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How to Make Anonymous Calls from any Phone?

Do you want to call someone by keeping your number private? You can make anonymous calls from your Phone with some simple tweaks. All smartphones are coming with the feature to Block Caller ID. Once you change your phone to block caller ID, the receiver phone will display as Unknown Number or Anonymous Call while you call them. This is a good precaution while you dealing with an unknown person or calling back to a nonfamiliar number. All these tweaks may vary depends on your country and phone service providers.

This article describes different methods for making free calls from for iOS, Android, Windows or Nokia based phones. All these mobile platforms have an option to block your Caller ID. That means you can set permanently to mask your number while you make calls.

Editor’s Note: While you make calls, there is a workaround to change your display number or use a virtual number. Just in case, if you do not want to use your phone to make phone calls, you can use your computer to make anonymous calls without revealing your phone number.

Add Prefix *67

This method allows blocking id for any type of service provider in the US. It does not depend on the mobile platform or the service provider. This Prefix number will work with Android, iPhone and Windows phones. You can block your caller ID by simply adding ‘*67’ prefix following with 10 digit number. You can try this for toll-free numbers that start with 1. In that case, you must dial country (‘1’ for the US) following *67. The call format will be like below, “xxx” represent the phone number you want to dial.

US Anonymous Dial Format: *67-XXX-XXX-XXXX
UK Anonymous Dial Format: 141-XXX-XXX-XXXX
Canada Anonymous Dial Format: #31#-XXX-XXX-XXXX

In Canada, it is recommended to use #31# before dialing the phone number to make anonymous calls from HSPA/UMTS networks. For other network users, dial the same *67 prefix before making the call to hide your number. However, we recommend testing with your phone to a known number before making the anonymous call.

The Prefix method above described to make unknown calls is applicable for individual calls. But if you want to permanently turn off your caller ID for all calls, there is a separate setting for both iPhone and Android OS.

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Turn Off Caller ID on iPhone

iPhone is coming with an inbuilt feature to mask your number when you make any outgoing calls. You can tun on this feature by following these steps.

Launch iOS Settings >  Phone >  Show My Caller ID > Slide to OFF

This setting will mask your number for all of the outgoing calls. Even though this is an OS setting, this may slightly change depends on your country and service provider.

However, you can try the location specified in the screenshot to make sure these settings are available on your phone to mask phone number for outgoing numbers.

Turn Off Caller ID on Android

Android phone is also offering an option to hide your number when you call to any number. The setting may be slightly different on different Android phones. However, we provide a generic solution that matches most of the Android phones. Please refer Android setting here to set your number unknown for outgoing calls.

Select Phone Settings >  Call Settings > Additional Call Settings > Caller ID.

Turn Off Caller ID on Android Oreo (Pixel 2)

Also, we checked this feature on Android Oreo with Google Pixel. To Turn off Caller ID on Google Pixel with Android Oreo, Tap on Phone icon.

Android Phone icon > Settings >  Calls >  Additional Settings > Caller ID > Turn Off

Turn Off Provide Caller ID on Windows Phone

Windows: Windows mobile platform coming with the same feature like iOS and Android to mask the outgoing number. You can refer here for more details.

From the Home screen > select Start > Scroll to and select Settings > Select Phone > Scroll to and select Caller ID > At Provide my caller ID to > scroll left or right to No One or Only my contacts > Select Done > Select Done again > Select Done again.

Editor’s Note: The above workouts may not be effective in your country. It depends on rules and regulations in each country and the restrictions by your phone service provider.

Google Hangout to Make Anonymous Calls

In US and Canada, you can use Google Hangout service to dial any US or Canada number for free. You can download the Google Hangout from PlayStore for Android users or iTunes for iPhone users. All the calls from Google hangout are going to display as an Unknown number. Please make sure you are not verified your number with Google Hangout Setting. If you already verified your number with Google Hangout, then this verified number may display when you initiate the call.

Editor’s Note: Make sure to use Google Hangout service, not Google Voice. Google Voice will display the registered Google Voice number if you set to display the number of Google Voice Settings. If you don’t have any problem with revealing Google Voice Number, then see the instructions here for to Use Google Voice as A Free Second Phone Number for Android?

Download Google Hangout: PlayStore | iTunes

Use Disposable Phone Number

Disposable Phone Number apps are an alternative solution for hiding your number for a period of time and trash the number. Its one-time payment solution, and use for a special purpose and throw it away. Please use any one of these a disposable phone number for a short time to make calls. Once you complete the use of this number, you can stop the service of this number and burn the number. This will let you keep your primary number private.

