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Do you know if you have hooded eyes?

Hooded eyes seem to be the most frequent struggle in the make-up world, yet no one seems to be helping women with hooded lids. YouTube gurus and Instagram stars know which angle makes their liner look best, so it always looks good in pictures. But can you pull it off in real life? We’re here to help you shine yet again.

A hooded eye happens when the crease of the eye folds over the outer corner, sometimes making the eye look downturned or droopy. This is why eyeliner doesn’t work on this type of eye shape — the crease folds and covers the liner, leaving the line all squiggly and peculiar.

But there is a way to make eyeliner work on hooded eyes — well, sort of. It’s the next best thing: introducing the smudged, sultry and smokey imitation liner.

Hooded eyes are extra famous for their lovely ability to transfer product. Unfortunately, it happens all the time, every time. But there is a quick simple solution — apply a thin layer of eye primer on your eyelids and blend well. Now set it with a pinch of setting powder or a nude eyeshadow, and you’re done.

It doesn’t matter if you have protruding or deep-set eyes, defining the crease is always an important step. First apply kohl liner and work it into the lash line, then extend from the outer corner outwards. If you have hooded eyes, only apply up to the point where your crease folds over on the outer corner of the eye.

If you do apply over that point, the product will start moving into your crease, and before you know it there will be a mess. So try your best to do it right — when done right, this imitation cat-eye technique is a quick way to make your eyes look more upturned and lifted.

Pro-tip: When you start blending and extending your liner, always try to blend upwards. That way you will create more lift, which works beautifully on hooded eyes.

Product transfer and hooded lids are almost synonymous at this point, so we are unable to picture them apart. Sometimes product transfer happens even though you applied a primer, and oh, isn’t that fun. Though there is a quick fix that can make that go away — it includes using the transfer to your advantage.

Simply open your eye after applying kohl liner on the lash line — once you do, product will inevitably transfer to your upper lid. Blend downwards from where the transfer is, and try to create a V- shape on the outer corner of the eye.

Once you open your eye, you will see a sassy smudged faux-liner that will make all your built-up eyeliner frustration leave your body.

How I Lost Half of Me But Became Whole: Hooded Eyes

I love the almond shaped eyes with beautiful lids — my sister has them. She can rock almost any form of make-up and always looks fabulous. No wonder I have always thought of her as the pinnacle of female beauty 🙂

My eyes are hooded.
Having hooded eyes means that more or less of your eyelids are obscured, either by skin or bone structure, which gives an appearance of heaviness. This type of eye structure is also called “bedroom eyes”.

Here’s some samples of occidental and oriental hooded eyes. Now, I don’t think «monolid» is hooded — that is, I disagree with Olivia of that Jessica has hooded eyes. But, what do I know. I’m not oriental. None of my business. Anyway, Olivia gives in that entry the basics of hooded eye makeup, and that’s great 🙂

As not much of the eyelid is showing, it’s no use to even try having the elaborate eye shadow experiments… as nothing of it will show anyway. Nevertheless, there are things you can do…

Here’s a «weekend make-up, daytime makeup with color and nighttime make-up» presented by a very beautiful pair of hooded eyes 🙂
Make-up for hooded eyes
all about hooded eyes
Pacific Style — hooded eyes and the follow-up on hooded eyes with additional information, like a list of YouTube makeup artists with hooded eyes.
smokey hooded eyes — very pretty

It’s funny how some people define «hooded eyes» or «hooded lids» 😀

Yes, this happens with age. My eyes were hooded already when I was 10, though… but 10 is an age. 😀
This is what Colour Focus claims hooded eyes look like…
Very pretty… I suppose there’s some hooding going on in the outer end of the lid… but that’s not what my eyes look like, or how the eyes of most other women with hooded eyes look 😀
(Now, in the above mentioned «difference between occidental and oriental hooded eye, Jane has that kind of hooded eyes! And, yes, I agree, her eyes are hooded. Not as much as mine, but…)
They look more like this:

I took their suggestion of «deep set eyes» and tweaked it a bit.

Hooded Eyes
These eyes are set so the natural crease in the eyelid is not readily seen. Highlighting the brow bone and lining the lash base gives hooded eyes an alluring shape.

