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Voicemail can be ordered for free on this page

All accounts with our service have the option to add our Advanced Voicemail feature at no additional cost. For individual accounts with multiple Extensions (Sub-Accounts) we now support the ability to add multiple voice mailboxes to a single Callcentric Account so that you can have a unique voice mailbox (if needed) for each of your lines/devices.

With our Advanced Voicemail Feature, you have the option to use one of our default greetings, to configure your own personalized greeting, or to upload your own custom voicemail greetings in either the .wav/.mp3 formats.*

Additionally for accounts with sub-accounts provisioned to them; we provide you with the flexibility to share the same voicemail settings across multiple devices (global settings), to configure unique voicemail settings on a per mailbox basis (local/custom settings), or to have some/all of your devices share your accounts default voice mailbox.

There are several ways you can retrieve/listen to your messages, including:

  • Calling our Voicemail System directly through your Callcentric Line via the *123 or *86 commands
  • Calling your Callcentric number from an outside line
  • Logging into the My Callcentric Portal and listening directly from the «Voicemail» page
  • Activating our Voicemail to E-mail Forwarding Feature (configurable on a per mailbox basis — up to 3 unique e-mail addresses per voice mailbox)

With our Voicemail E-mail Alerts Feature activated, you can forward your messages (in .mp3 format) to up to 3 e-mail address so that you can conveniently listen to them on any web enabled device. For accounts with multiple voice mailboxes, by using our Local/Custom settings you can setup voicemail to e-mail forwarding for UP TO 3 unique e-mail addresses for EACH Extension.

We also provide you the ability to customize specific parameters (such as the length of time before voicemail initiates) as well as a Message Waiting Indicator to alert you when a new voicemail message has been received (either via a flashing light on your device and/or a stutter dial tone).

Lastly, by using our Call Treatments feature you also have the option to send specific callers directly to voicemail.

*The option to upload custom greetings (.mp3/.wav) is only available for customers with Paid Accounts

How to fix the ‘Call Voicemail’ issue on your iPhone

Some iPhone owners are reporting issues with their voicemail after updating to iOS 11 or later. Instead of being able to listen to a voicemail directly on their iPhone, the Voicemail section of the Phone app instead prompts users to «Call Voicemail.» An Apple support document suggests resetting your Networks Setting to return to Visual Voicemail. You can do this by navigating to Settings > General > Reset. Now tap «Reset Network Settings» and enter your passcode. Your phone will then reboot.

If resetting your Networks Settings doesn’t work, the Apple forums suggest enabling Airplane mode for 30 seconds to return to Visual Voicemail. I have personally experienced the «Call Voicemail» issue every time I have updated to the newest iOS 11 beta and reboot my phone. After two attempts, the Airplane suggestion worked and returned my Voicemail back to normal, where I can read a transcript or listen to an individual voicemail directly from my iPhone. Here’s how to quickly enable and disable Airplane mode:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of your display anywhere on the Home screen.
  • Tap the airplane icon.
  • Wait 30 seconds then tap the airplane icon again.

Enabling Airplane mode will disable cellular, WiFi connections and Bluetooth on your device. Make sure that the Airplane icon is no longer encased in a little orange circle. This means it is enabled and all your connections are disabled.

Please let us know in the comments below if you have experienced this problem and how you fixed it.

If you’re experiencing issues setting up your Visual Voicemail Apple offers these troubleshooting tips:

  • Check your cellular connection. You can try making a call on your device, or swipe up on your Home screen and check that the cellular icon is lit up green.
  • Call yourself to make sure you setup your voicemail.
  • Call your iPhone from another phone to leave yourself a voicemail.

IVM Computer phone answering machine, voice mail and ivr software


  • Multiple telephone line support (1 — 64 lines simultaneously).
  • Caller ID logging (even if no message is left) and optional on-screen caller ID flash display.
  • Call key select menus and ability for caller to enter numbers.
  • Automatic message forward by email or upload to internet.
  • Call transfer (subject to your phone company or PBX features).
  • Remote Access (listen to messages by dialing-in) including toll-saver.
  • Save in-coming messages as wav files (keep messages for legal/record purposes).
  • Automatic hours feature (enter your office hours and it will automatically answer after hours).
  • Unlimited (selectable) out-going messages and menus.
  • Call simulator is included so you can test your systems off-line.
  • Automated outbound calls and messages (for telemarketing, messaging etc.).
  • Unlimited voice mail boxes (each with own email forward, internet access page or remote access).
  • Extended message play on key press including support for wav, mp3 and a number of other formats.
  • Text-to-Speech voice synthesis as an alternative to recording or importing wav or mp3 files.
  • Ability to open files or run other software to process data or report information. Free plugins offer internet and odbc sql connectivity, fax back services, hardware control and more.
  • Free professionally voiced greetings included.