Apps to Hide Primary Number

There are paid apps from iTunes store to get a second Phone number apps for iPhone. These numbers can also use to keep your privacy. This ideal for you where you don’t reveal our original number for security or privacy reasons. These secondary phone number can be used for a while for any business transactions or other service and after a period, you can scarp this number. Based on the OS and phone you use, you can select the apps to generate a secondary phone number to make anonymous calls.

Secondary Phone Number Apps: For iPhone | For Android

This is a simple and essential trick while you dealing with an unknown person or calling back to a nonfamiliar number. Just for your security, you can hide your number with these solutions described here and still make unknown calls with the method specified here.

Two Ways to Make Anonymous Phone Calls

Want to make a phone call without revealing your real identity? There are several ways you can do this, ranging from using a throw-away phone to restricting caller ID settings permanently on your smartphone. But what if you just want to make private, anonymous calls occasionally, without purchasing a special phone for it? Here are two solutions.

Use a Caller ID Blocking Prefix

In most countries, with most service providers, you can prefix the phone number you are dialing with a special code. With the code in place, the recipient of the call won’t see your phone number. Instead, the caller ID information will read “restricted” or something similar.

Here are the codes to use in various countries:

  • North America – *67 or #31#
  • Albania, Australia, Denmark, Greece, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway: #31#
  • Argentina, Iceland, Switzerland, South Africa: *31*
  • Germany: *31# or #31#
  • Hong Kong: 133
  • Japan: 184
  • UK and Ireland: 141
  • New Zealand: 0197 (Telecom) or *67 (Vodafone)
  • Australia: 1831 or #31#
  • India: *31#

If you dial this way, you may need to enter a “1” after the blocking prefix and before the area code of the number you’re dialing. For example, to call the number (202) 123-4567 anonymously in the U.S., you would dial *67-1-202-123-4567.

Bear in mind that the service providers of both your phone and the recipient’s phone may still be able to identify you. This method of anonymous calling is only reliable if you don’t want the call recipient to know your identity.

Make a Google Voice Account

Google Voice lets you make and receive phone calls from your computer. Depending on which country you are calling to (not from), the calls may be free. Calling to the U.S. is free.

You can choose your own phone number when you set up a Google Voice account. This is the number that will appear on a recipient’s caller ID. You have lots of area codes to choose from, so you can appear to be located wherever you like.

In theory, setting up a Google Voice account, like other Google services, requires giving Google personal information. But it’s easy enough to make a Google Voice account using spoofed personal data that you make up. So if you want to make calls privately, this is a workable solution.

This won’t work as well if you need to call to a country where Google Voice is not free. In that case you will need to set up a payment method for Google Voice. Of course, you could use an anonymous credit card for this in order to stay private.

Google Voice lets you forward your calls to a real phone. But it should be obvious that you don’t want to do that if you don’t want Google to be able to associate your account with your actual phone number.

How to Make Your Phone Number Anonymous in 2019

How to Make Your Phone Number Anonymous in 2019

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Phone usage is a big thing in today’s world; it has made communication much easier, simple, cheaper and faster. Most businesses are known to have lists of phone numbers that they frequently call to market their products. There are people who never like to be called back at times and hence the need to hide their phone numbers because of anonymous calling to ensure people do not call them back.

How to hide number on cell phone

There are many reasons why you can decide to keep your number private or anonymous. After all, you own the number and have a right to show it or hide it. There are different ways you can hide your phone number and they can be on a permanent or temporary basis. For example, you can make use of the SpoofCard to disguise your CallerID by displaying a different number in order to protect your identity or pull a prank. Using such stealth applications like the SpoofCard is easy and can work on any phone.Now the wait is over as i am going to answer your biggest question, How to hide my phone number when making a call? Click below and see the details yourself;

Are you interested in knowing how to call anonymously from a cell phone? You can always make anonymous call online from your cell phone by applying some simple private number calling trick. For example, all smart phones today come with the feature to Block Caller ID.  Immediately you change your cell phone to block caller ID, Anonymous Call, Anonymous Dialing or Unknown Number will always be displayed on the receiver call whenever you call them. Anonymous calling is always a good precaution especially when you are dealing with someone you do not know or calling a non-familiar number. However, all these tweaks may vary from country to country and the phone service providers.

How to make your number unknown using the Block Caller ID prefix

It is advisable for any person to be aware of how to call anonymously. The procedure on how to make unknown call from android is always simple and easy to follow. You can hide your cell phone number in most countries by entering a short code before you enter the phone number you are interested in calling and your phone number will not be visible to the recipients’ phone. However, the code will always vary from one carrier to another and from Country to country. Hence, it is necessary you get the right code that will enable you block Caller ID.

Prefix #37,*67 and*37# will work in most countries. In case you do not know a code that will enable you make anonymous phone call, you can try any of the three. All you will have to do is add any of the code before the recipient phone number and make a call for example *675654534431.