To enhance hooded eyes
— Apply a medium to dark shadow on the crease and hooded area.
— Sweep a lighter shadow on the brow bone and on the inside corner of the eye.
— Draw a very thin line along the top lash line (to keep the eye looking open) and smudge with a cotton swab.
— Apply black mascara to upper lashes.
— Line upper lash-line only. Gradually soften shadow as you approach the brow.
— Vanity Rich: How to Work Your Eye Shape

(Now, Vanity Rich is a very beautiful woman who does NOT have hooded eyes, and doesn’t seem to be interested in figuring out how to ENHANCE the very specific and alluring look the hooded eyes give you, but takes the same road everyone else does — even women with hooded eyes — that is, trying to make them look less hooded.)

Also, my sister is blond and blue-eyed — like my mother… I don’t have a chance! 😀

You see, my eyes are hazel — or mud-colored, as I so kindly refer to them, when I’m not feeling well. The color of dark amber, says my husband. Green, on a good day. Can even look brown with right clothes. But — alas — they are not blue, so I cannot be beautiful.

Then I read this:

«Hazel eyes are considered to be one of the most expressive and one of the most unique eyes as well. The reason is that hazel eyes can change the color according to the person’s mood!
When the person gets angry, the hazel eye color tends to get more greenish,
when in a frisky mood, it turns to gray or blue!
Not only the mood, but even the color of the clothes influences the hazel eye color.»
— fabulous makeup tips for hazel eyes

Oh…So instead of having droopy eyelids and mud-colored eyes, I have sexy «bedroom eyes» and the most expressive and unique eye color… (Now, I wonder which color eyes I have when «frisky»… because my eyes are never blue. They get grey as colorless when I’m afraid, stressed, worried, anxious or in pain, though. Truly mud-colored.)

Nevertheless, for the other girls out there with bedroom eyes, here’s some celebrities who share this quality with you 🙂 See how they have their eyes made up and copy the look if you like it 🙂

Anne Hathaway

Blake Lively

Brigitte Bardot

Carmen Electra

Catherine Zeta Jones

Dianne Wiest

Drew Barrymore

Elizabeth Hurley

Eva Mendes

Faye Dunaway

Gisele Bündchen

Jaclyn Smith

Jenna Elfman

Lauren Bacall

Leelee Sobieski

Malin Åkerman

Maura Tierney

Melinda Clarke

Milla Jovovich

Nicole Kidman

Reneé Zellweger

Selena Gomez

Selma Blair

Sharon Stone

Taylor Swift

HOODED EYES? An Easy • Everyday • Quick Makeup Tutorial

Most of us with hooded eyes don’t need winged liner, dramatic eyeshadow and false lashes on a daily basis. Yet most hooded eyes tutorials show this. This will show you REALISTIC everyday eye makeup for hooded eyes if you don’t have much time but still want to look your best.

While, this is pretty thorough, the full video tutorial at the end that contains all the steps. It’s fairly short and contains do’s and don’ts in a well explained manner. It’s truly so much easier to learn makeup techniques by watching them than by seeing photos. I hope you take some things away from this post. But do head over to the video after to get each step because it’s already helped so many people in the short duration that it’s been up!


Subtle tweaks make the left eye appear slightly more downturned than the right


**The images in this post are taken directly from my short video tutorial at the end of the post. So if they’re not extremely sharp, that’s why! You can skip straight there to see it in action with easy to follow instructions or click to have it open up in YouTube so you have all the product links in the description as well. Whatever you choose, I think you’ll find it beneficial.**


Well, I know I have hooded eyes! But do you know if YOU have hooded eyes? It’s a common misperception that if your entire mobile lid (the eyelid that opens and closes over your eyeball) isn’t invisible and covered by the hood (the crease of the eye up to the brow bone), when looking straight ahead then you can’t possibly have hooded eyes.

That simply isn’t true!

There are many degrees of hooded eyes. You can have severely hooded eyes where you see no mobile lid when you look straight into a mirror, thus making it extremely difficult to line the eye (aside from tightlining).

And there’s moderately hooded eyes.


Moderately hooded eyes come with several options. One can have all of these options or just one or two…

  • The crease shade you just applied seems to disappear when your eyes are opened and looking straight forward.
  • Your hood appears heavier towards the outside of the eye than the inside…you may have some visible mobile lid towards the inner eye and less towards the outside of the eye.
  • Some days your eyes seem more/less hooded than others.
  • The crease/fold extends down past the outside corner of your eye, often making flicked or winged liner difficult.

