Eyebrow threading self – What is Eyebrow Threading? (with pictures)

What is Eyebrow Threading? (with pictures)

Post 140

If you are experiencing pain from threading, then two things I suggest: Find someone well trained — the girls I use are from India and Pakistan. Also, since I’m more mature, they hold my eye skin taut while they perform the threading. There is no pain this way, they follow up with aloe gel, and it’s very inexpensive. I’ve been in a lot more pain from waxing and tweezing any day, and I only use it for clean up.

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Threading is terrible! Don’t do it, ladies. It makes me and all my friends break out in tiny white bumps like acne. It incredibly painful and makes my eyes twitch when I get it done. The threader completely ruined my beautiful brows.

They are too thin and every time I get threading done, it has a very harsh appearance afterward and looks very unnatural. Just wax or pluck them. Threading is awful and causes terrible breakouts.

Post 137

I just got my eyebrows threaded today at a kiosk in my local shopping mall. I’m not going to lie: it hurt a lot. My eyes were watering the whole time. However, the results are definitely worth it. It is definitely more painful than waxing (because it lasts for like 10 minutes), but it’s better for your skin.

I will definitely be going back. I wouldn’t be able to take the pain of a lip thread, so I’m sticking with lip wax.

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Eyebrow threading is great but some of us over pluck ours!

Post 135

I had my eyebrows threaded this past Saturday at our local mall. I had heard about it previously but this time I stopped to watch another lady getting it done. I have waxed, shaved with a straight razor, an eyebrow razor, and plucked with my trusty tweezers, but threading by far is now my favorite! And it did hurt a tad bit, but keep the skin tight and it won’t hurt as bad.

Everything is a process and takes time to get used to. I love it, and will be going back whenever the hair grows back. P.S. I threw away all my eyebrow razors! Sincerely, Radcliff, KY

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Sorry, but threading didn’t work for me. My eyebrows look better with just tweezing or waxing. High arches look strange on some women. Also, threading does hurt like hell, whereas waxing is just one or two pulls and you’re done. Three at the most. My personal favorite I think, is just tweezing. It’s the best.

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Who is calling women (and men) self-indulgent for doing a certain cheap beauty procedure? You have no idea what it’s like to grow up in a culture that constantly critiques every single aspect of your body to shreds. You may have an outsider’s perspective, but you can’t truly know. Yes, male bodies are critiqued too, but not half as much.

So before you start telling us that we’re beautiful but also obnoxious, try to understand where we are coming from. Also, some women aren’t doing it because of insecurity, but because they simply like how it looks.

Post 131

A man’s comments: I’m surprised how nearly all women don’t know how beautiful you all naturally are. You waste so much time and have so much anxiety over your body. Such a turn off and so self-indulgent.

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Here’s the deal with threading, waxing, plucking, etc.: everyone’s skin and eyebrows are different.

Some people are more sensitive to hair removal than others. Personally, I love threading. It hurts me a tad bit, makes my eyes water some, but it’s over in five minutes. Sure, the area is a little sore, but the redness quickly fades on me. My friend, however, is quite the opposite. It hurt her tremendously, and left her skin red for a few hours. I always go back to have my eyebrows threaded, but she’s sticking to waxing.

Point is, you’re going to experience it differently from the next person. Don’t condemn eyebrow threading just from reading reviews from people who don’t like it; remember that they’re different from you. Try it once, and determine how *you* feel about it.

Post 129

I can’t believe how vain you all are, that you would suffer like this to correct a beauty «problem» evident only to yourself. What a waste of time and money!

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I had my eyebrows threaded for the first time today and yes, it hurt very much but I’m so pleased with the results, I will definitely have it done again.

Also I was really brave and had my top lip done too, and it hurt and made my eyes water, but what a difference! It is so smooth. It was red for about 20 minutes, but it soon faded. I will have it done again for sure.

I had it done on a stall in the shopping center in wigan and will be going back, they were so nice and kind.

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I have gotten my eyebrows threaded one time before, and it was absolutely excruciating. The sensation was so strange and painful.

When it was done, I had huge, swollen, puffy red eyes, but my eyebrows looked great! I’m getting them done again today; hopefully it won’t hurt as much the second time!

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My first experience was very painful, however, I went to someone else and it was completely painless. If you experienced pain, it’s because you went to the wrong person. I refuse to get my eyebrows done any other way now.