In case the codes (#37,*67 and*37#) do not work, you can always contact your carrier to inquire on the right code and if they offer the service or not. In most cases, there will never be any notification the ID of the Caller has been blocked. Hence, it is always advisable to try out before making the call to the recipient

How to make your number private on android from the Phone’s Settings

Most of the android cell phones today come with the Caller ID blocking feature already incorporated in the phone settings. You can always find this option by going to Settings and then to Phone/Call since the names might vary from phone to phone.So here lies the answer for question how to make an anonymous call.

  1. If you are using Android KitKat 4.4 go to Settings and tap on Call

  1. Tap Additional Settings and tap on Caller ID

3. Set Caller ID to “Hide Number” and your phone number will be anonymous

4. The receiver will always see a message’ Private Number’ calling

In case you want to disable the feature, which you might want to in most cases, just go through the same process and have the set Caller ID option set to “Show number”.

You will always have to tweak this option whenever you need to make a call.

It is important to note that some carriers will not allow this feature and there will always be no any confirmation on this too. It is therefore important to first test if the method has worked before calling the required number.

How to call someone without showing your number by Contacting Your Carrier

Your Carrier can always help you hide your caller ID. However, your identity will be anonymous on a permanent basis in case they do it. However, hiding your caller ID on a permanent basis has its own disadvantages. The first and major disadvantage will be the permanent effect since all your calls will fail to have the caller ID. If you need to have the show the Caller ID, thereby, it will force you to add Prefix *31# or * 82. Many phone owners have set their phones to “Auto reject” for any anonymous caller. Hence, some of your calls will always be rejected automatically and force you to call them using unblocked numbers.

The service is not available free. The carrier will charge you according to their policy. They will always be terms that your carrier will have for you for this service such as the service will only be restricted to pre paid plans. In case you are okay with the disadvantages of the service, you can proceed and contact your carrier requesting them to hide your Caller ID. At first, they will want to know reasons why you are interested in permanently hiding your number and also try to convince you not to take the step.

How to make your number private on iphone

Are you interested in ringing a person or making a prank call to a friend using your iPhone or want to make free prank calls from your computer?Are you interested in knowing how do you make a call private? You can always set the iPhone to always hide phone numbers being dialed from the recipient’s callers ID. Hence, whenever you select the Show My CallerID checkbox, all the phone calls you will be making will never reveal your phone number hence it will always provide you with an extra privacy to the phone calls and the receiver will never see your phone number.

Below is a procedure on how to how to call someone without showing your number on iPhone.

  1. Launch the “Settings” and click on the “Phone”

2. Click on “Show My Caller ID”

  1. Slide to “OFF”

The feature is available in almost every iPhone version hence, it does not matter the model you are using. You can always disable your calls from the Caller ID settings.

Spoof Your Number

Most people will always become suspicious whenever they receive anonymous phone calls. You can always spoof your number using private number calling software for android to make it look a different one. There are a few caller id spoofing applications that have come up for both the Android and iPhone though some get banned from the app stores. The best option is to use SpoofCard.

SpoofCard will allow you to select a number to display instead of your usual phone number, you can change your voice or add background noises just to make it appear that you are in traffic or busy in a club.  However, you will have to pay for it by purchasing credits though they will always provide you with one free call offer to try out.

Things you Need to Remember

Though some of the anonymous calling methods will work as usual in most of the ordinary calls, there are certain situations where it is difficult if not impossible to hide your phone number. Most of the toll-free 900 and 800 numbers never allow Caller ID blocking and your number will always pop up when you call 911 or any other government service line or emergency number.

There are certain lines that will never accept anonymous phone call. Whenever you try calling someone with the feature enabled, you will always get a message informing you that the recipient does not accept anonymous calling numbers.  In such a situation, you can always activate your Caller ID temporarily by dialing *82 in case you are from North America before the phone number and hence dial anonymously from cell phone.

You should be aware that none of the anonymous calling are 100% guaranteed since the options and rules of how to call anonymously from iphone are different from each country and carrier. It is necessary that you have to make an anonymous phone call, it is appropriate that you first make several test calls to ensure it works.  If the procedure you used on how to call someone anonymously fails, you can always use the Google Voice or payphone as a last resort.

There are also a few minor legal concerns since the Truth in Caller ID Act was signed into law back in 2010. It is appropriate you use any of the Caller ID methods whenever you care cautious or just for a harmless prank. However, it is illegal to provide false Caller ID information or spoof your phone number with the intention of wrongfully obtaining something, defrauding or causing harm. For more information, you can always visit the Truth in Caller ID website.