Let’s talk about what we can do no matter what type of hooded eyes you have…

The Forgotten Step

First things first…before we even THINK about shadow, we want to address concealer. One of the most common mistakes people make is NOT applying concealer (and corrector if you use that too!) underneath the OUTER corner of the eye. They concentrate on the dark circles and inner corner and completely forget about the outer part of the eye!

L: Outer corner not concealed R: Outer corner concealed

As we get older, we develop some redness and discoloration there. Neglecting this one tiny area can drag that outer corner down and make our already hooded eyes appear even more droopy!

Prepping the Eye

Primer. Primer. Primer. I cannot stress using eyeshadow primer enough! It not only evens out discoloration and disguises veins, it helps our shadows apply more smoothly and evenly, last longer, helps prevent creasing and makes colors more vibrant! If you’re skipping this step and have hooded eyes, start today!!

STILLLLL Prepping!

Primer alone just won’t cut it! Priming and NOT setting that primer well with either a neutral shadow or a loose powder is a common mistake that leads to creasing, eyeliner and mascara smudging/transfer or patchy eyeshadow application. Set that primer!

Where’s my shadow??

The most important thing you can do when applying shadow and liner is to


There may be times when you need to look or glance down to do things. But always always always check back in that mirror to see what your makeup looks like with your eyes open!

Placing a transition shade that’s a shade deeper than your skintone (it can even be peach or slightly pink!) into and above the crease (almost up to the brow bone) will create a shadow onto that hood so it’s not so pronounced and heavy. Light protrudes and darkness retracts.

We want that shadow there to make the hood like it’s receding instead of protruding. Even on minimal makeup days, I take 30 seconds to do this one simple step because it makes a HUGE difference in how awake and open my eyes look!

Transition shade applied. the hood looks slightly less heavy than….


…using no transition shade and just applying shadow applied in the crease.

If I attempt to use just a crease shade, it all but disappears when I open my eyes and look straight ahead.

Shadow issues

Going back to that primer… If you didn’t take the time to apply and set your shadow primer earlier, you may have some blending issues when you go in with shadow on your lid and in your crease.



Another common shadow mistake made by many is with highlighter. Using a tiny brush and highlighting directly underneath the brow bone (and blending into that transition shade) is all you need to do when you have hooded eyes. Many people take a fluffy brush and place too much highlighter under the brow bone and down onto the hood, thus taking away any shadow that’s necessary for that hood to appear recessed. When you highlight the most pronounced part of the hood, it emphasizes the hooded eyes and drags the eye down even further.

Eyeliner: A Realistic DON’T!

This is my realistic “don’t” eye using a pencil and closing my eye, the way many do. Most people also reach for pencil to line. It’s not as subtle as shadow, takes more time and transfers more easily too. I smudged it along the lashline from the inner corner to the outer corner and extended it just slightly past my outer corner…

It looks pretty good when my eye is closed right?

But when I open it, you can see that the liner is slanted slightly down instead of out and the corner of the liner is below the outer corner of my eye instead of next to or slightly above it where it should be. This is a common mistake that pulls down the outer corner of the eye and can make the eyes appear more droopy, especially once mascara is added.

Do: Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

This is the part where I’d say to go watch the video because I show two super easy methods for genuinely easy hooded eye eyeliner that’s easy to do in a rush or daily. I recommend using a good quality shadow and an angled brush. I have some other easy techniques on my channel using different types of brushes but this one is very quick and simple.

The first technique involves using your outer corner and brow tail as your guide.

Simply place a dot or a tiny dash in the same direction as your lower lash line as if it’s continuing on into infinity. Place that tiny dot/dash slightly above where the lash line ends. This gives more lift than placing it right at the lash line. (This is seen better in the video).

Next press and lightly smudge the liner brush against your lash line. I only do the outer 2/3 of my eye because it elongates and lifts my eye more so than when I go all the way to my inner corner. You’ll smudge and meet that dot/dash and blend the two together. It takes less than 30 seconds. Done!

There are some people that are simply too hooded for that dash/dot and that’s OK! If that’s the case, just do the smudging or tightline and you’ll get definition from that.

I continued (post-mascara) with a technique to show you what to do if you have a fold but want to do a flick or winged liner for your hooded eyes.

You can see here, I simply stamped the brush down directly over that fold.

When I closed my eye there is a gap.