System Requirements

  • Windows 95/NT4/98/2000/Me/XP.
  • Pentium 90 or above with at least 16MB RAM (higher requirements apply for multiple line installations).
  • TAPI compliant (100%) telephony device. This includes most voice modems or a professional telephony card (eg. CallURL, Dialogic etc.).
    Click here for more information.
  • [Optional] Internet Connection [to forward by email]
  • [Optional] Website (on local or remote server) [for Internet Access Pages]

If you intend to use IVM with a voice modem, please note there are many voice modems on the market with defective TAPI wave / voice drivers. If you have difficulties with your modem, please see the IVM Trouble-Shooting Help page for some solutions to modem driver problems.

Download IVM Software

The software can be downloaded by clicking on the following link. Once downloading is complete, run the file «ivmsetup.exe» (or open «») which will automatically setup the software. The online documentation will explain the operation.

Pricing, Purchase and Registration

IVM can be used for 14 days free. If you intend to use IVM after those 14 days, we ask that you purchase a license for your software (register) .

Example Setup IVR Files

A number of example IVR files can be downloaded to load into IVM which are useful as a starting point when creating your own system. These include IVR files for multiple voice mail boxes, information lines, call attendants, payment lines and more. The example ivr files can be downloaded from


IVM supports «plugins» which can be used within your interactive voice response system. We make free plugins available for a number of applications including loading and saving from databases, automatic emailing or faxing of documents, linking to an http server, connecting to hardware and much more. For more information and to download plugins please see

Reseller Arrangements

If you wish to become a reseller of this software, please see

Software Suggestions and Development Services

If you have any suggestions for improvements to this software or suggestions for other audio software that you might need, please visit our suggestions page. Many of our software projects have been undertaken after suggestions from users like you.

We also offer custom audio software development services for commercial organizations. Please visit development page for more information.

More Information…

For more information see:

Virtual Voicemail — Call Tracking & Management

Virtual voicemail boxes save costs and increase response time

  • Eliminate the need to have each agent or employee check voicemail on their actual device.
  • Create virtual voicemail boxes where callers can use keypress options to leave messages.
  • Messages show up right in the call log alongside other calls.
  • Email or text alerts can be sent each time you receive a message.
  • Messages are recorded and stored indefinitely, and you can transcribe them and have them emailed to you.

You can have an unlimited number of virtual voicemail boxes, so that each person in your office can have their own.

Voicemail boxes can also be associated to particular tracking numbers so you can have different configurations for each marketing channel. For example, you may want your website callers to hear one set of options and your radio callers to hear a different set.

No need for answering machines on your phones anymore!

What is Virtual Voicemail?

Virtual voicemail is a technology that stores voice messages online and acts as a replacement to traditional answering machines or voicemail systems tied to specific devices. The online setup allows for access to voicemail from various phones, computers or other devices. Voicemails can even be transcribed and sent via email.

Each time you receive a message in your virtual voicemail box, you can:

  • See it in your call log
  • Listen to the recording or read the transcriptions of your messages in the call log
  • Call people back right from the log using the softphone
  • Enter notes about the call
  • Have the system track which calls have been returned
  • Receive an alert via email or SMS with the message

Many customers set up reporting notifications in the system so that when voicemails are left, the individual or group of people that the message was for can be alerted via email or text message.

Virtual voicemail boxes are available on all of our plans and are a great way to eliminate expense and increase response time in your organization.

Get calling and voicemail value-added services


Get free access to voice messages, whenever you miss a call

  • CallBack (Please Call Me)

    Don’t let a lack of airtime stop you from getting in touch when you need to

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  • Call holding, waiting and diverting

    Manage multiple calls or send them to a different number

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  • Conference calling

    Invite up to five people to join your conversation

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  • Call line identity (CLI)

    Let people know it’s you who’s calling before they answer

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  • MTN Pay4Me

    Connect with your loved ones even when you don’t have airtime

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  • Call barring

    Choose which numbers can’t call you or be called from your cellphone

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  • Dual calling

    Link two SIM cards to one account and use the same number for two devices

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  • SIM swap

    Follow these easy steps to make an MTN PayAsYouGo, MTN Contract or LTE SIM swap

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Use our Short Messaging Service (SMS) to text people whenever you want, wherever
you go

  • MMS

    Share tunes, pics and vids through our Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

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  • MTN Collect SMS

    Send an urgent SMS when you’re out of airtime

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  • USSD codes

    Use short codes to access a host of free services on the MTN network

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  • iMail

    Get your voicemails and faxes in your email inbox

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  • MTN Caller Notify

    Personalise a message to callers before you answer the phone

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  • MTN Gift SMS

    Send an SMS and pay for the person’s reply SMS

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Calling abroad

Keep in touch with friends and family abroad

  • Using MTN abroad

    Travel far but stay close with affordable roaming rates from MTN HelloWorld

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  • Using MTN when visiting South Africa

    If your network is affiliated with MTN, your phone will automatically pick up our
    network when you visit South Africa.

