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Why can’t Pollsters Call Cell Phones? (with pictures)

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I would have thought it would be more expensive for the polling company as well, to be calling cell phones. I do think it will be very interesting to see how many homes manage to keep a home line over the next few decades. It’s actually a really good idea to have one as a backup to the cell service, since different conditions make each of those phone networks go down. And if you have to answer the occasional presidential poll, well, that’s kind of a patriotic duty, isn’t it?

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@indigomoth — Honestly, those opinion polls aren’t all that reliable anyway. They are usually just used to give a general ballpark figure rather than to conduct a rigorous study of opinion.

I have to admit I’m glad that they don’t call cell phones very often. I find it difficult enough to hear and understand them on a normal home phone, let alone on a cell phone when I’m out and about. I don’t know why, but their line is always really bad. It might be because they outsource the pollsters to other countries, but I don’t know.

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I should think that there is a problem with the validity of the data when you don’t really know who owns the cell phone. It’s rare that a person will have multiple home lines, but I know several friends who have multiple cell phones.

They aren’t really tied to an address the way that home phones are, so I’d imagine it makes it easy to skew the data unintentionally.

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How to Use a Calling Card on a Cell Phone

Using calling cards for international phone calls is one way to cut down on high calling rates. The market remains something of a minefield for many new users though, so it’s important to know a few things about calling cards before choosing them as your option for making calls.

Check the Fine Print

It’s worthwhile checking with your operator whether calling cards can be used on your tariff. Some carriers don’t recognize calling cards so it’s best to do your research in advance rather than finding out the hard way when your phone doesn’t accept the activation code.

Furthermore, there are numerous calling card providers out there, with endless scenarios with regards to your country of origin, type of phone, type of tariff and required destination.  As a result there can be hidden fees and extra charges which suddenly mean that you aren’t making much of a saving after all.

Watch Out For Rounding

Many calling cards will round up in increments of three minutes, meaning a one minute call is charged for three minutes, a four minute call is charged for six minutes, and so on. Additional fees may also apply, like an extra surcharge per call, a weekly or monthly fee, or even a non-usage fee if you go a certain number of days without using the card.

With some cards, the call is considered to have begun as soon as you finish entering the PIN code, meaning a minimum charge for minutes or money will be deducted even if your call doesn’t ultimately go through.

Once more, if you choose to go down the Calling Card route, it’s best to do some research in advance.

Avoid Dialing From Your Contact List

If you do use a calling card on a mobile/cell phone then you should be aware of the right way to make the call:

—       Input the code and access number from the card

—       Input the card’s PIN number

—       Manually dial the full number of the party you are trying to call, including international dialing code.

The important thing to remember here is that you cannot call by accessing a contact from your phone’s address book.  If you do so then it will disconnect from the calling card and make the call in the normal way, which obviously implies huge fees when attempting to call abroad.

Consider Rebtel Instead

A good alternative to the hassle and expense of a calling card is a service like Rebtel. With Rebtel, you pay significantly less per minute for international calls and the process is much simpler. The service provides you with an assigned local phone number for each of your contacts. So by saving these new local numbers in your phone’s address book, friends and loved ones are only the click of a button away.  You pay local rates and experience great call quality without the pain of hidden fees that are often associated with calling cards.

How to Call an International Cell Number

(Photo: cell phone call image by Donald Joski from )

Calling an international cell number works the same way as calling any other international number. The difference is that it costs a lot more to call a cell number, even with international calling plans from your carrier or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services such as Skype. Cellphone-to-cellphone international calls can be quite expensive, so you may want to check with your carrier before making one.

Step 1

From the United States, dial «011.» If calling from other countries, dial «00.»

Step 2

Enter the country code. For example, dial «44» for the United Kingdom.

Step 3

Enter the number of the person you wish to call, dropping the leading zero if there is one.

For example, if your correspondent in the U.K. gave you a local number of 07777777777, dial 011 44 7777777777.

Step 4

Listen for the ringing tone. The rings can be a series of long rings, as in mainland Europe, or two short rings followed by a gap, as in the U.K. and India.

  • Buy a local pay-as-you-go phone when traveling to use for local calls. You’ll save significantly over using a U.S. cell phone, even if you discard the local phone when you return to the United States
  • Check that your phone is set to call internationally. Some domestic U.S. carriers require a credit check to allow for international calling.
  • Don’t forget to calculate time zone changes before you call, to avoid waking your correspondent.
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