I then fill the gap in and build that line up however thick I want that flick to be that day. This is my “professional” wing. Again…30 seconds and done!

A close-up of the “don’t” eye after mascara.

The “don’t” eye from a distance


The “do” eye from a distance

The Finale

Curl those lashes! Nothing lifts the eye more than curled lashes! It truly does make a huge difference! Again, I highly recommend watching the video because it has a couple of more steps and is a little more specific than I can get in a blog post tutorial. I hope you enjoy it. I know hooded eyes can be so difficult to deal with! If you found this post helpful or the video helpful, please share with people you know could use it or anywhere you feel it could help people! XOXO

What They Are and What It Means for Your Makeup

 Hooded Eyes: 

or, «where in the world did my eye makeup go?»

   It was a moderately life-changing revelation when earlier this year I came upon Youtube videos in the style of makeup tutorials for «hooded eyes». I had hardly heard the term before really getting into makeup, but boy does it explain my makeup problems! Winged eyeliner never looked good, eyeshadow disappeared the second my eyes opened, and everything creased and caked. I realized that this is what I was, and I wasn’t alone.

   The first thing you should know is that there are several types of hooded eyes, ranging from mild to completely hiding the mobile eyelid. As you can see from my photos above, I still have a sliver of mobile eyelid space (that being the part of your lid that moves and blinks), though the crease itself runs pretty much past the outer corner of my eye, meaning my winged eyeliner will never look quite like the beauty gurus’ (a moment of solemn silence, please.). There are those lucky few with more so mild hoods that allow them to still do a decent winged liner, albeit nothing akin to Cleopatra.

   Another thing I noticed is that quite a few individuals doing hooded eye tutorials didn’t even have hooded eyes! Phooey. They were loading on eyeshadow and big wings with ease, dubbing it «everyday hooded eyes» and such. They’ll do anything for more views and clicks. Once you understand hooded eyes and your eyes, you’ll be able to take one look at the thumbnail and know if it’s the real deal.

   A few celebrities with hooded eyes: Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence, Camilla Belle, Malin Akerman, Leelee Sobieski, Taylor Swift, Anne Hathaway, Brigitte Bardot, Carmen Electra, Catherine Zeta Jones, Gisele Bundchen, Lauren Bacall, Milla Jovovich, Renee Zellweger, Emma Stone. These are some of the most iconic women in beauty history!

   Hooded eye ladies can still wear stunning eye looks, tweaked to fit the various eye shapes and hood depths. As you can see, celebrity makeup artists have this down pat. Hooded eyes are NOT a flaw- they are just a different eye type! In fact, many people have hooded eyes and just don’t know it. A makeup artist worth their oats will know the difference and how to alter their application of products. Just as different face shapes require different contouring and blush, so do hooded eyes with eyeshadow and liner.

 What not to do:

  • Force a wing that crossed your crease line or just isn’t working
  • Only apply eyeshadow to your mobile lid
  • Apply too much shimmery or white eyeshadow to your brow bone or lid
  • Apply too thick of a line of eyeliner
  • Wear the wrong style of false lashes
  • Not wear mascara and not curl your lashes
  • Have an unfavorable brow shape, or heavily arched brows
  • Angle your eyeshadow downward at the outer sides, giving a droopy effect

What to do:

  • Tightline your upper lashline with pencil liner
  • Look straight into your mirror to check your eyeshadow, making sure it’s visible
  • Apply a brow highlight just under your eyebrow
  • Keep a thin line of eyeliner or mild flick, minding your crease line
  • Choose false lashes that are natural or are fullest at the center and fade out, or individual lashes
  • Choose a good mascara and curl your lashes before you apply it, never after
  • Keep your brows as close as possible to their natural shape, if possible, and fill them in following that shape
  • Angle your eyeshadow straight out or upward at the outer sides, giving a lifted look

    Of course, you can do absolutely whatever you desire with your makeup- these are just some guidelines to complement your eyes to their full, beautiful, unique extent. And all hooded eyes are different! You may have space for thick liner, or be able to wear very full false lashes perfectly.

    A great way to really get a feel of your own eye shape is to do as I did above- take a clear photo of your eye in its natural resting position looking straight on and create a chart so you know exactly where your crease is and where it ends. Then, when you watch makeup tutorials or look at photos, you can better adjust the looks to your own shape! The more aware of your face and features you are, the more comfortable you become with them and more confident working with them, just like body types and features.