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Get less lag and less buffering when gaming, streaming or videoconferencing on MTN’s
LTE network

Balance enquiry

The quick and convenient way to check your remaining airtime, SMS and data SMS balance

  • MTN Directory Services

    We’ll find the number you’re looking for, free of charge

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  • Direction services

    Call 22522 and we’ll help you get to where you’re going

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Emergency call

Call 112 for free when you’re in need of urgent help

  • MTN WhereRU

    Locate your loved ones or employees for peace of mind at any time, day or night

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Make your applications, claims, updates or cancellations online

Move to MTN

Get free calls, SMSs and data from MTN


Service for Deaf and Disabled customers

Firstly, check if your phone is configured to send incoming calls from some or all numbers directly to Voicemail. This is a setting change you will need to make on the phone itself.

If that is not the problem, try doing a manual network selection on your phone to a network other than SIMPLE Mobile. That selection should fail; and then try selecting SIMPLE Mobile again. If after switching back to SIMPLE Mobile your calls are still going to Voicemail, please contact Customer Support at 877.878.7908

Voicemail Instructions for Domestic & International:

Option 1: Calling voicemail from your mobile phone

To call voicemail from your mobile phone, perform the following steps:

  1. Press and hold the 1 key or dial 1-805-MESSAGE from your mobile phone. If dialing from another country, type a plus sign first (+ 1-805-MESSAGE ).
  2. Interrupt your greeting by pressing the Star (*) key.
  3. When prompted, type your password. This is the password you selected when you first set up your voicemail.

Option 2: Calling voicemail from a landline

NOTE: You will be billed applicable long distance fees from the landline carriers in the area you are located. SIMPLE Mobile will not credit these landline charges.

To call voicemail from a landline, perform the following steps:

  1. Dial your mobile number from a landline.
  2. Interrupt your greeting by pressing the Star (*) key. You may need to press the Pound (#) key instead.
  3. When prompted, type your password. This is the password you selected when you first set up your voicemail.

NOTE: If your handset is powered on and/or you are registered on another mobile company’s network, please be aware that call delivery fees will apply. To avoid these fees, power off your handset before calling your mobile number from a landline. Even then, it may take up to an hour for the mobile company to drop your registration.

Option 3: Calling voicemail from a landline by dialing 1-805-MESSAGE

NOTE: You will be billed applicable long distance fees from the landline carriers in the area you are located. SIMPLE Mobile will not credit these landline charges.

NOTE: You will be required to type your mobile number. To call voicemail from a landline by dialing 1-805-MESSAGE, perform the following steps:

  1. Dial 1-805-MESSAGE from a landline.
  2. Type your 10-digit mobile number.
  3. Interrupt your greeting by pressing the Star (*) key. You may need to press the Pound (#) key instead.
  4. When prompted, type your password. This is the password you selected when you first set up your voicemail.

Voicemail | Help | Koodo Mobile

As of February 3, 2012, Call Display+ and Voicemail are included in all Canada-wide plans. 

Forgot your Voicemail password?

Reset it in Self Serve.

Set up your Voicemail

  • From your phone, dial 1 + your area code + your phone number.
  • You’ll hear an automated welcome message.
  • You’ll then be asked to create a password, and record your name and greeting.

Check your Voicemail

  • Press and hold the key and follow the prompts.
  • Press the Voicemail button on your phone and follow the prompts.


  • From a landline or another mobile phone, dial your area code plus your phone number, press the * key, enter your password, and follow the prompts.

Voicemail features

  • Greetings: One standard greeting, one personal greeting (60 seconds max.), one extended absence greeting (60 seconds max.).
  • Message storage: You have the ability to store up to 10 messages (5 min./message) for 10 days, recover deleted messages, mark messages as private, urgent or anonymous, include a time stamp, have playback control and save messages.
  • Voice messaging: Send, reply and forward voice messages.
  • Languages: English or French.

Voicemail main menu

Here’s everything you need to know about your Voicemail menu.

Review voice messages (while reviewing messages), Play menu (after reviewing messages)
2 Send voice messages
3 Greetings
4 Personal options
19 Recover deleted messages (before logging out)
* Exit the system

Review voice messages (while reviewing messages)

1 Rewind 
2 Pause
3 Fast forward
5 Date and time
7 Delete
9 Save
* Main menu
# Keep message as new

Play messages (after reviewing messages)

1 Replay this message
5 Play date and time
6 Forward copy
7 Delete
8 Reply
9 Save
* Main menu
# Keep message as new

Send voice messages

1 Review recorded message
2 Pause/resume
5 Delivery options
7 Delete recorded message
# Send message now

Personal options

Personal preferences

  • 1 Change password
  • 2 Playback references
  • 3 Recorded name
  • 5 Change language

8 Bypass password on/off

How to get Voicemail notifications

  • If you’re in a digital coverage area, you’ll get a message that notifies you about your Voicemail.
  • If you’re in an analog area, you can dial into your mailbox from your phone (1 + your area code + your number) at any time, but you won’t get a visual notification until you enter a digital area.

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