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I just had it done today, and I say it is not worth it. It’s been two hours, and I now have a throbbing headache. To me, I am getting a sudden burn from them every minute, and my skin is still red. It feels like torture, and I would not recommend this.

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I am a threading specialist and to be honest, at first, the experience is painful but the more times you have it done, it becomes less painful. The result of threading is amazing and it lasts a lot longer than waxing and plucking. Also, I do get a lot of customers who do complain that their eyebrows are uneven but no eyebrows are the same, as your eyebrows are your sisters, not your twins. I receive a lot of compliments about my eyebrows on how perfect they are, but to be honest, they aren’t, because one of my eyebrows is higher than the other one but others don’t notice apart from me.

A good threading specialist would talk to their

client about their eyebrows before carrying out the procedure and would make sure their clients are comfortable and it is essential that the skin is tight in order to avoid cuts to the eyebrows. Also, I do have a lot of clients asking if the hairs grow back thicker and the answer to that question is no. Threading takes all the hairs out from the root, whereas plucking only pulls out from the surface, which is most likely to result in ingrown hairs.

I would recommend threading to everyone as it’s friendly towards the skin and the hair grows back slow and the more times you have it done, the less hair that will grow back.

Post 123

I’m a 31 year old male cursed with a unibrow. In my experience, threading depends hugely on the skill of the person doing it. The salon from where I get it done, the owner also does various beauty treatments. When thhe did it a couple of times, it hurt while being done but was fine in minutes, and well done.

Once I went to the salon and the owner was not around. So I let one of the other chaps do the threading, and the area around the cheekbones ended up swollen red and with red bumps, and I had to attend my best friend’s birthday party. Lesson: Choose your salon well, and it works wonders.

Post 122

I’ve never tried threading, but am a little puzzled by the comments saying «of course you have to have pain to have beauty.» Why? I used to get my eyebrows waxed, but found that the skin became red and inflamed, and was just starting to heal by the time I was due for another waxing — not to mention the fact that a bright red, throbbing forehead kind of defeated the whole purpose of having prettily-shaped eyebrows.

Eventually I just started shaving them into shape with a standard razor, and they look great to me. I shape them up about once a week, and it’s painless and free.

Post 121

I was interested in getting threading done and it wasn’t that great experience. It hurt very, very much and my eyes were watering when it was done. I was looking forward to it being done.

The woman told me I had «baby-like» skin that was sensitive. I’m not sure if I’ll get it done again but from reading other reviews it depends on the skill of the person doing it. My right eyebrow is still the tiniest bit sore and I got them done six hours ago. I’ll give it another try and make up my mind then.


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Khloé Kardashian Thinks Eyebrow Threading Spreads Herpes—What You Should Know

Fans of eyebrow threading swear by the hair-removal technique for its precision and because it gives brows a clean shape. But despite the hype, Khloé Kardashian refuses to try eyebrow threading for one specific reason: She’s scared of getting herpes.

Kardashian wrote about her strong views on threading on her website and app this week. “I always darken my brows because they are naturally light, but to shape them, I wax and never, ever thread,” she wrote. “I heard the grossest story about threading! Someone had herpes on their mouth and then the client got it on their brows! I don’t thread because someone’s saliva might be going on my face!”

It sounds like an urban legend, but experts say it can happen. In threading, a beautician or aesthetician uses thread to go through your eyebrow hairs row by row and pluck out the unwanted ones. Some technicians will hold one end of the thread in their mouths, which is problematic, Amesh A. Adalja, M.D., a board-certified infectious disease physician and affiliated scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, tells SELF. “If a person is using their mouth as part of their work, that’s inherently going to cause problems because the mouth literally teems with bacteria,” he explains.

Jennifer Haythe, M.D., assistant professor of medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, tells SELF that threading «clearly poses health risks.» If a person has breaks in their skin, viruses like herpes and bacteria could be introduced, she says. If a technician has oral herpes—and, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, up to 80 percent of people do—there’s a chance the virus could go from their mouth and onto the thread, and infect someone’s skin. Gary Goldenberg, M.D., medical director of the dermatology faculty practice at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, tells SELF that herpes can also be passed on if a person isn’t wearing gloves and has herpes on their fingers, a condition known as herpetic whitlow. “It would be more likely to be herpes type 1, which is the fever blister virus,” he says.