Charity Hall

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15 Magical Makeup Tips To Beautify Your Hooded Eyes In A Minute

Eyes become the most attractive part of the face if you maintain them well. Yes, doesn’t matter what shape of eyes do you have but if you maintain and beautify them well with some makeup then it is quite appreciable. However, in this blog, you will know some makeup tips for hooded eyes that you can apply on if you have hooded eyes. You must be thinking what kind of hooded eyes are and how does it look like? Well, below you will first learn about hooded eyes and then you will look at some most appreciable eye makeup tips you can apply to your hooded eyes.

Our Editors Recommend:

Is your crease visible? If No, then you have hooded eyes, that means this post is just for you. Hurray!

My sister has almond shaped eyes with beautiful eyelids and she rocks almost in any form of make-up. However, I have an hooded eye. Isn’t it boring?

What Is A Hooded Eyes?

Having hooded eyelids means your eyelids either are covered, by skin or bone which provide an appearance of heaviness. This sort of eyes is also called “bedroom eyes”. Just like the rest of your body, eyes also come in all shapes and sizes among it one of these variations is a hooded eye.

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Sometimes, the question may arise that “how do you know if you have a hooded eye”? Well, the answer is so simple. If you have hooded eyes then you will have excess skin folding down from brow bone to lash line that unclear your creases, shrinks your lids and make them look drowsy.

But, when it comes to apply make up for hooded eyes, you cannot apply the same makeup as you do for almond-eye shape. The best key to make your hooded eyes look stunning and amazing is to learn some hooded eyes makeup tutorial that makes them look wider and awake.

Do you have hooded eyes and want to improve it? If yes, then look at the below eye makeup tips for hooded eyelids

Hmm! May be I sound like a commercial! But I’m just excited to share my experiment which worked!

You won’t believe me but it is very easy! Just open your drowsy-looking eyelids with these eye makeup tips:

Look Here For Other Makeup Tips: 7 Makeup Tips To Stop Living That Oily Eyelid Life

Makeup Tips For Droopy Hooded Eyes

Makeup Tip 1: Apply Eye Makeup With Open Eyes

It is quite better to wear eye makeup with open eyes because it can be difficult to find out the natural crease with closed eyes.                            

Makeup Tip 2: Apply Eyeshadow Above the Crease

For hooded eyes makeup, there is a need to apply the eye shadow just above where you have marked your crease as contrasting in the natural fold of your lid.

This way the color won’t get lost when you open your eyes.

Makeup Tip 3: Apply Green Shadow

This tutorial is quite simple, as you got to use only little mat green shadow, in the inner part of your eye by leaving the crease untouched. Whereas on the lower line add brown shadow, and blend it well to make more depth. Now draw a thin line with eyeliner for hooded eyes and finish off with mascara.

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Makeup Tip 4: Get Smoky Cat Eye

Cat eyes are simply adorable, and this tutorial you will learn how to get them without any liner. It is just like the magic, which the right amount of eye shadow can do. Follow the steps and get beautiful eye like this.

Makeup Tip 5: Apply Eyeshadow as Straight Line

If you’re a beginner at applying eyeshadow then give a try to this foolproof straight-line technique.

Take a handkerchief and place it on the outer corner of your nose to your eyebrow. Now apply eyeshadow from the center of your eye straight out to the handkerchief.

It’ll give hooded lids the illusion of lifted eyes.

Makeup Tip 6: Try Waterproof Mascara

As your lashes are often touching the brow bone, so don’t use a mascara that will smudge. Moreover, long eyelashes open up hooded eyes in instant.

Look Here: 5 Effective Makeup Tricks to Give Droopy Eyes a Lift

Makeup tip 7: Get Plum Gold Eye

Just use only one shimmery eyeshadow for hooded eyes to make it look more opened and defined. Now apply the plum gold shadow above your natural crease, and then define your eye with the eyeliner and mascara. In this way, you can know how to apply eyeshadow for hooded eyes.

Makeup Tip 8: For a Natural Daytime Look

Sparkle-lovers cheer: For most of the women, a shimmery shadow can be aging, but on hooded eyes, it got the opposite effect. Shiny eye makeup expresses the eye shape more by creating the illusion of light where there is generally darkness.

This is the best example of no makeup look and amazing for a daytime look. Use the earth tones from your eye shadow palette, and get the subtle natural look.

