around your upper thigh and go into a long extended lunge, again sidelong to your anchor. This lunge is a little wider than the one we did before, which will allow you to drop your upper body down beside your front knee.

The tendency is for the band to want to pull you toward the anchor.

You can stay nice and low to the front, or you can angle slightly away from the anchor to really feel the stretch through the groin. You also can play with the band placement, moving it closer to the knee to feel the stretch a little more deeply.

Groin Stretch

You want to find the optimal point to feel the stretch for you.

As you get more familiar with these stretches and positions, you’ll find that you can feel them a little more deeply, making them more effective. This band is a really great way to help you do that.

You’re going to feel a lot better after going through these stretches, which I personally do almost every day.

Get Limber with These Tips

Feeling a little stiff when you stand up after sitting?

You’ll want to check out my 11 little-known strategies to turn your body into a strong, supple machine. Check out my free Workout Recovery Formula, which you can download now for FREE by clicking the banner below.


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