Herpes can get into a person’s skin because threading, like many skin procedures, causes a breach in the skin that allows bacteria and viruses to gain access. «Anything like pulling out hair is going to allow any viruses in the vicinity to gain access,» Adalja says. «Mild abrasions and pulling out hair will expose the area from which the hair was pulled.» It’s not just herpes people have to worry about: Sherry A. Ross, M.D., a women’s health expert and author of She-ology: The Definitive Guide to Women’s Intimate Health, Period., tells SELF that threading can also raise a person’s risk of getting a staph infection, a serious infection caused by bacteria that’s commonly found on a person’s skin, for the same reason.

But Tiffany Chowdhury of Browhaus in New York City, tells SELF that when using the mouth technique for threading, the part of the thread in the person’s mouth does not touch the client’s brows. However, the person’s hands could touch their mouth and the client’s skin. There is «definitely» still a risk of spreading herpes if the mouth end of the thread doesn’t touch a person’s eyebrows and/or skin because their hands will touch their mouths at some point, and then the thread, which touches the person’s skin, Adalja says.

While you can get herpes from threading, Ross says that it’s unlikely. «Oral herpes…starts as a blister and then breaks open and starts to ooze,» during which point it’s very contagious, she explains. But it’s possible to be exposed to a person that has oral herpes at a less contagious time, lowering the odds that you’ll get it, too. However, it can happen.

Herpes in your eyebrow would look like a cold sore or blister, Adalja says. And, while it may seem harmless, it’s very important that it get treated. “If it gets into your eye, it can be dangerous and devastating and lead to blindness,” he says. That’s why doctors treat herpes around the eye area aggressively with oral medication like Valtrex or anti-viral creams (sometimes they use both at once, Adalja says).

Of course, spreading herpes through eyebrow waxing is no one’s fault. You can pass the virus along even if you don’t have an active outbreak and you take medication to lower your viral load, Brian A. Levine, M.D., and New York practice director for the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, previously told SELF. But that doesn’t mean you absolutely can’t spread it to someone else while on the medicine. That’s part of what makes herpes so common, but also part of why the stigma around it is totally unnecessary.

If you’re considering threading, there are other considerations besides disease risk. Christine Gayski, a licensed medical esthetician in Mercy’s MediSpa in Baltimore, tells SELF she doesn’t administer it herself because of the risk and because of the potential for changing hair growth. “It can cause the hairs to come back shifted,” she says. Instead, she recommends waxing or plucking to keep your eyebro


Eyebrow Threading

Here’s yet another condition that seems to be a license to print money for skincare companies. I once spent 4 weeks indoors in the height of summer as my acne was so bad so I feel really depressed at the time and money I wasted trying out all the magic solutions. However I eventually worked out what needed to be done, and so far everyone I have advised has seen a big difference.

First of all, you need to split your cure into two phases. First you need to heal up your skin, second you need to prevent further spots. If you try to do both at once it just won’t last.

So first, you need to dry up your skin as much as possible to stop the P acne bacteria feeding off your skin oil (gross!) Also, you need to heal up any broken skin as these keep getting reinfected. Now I always used to think that strong remedies such as 10% benzoyl peroxide were best because more = better. However I realised that you have to be incredibly gently with skin, even if you feel like taking a wire brush to it sometimes! Skin heals rapidly, and if you keep treating it harshly then it’ll start creating scar tissue and pockmarks.

So I stopped using moisturiser, kept skin wipes with me to wipe away any grease throughout the day and started using mineral foundation instead of greasy cosmetics. This is where I accidentally found out how good mineral foundation is for acne. Because it’s pure pigment it simply sits on the skin and does not clog the pores. Also, it absorbs grease too so there’s a double bonus. You just put it on with a blusher brush and maybe touch up once or twice a day if you have REALLY bad marks. You need to get a good quality one, not the so-called mineral makeup sold in the shops. The best (and for once the cheapest) I ever found is from www.mineralpuremakeup.com One pot lasts for 3 months and has great coverage.

I also used a low% salicylic acid gel at night to prevent any pores clogging up. The best one I found was the P8N8 sensitive skin serum along with the facial wash and toner, but they may be too pricey for some. So I’d say just buy something that has 2% salicylic acid and NO MOISTURISER to use at night.