Makeup Tip 9: For Old-Hollywood Glamour

Emma Stone’s look fresh because of her simple eye makeup for hooded eyes. With her hooded eyes, which are wide already, less is more. Forgoing winged eyeliner and makeup on lower lash line enhances her eye shape without overwhelming it.

You May Love It: Makeup Tips To Apply Eyeliner That Suits Your Eyes

Blend a shimmery champagne eyeshadow across the eyelid and up towards your brow bone, now take it into the inner corner of the eye. Take a bit along the inner third of your lower lash line to add more light.

Makeup Tip 10: Get Sparkly Glam

With this makeup tip, you will get to know how to properly use sparkles for your hooded eyes. Make use of beautiful green color, or whatever you like. It will look awesome for your parties and night makeup.

Makeup Tip 11: Evening Eye Makeup

If you are looking for the evening smoky eye, then here you have the suggestion. Just follow this step by step picture tutorial to get ready for going out!

Makeup Tip 12: Apply Cutting the Crease

Mostly, “cutting” the crease with eyeshadow can transform the hooded lid into this makeup masterpiece

Makeup Tip 13: Apply Bright Eye Shadow

Select a bright color to bring your eyes to the surface. You can even skip the eyeliner and give your best with mascara.

Makeup Tip 14: Apply White Eye Shadow

We all know that white eyeshadow does magic. But when it is combined with brown crease color then it provides a perfect combination for faking bigger and more opened eyes.

Makeup Tip 15: Apply Brown Eye Shadow and Falsies

This is the best and amazing trick, apply the mat brown eyeshadow, on your lid and above your crease, and get false lashes and place them on outer corners of your eyes.

If you have hooded or droopy eyelids then you can try some home remedies for droopy eyelids and makeup tips to fix or hide droopy eyelids issue. This below video can also help you to know eye makeup for older hooded eyes. You can try this below link:

Some More Makeup For Droopy Hooded Eyes:


If you have hooded eyes then now you don’t have to worry at all because you will no longer go out of your home with hooded eyes. This is because you will now able to apply some easy to apply eye makeup tips for hooded eyes. Each of the eye makeup tips mentioned above is so easy to apply and they are so effective that will no longer let you show your hooded eyes. Now you will feel good when you will go out of your place with hooded eyes.

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Makeup Tips Every Person With Hooded Eyes Needs To Know

Do you find it hard to apply eyeshadow to your hooded lids? We have all the tips you need…


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15 Magical Makeup Tips To Beautify Your Hooded Eyes In A Minute


Try these effective makeup tips for hooded eyes: Tip 1: wear eye makeup with open eyes, Tip 2: Apply the eyeshadow…Tip 3: Apply Green Shadow, Tip 4: Get Smoky Cat Eye…Tip 15: Brown Eye Shadow and Falsies. Try all these makeup tips to make your hooded eyes more attractive.


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Since I have my own YouTube channel I am watching myself a lot of YouTube videos and only because of that I have learned that I have «hooded eyes». That sounds now like a disease but it is just the appearance of my eyes.

It means pretty much that you can not see my crease when my eyes are open. Basically there is 3 shapes of eyes: normal, hooded or mono-lids (a lot of Asian girls have mono-lids). Hooded eyes are not uncommon and there is also a lot of stars with hooded eyes!

Here are some examples:

Blake Lively

Jennifer Lawrence

Kate Hudson

See how you basically are not able to see the lid (the space from your eye to the crease)? It is completely hidden and that is why it is important to apply the eye make up different if you have hooded eyes. If I apply eye make up only on my lid, you would be unable to see it- except if I close my eyes.

I have always wondered why I am not able to apply my eye make up like all those Beauty Gurus and I know now that I did it for so many years wrong! I simply have to change the rules to apply eye make up to make it look nice! I am still learning but I think I have gotten quite a lot better and I want to share with you my best tips on applying eye make up for hooded eye lids!

Here it comes:



1. Use light eyeshadow on your whole lid to open it up! 

A little shimmer on the lid will help too. The darker colors are for your «fake crease» (see 3.) or for your outer «V».

I used to do this wrong for so many years as I always wanted to create a smokey eye and so I did exactly the opposite: I started with a dark color on the lid and then got lighter to my crease. 

2. Tight line on your lash line instead of lining your eye lid! 

This is such a game changer for me! With this simple trick you open up the eye so much more because the barely «there» space on your lid stays free! I love to use a gel eye liner for that as it stays longer put. 