How To Make Private and Anonymous Phone Calls

Photographer Curtis Wallen’s latest exhibit, “Proposition For An On Demand Clandestine Communication Network,” opened in a Brooklyn art-house Sunday. The work explored what it would take for a normal person to make a completely private and anonymous phone call in the age of ubiquitous Internet surveillance.

Ultimately, Wallen’s exhibit is an incredibly convoluted set of instructions that, theoretically speaking, can be followed in order to make a single phone call outside the scope of government surveillance. While Wallen is not a security expert by trade, he did buy a fake driver’s license, Social Security number, insurance card, and cable bill on Tor with Bitcoin in order to create a working fake identity, Aaron Brown, back in 2013.

In other words, he has relevant experience in the world of privacy and anonymity. Of course, his techniques are subject to technical analysis and their efficacy is debatable, but, in this case, art is about the journey and this journey is an absurd one. Fast Company first reported on Wallen’s project late last month.

The absurd lengths one man went to in order to make a completely private phone call:

— Fast Company (@FastCompany) April 3, 2015

So, how did Wallen go about making a clandestine phone call?

First, he purchased a Faraday Cage-style evidence bag. These bags protect their contents against electronic manipulation with a mesh-work of conductive metals. In theory, outside signals cannot penetrate a Faraday Cage and, therefore, cannot communicate with a mobile phone placed inside of a Faraday Cage.

Once he had his bag, Wallen went to a Rite Aid and purchased a pre-paid, contract-less cell phone, perhaps better known as a “burner” phone. Presumably he purchased the burner with cash rather than a traceable credit or debit card. He then placed the burner phone inside the evidence bag.

Artist @curtiswallen’s take on how to make a completely #anonymous and #private phone call:


Behaviorally speaking, Wallen told Fast Company that he analyzed his daily movements before the experiment looking for anchor points and other times when his phone would not change locations, which he calls dormant periods. It’s well established that accurately identifying a subject is trivial when you have access to that person’s daily location information.

Anecdotally speaking, nearly all of us have a fairly standard procedure of daily movements. We wake up, we go to work, we sit at work all day and we go home. Generally speaking, no other person travels from our exact home to our exact place of work. These are our anchor points.

When it was time to activate his burner, Wallen left his actual, daily-use phone at an anchor point during a dormant period. He himself then departed from his anchor point with his burner phone in his Faraday bag. While it’s not totally clear, he could have increased his chances of remaining anonymous by travelling by foot or by public transport out of sight of surveillance cameras to avoid systems that track license plates.

Curtis Wallen artwork

He then connected to the Internet on a public Wi-Fi access point and used a computer with a clean operating system (think Tails operating system or maybe a properly configured Chromebook in ephemeral mode) to go through the actual activation procedure.

In this way, the phone is not attached to anyone’s name or billing information and there is, in theory, no way of connecting its registration to someone’s personal computer. In addition, the service provider for his real cell phone has no record of his traveling to the place where the phone was activated. Once it was set up, Wallen left the phone in a non-anchor point inside the Faraday Bag.

Central to good privacy, is eliminating or reducing anomalies that would pop up on surveillance radars, like robust encryption

Once the phone is activated, there is the problem of coordinating the actual phone call. Wallen used a cryptological system called One-Time Pad to encrypt a message containing the burner phone’s number and a time for the caller to call the burner phone.

It’s important that the call be made during a dormant time so it appears that Wallen is at home or work with his actual, daily use cell phone. It seems that he leaves his real phone behind to throw off his location.

Only the message’s intended recipient would have the key to decrypt the One-Time Pad encrypted message. Wallen then signed into the Tor anonymity network, signed into an anonymous Twitter account and posted the encrypted message. The person who would call the burner then decrypted the message and called the number posted at the given time.

“Central to good privacy, is eliminating or reducing anomalies that would pop up on surveillance radars, like robust encryption,” Wallen told Fast Company. “So, I’ve prearranged an account where I’m going to post an encrypted message, and that message comes in the form of a ‘random’ filename, someone can see that image posted to a public Twitter account, and write down the filename — to decrypt by hand — without ever actually loading the image.”

Curtis Wallen artwork

Wallen would travel back to where he left the burner phone at the appointed time and answer the incoming call. Once that call ended, Wallen wiped (presumably for fingerprints and data) and destroyed the burner phone.

That, apparently, is how you make a clandestine phone call.

Wallen consulted a famous security researcher, best known by his handle “The grugq,” who described the process as technically “secure, but probably fragile in practice” and “possibly too complex and too fragile for real world use.” In other words, Wallen’s system could work, technically speaking, but it’s a ridiculous work-around.

In case you’re wondering the kinds of surveillance we are talking about avoiding, John Oliver dropped an excellent explanation of how NSA surveillance works on this week’s episode of Last Week Tonight. Enjoy.

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