So after a few weeks my skin had healed up nicely, but there were still some yucky spots that didn’t go away. These were pores that were infected internally, so they needed to have the infected stuff taken out. It’s important to learn how to pop zits properly, otherwise you leave behind the infected stuff and it creates another zits. First you need to clean your hands. Next just pop it as you normally would to get rid of the pus. Now here comes the important part; you need to get out the hard ‘plug’ of infected stuff that is creating more and more spots. So pinch the skin together a little bit and squeeze the BASE of the spot. It takes a little time but eventually you’ll get the hang of it. You’ll know if you did it correctly if you don’t get a spot the next day in the same place.

So after almost a year of this regime my skin had cleared up considerable, but I still had very dry skin as I was still not using a moisturiser. I slowly stopped using the skin wipes and started cutting down on the P8N8 serum. I just used a basic cleanser and slowly began using a little shea butter in the dryer patches. I sometimes get a few zits now and again (usually when I have eaten Poptarts for some reason) but the really bad acne has gone and the skin marks are all but faded.

I did try prescription remedies but since none of them address the problem (the bacteria and the clogged pores) they don’t cure the problem.


Ibrow Threading — Facial Hair Removal, Threading, Brow Threading


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The Art of Eyebrow Threading

Zia THREADING The Art of Eyebrow Threading


Good customer service costs less than bad customer service.


Superior customer service is just not a goal at Zia Threading. It’s our mission.


Cater to our customer’s and provide them with what they want. It makes sense.



We Strive For Excellence In Customer Service.

The Art of Eyebrow Threading

At Zia Threading, all of our services are natural and blended with our authentic techniques. We specialize in offering the next step in eyebrow shaping.


We Highly Regard All Our Customers.

Founder & CEO, Zia.Q — Zia Threading

Zia Threading offers Natural Eco-Friendly Services.



Zia Threading specializes in Eyebrow Threading, our Threading artists are extremely experienced. Threading has been around for centuries and is used to remove facial hair; i.e. cheeks, upper lip, chin, full face and eyebrows. Threading has become an alternative to waxing and plucking. Threading is done using one simple tool which is a piece of hundred percent high quality cotton thread. Eyebrow and Facial Threading eliminates pain caused by waxing and plucking.

Facial Treatment


In the relaxing and calming surroundings of Zia Threading enjoy a 30 or 60 minute Gold Facial especially designed to relax and rejuvenate. It includes cleansing, exfoliation, and mask tailored to your skin type to revive and rejuvenate your skin. Following the Gold Facial you will receive an aromatic massage to your neck and shoulders, to further enhance your experience.



Henna has been used to adorn women’s bodies as part of social and holiday celebrations. Zia Threading offer from ready-made designs to intricate designs that suit your needs. Henna can be used as a temporary form of skin decoration. Henna paste is usually applied on the skin using a plastic cone. The painted area is then wrapped with tissue, plastic, or medical tape to lock in body heat, creating a more intense color on the skin. The final color is reddish brown and can last anywhere from five to ten days depending on the type of the paste.

Oil Treatment


A dry scalp is a bane to any woman who wants to keep her hair and scalp healthy. If you find that the condition of having a dry scalp persists despite using the best conditioners and shampoos, it may be time to try our Oil-Head Massage Treatment. A natural method to stimulate hair roots for stronger and longer hair and combat scalp dryness. Visit Zia Threading for our Oil-Head Massage Treatment includes a twenty minute scalp and shoulder massage and enjoy the benefits of its super moisturizing effect.



Zia Threading Southern California Locations



Eyebrows by Threading (String)

Eyebrows by Threading (String)



Welcome to Dee’s Spa Concepts!

Threading is an ancient form of hair removal practiced
in India, Pakistan and the Middle East and now it has become popular in
United States. Threading technique is used for facial hair removal.
Threading is very efficient, effective and it gives sharp and clean
finish to your eyebrows. Threading slows down the growth of hair. It
removes any peach fuzz from the skin surface.

Why Threading?

Waxing tends to burn, peel and irritate the skin around the
eyes. Chances of wrinkles around the eye area are increased by
repeated waxing procedures. Tweezing and razors increase the
chances of in-grown hair and cutting the skin. All these
procedures such as Tweezing, Waxing, and Razors for facial hair
removal, make facial hair grow back faster and thicker.
Threading is more precise and effective. There is no burning,
peeling, or irritation and is good for getting rid of in-grown



No more waxing, tweezing and cuts
with razors.

Eyebrow threading is the new
trend for arching your eyebrows

Call Dee at


for an

We accept check or cash only

welcome (Mon-Tue by appointments only)


5276 Hollister Professional Bldg. Ste.403

Barbara, CA 93111

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