When I saw a girl for the first time tight lining I thought this looks pretty scary but I found it is not at all that hard to do. I just hold my eye a little open with my free hand for that.

3. Create a fake crease with OPEN EYES! 

This is another biggie for me! Never have I known that I have to apply my eye makeup with OPEN eyes- simply because that way you see which space you can really see with open eyes. 

For so many years I applied my eye make up with closed eyes! But with closed eyes I am not able to see where I have to put my «fake crease»! 

Now your fake crease you will create will be basically the space above your «hidden crease» (which is not visible with open eyes). See on this picture on the left how my smokey eye is basically not visible with open eyes and how you can see my eyeshadow on the right because I created a «fake crease».

This is hard to explain with words but you can see my video below this post to understand.

LEFT: EYE SHADOW NOT VISIBLE                                                    RIGHT: EYE SHADOW VISIBLE ON FAKE CREASE

4. Use a nude eyeliner in your waterline to open up your eyes!

5. Use some color under your waterline to -again- open up your eyes and make them appear bigger.

6. Fill in your eyebrows to give your eyes more definition!

7. Use a lash curler and lots of mascara- this again will open up your eyes!

8. Highlight under your eyebrows- but not too much or thick!

Here is a picture to sum it all up!

It might be easier if you see my YouTube video where I explain all the steps in detail. I am sorry the video got so long! 😉 I really hope that this might help some girls, who have hooded eyes like me!

Do you have hooded eyes or have you ever heard of hooded eyes before?

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BuzzedforBeauty: All About Hooded Eyes

The way we apply our makeup, and the techniques we trust in and rely on to flatter and accentuate our facial features, really has a lot to do with facial structure. For a long time, and you could say still to this day, I have battled my eyeshape, specifically my eyelids. I have hooded eyes, and those with hooded eyes are represented the least in terms of what is shown in the media, in makeup advertisements, and in magazine editorial looks. A hooded eye is essentially an eye that is set in such a way that the natural crease in the eyelid is not readily seen. Skin also usually folds over the eyelid. Because of this, I tend to get annoyed when doing my eye makeup, because the results I COULD get are minimized by my unusual, and I would say, unlucky eyeshape. A lot of lid is lost, and a lot of the work I have done can only be seen when I look down. However, I have come to realize I am selling hooded eyes short! After all, many many Asians have hooded eyes, and they can look quite alluring, mysterious, and beautiful. I have found a number of gorgeous celebrities with that very shape, as can be seen down below:

(Blake Lively, Selena Gomez, Malin Akerman, Leelee Sobieski, Taylor Swift)

These women are all beautiful and no one would dispute that their eyeshapes completely add to and complement their features. Their gorgeous slinky eyes completes their look. 

However, there is one celebrity who has recently shed some pounds and has been the face of Covergirl for about a year now. The celebrity I am referring to is none other then Drew Barrymore. 


Recently (and I’m sure everyone is a part of this) I have noticed just how phenomenal Drew Barrymore has been looking. It didn’t just seem like the weight or a hair color/cut difference either. She looked like a different person to me. She looked more elegant… refined… sophisticated. I knew styling and makeup could only have taken her so far. Call me crazy, but I pondered and pondered and pondered what the change was in her look, until I finally realized it.

Her eyes. Looks like I’m not the only one who depreciated the hooded eye aesthetic. Drew got surgery and I have to ask WHY Drew? WHY?! She always seemed so au naturale. She still is, considering I’m pretty much the only one who has realized this change. (Searching Drew Barrymore eyelid surgery yielded few results) I admit, I do think she looks better this way. It adds a certain element of sexiness and maturity, and it definitely makes doing a smoldering smokey eye very easy. This type of eye you could never achieve on someone with hooded eyes, pointblank. On the other hand, before her surgery, she had an element of innocence and girlish beauty. The girl with the hooded eyes is the actress we grew up watching, and at least for me, came to love (especially in Never Been Kissed).

I digress. Drew Barrymore is beautiful no matter which way you look at her. My point is, it is vital to appreciate the features we have, and essential in loving ourselves and the way we look. Every type of feature can be bold and beautiful. In the case of hooded eyes, these celebrities prove that the unconventional can sometimes be even more noticeable then the obvious. 

Helpful chart in determing what kind of eyeshape you have!

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